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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Windless Echo: A Short Story Collection

    by Oliver Kaufman

    A collection of 18 fiction stories written with sincerity, flow, feeling, and depth. These stories delve into the conflicts and dilemmas that we as humans experience, in a variety of facets. Confronts dilemmas regarding action and inaction, the nature of home and freedom, overcoming fear, how to live with abundance, moving on from grief and loss, finding direction, and more. While each story is completely unique, each approaches their topic in an individual way, taking the reader on a journey... more

  • Virtues in Valor

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    Eight serialized novellas, each inspired by real people and actual events, reveal the incredible story of amazing heroes and heroines facing the ultimate test of bravery. In 1941 Great Britain a special war department assembles an experimental and exclusively female cohort of combat operatives consisting of four willing spies, a wireless radio operator, an ingenious code breaker, and a fearless pilot. Dubbed the Virtues, each woman is hand-picked, recruited, and trained to initiate a daring miss... more
  • Valor's Vigil

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    LEOPOLD SCHäFER, the only child of Major Charlene Radden and former spy, Karl Schäfer has trained his enter life for this moment in time. An American spy undercover in a Nazi uniform operating under the codename VALOR, he receives a promotion to Oberleutnant and a new duty assignment in charge of the prisoners in Occupied France’s Valeurville prison. In the wake of Marie Perrin, codename Temperance’s arrest, Leo must handle the situation with the utmost caution. On one hand, every instinct in... more
  • Flight of Faith

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    HELEN MULBERRY, the youngest child and only daughter of a wealthy Texas oil tycoon, has always had her every wish granted immediately. When the Germans march into France, no one denies her request to fly her plane to England and help free up a male pilot for combat. Her father’s influence opens doors, and 19 year old Helen joins the Virtues team. Now under the code-name FAITH, she flies between Britain and France, transporting passengers, supplies, or performing reconnaissance. The Nazis guar... more
  • A Mission of Mercy

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    Doctor BETTY GRIMES, miraculously survives the Nazi bombing of her hospital but suffers the loss of her fiancé in the raid. She goes to the countryside to grieve and recuperate and there meets the leader of the Virtues team who recruits the brilliant surgeon. After months of training, Betty, code-named MERCY, now works in Occupied France as a nurse, where she garners information from patients and passes it to the Allies. Secretly, she tends to injured Resistance operatives, treating gunshots an... more
  • Grace's Ground War

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    RUTH AUBERTIN’s father, a highly decorated veteran of the Great War, moves his family from British Palestine to the wild of Great Britain after the Hebron masacre in 1929. He has always known the Germans would return to France, and trained his children from the time they could walk, turning them into finely tuned weapons with multiple skills ranging in weapons training to hand-to-hand combat. When the Germans roll into France, Ruth and her brothers volunteer with the British Special Services ... more
  • A Parcel for Prudence

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    The exciting Virtues and Valor serialized story continues with book 4. MURIEL TOLSON grew up with all of the luxuries life could offer. As the daughter of a duke, she married the second son of an earl and lived in style on his family's estate. When her husband ships off to fight the Nazis in Africa, Muriel heeds his request to use her intelligence and language skills to help with the war effort. She approaches the British secret services and soon finds herself recruited into an experimental a... more
  • Charity's Code

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    The exciting Virtues and Valor serialized story continues with book 3! DORTHY EWING never met a crossword puzzle that she couldn't solve with shocking speed. As a loving wife and mother of three children, she had an idyllic life with her home and her puzzles – until she had to see her husband off to war. Then the bombing of the Blitz began. Now her husband Tom is a POW in Occupied France, her children have been sent to the hopeful safety of her parents' home in York, and she is working at ... more
  • Homeland's Hope

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    The exciting Virtues and Valor serialized story continues with book 2. Stage and screen legend VIRGINIA BENOIT performs for standing room only crowds in her adopted home of France. When the Nazis roll into Paris, she flees to Casablanca, taking the heart of a enemy General with her. While in there, Virginia devises a plan to use her position, talent, and influence with the high ranking Axis officer to aid the Allied cause. Virginia joins the Virtues team, assigned the code-name HOPE. Her k... more
  • Temperance's Trial

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    Introducing the Virtues and Valor series part 1 of 8 serialized stories that tell the tale of a daring rescue and escape. Each episode is told from the perspective of a different heroine, and each heroine is inspired by a true WWII heroine. The Third Reich Seeks to Extract the Information She Alone Knows MARIE GILBERT and her elder brother flee from Vichy France after the Gestapo arrest her father for suspicion of aiding Jewish children to escape the oncoming fascist front. Once in London,... more
  • Mangelscarre

    by Haji Outlaw
    A retired gunslinger in the old West must kill his vaunted nemesis long thought to have been dead, at the behest of a woman the likes of which the living world has never laid eyes upon.
  • Christmas in two words -- Not this year: Oops that's three

    by Betty-Maxine
    A CHRISTMAS NOVELLA TO GET YOU INTO THE SEASON’S FEELINGS I was hoping to work through this year’s holiday, but it seemed like the prayers of my family were stronger than my wishes. . . Chidera Brown had a good excuse each year her parents called, asking if she was coming home for Christmas. For the past five years, she had been relying on her job and it got her out of the two weeks of constant meddling in her life. However, when she had her end of year meeting with her boss and recei... more
  • Forever and Ever

    by Payal Sinha
    The book is about a mother's constant love for her child even after her death. Rupali lost her parent at an early age but, her mother Lakshmi continues to be at her side all through the different phases of her life sometimes looking angry, sometimes looking happy, and sometimes as a guardian angel who protects her and her family. The book is filled with flavous of India and you could find elements of humor, romance, family bonding, and the supernatural.
  • Princess Sheba and The color Purple

    by Thakore CoCo ONeal
  • Never Turn the Page Too Soon (Shelf Life Book 1)

    by Leslie R. Henderson
    Abandoned on the donation cart in a bookstore by his author, self-published Little Book is thrust into a strange new world; a world where all the inhabitants come to life at the close of business each day, where danger lurks in every aisle, and unwanted books get fed to the LYONS—an industrial-sized paper shredder. Now, without a shelf space to call his own, and with the Space-Arrangers—the space-keepers of the bookstore—growing increasingly suspicious of him, the new kid on the block, Little... more
  • Fire Reality Yet Not Reality

    by Anthony Young
    Embark on a journey of four thrill-seeking guys who meet one winter night. The adventurous guys become friends. The exhibitionists form a pack to go on the rides of their lives. They go on night adventures to live out their wildest dreams. They pursue and try to steal a precious jade before it's auctioned at a museum, as their ultimate prize. While the guys are being exhilarated, the streets of Miami heat up. Will they continue to have their fun and get away with the law or be suppressed? In the... more