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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • On the Steps of St. Dymphna

    by Tony G. Rocco
    On the Steps of St. Dymphna tells a story of transformation. John, a normal cubicle slave with a bland and ordinary life, is transformed by an enlightenment experience. Or, did he just go crazy? He’s not really sure, but either way, he becomes a dramatically different person. From bored support representative at GMC Megatronics, he transforms himself into Pastor John, a flamboyant free spirit spouting spiritual nostrums and intent on not only radically transforming his own life, but bringing ... more
  • Caravaggio: A Light Before the Darkness

    by Ken Mora
    The turn of the 17th Century is a time when The Catholic Church struggles to maintain its power against The Reformation. The artist Caravaggio arrives armed with secret painting techniques of the Renaissance, a revolutionary and compassionate vision, and a volatile penchant for defeating opponents at the point of his sword.
  • Katz Against Pavlov: A Novel About Walking

    by Stefanie August
    Katz Against Pavlov: A Novel About Walking Katz Wakes Up (Part 1) SYNOPSIS Charles Darwin Katz is poised to become a partner of the New York City investment firm Lincoln Lester Wealth Management upon marriage to the daughter and sole heiress, Charlotte Denise Lester. By all appearances Charles has a dream life; residing in a pent-house apartment in South Street Seaport, copious millions of his own in the bank, the respect of the minions of Wall Street, and a beautiful, talented, if aggressi... more
  • Rebel

    by T.L. Davis
    Lane Daniels stands on the cusp of dramatic change; the country surrounding the small ranch is being consumed by housing developments. He is harassed at school for being a hick, because he loves the ranch work he does. When he turns sixteen, he embarks on a Kerouacian journey into adulthood.
  • Blockbuster

    by Richard H. Smith
    It is the summer of 1975, and movie theater manager Nate Burton must handle the swirl of events connected with the arrival of Jaws. He has taken the theater job because financial disadvantages have prevented him from attending college, and he envies the privileged high school kids employed at the theater. He falls for one of his college-bound employees, Carrie Jenkins, but must contend with her impressive boyfriend, Owen Becker. Along with custodian, Spence Reeves, an aging former Buffalo Soldie... more
  • Media Queen

    by Michelle Prak

    Jordyn Fairweather has worked hard to reach the top of the magazine world, but now she’s in trouble.

    Younger stars are scrambling to steal her crown, and media companies are collapsing around her in the face of a new threat - the internet.

    She’s come a long way from small town Beddo, where she obsessed over teen glossies until pushing her way into an internship with Sixteen magazine. But if Jordyn’s empire is going to survive, she needs to move fast and keep rein... more

  • Sneasy the Greasy Babysits Abigail

    by Michelle Birdsong
    Kind and gentle Abigail Gold needs a babysitter. In walks Sneasy the Greasy. He wheezes, he sneezes and his hair is full of greases! But during an afternoon with Abigail, Sneasy learns the meaning of true friendship, honesty, and a life free of grease.
  • Sirma

    by Reni Stankova
    Sirma is 17 when she loses her two best friends to Amza Bey's mountain outlaws. The village elders do nothing, so Sirma dresses up like a man and takes the lead of her own mountain gang dedicated to protecting the villages. This is the story of a real historical figure who took part in the Haiduk movement during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Becca Goes Batty

    by Larissa Symbouras
    Join Becca, who loves all animals (except bats), her parents, and her best friend as they make their way through the zoo one sunny afternoon, learning interesting and unusual facts about the animals they see along the way. When her family reaches the last exhibit, Becca learns the most interesting thing of all - the value of facing her fear.
  • Kindled Embers (The Dryad's Cede 1)

    by K. C. Simos
    When the Royal Pearl is stolen from the Palace, Eliza's foster father becomes the main suspect. The police assume the verse left behind is the thief's calling card, but Eliza believes it may be a riddle. The two embark on an adventure to clear his name, where Eliza proves to him just how resourceful a twelve-year-old-girl can be.
  • I'm a? A Book of Rhymes, Riddles, and Choices Halloween Edition

    by Nicole Beil

    In this different kind of rhyming read-aloud Halloween picture book for kids 3 to 5 years-old, you'll help Collin and Claire solve riddles that take them on a trick-or-treating adventure. With rhymes and multiple-choice, I'm a? Halloween Edition is a fun kid's book AND an interactive activity that's captivating for everyone. Filled with witches, vampires... more

  • Belle's Big Day: The Tale of a Rambunctious Goldendoodle

    by Sydney Whitman
    Belle's Big Day tells the tale of a silly and rambunctious goldendoodle that chases a butterfly and escapes from her yard while her human is out and about. What kind of fun trouble will Belle get into while her owner is away?
  • The Truth in a Lie

    by Jan Turk Petrie
    Called to the bedside of her ailing mother, successful writer Charlotte Preece is astonished when Duncan, her ex-husband, turns up. Is he being supportive, or does he have other motives? And then the two of them are snowed in together…
  • The Corgi Miracle: A True Story

    by Tara S. Reidenbaugh
    “The Corgi Miracle”: sweet, moving, tale inspired by true events about one family’s discovery of faith and resilience in the face of the disappearance of their beloved Corgi. A feel-good tale that appeals to younger readers and adults alike.
  • The Holy Conspiracy

    by Kristi Saare Duarte
    After the brutal execution of Jesus, his disciples gather in Jerusalem to continue spreading his teachings of oneness with God. One day, a stranger named Paul approaches them with a wild tale of Jesus risen from death as the Savior and Messiah. The disciples object: their teacher was just a humble man, not a divine being. When Paul insists, a bitter battle of faith ensues. But how can these poor, uneducated disciples keep Jesus’s legacy alive in a world of treachery and deceit, where the rich an... more
  • Blind Journey

    by Donald Burge
    born blind and thrown in the garbage, Duwan, 12, is the village of Om's goatherd. When the village is destroyed by raiders he must lead his hateful tin brother across 500 leagues of desert to escape being murdered and to find the prophet who heals blind eyes. Initial setting: 35 CE, Village of Om, along the Euphrates River. Wild dogs, slavers, highwaymen, and Roman soldiers are among their challenges.