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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Devout Species

    by WJ Sulder
    An excavation, ancient island folklore, and a discovery Chloe would never forget... After the excitement of her first trip to Indonesia while studying abroad in college, Chloe and her friends later return to the Island of Flores. They journey to a volcanic cave in hopes to find ancient hominid skeletal remains. But who will make it back home alive? The Big Bang, our Earth, the dinosaurs, the evolution of man – discover in this book the current scientific evidence supporting the origin on ho... more
  • Clara's Way

    by Roberta Carr
    The year is 1904. Nurse Clara Tyler happily spends her days tending patients in rural Ohio. Her brother, who is working in Panama on the great canal, informs the family he must return home due to illness. Too sick to travel alone, he begs Clara to come and get him. Anxious about going but determined to save her brother, Clara makes her way to the Canal Zone. She is quickly drawn into a web of heartbreak, controversy, and friendship that keeps her there. When her father demands she return... more
  • Circus Planetaria

    by Robert Tyler
    Information is money. Information is power. Information is the fundamental currency. A dark faction of the Global Information Bureau (GIB) keeps climate information very close. It profits from the secrets. But Global Awareness in Action (GAIA) is good at getting at that information anyway. The GIB uses its formidable resources—from Assassin to Zeitgeist—to protect a powerful cabal of profiteers who aim to maximally benefit from the collapse of the global environment. But GIB also carries a debi... more
  • Ramblin’ Red

    by Michael Easterling
    It’s tough being the new kid in school, especially when you’re the smallest and the smartest. The combination of all three is like a sign on your back saying, “Kick me!” to every passing bully. No wonder Milton Mickelsen escapes into the stories he writes about Ramblin’ Red. Ramblin’ Red is a hard-riding, straight-shooting cowboy straight out of an old Western movie. Tall, strong, resourceful and confident, Ramblin’ Red is everything Milton yearns to be. But when the school van crashes in a remo... more
  • Radha's Revenge & Other Stories

    by Gopal Ramanan

    A riveting collection of short stories, ranging from the poignant to the humorous, that introduce the reader to a host of unforgettable characters and situations. The author has a knack for masterfully bringing his characters, settings, and plots to life. Each story has its own twists and turns that will draw the reader into each tale. A wonderful collection.

  • Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

    by Ronald Joseph Kule

    Millennial Carlos Almarón struggles to understand the devastating and unexpected loss of his beloved on the night he was to propose to her. After his failure to return to his usual self, all but three of his jet-set Manhattan friends abandon him. One, Carmela Ariana, a tomboy friend from childhood and a victim of abuse that nearly shattered her hope for finding true love knows why Almarón's ... more

  • Thundercloud: (The Oddities of a Young Man's Journey to Manhood)

    by Ronald Joseph Kule
    ThunderCloud, a late-teen, excommunicated Cherokee, must learn to become a man in a world completely foreign to him. With the aid of an Amish clan which takes him in, he realizes how to understand and work better with other people, and that he must return to his Principal People to atone for his shortcomings. His return journey leads him through several harrowing experiences from which he collects a motley gaggle of young people, who may or may not be welcome upon his arrival home!
  • Dear Aunt Catherine

    by Laurie Ann Pokin
    1852: An impoverished Irish orphan flees to America in search of her estranged, rich uncle. When the obsessive Master of her uncle's mansion forces her into a life of servitude, the orphan must again fight for her freedom.
  • Be: Be Unique. Be Courageous. Be Kind.

    by Michelle Tate
    We always ask kids, " What do you want to BE when you grow up?" They always respond with "firefighter, astronaut, teacher, and doctor." And that's what we expect to hear from that question. But this book encourages kids to BE humble humans and just plain good people. Be challenges kids to think bigger than a profession when asked "what do you want to be." The author encourages all kids to BE unique. BE accepting. BE courageous. Be kind to ALL. With simple wording and a profound message, "Be" all... more
  • Vacaciones Con El Huracán: Un Libro de Preparación Sobre Huracanes

    by Heather L. Beal
    Prescolares Lily y Niko descubren repentinamente cómo lidiar con lo inesperado cuando sus vacaciones cambian de natación y castillos de arena al prepararse para un huracán. Pero al prepararse para evacuar con su prima Emma y su familia, el peluche preferido de Niko se pierde. ¿Lo encontraran a tiempo de evacuarse o se quedará perdido el peluche familiar?
  • Férias Com Furacão: Um Livro de Preparação Para Furacões

    by Heather L. Beal
    As crianças em idade pré-escolar Lily e Niko fazem um curso intensivo sobre como lidar com o inesperado quando suas férias mudam de castelos de areia e natação para aulas de preparação para furacões. Mas enquanto as crianças se preparam para evacuar com sua prima Emma e sua família, o bichinho de pelúcia favorito de Niko se perde. Eles o encontrarão a tempo de evacuar com segurança? Ou esse membro felpudo da família ficará para trás?
  • Why So Much?

    by Lance Myers
    Nancy Larsen is suffocating. She’s desperate to express what this world of hurt feels like. She was once the star of math and science club, on her way to becoming valedictorian of her class. Her father, Rex—a chemical engineer for Texas Oil and Plastics—was her biggest fan. But then a black hole opened up and took it all away: Nancy’s mother died. All motivation dissolved, Nancy’s grades followed suit, and this once model student is now failing out of school. She spends her days writing and draw... more
  • Segways Repair Service UK

    by Charles Wheeler
    Official Hoverboards for teenagers Truth be told, a hoverboard could be a suspending stage (that seems like a skateboard while not wheels) which may be used for singular transportation. The term was produced for the flick Back to the more extended term II, anywhere saint Marty McFly flies into the more drawn out term to seem out that youths zone unit riding on suspending masses up while not wheels. How might they work? Self-modifying bicycles have a few of rudimentary portions: a spin... more
  • Trusting Wine

    by Rachel Lee Glass

         At the end of World War II in Umbra, Italy an American soldier proposes to a beautiful Italian girl. To his surprise, her family insists the couple drink the family’s magical wedding wine before they marry. This wine gives those who drink it with their betrothed visions of their entire futures together. The two drink and after experiencing beautiful visions, they marry.

         In 1999 the couple’s adult children are a priest, a businessman, a... more

  • Let's Make a Cake!

    by Heidi Schrack
    Meet the Buggie-Muggies! Sally is crafty and cautious, Gary is creative and silly, and Johnny is fearless and adventurous. These funny friends are always up to something exciting. Find out what happens when Sally wants to make a cake, but Gary has other plans.
  • The Lies That Bind (DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 1)

    by Ed Protzel
    Broke and despondent, trickster Durksen Hurst returns to Mississippi seeking redemption for his disreputable past — and maybe some glory. When he encounters a dozen hungry slaves hiding in the wilds, he persuades them to build a plantation with him — a scheme that will threaten the town’s dominant family: the brilliant, mad Widow French and her tortured son, Devereau. When Antoinette DuVallier, a mysterious woman from New Orleans with unknown ties to the Frenches, arrives desperately seeking ... more