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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Are You A Good Egg?: An Uplifting Story About Feelings, Moods and Self-esteem (Good Egg World)

    by Peter Deuschle
    What Makes Someone Good? Sometimes you feel happy and thankful and glad. Other times you feel angry and lonely and sad. It can be confusing to feel so much each day. “Are You A Good Egg?” explains that different feelings are normal, and even though moods are ever-changing, people are good because they have a good heart. And that doesn’t change.
  • Runaways

    by Rachel Sawden
    Harper Rodrigues’ five-year plan was on track. She’d worked hard to secure her graduate marketing job, her boyfriend Adam was set to propose any day, and she was learning to process the death of her sister. She’d been through some dark times, but there was light at the end of the tunnel. At least, that’s how it had seemed until the day she was fired in the morning and dumped by nightfall. Now, with her life plans in ruins, Harper turns to her best friends who are going on the trip of a life... more
  • A Rip in the Quilt

    by Janet White
    Property developer Wade Thorburn meets opposition from the local Preservation Society when he moves to the Pacific Northwestern island of San Pedro to build the home of his dreams at Orca’s Leap. San Pedro’s residents fight to preserve the island’s unique environment where they can pursue their passions of organic farming, astronomy – and quilting. When Wade’s troubled son Tyler moves to the island and embarks on a one-man crime wave, Wade and his neighbors finally unite to avert disaster.
  • Connecting Obsessions

    by Neil Mavrick

    Notting Hill meets The Time Traveler's Wife

    How far would you go to save the woman you love? Beyond the known boundaries of established science?

    Perhaps – but what if you had never actually met her?

    Teenager Richard Stevenson stumbles across the photo of a young actress taken at a Gala dinner in Los Angeles in 2014, and is intrigued by the haunted expression on her face. Subsequent research reveals that she killed... more

  • Saint James Infirmary

    by Michael Heslin
    As the crow flies and the woodie ambles, it is a thousand miles on the road. One passenger is living and the other is dead and they are both talking. Tom's sudden death recalls to Jim a promise to take his friend home to Virginia someday. They're in a 1951 Ford Country Squire, pursued by a Chrysler Imperial that wants that diamond ring back. Their route is never the shortest but follows the growth of American popular music from Delta blues and gospel to border state country and rockabilly. Some ... more
  • Saint James Infirmary

    by Michael Heslin
  • Sea of Glass

    by Rebecca Gransden
    Smoke fills the city air, choking the street, curling up and around the tower. Kattar Bassis hits the ground and crawls blindly through the chaos. A light shines out in the black, leading him to the entranceway of his building. So begins his ascent and search for the ever elusive EXIT.
  • Edge of a Fantasy and Other Poems: Al Borde de Una Fantasia y Otros Poemas

    by Gil Saenz
    Edge of a Fantasy, Etc. is a book of approximately fifty poems written in English and Spanish side by side in a bilingual format.
  • Benny and the Bank Robber

    by Mary C. Findley
    Ten-year-old Benny found the drunken cart driver who caused his father's death, but he's got bigger mysteries to solve. A long, sharp knife, a bag of disguises and a savage black stallion don't reassure Benny about his traveling companion to frontier Missouri. Still, Benny can’t shake the Scripture’s promise that God “will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”
  • Llywelyn

    by Michael Hill
    Llywelyn farms a beautiful valley in remote Wales. His wife and son have recently died and he lives with his daughter Nerys and her toddler son Davie. Iolo, father of Davie has just been released from prison for violence and wants to get back with Nerys. Llywelyn has fought every way he can to stop a reservoir being built at the entrance to the valley and his land drowned. He is at his wits end and Nerys is worried about Iolo's growing influence over Llywelyn and inciting him to violence. Howar... more
  • Past, Present, Alternative: Midnight

    by Leilani Graceffa

    You have chosen your choice. Now you have to deal with the consequences. Anything can happen.

    In this sequel to ’Past, Present, Alternative: Nightfall’, equity becomes far from obtainable for Ian and his younger sister, Raelynn, against their mother. Fallen victim to an unjust trial, his reliance on evidence and morality depletes almost entirely. That is until he gets back home after running an errand and discovers his house razed and Raelynn nowhere to be f... more

  • Being Small (Isn't So Bad After All)

    by Lori Orlinsky
    Being small is the worst! No one ever picks me for their sports team and my feet hurt from standing on my tiptoes all the time. There can't be anything good about being small...right? Being Small is a picture book about a little girl who is scared to go to school because she's the shortest kid in the class. She talks about all of the reasons that being short is a challenge, but her mother presents to her funny and unique advantages that only she has because of her height, instilling self-c... more
  • The Jerusalem Stone

    by Dean Klein

    Please note: The Jerusalem Stone is a very high-concept Christian thriller/Christian fantasy. Specifically, it is a stunning tale of conversion, one whose storyline has been described as 'unique.' The book's major character is a paid assassin. You go on assignment with Simon. You see what he sees, you feel what he feels. Consequently, the early chapters are gritty. It isn't long, however, before the story undergoes a dramatic change. From that point forward, Simon must... more

  • Zee Tees Off

    by Trevor Davies

    Zee’s teen years in South Africa mirror her young nation’s own dreams and growing pains, joys and sorrows, triumphs and loss as she dreams of becoming the best golfer in the world. 

  • Jordan

    by Victoria Landis
    The discovery of a modern-day miracle healer and mankind's reaction to it - in our era of viral social media - throws Florida into chaos.
  • The Cuckoo Colloquium

    by Michael Greco
    The princess. The liar. The thief. The bully. The wuss. Five troubled teens from all over the globe, plus their inexperienced driver and elderly chaperone, have unexpectedly been stranded in the exotic-bizarre rainforest world of Borneo. It was supposed to be a year-end leadership seminar. It was supposed to help them grow, their minds expanded by the stunning landscape and the exotic wildlife. In reality? Not even close. Lost and separated in an uncaring rain forest with flying snakes, ab... more