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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Columbus and Caonabó: 1493–1498 Retold

    by Andrew Rowen
    Columbus assured Spain’s Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand that “Española” would be conquered with little opposition from its inhabitants, but he soon discovered the promise ominously false. A historical novel, Columbus and Caonabó: 1493–1498 Retold dramatizes his invasion of Española and the bitter resistance mounted by its Taíno peoples. Based closely on primary sources, the story is told from both Taíno and European perspectives, including through the eyes of the conflict’s principal Taíno ch... more
  • The Curiosity Adventures of Miss Alley Frankie and the Felines

    by Lea Truman
    The Curiosity Adventures of Miss Alley ~ Frankie and the Felines, is a delightful and endearing story, told from the cat’s perspective. After being abandoned as a kitten, Miss Alley is rescued by a kind lady. Her “human” parents smother her with love and provide her with all sorts of creature comforts. As she grows into a young feline lady, Miss Alley wonders about her Feline Mum and the big world outside. One day she sneaks out in search of her Feline Mum. What Miss Alley discovers is the ... more
  • Jesus' Silent Years: Homecoming

    by Vance Shepperson
    In this last novel, Jesus travels the comeback trail, after years of maturing abroad—stories of his life in his late twenties. Jesus travels through different countries—modern-day Albania, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. You look at the world through his eyes and God’s eyes (Windy). You also look at him through the eyes of others—bad people, sad people, criminals, authorities, and the woman he loves who adores him.
  • Lucky: A Novel (inspired by Taylor Swift's folklore and the incredible true story of Rebekah Harkness)

    by Kristina Parro
    Lucky depicts an epic juxtaposition of glitter and tragedy: the tangled stories of two powerful women who are connected through the transcendental nature of time and space. Join Rhea Harmonia, America’s favorite pop-star, as she tumbles down the rabbit hole— on a journey through American history, Western thinking, modern philosophy, mythology, math, music, and time.
  • A Penny in My Pocket

    by C.M. Harris
    You don't need to have a lot to help those who don't have much, and little Stevie learns just that. "A Penny In My Pocket, is a clever look at money, financing, and making hard decisions on what is more important to purchase." A trip to the grocery store teaches little Stevie that not only do we not always get to buy everything we want but that money can be used in many ways, even to help others! When Stevie sees someone in need, what will he choose to do? A Penny in my Pocket is a beautifull... more
  • October Thirty-One

    by María Felicia Kelley
    October Thirty-One: 10/31 is the second installment of the illustrated children’s book series, Celebrate the HoliDates®, honoring American holidays and celebrations. Its sub-genre is elementary education and social science, customs, and traditions. This series is recommended for pre-kindergarten "Pre-K" through sixth-grade students. Ways to celebrate Halloween are the focus, geared to preschoolers and young elementary readers. It’s an activity-filled escapade through calendar knowledge. Adv... more
  • The Flowers of Spring

    by Aaron J Clarke
    In this finely drawn novella, Clarke portrays the free-spirited Sonia sacrificing her scruples and, more importantly, her first love, the handsome gardener, to the callous millionaire, John. Like the flowers that grow his garden, John’s obsessive love for Sonia is tainted with corruption and as a result, a malevolent presence affects the garden to the present day. Unable to resist her fate, Sonia marries John, a man whom she does not love, because he can provide for her and her unborn child. Dec... more
  • Mr. K's Decision

    by Alexis Eyondi
    “But should someone call me now to announce her death, I wouldn’t even blink, let alone attend her funeral.” If a mother’s love knows no bounds, how has Mr. K come to forsake the woman who gave him life? Maybe a secret locked behind tight lips finally escaped. Stunned by his decision, the evening guests of Tiffany Estate turned into eager listeners of a story that should have been straightforward. Yet, as his narration of damaged family ties reveals a seemingly never-ending path of shame, op... more
  • Epiphany of Life

    by Aaron J Clarke
    Adam Carlson takes for his research topic an unfinished novel by Noelene Richards, a friend of Virginia Woolf. Trying to finish this extraordinary masterpiece, Adam begins to obsess about the book and its author, an obsession compounded by drugs. This clever debut novel by Aaron J Clarke, a book within a book, plays on perceptions of reality and identity and the possibilities of redemption.

    by Kathleen Novak
    STEEL is the story of a gun that hung on the wall and the son who fell in love and the miner who left to be a cop in Chicago. It is also the story of the son's younger brother, who outlived everyone in his family to tell what happened, how they adored the first-born Tony and how Tony fell away into a state of mind they did not foresee. The world of immigrant life and anguishing young love interweaves with the stories that haunt an aging man, the events that changed them all, and the ways the ear... more
  • Recovering Loveaholic

    by Serita Braxton
    What happened to all of those fairytale happy endings at the end of every children's tale and rom-com? That's what August wondered to herself as she swiped her way to nothing but getting ghosting, meaningless sex, and feelings of emptiness. Finding love proved to be nothing like it was in the movies. There was no leading man coming to sweep her off her feet, instead she had to learn how to pick herself up after every disappointing date. In order to distract a fellow scorned single, she tells the... more
  • Time to Remember

    by Janna Ruth
    When the Canterbury Earthquakes destroyed their city, Natalie and her friends were only ten years old. Too old to forget, but too young to be heard, they have never told their stories. Until now.
  • Big Bad and the Bored Canary

    by Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco


    The Big Bad Books series is designed to forewarn children to the recruitment and control schemes exploited by human traffickers. Using fables and age-appropriate language, the aim of these books is to socialize kids with the reality that most crime is committed by acquaintances or people we know, who attempt to gain our trust using coercion, deception, and fraud, and less often by strangers and through kidnapping.

    Big Bad and the Bored Canary tells the... more

  • E. Z. and the Chikasha Warrior

    by Tony L. Turnbow
    In Book 2 of the Fighting Devil's Backbone series, as the boy E. Z. Perkins struggles to survive the mysterious, frontier road known as "The Devil's Backbone," a Chickasaw warrior offers him a home. E. Z. must learn the skills of an Indian hunter and warrior to save his own life . . . and the lives of his brother David and his best friend Isaiah. Enemies multiply to test E. Z.'s new skills as he discovers that one of his worst nightmares has become the world in which he must live.
  • Squabble of the Titans

    by Justin Teerlinck
    In this comic epistolary novel, Theodore Roosevelt goes on an expedition to find proof of the existence of Bigfoot, who is referred to as "Saysquack" due to a cultural misunderstanding on the part of the characters. The novel centers on a rivalry between Roosevelt and a mad utopian British doctor, who is bent on discovering the Saysquack so he can civilize and Christianize it. The story also includes passages on United States government policy towards the Saysquack. The story is told in the form... more
  • Fred Gets Frustrated

    by Jennifer C. Kelly

    Fred gets too upset when things don’t go as planned. What will he do? With beautiful illustrations, and instructions to create a calm down box, Fred The Frog will enchant readers of all ages.