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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Pirate Captain, Nor Gold: The Chronicles of a Legend

    by Kerry Lynne

    "Nor Gold" continues The Pirate Captain, The Chronicles of a Legend "book series", it is volume #2 and picks up where The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend leaves off, with Cate Mackenzie, a woman who has lost everything to the Jacobite Uprising and is forced to sail with pirates; she is still searching for what she desires above all else: a place to belong. 

    While Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne of the Ciara Morganse finds that his past is catchin... more

  • Bomb Boy

    by Jay Grewal
    Set against the backdrop of the Iraq War, this heartbreaking story explores the unlikely friendship that comes about after the actions of Santoli, a Marine, costs eleven-year-old, Ali, to lose his entire family—a secret that has been kept from him since the accident. Brought jarringly together by war and loss these two battered souls find some solace together. But soon, their bond is destroyed, after the truth is revealed. Desperately seeking redemption for the wrongs he committed against Al... more
  • Normal Face

    by Adler Jessop
    'Normal Face' is the first person telling of a man dealing with borderline personality disorder as he tries to understand his place in society, trying to find companionship, and dealing with the tragedies of his past.
  • The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend: Nor Silver

    by Kerry Lynne

    The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend, "Nor Silver" is a historical action/adventure saga with a twisted love story and answers the question of what would one man do to "Keep his Treasure"! 
    Having lost hearth and heart to the Stuart Uprising, CATE MACKENZIE, a fugitive war criminal, purchases passage on a ship bound for the West Indies. En route she is kidnapped-a case of mistaken identity-by CAPTAIN NATHANAEL BLACKTHORNE, the pirate captain. Accustomed to ... more

  • Lights on the Sea

    by Miquel Reina
    On the highest point of an island, in a house clinging to the edge of a cliff, live Mary Rose and Harold Grapes, a retired couple still mourning the death of their son thirty-five years before. Weighed down by decades of grief and memories, the Grapeses have never moved past the tragedy. Then, on the eve of eviction from the most beautiful and dangerously unstable perch in the area, they’re uprooted by a violent storm. The disbelieving Grapeses and their home take a free-fall slide into the whit... more

    by Victoria Landis
    When Petra Simmons and her brother, Andy, help a seemingly homeless young woman, their intended good deed immediately changes their lives forever. Within days, it's clear that the woman, Jordan Crissman, is so much more than meets the eye. Jordan possesses an amazing ability - perhaps the most miraculous ability of all. Petra and Andy realize that, in the current world of viral social media, they must proceed with extreme caution. But how can they best employ the miracle without causing havoc... more
  • Livy Luz and the Crunchy Chewy Cosmic Cookies

    by Nicole A. Morales
    Livy Luz loves to spend time at the Cookie Cove Bakery, her parents' shop. There are so many delicious cookies to taste! She wants to create an out-of-this-world cookie recipe of her own, but she has no clue how to begin. Can she create a cookie so amazing it will be featured on the shop's menu board? Livy Luz and the Crunchy Chewy Cosmic Cookies takes kids of all ages on a fun baking adventure and includes an actual recipe for readers to try at home.
  • The Art To Shooting Free Throws

    by Michelle McNeely
    Steve struggles at shooting free throws and doesn’t know what’s wrong with his shot. With help from his teammate, Derrick, he learns the steps he must take to become one of the best free throw shooters on the team. 1. Use The Right Technique 2. Have A Routine 3. Think About One Thing 4. Think Positively 5. Let Go Of Mistakes.
  • The Frog Gods

    by Connor Charlton

    A narrative poem about two brothers in the American South who seek goodness in the face of loss and isolation.

  • The Adventure of Harwood Squirrel

    by Dorothy Wyatt
    Harwood is a baby squirrel who lives with his brother Garwood and other squirrels in a small woods. Their life is easy because a little lady who lives in a small house near the woods feeds seeds and nuts to the birds and to the squirrels. But one day the little lady moves out of her house. What happened to Harwood when he went looking for the seeds and nuts and found a big yellow truck and a big brown dog is the start of his adventure. What is the adventure? Will his life ever be easy again? Wil... more
  • Remaining Aileen

    by Autumn Lindsey
    Aileen was dead. At least she was supposed to be. When Aileen wakes up in the hospital after her plane crashes during a storm, everyone says it’s a miracle. All Aileen cares about is seeing her husband and children again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Aileen to realize her survival wasn’t random. Her mind and body are changing in ways she can’t explain. As Aileen grows desperate for answers, a man assumed dead from her flight appears to reveal a dark truth about her survival. Dro... more
  • Moctu and the Mammoth People: An Ice Age Story of Love, Life and Survival

    by Neil Bockoven
    Moctu and the Mammoth People is a compelling, well-researched story of a strong, young, Cro-Magnon boy who must fight his rival for leadership of his tribe and the right to mate the beautiful Nuri. Additionally, Moctu has confrontations with the Pale Ones, a fierce group of Neanderthals also called the People Eaters, as the two cultures interact in Paleolithic Italy 45,000 years ago. Besides having dangerous encounters with mammoths, wolves, and saber-tooth tigers, Moctu has to deal with his ... more
  • A Season in Vail

    by Steve Baska
    When Los Angeles attorney Tom Wood narrowly survives an attack in a courtroom, it prompts him to change location and career. He moves to Vail, Colorado to spend a winter season snow skiing and exploring the ski life, art and getting to know a special woman.
  • Dream Walker

    by Larry Prosor
    Fired from his tribe's California Indian casino, a student archaeologist earns a job surveying his ancestor's coastal village site. He's gifted an amulet from his Grandfather leading him to Dream Walk as an avatar into the Spanish Mission era. Gradually accepted into the lives of his ancestors, he shares their culture of peaceful traditions as they face the first waves of invading colonists. Fighting to save family blood, he awakens to the present with knowledge gained to halt oil development of... more
  • The Adventures of Succotash, and Sookey, the Ostrich

    by Candy St. James
    Succotash is an exciting 3-Part Children’s Book Series Targeted for Young and Middle Readers or for reading aloud. Each Book in the Series ends with a ‘Cliffhanger’, including Book Three and each Book has a Glossary and Vocabulary Builder. Authored By, Candy St. James (a pseudonym)
  • THE BREACH Book One Devon

    by C M Bethell
    A suspenseful narrative of good and evil wrapped in parallel worlds with a unique love story, strong friendships, and glimpses of family ties with twists and turns…is the bonding legend of the Anam Cara real?