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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Goodnight, Oregon

    by B.K. Froman

    In 1997. any visitor to Rain, Oregon would find long-buried mysteries, crazy neighbors, a convent, a buffalo, a jailbird, and a sky full of beckoning stars.

    Sophia Bolton can’t wait to get out of the place.

    At twenty-six, she dreams of saving humanity by traveling to the stars. She also considers herself the master of work-arounds. After all, she’s escaped her sloth-thinking community several times, but family screwups—death, alcohol, stupidity, ... more

  • Women and Thieves Of Two Pan (Two Pan Series Book 3)

    by B.K. Froman
    A National Willa-Award Winner. Belle Chere is looking for a man—even though she has nothing but loathing for the guy. It has nothing to do with her colorful youth. She's paid for those stunts. Yet, her stubborness makes her a fool. By misjudging a man with a grudge, she's s served a cold slice of revenge. Whit no faith in the sheriff, who she's known since he was in diapers, she plans to stop the man who is destroying her safety. To disguise her search for him, she joins the Ladies Mountain... more
  • The Lights of Two Pan (Two Pan Series Book 2)

    by B.K. Froman
    It's sort of a relief to have Ox Woolsey dead. That's not something his son, Jiggs, says out loud, but most folks in the fizzled-out town of Two Pan already know each other's business. Now Jiggs if free to grow his Oregon land, his cattle, and his frequently funny ideas to the Bonanza-big size of his childhood dreams—until the outsider arrives. Dr. Richard Jarmin frames the stunning landscape of the Eagle Cap Mountains in dollar signs, a perfect site for vacation cabins, and he's actively orga... more
  • Genesis Too, A resolution of creationists and evolutionist beliefs in the creation of the Universe

    by Rob Ransone
    Perhaps everyone, at one time or another, has pondered about how the Universe and all of its life forms came into existence. Creationists believe this was God. Evolutionists believe this was a Supreme Power. Agnostics believe that God is unknown and probably unknowable, and are not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god. And atheists believe that all of this incredibly complicated Universe of solar systems, and diverse plant, animal, and human life jus... more
  • Mornings in Two Pan (Two Pan Series Book 1)

    by B.K. Froman
    What if everything you know about your family is only half of he truth? Jiggs Woolsey's life is uprooted when he discovers a skull on his Oregon ranch. His search for answers stirs up Two Pan's humorous gossips and chinwaggers, making him ill-prepared to carry the laughable and sometimes heavy-hearted secrets about his family and community. Laugh, family fracas, loyalty ... and all that's in-between.
  • The Lutheran Ladies Circle: Melody Markett's Crash Course on Life (Volume 4)

    by B.K.Froman/Kris Knorr
    How does a lady of the night become a Lutheran lady? A young woman returns home from classes to discover a shocking secret, a heartload of guilt, and her dead aunt. Mel Steuben, mortician and Lutheran lady, is intimately familiar with troubled pasts. But her attempts to help the young woman will uncover more than just funeral secrets. Steuben has seen and lived this before, but can she help without exposing her own carefully buried past? Color. Humorous and alive. The journey sweeps you into... more
  • The Lutheran Ladies Circle: Thanks for Leaving (The Lutheran Ladies' Circle Book 3)

    by B.K. Froman/Kris Knorr
    Where does an old lady sneak off to when she ditches her past? If she's stubborn and peppery like Aunt Ula, she rides a train back to her secrets. Ula's looking for pieces of her past, and the trail began on a southern railway over sixty years ago. This time, a guilt-laden, leopard-haired gal has decided to be her friend and seatmate. The twenty-five-year old is also running away, her remorse trailing all the way back to Texas. The two discover they have stories and secrets to share. Ula can... more
  • The Lutheran Ladies Circle: Through the Knothole (The Lutheran Ladies' Circle Book 2)

