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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Dental School Debacle

    by Jim P. Sandras, D.D.S.
    Three rebellious dental students who meet the first day of school begin a series of unforgettable misadventures, creating havoc everywhere they go. The trio indulge in the carefree party culture of the Big Easy in the 1980's and let the good times roll as they turn their classroom assignments into dangerously funny fiascos. Will they successfully finish the long four years of dental school? Or will they end up in a New Orleans prison? Either way, you will never look at your dentist the same.
  • Calvin the Christmas Tree: The greatest Christmas tree of all.

    by Stephen G. Bowling

    He’s been preparing for the season since he was a sapling. But will he be tall enough to start spreading joy?

    The thought of missing Christmas has little Calvin quaking in his roots. The smallest tree on his famous farm, his branches get all ruffled when a grumpy old coot says he isn’t strong enough for ornaments. But he’s thrilled when he’s finally pulled from the ground and put on sale just in time for Christmas Eve!

    As excited families whisk away all the other ... more

  • Simon's Search for the Scary Dragon

    by Stephen G. Bowling

    Whispers around the treehouse have this birdy buggin’. Can he flap away the confusion and put an end to the mystery?

    Simon is determined to find the facts for himself. Tired of hearing endless rumors about a dragon menacing the farm, the young bird munches some breakfast and sets out for answers. And with his trusty bottle-cap helmet keeping his head safe, nothing can stop him from finding the fire-breathing beastie.

    Confused by his barnyard buddies’ c... more

  • Siciliana

    by Carlo Treviso
    A family torn apart by conflict. An uprising of deadly magnitude. A nation altered forever. Inspired by actual events, Siciliana is the harrowing tale of a young woman’s courage in the face of unthinkable turmoil. In 1282 AD, the Kingdom of Sicily is under the rule of a tyrannical French king and subject to his brutal Angevin army. Daily acts of violence and persecution are commonplace in a once-prosperous realm. For twenty-year-old Aetna Vespiri, daughter of a revered Sicilian kn... more
  • Mermaids Don't Wear Floaties

    by Rachelle Jones Smith
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    by Jessica Campbelll
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  • Dark Cloud

    by Sandra Wolff
    Meet Dark Cloud, a young woman who comes from a traumatic past she can't afford to remember, leaving her on high alert and trusting of no one. The sole exception is Ricardo de Castile, the wizard-like engineer who is also the creator of the combat robot that has her back. Originally designed as a prototype doomsday weapon, the combat robot, now renamed Klaatu, has been reprogrammed by Ricardo to fight as part of a team alongside the daughter he should have had in the first place: Dark Cloud. ... more
  • Kingly Y Yo: Un Paseo Por El Cañaveral/Kingly and I: a Trip Around the Sugar Cane Farm

    by Anelly Schwab
    When a young girl goes to visit her grandparents' sugarcane farm in the Dominican Republic, she rides a special horse named Kingly. This horse takes care of her and is very happy to see her! Together they take a tour around the farm. The girl rides Kingly bareback, and they travel down the sugarcane trails, smelling the sweet aroma of sugarcane and seeing the green plants all over the farm. They go to the water tank, where Kingly can get a drink and where the children from the farm can fill the... more
  • The Energy Inside Valsin's Choices

    by Ja-ne de Abreu
    The Energy Inside Valsin's Choices is a hybrid historical and metaphysical fiction respecting choices and consequences, which pulse into the beyond. Nabella is a newcomer to New Orleans in 1862 just before the Union occupied the city during the Civil War. She becomes curious about her mysterious neighbor Valsin. The energy inside his choices has cumulative effects in his future lives as well as profound impact on Nabella and others. We travel with him around the globe through centuries and witne... more
  • Jackpot!

    by Robin Bell
    Kate Rayne rarely purchases Tattslotto tickets, but on the spur of the moment, she joins the multitude and purchases a quick pick for that evening’s three hundred million dollar super jackpot draw. She puts the ticket in her wallet and promptly forgets about it. It isn’t until a fortnight later, while Kate is reading the local paper on her coffee break, that she notices an article stating that the uncollected winning ticket was purchased at the local news agency where Kate bought her ticket. She... more
  • The Bush Koala

    by Lucinda Carter
    A young koala is separated from his mother during the harsh bushfires in Australia. Will he ever find her again? Will he be lost forever? The animals in the eucalyptus forest help in every way they can-and so do some very valuable rescuers. In the end, the baby koala is finally reunited with his mother, and they live in peace and harmony in the Australian bush once more.
  • Coil Quake Rift

    by Nathan Elias

    Coil Quake Rift deals, in an ambitious and imaginative way, with not only space, time, and memory, but also with the yearning we all have to love and be loved. Nathan Elias is a damn fine storyteller.”
    Donald Ray Pollock, author of The Devil All the Time and The Heavenly Table

    “In Coil Quake Rift, four characters connected by a history of love, betrayal, and loss, come together and fall apart in the aft... more

  • Transylvania’s History A to Z: 100 Word Stories

    by Patricia Furstenberg
    In Transylvania’s History A to Z, a collection of 100-word stories sprinkled with breathtaking photographs, Patricia Furstenberg uses the confining rules of the 100-word story form to stirringly capture Transylvania, Romania's historical and geographical region. Transylvania's unspoiled natural beauty, its tumultuous history, and the people who touched it are depicted in this book. Written as snapshots, tall tales, and descriptive narratives, these 100-word stories are the espresso of creati... more
  • The Woke Iliad

    by George Boreas
    Helen, America’s Ambassador of Woke, has been abducted on the orders of the Moldovan President Bagrayev, the most politically incorrect head of state in the world. The outraged Americans, led by the conscientious General Womack, invade his small but nuclear-armed country. To gaslight Bagrayev and avoid triggering the Armageddon, they assemble a broad coalition of allies and sneak into Moldova overnight with a thousand submarines. Once at war, Womack must avoid escalation of violence at all co... more
  • Cletus, the Little Loggerhead Turtle (The Beginning Adventure)

    by Lindalouise
    Cletus, the Little Loggerhead Turtle, is a colorfully illustrated children's book full of adventure and action, depicting two tiny loggerhead turtle's journeys to the surf. Cletus and Charley's adventure begins when they crack open their shells and emerge on their nest's top. Then, the other hatchlings crawl toward the moonlight in the night sky, directly into the surf except for Cletus. Cletus' brother Charley tries to convince Cletus to stop climbing the wall and follow him to the surf. Clet... more
  • Specialty - Kitty Wampus Learns About Autism

    by Steve Callahan

    Hi! I’m Kitty Wampus. This story is about a new cat on my adaptive baseball team. He seems cool, goes by Teddy, and he is an autistic kitten. My friends and I want to be able to talk and play with him, but we’re having trouble connecting with him.

    We don’t know anything about autism (yet). Do you know how to use sign language to communicate? Countdown cards, fish sticks, and PECS? (it will all make sense, I promise). And just when we’re making progress, I really ... more