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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Protector

    by James Brown
    It's a story about a group of aliens who find a planet suitable for their dieing race. They instill powers to 7 lucky inhabitants of the planet. Who then call themselves the Protectors. To prevent the race of this planet from. Destroying theirselves. One of the lucky 7 out a fit of rage for her dead lover. Kills the other 6 Protector Not before finding out one of the Protectors were married. His wife was giving birth. Which mean his heir would be taking his place. Years later! Brandon the son o... more
  • The Rescue Ecstasy: A Novel

    by Nachshon Rothstein

    "Features wonderful phrasing. The story is refreshingly original, albeit disturbingly dark. Additionally, the complex voice is unique and helps make the book feel fresh. The characters are expertly developed. Gedaliah is engaging and complicated. The supporting cast is equally engaging."
    — The BookLife Prize from Publishers Weekly

    THE RESCUE ECSTASY is a post-coming-of-age novel of personal and societal dysfunction, post-9/11. An unflinching and unpredictable e... more

  • Infants of the Brush: A Chimney Sweep's Story

    by A. M. Watson

    Infants of the Brush: A Chimney Sweep's Story is historical fiction based on Armory v. Delamirie, a 1700s court case before the King's Bench against Paul de Lamerie, a silversmith. In the vein of Charles Dickens' Oliver TwistInfants of the Brush is set in a time when London society ignored the ills of child labor. Unlike the gleeful chimney sweeps portrayed in Mary Poppins, climbing boys were for... more

  • Smash all the Windows

    by Jane Davis
    It has taken conviction to right the wrongs. It will take courage to learn how to live again. ‘An all-round triumph.’ John Hudspith For the families of the victims of the St Botolph and Old Billingsgate disaster, the undoing of a miscarriage of justice should be a cause for rejoicing. For more than thirteen years, the search for truth has eaten up everything. Marriages, families, health, careers and finances. Finally, the coroner has ruled that the crowd did not contribute to their own... more
  • Goal Fever!

    by Mike Conklin
    The tiny Caribbean island nation of Dominica (pop. 73,000) has an identity problem. Often confused for the Dominican Republic, and with its banana-dependent economy shaky at best, it sets an unusual goal to make a mark on the global stage—qualify for the World Cup soccer tournament finals. Can the Jamaican bobsled team become The Mouse That Roared? There is not much of a chance until its wily, imported Italian coach discovers secret weapons—a trio of overlooked, local teenagers. Two—Pato and Tat... more
  • Rhio Saves the Big Day!

    by John P. Curtin, Jr
    Rhio is a lovable rhinoceros, who along with his three best friends: Liam the Lion, Joey the Bear, and Carrot the Rabbit, go from one fun-filled adventure to another. Rhio is always eager to help, but sometimes winds up contributing to the problem. One day something goes wrong and it's only through teamwork and friendship that they can solve the problem!
  • The Fall of Summer

    by Roslyn Stewart
    The Fall of Summer follows the life of Summer, an African American girl, daughter of a sharecropper who grows into womanhood during a time of change. Facing situations of economic disparity, race, gender, education, spirituality, and family this book follows the growth and lessons learned. Summer’s journey of discovery shows the remarkable impact one person can make.
  • Faithful Servants: Rescue from the Rebellion

    by Marc Curtis Little

    In the aftermath of the urban violence that occurred in more than 150 cities in the United States during the mid-1960s, many of the dwellers in those communities worked to bring their areas back to life. High school basketball superstar and his nationally celebrated coach Mickey Marcus wanted to do the same in their predominantly African American city. Their aggressive tactics, however, created discontent within Garvey's neighborhoods and among many Jewish friends of marcus. Their work re... more

  • Appraisal of the Growth of the Christian Faith in Igboland: A Psychological and Pastoral Perspective

    by Bartholomew N. Okere
    The Igbo people in Nigeria continue to make some movements toward Christianity, but many fail to practice the faith properly. Tribal traditions and old beliefs continue to be mixed with Christian concepts. By exploring the problem from a psychological and pastoral perspective, author Bartholomew N. Okere seeks to discover ways to advance the Christian faith. Okere, an ordained Catholic priest, asks serious questions about the nature of religion: Can someone believe in a supernatural being withou... more
  • After Obama

    by Marc Curtis Little
    The country is sick and tired of being sick and tired of the leadership in Washington, DC. Yet a group of Democratic and Republican lawmakers are amending the U.S. Constitution to make way for a third term for President Barack Obama. Why? That's the question Curt Felton Jr., the non-political party aligned African American mayor of Forrestville, Florida, is trying to get answered. In the process, he finds himself thrust into the presidential campaign (perhaps a "Black on Black" political battle ... more
  • Decanted

    by Samantha and Linda Sheehan
    From the maker of an acclaimed Napa wine brand, comes a compulsively readable tale only a real winemaker could tell. 25-year-old SAMANTHA GOODYEAR, quits her job crunching numbers to work harvest in Beaujolais. There, between harvesting grapes in the vineyard and crushing them in the cellar, she gets a rigorous education in the art of making wine and the art of making love from a gorgeous Frenchman. When their affair ends in disaster, she takes off for Napa to make a Pinot Noir as delicious as t... more
  • Magnificent Redemption

    by Marc Curtis Little
    Desmond Anderson, an honor student and nationally recognized four-sport athlete with a promising future, is dealt an unjust hand. Sentenced to a Georgia prison for a crime he did not commit, Desmond must learn to overcome the emotional shackles of his prison term and the racial unrest of his youth. Beginning with the infamous Newark, New Jersey riot of 1967, Magnificent Redemption spans 40 years of tragedy and triumph. With compassion and joy, Little shows us that the human spirit can defeat any... more
  • Angels in the Midst

    by Marc Curtis Little
    Curt Felton Jr. is the newly elected mayor of Forrestville, Florida. But some people who don't want an African American to lead their conservative city are using Felton's alleged extra-marital affairs as ammunition to keep him from assuming office on Inauguration Day. Is it racism, political favoritism, his wife, or Curt's female friends causing the problems? Kidnap, murder, infidelity, and spirituality put sizzle and spice in Angels in the Midst, the thrilling sequel to the critically acclaimed... more
  • Don't Blink When God Calls

    by Marc Curtis Little
    Don't Blink When God Calls chronicles the mayoral campaign of Curt Felton Jr. in Forrestville, Florida, while examining the battle for an African American man to gain credibility in a political process that is perceptually reserved for white males. Though Felton exhibits sophistication, shrewdness, and spirituality, which makes him an attractive candidate who can possibly win and become the first black mayor of the city, he also displays recklessness with an extramarital affair, along with past ... more
  • Jackson's Story: One Dog's Journey to His Forever Home

    by Elizabeth Baker
    This is the heart-rending story, told from the dog's perspective, of his abandonment and journey to his "forever home". Young readers will learn that dogs feel pain, fear, confusion and sadness, just as we do, and will realize the importance of responsible, loving dog ownership.
  • By the Next Pause

    by G. Barton-Sinkia
    In By The Next Pause, Canadian author G. Barton-Sinkia brings us to a time when Toronto was on the cusp of turning into the diverse mosaic it is today. At seventeen, Pam Allen escapes Jamaica, leaving her infant daughter Simone behind. Years later, after the death of her aunt, Pam is forced to take in the daughter she never wanted. They live in a run-down apartment complex in North York next to Mike O’Shea – a racist, loudmouth high school dropout who has recently separated from his wife and... more