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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Year of the Shaman

    by Kareena Maxwell
    If you could take one-year off from you life as you know it, what would that look like? "The Year of the Shaman," is a story of Naiomi a shaman, who had to relearn how to walk through fire and light. With the guidance of her coyotes, she found her way back to where she belonged as a healer, but this time with more self resolve.

    by Kareena Maxwell
    Inspired by the life of American Cultural and Economic Anthropologist, Stanley Ann Dunham during 1995, the last year of her life. She was instrumental in obtaining micro-finance loans for non-agricultural workers in Kajar, a hamlet in Indonesia.
  • The Zodiac Son: Book 1


    In a small village in ancient Indochina where things were uncertain, Song Huy, a mischievous boy, lived with his Godparents. He always felt like there was one thing he was missing, his parents. As the new Dynasty takes over his village, Song receives, a pouch, fit for the wooden box, inside 12 jade ornaments of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. His Godparents gives Song a letter written by his parents. Song reads the letter out loud; it said: We miss you very much and think about you everyday. W... more

  • Qwerty

    by Barbara Avon

    In the tradition of "Twilight Zone", Q.W.E.R.T.Y. takes you into another dimension.  A place where all things are possible.  Luke is an author and a widower.  His aunt gifts him a Remington typewriter and he soon discovers that everything he types, comes true.  "What if I can bring her back?" 

    In this novella, that is a cross between time travel and paranormal romance, you'll read a compelling, poetic tale that follows Luke ... more

  • security systems company in Kuwait

    by joyal jacob
    There are different security structures are open at this point. In any case, close circuit TVs are the most reliably utilized security framework. The fundamental tendencies of utilizing close circuit TV structures are it gives 24 hours security. CCTV establishment is to an incredible degree central. It is certainly not difficult to exhibit the CCTV structure. The cctv Kuwait is the most commended cctv establishment associations. It may be seen from wherever. The photographs gotten by the CCTV ... more
  • White Powder Fences

    by Ingrid O. Duva and Betty O. McAleer
    Josefina, the main character, is a young girl destabilized by her parent’s messy separation. She immigrates from Colombia and lives with her mother in a single parent home in Washington Heights, New York. Her intermittent peace is brief as her parent’s on and off relationship continues. Josefina speaks of her life as a young immigrant in New York sharing a series of anecdotes and dives into details of the destructive relationship with a neighborhood boy. She struggles to free herself of the l... more
  • Indigo Lake

    by Courtney Pierce
    Television interviews can be tricky, especially for the Dushane sisters. When best-selling author Olivia Novak is asked to appear on a New York talk show for her new book, The Executrix, she isn’t prepared for the invitation to include her two middle-age sisters, Lauren and Danny, and also Danny’s spoiled therapy dog, Pogo. If the trip from Portland, Oregon, isn’t enough of a fiasco, the interview becomes a three-sister calamity. Slip-ups from Danny and Lauren about two other books―their moth... more
  • The Executrix

    by Courtney Pierce
    Portland, Oregon’s own best-selling romance author, Olivia Novak, should have been entering life’s third act with a sparkling clean storybook Tudor, a serious book under her belt, and a real-life romance with her husband of thirty-two years. Instead, her husband was killed in a hit-and-run the police have shelved, and she’s too worn out from her own obsessive three-year hunt for the culprit to write. Now, her mother has died. As the executrix of the estate, which doesn’t amount to much, Olivi... more
  • Indigo Legacy

    by Courtney Pierce
    If there’s one thing author Olivia Novak loves more than books it’s family dirt. The success of her deceased mother’s best-selling novel begs for further investigation to find out if the so-called fictional murder is true. But Olivia has one complication: the new love of her life, 62-year-old attorney Woody Rainey, is connected to the story through his mother, too. And now, dead mothers tell no tales. Cracking open the family “dirtball” requires a call to Olivia's street team in Portland, Or... more
  • Perfect Pests

    by Jennifer Krzak
    "On a bright sunny day, Teddy went for a walk." Thus, begins an eye-opening adventure for Teddy and all young readers. By the time the adventure is over, they will have learned that not all things are as they seem. A bossy sister along with three perfect pests make their discovery possible: a pesky mosquito, a group of hungry ants, and a very noisy cicada. Children will come to delight in Teddy's curiosity and willingness to learn. And, along with Teddy, they will open their hearts and minds to ... more
  • No Sad Songs for Me 978-1721620180

    by Daniel Fleischhacker
    No Sad Songs For Me You're gay and proud of who you are. Four gay teens live by this motto, though at times it’s difficult. Franklin High isn’t exactly the ideal place to be if you’re gay. Barry Chase, Chi-Chi Cavasos, Denny Sheldon and Jade Parker, the gay quartet, have carved out a place of respect among the Franklin student body, and school life is tolerable, if not ideal. Home life is a totally different story. Barry, 17, is a bright kid, a computer geek, but his father is dead and his m... more
  • The City Heroes and other stories from the Heart of Africa

    by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren
    Tonight during story time take a trip to the heart of Africa. Make new friends including a clutter of cats otherwise known as The City Heroes. Follow a pair of jungle ants as they rescue their friend from a raging storm. Tag along with a country boy as he hunts wild birds to prepare a feast for his father’s arrival. Understand the true meaning of mercy and charity when a stranger is caught stealing eggs from a farmer. Help a baby named Thomas find his way home after he strays from his father’... more
  • I

    by zeyan zyrus
    What makes a book the greatest of a generation? A book buried under thousands of paper-bricks, so ornate any typical description will end up lacking, souls eternally trapped in it, its dusty pages craving human touch. Somewhere far from god, immortal words gushing out of its crack, and it's only the beginning. Below are few random snippets... A cargo ship anchored at the southernmost city of the world is headed my way. Only after a month of membership, you were allowed to have a compl... more
  • Handy Howie

    by Lizz Howe
    Join Howie, a loveable mechanic as he joyfully helps everyone he meets with the tools on his tail. Howie encounters many colorful characters and exciting vehicles from morning until night and proves there is nothing he can’t fix!
  • Solar Power

    by Manu Krish
    Solar power is one of the fastest creating essentialness sources on earth. Daylight based power is moreover the most promising essentialness source. Sun controlled essentialness creation is the minimum costly strategy for making power when stood out from substitute resources. The sun fueled board system association new york give the best sun based sheets to the customers. The sun fueled photovoltaic cells convert the sun radiation into power. This effect is known as photovoltaic effect. Solar po... more