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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • polymer engineering product manufacturing

    by Pranav Lal
    People have been contact with atleast one polymer containing product from small thing from water bottles and gadgets of tires. Polymer is mainly described by synthetic plastics.In modern technology of polymer engineering product manufacturing the high performance plastics are developed into special forms that are useful in our daily life. One of the good characters that makes polymers more effective is its flexibility, stability and durability. High strength... more
  • network cabling company in dubai

    by John Mathew
    We know that business relies on efficient communication systems for networks and telephony.The structured cabling is a complete system of cabling with associated hardware that provide comprehensive communications.Business network communication does not exist with cabling.Cables in the network are like veins throughout the body.Cabling system is the heart of the IT infrastructure and core of your business.Cables connect the devices in the network that provide efficient and seamless communication... more
  • Into the Unknown

    by Christopher DePietro
    Micah dreams of someday being a famous explorer who discovers hidden treasure all around the world. But there’s one major problem: he’s afraid of the Unknown. 
One day he discovers a mysterious door that reads “Treasure Inside!” He reluctantly opens the door and is whisked away to a strange new land. Once there, he learns of a lost treasure that is his and his alone — but first, he must make his way through the Unknown. Join Micah as he travels into the Unknown and learns that what you f... more
  • Scherzo

    by Tom Chorneau
    Benny’s wife of twenty-five years leaves him for a 2009 Harley Fat Bob and a quest for something more. Benny, a simple shopkeeper, is all that he will ever be and he resigns himself to go the distance alone. But this is Drytown, a place tucked and magically folded into the Sierra foothills. Here the miner’s code still resonates and the curse of the Mother Lode still swirls. And when an ancestor’s long forgotten will threatens the town, Benny has no choice but to comply with its demand. He must... more
  • I'm Lost!

    by Jerry Gold

    A short (27 page) story about a ten year old boy lost in a big city and what happens to him. It's written in English, Spanish and French.


  • Shirleen and the Shoes

    by LaKesa Cox
    Since Shirleen's daddy died in the war, her mother has taken on a new job at Mr. Connie's Shoe Shop. Shirleen is excited to be joining her mother at her new job where she can see all the machines Mr. Connie uses to make old shoes look like new. What Shirleen doesn't realize is that she's going to learn a lot more when she decides to walk in other people's shoes. From a nurse to a construction worker, Shirleen tries to fill some big shoes but not before realizing those shoes tell the stories of... more
  • If I Remember Him

    by Louis Flint Ceci
    After the town of Croy, Oklahoma, is almost completely destroyed by a tornado, its leading citizen, Lerner Alquist, vows to build a library as a memorial to his wife, who was lost in the storm. It takes seventeen years, but in 1952 the project is finally nearing completion. As a crowning ornament, Alquist commissions a sculpture for the entrance. But his own racism and the town's racial, religious, and sexual fault lines threaten to undermine the one symbol that might unite them all. Passions, p... more
  • We Never Told

    by Diana Altman
    Set in the 1950's in the suburbs of New York, unmarried women were shamed into relinquishing their babies, WE NEVER TOLD is a slice of American history that will never come again. Right now, today, is the reckoning because those babies given up did not disappear. They grew up and began searching. Now middle-aged strangers are knocking on the doors of families that embrace them and families that reject them. Told from the narrator Sonya's point of view, WE NEVER TOLD is a coming of age saga about... more
  • Surrendered Stories

    by Kristin Fouquet
    A piece of writing is never finished. You just surrender. -Carter Monroe These four surrendered stories are accompanied by twenty-four b&w photographs. In "Cocteau’s Ransom," two dognappers believe they’ve found the solution to their financial troubles until unexpected complications arise. A lonely young woman with employment issues finds her escapism in vintage films at "The Vestige." When the Roussels "Return to Camp Bon Temps," their annual summer fishing camp, it’s not all good times as t... more
  • The Thin Gray Line

    by Michael Kenneth Smith
    Young Luke Pettigrew, a hero at the Battle of Shiloh, awakens in a bedroom of an unfamiliar farmhouse in 1863--with no immediate memory of what brought him there. The only thing he knows is that his life will never be the same. Through grit and determination, Luke returns to the war after making a prothesis for his amputated leg. He faces uncertainty and thrives while dealing with his father's prior rejection. He ultimately finds love and as the story draws to an end, so does Luke's lifetime of ... more
  • Labyrinth

    by Ipsita Basu
    Labyrinth is an anthology of stories of ordinary human beings, finding hope in times of darkness. In between the stories, are connecting pieces which are facets of the author’s own life, and serve as a window to reality amidst a potpourri of fantasy. The labyrinth is a metaphorical analogy to the journey we all undertake in order to find meaning in our lives. So often, we lose hope, and feel trapped in this labyrinth. This book is an attempt to find back that hope and renew our journey in the la... more
  • The Road Map of Our Soul

    by Ariana R. Cherry
    We are all souls on personal journeys. Sometimes, our paths may cross, and our lives intertwine. Allow these poems to guide you, inspire you and perhaps sing to your heart as you walk on your journey.
  • High in the Bavarian Alps

    by James Earl
    Explore the magical paradise of Bavaria, full of wonder and beauty, plus areas of Germany, Austria and Southern Europe. Civilian employees who work at facilities of the Armed Forces Recreation Center pursue fun adventures in Oberammergau, Berchtesgaden, Lake Chiemsee, Munich, Garmisch and other locations. Meanwhile, the Red Army Faction attacks military bases in Germany. This book is one of a kind… a delightful blend of mystery, terror, history and the lifestyle of the early 1970s. It i... more
  • A Thread So Fine

    by Susan Welch
    Can love for a secret child heal old wounds? St. Paul, MN, 1946: Introspective Shannon Malone and her more popular sister Eliza are Irish twins and best friends. As little girls, they relied on each other for companionship and affection as their mother remained distant, beating back the demons of her own mysterious childhood. When tragedy rocks the Malone family, secrets bloom and one sister leaves, possibly forever. The other, physically and emotionally scarred, vows to hold the invisible threa... more
  • Seducing Cat

    by Korinthia A. Klein
    Catherine (Cat) Devin is a successful writer with a loving husband, a teenage daughter and a nice life, but she is also about to turn 40. Under normal circumstances she would never consider cheating on her husband, but when a handsome young actor offers to play one of the characters she’s created so she can experience what she wrote for real, the opportunity is too good to pass up. Seducing Cat explores one woman’s struggle with her impending loss of youth and the boundaries of forgiveness.
  • As Far as You Can

    by David Fiensy

    David Fiensy has spent the last thirty years publishing twelve volumes, doing archaeological field work, and teaching about first-century-AD Israel-the exotic, fascinating, and violent time period that serves as the background to the study of the New Testament Gospels.

    Based on this personal history he wrote As Far as You Can. It is a story in the genre of historical fiction containing a murder mystery, a romance, a spiritual quest, and a cultural critique set against the backdrop of th... more