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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Face Painter's Mirror

    by Pamela Melon

    Ryder and Amber embark on a magical journey when they get transformed into what is painted on their faces at the fair.  The problem is that the face painter decides what to paint on their faces based on gender stereotypes, not their wishes.  With colourful illustrations and lots of imagination, this story explores gender stereotyping and how that can make children feel and see themselves.

  • Blind Man's Labyrinth

    A Jewish Civil War Is tearing apart northern Israel. In the south, servants of the goddess Ashtaroth are abducting unwary refugees. Haim, an unwanted boy, escapes into this nightmarish landscape to find his way in a world gone mad. 92 BCE. A widow and an old scribe together raise Haim, a boy whose lineage cursed him from birth. When Haim is eleven years old, he runs away into a world populated by Samaritan bandits, a cultic pagan temple devoted to horror, and the white‑robed priests of Qumran... more
  • Outlaw’s Shadow: A Sherwood Noir

    by Nathan Hopkins
    Robin Hood’s disgraced rival, Guy of Gisbourne, is recruited by the Archbishop of York (half-brother to the king) to run a gang in Barnesdale Forest for him. Desiring to regain his knighthood through service to such a powerful patron, Guy accepts, proving himself a capable gang leader, but quietly begins a relationship with the Archbishop’s half-sister Lady Lillian as well. When the Archbishop has his suspicions raised about an obscure Knight’s sudden increase in wealth and worries it could be t... more
  • Molly's Big Score

    by Katie Purcell
    Molly wants nothing more than to score a goal for the soccer team, but just trying to kick the ball causes her to fall over. If only her legs worked as well as her brothers. With the braces on her legs, Molly doesn't believe she'll ever be good at anything. Let alone soccer. Until her friend, Anna, encourages her to go for her dreams. Maybe now she has a chance at scoring big in the upcoming game? This friendship story opens the discussion on inclusion and children with disabilities by demonst... more
  • 85A

    by Kyle Thomas Smith
    85A explores a fateful day in the life of Seamus O'Grady, a gay, punk-rock teen in late eighties Chicago who is about to run away to New York with the long-term goal of being a theater-artist in London.
  • Breathe Deep & Swim

    by Jenna Marcus
    Perfect for fans of Gayle Forman’s If I Stay and Jandy Nelson’s The Sky is Everywhere, this witty and achingly beautiful coming of age story will tackle what it means to be alive, loved, and trusting in a world gone mad... All 14-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Thomas wants is normalcy. But a global pandemic prevents him from having anything close to a typical teenager's life. When Wolfgang discovers his father dead in bed from the coronavirus, his world is thrust into even more turmoil and ... more
  • Belluna's Big Adventure in the Sky: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers

    by Once Upon a Dance

    Belluna is a basketball player, sister, and daughter with one remarkable feature. While on a family outing, a storm sweeps Belluna up on a wild ride. As she is tossed about by the wind, Belluna discovers she can overcome her fear and embrace her uniqueness to take control of her movement and her mind.

    Ballerina Konora joins each page with suggested actions to get kids moving alongside Belluna in her tale of level-headed tenacity and a celebration of individuality. Each Dance-It-Out! sto... more

  • Rashai: The Forbidden Moran

    by Ted Walde
    All her life, Rashai has wanted to become a warrior. Every time she stops by the Emanyatta, she thinks of her father, Kapshan, who forbade her from ever joining the morans. When she overhears plans from the neighboring village to kidnap her father and plunder Etikinya’s uranium mines, her life takes a terrifying turn. Against everyone’s better judgement, she follows the perpetrators to their hideout in the train station to stop them in their tracks. Up until now she has no idea the enemy is s... more
  • Sudan: Escape from Voi

    by Ted Walde
    A genius genetic engineer discovers a protein that will protect the last surviving northern white rhinoceros from poaching. Upon publishing his paper on the Stone-man syndrome, some mysterious men kidnap him and take him to Voi where he is forced to perform the same operation on a human patient under the false pretense that it is going to be a corrective back surgery. While in Voi, he meets Sudan, a feral child who was raised by animals in the grasslands of Tsavo East National Park. He studies ... more
  • Becoming K-9

    by Rada Jones

    "Until you, hoomans, learn to sniff each other's butts so you can read each other's thoughts, you'll need us, dogs, to guide you, love you, and make you better people." Corporal K-9 Guinness Van Jones.
    If you thought being a K-9 is easy, think again. What's the hardest, you ask? Sniffing bombs? No sir. That's easy once you know what to look for. Apprehending perpetrators? Nope. That's fun. The hardest part of being a K-9 is training peop... more

  • Lady Be Good

    by Pamela Hamilton

    A moving portrait of Dorothy Hale, the legendary 1930s American socialite immortalized in one of Frida Kahlo’s most celebrated paintings.

    In her vibrant debut novel Pamela Hamilton delivers glamour, romance, tragedy, a close and stormy friendship with famed playwright and Vogue and Vanity Fair editor Clare Boothe Luce and an enchanting story of a woman navigating incredible wealth and power in New York, Paris, Hollywood, and grand estate... more

  • Who Do You Think You Are? COVID-19 in Psychotherapy

    by Natan P.F. Kellermann
    To save the world from the corona pandemic, a psychologist accepted the virus as a patient. This enabled him to get inside the mind of the virus and find out what he was actually up to. But he was faced with an impossible task: while he tried to cure his patient, he also wanted to stop the pandemic.
  • No Names to Be Given

    by Julia Brewer Daily
    It is 1966. Three young unwed women meet in a maternity home in New Orleans to relinquish their babies for adoption and return home as if nothing transpired. Twenty-five years later, they are brought together again with a blackmailer threatening to expose their secrets...all the way to the White House.
  • Rupert and his Unusually Useful Briefcase

    by Daniel H. Lee
    Rupert is definitely not your ordinary boy: he only wears a suit, talks differently, and...always carries a briefcase. No one knows where he got this briefcase--not even his parents! But this is no ordinary briefcase; it is unusually useful. Find out how useful as Rupert travels with his class on an adventure-filled ski trip! With exciting illustrations and powerful themes of friendship, courage and problem-solving, Rupert and his Unusually Useful Briefcase will be a wonderful adventure for all!
  • The Bastard of Colonia

    by T.J.S. Hayes
    The Bastard of Colonia is the first volume in the anticipated historical fiction series, The Song of the Francs. Set at the end of the seventh century, the novel recounts the early years of the life of Charles Martel, son of Pepin of Herstal and grandfather of Charlemagne.
  • Love & Loss in the Time of Covid

    by Phil Dourado
    “A moving and funny memoir of love & loss in a time of turmoil.” Love & Loss is the first novel set during the time of Covid to be written and published in real time, as the events described in it were happening in the real world. Part grief memoir, part Covid chronicle, it tries to make sense, through the experiences of one family, of the world turned upside down that we have all lived through, and are still living through. Love & Loss starts with three sudden losses for the central character i... more