    by B.K. Froman/Kris Knorr
    Kay McCabe is about to lose her house. But when two old Lutheran women need a place to stay, she's pretty sure she's about to lose even more. First to go is her job. Her knee-jerk solutions of renting rooms to the Lutherans and working in a bar, plug up life even more. Now she's stuck in a job she hates. Exhausted, she comes home to comical old church women who barely restrain their opinions, especially about her new romance. It's like living with her mother again—actually two mothers. Now Kay... more
  • The Last Book Smuggler

    by Birute Putrius
    In 1902 Lithuania, a group of rebels armed with books triumphs against the mighty Russian Empire to save a language. Part folktale, part thriller, THE LAST BOOK SMUGGLER tells the story of Ada and her grandfather Viktoras, an old book smuggler tired of his forty-year battle to keep his language alive despite the attempts of the Russian Empire to destroy it. Into their world steps Jonas, a young man in love with Ada and ready to join the underground book smugglers. But there is a traitor in... more
  • The Lutheran Ladies' Circle: Plucking One String

    by B.K. Froman/Kris Knorr
    Vera Henley has pulled the strings of the Lutheran Ladies Circle for years: now everything is unraveling. A new, young pastor is altering traditions, and the independent Circle women are cheering the changes—all except for Vera. When her high-maintenance, crazy aunt introduces even more rebellion and chaos, Vera must choose which thread of change to pluck—and which to let go.
  • Bradley and the Dinosaur

    by Julian Hilton
    Imagine what you would do if you found a dinosaur in your own garden? Find out what happens when Bradley is sent into his garden to find flowers, but instead finds the biggest creature he’s ever seen! Not only does he not get eaten, he makes friends and travels to Dinoland with him.
  • The Case Of The Disappearing Amur Leopard

    by Kirsten Usman
    A lawsuit declaring a new construction project threatens the endangered Amur leopards just landed on Judge Birdie Barringer’s desk. She and the members of the jury hold the fate of the leopards in their hands. One wrong decision and the leopards could disappear from the face of the earth – forever!
  • Gita: Between the Unknowable and the Unreal

    by J Joseph Kazden
    In this follow-up to my book TotIs, Gita, on the brink of a great battle to defend the city she is charged with protecting, feels a sense of futility as she contemplates the coming fratricidal slaughter, unable to justify the bloodshed in the name of victory. She seeks the counsel of her old mentor, Socrates, pleading for his help in finding her way back to her duty and purpose in life. Thus begins a life-changing discussion as Socrates calls upon the Bhagavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching to show ... more
  • Thread for Pearls: A Story of Resilient Hope

    by Lauren Speeth
    A near-death experience in a car with her Mother; running from tear gas at a Vietnam War rally hand-in-hand with her Pop; a year in India learning side-by-side the country's 'untouchables;' the highs and lows of living on a rural Pennsylvania commune…and all before Fiona Sprechelbach's thirteenth birthday. Set during one of the most politically divisive eras in American history, Thread for Pearls is a coming of age tale that takes us on a young heroine's journey to faith and freedom amidst a ... more
  • Pysanky Promise

    by Cathy Witbeck
    Alena is a young girl who discovers her grandmother’s hands have grown too shaky to make pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs). She decides that learning the art of pysanky and making a pysanka for her grandmother could be a way to heal her heart. Alena offers to do spring cleaning for her aunt in exchange for pysanky lessons. Her aunt teaches her about the history, symbolism, and method for making pysanky – peh san kee. When Alena becomes frustrated because a drip of wax messes up her first egg, she ... more
  • Hender Nathaniels: He Didn't Haunt, He Taught!

    by Brittany Boggs
    Have you ever had a ghost that haunted your house? Have you ever felt something spiritual around you, that you knew wasn't human? The Westlyn family experiences this when they move into an old house in Boston. A young girl named Nori is first to befriend this wise spirit. She tries to convince her family that he is real. Yet, they do not believe a six year old with an extraordinary imagination. When Hender finally builds the confidence to show his true self to the family, and confirm Nori's trut... more