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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Luminous

    by Samantha Wilcoxson
    A story of female friendship and strength set against corporate corruption. Catherine's life is set on an unexpected course when she accepts a job at Radium Dial. She soon finds out that the excellent pay is no recompense for the evil secret that lurks in the magical glow-in-the-dark paint. Catherine Donohoe takes on the might of a big corporation and becomes an early pioneer of social justice in the era between world wars. Emotive and inspiring - this book will touch you like no other as ... more
  • Someone's Perfect Poo

    by Tabitha Trump
    Welcome to the world of the Poobugs. The Poobugs live in the Tunnel of Been, deep down in Someone’s tummy and work hard making poo. The story narrates a short series of disasters caused by what is coming down the Tunnel, before the Poobugs succeed in making the perfect poo.
  • The Lordly Wadson Collection

    by Jonathan Land Evans
    The book gathers together fourteen Lordly Wadson stories (the five that comprised the original 'Lordly Wadson' book plus nine newer stories, several of which were especially written for this new collection). The title character is a private detective in 1930s Bermuda, who moonlights as a calypso singer. The tone is light and amusing, and the setting -- the unspoiled, motor-car-free Bermuda of pre-war days -- adds a further measure of charm to the proceedings. The original volume of stories was w... more
  • Path to the Priestess Temple

    by Dianne Adel
    Aging rock star, Scotty D. Jones sees a woman’s face in the mirror that isn’t hers. Her already dysfunctional life starts to spiral even more out of control. Little does she know that Anya of Mahet, a High Priestess from 2000 BC sent her a vision from the past to invoke Scotty’s part in a Prophecy set through time. In a chance meeting with Dr. Abigail DiGiorno, Scotty is shocked to discover they share the vision of the face. When Scotty insists on finding out more, Abigail enlists the help of... more
  • Wind on the Sounds: A Novel Set in the Yacht Race Around Vancouver Island Canada

    by Barbara Wyatt
    When Rebecca Dunbar agreed to join the land crew for the Van Isle 360 yacht race, she never dreamt that she’d be a last-minute replacement on a racing crew. After all, she barely knew port from starboard, never mind how to sail. The only novice on the crew, Rebecca discovers a racing world with gale-force winds as well as gentle sailing past the wondrous natural beauty of Vancouver Island.
  • Brooklyn Valentine

    by Rachel A Levine

    A whirwind tour of Brooklyn.  A near-sex experience.  A mismatched couple.  A bunch of quirky friends and family. Can this lead to happily-ever after?

  • Jazzy's Twelve Days of Christmas

    by Sonja McGiboney
    The Twelve Days of Christmas have gone to the dogs. That's right! Jazzy is a dog who sings her version of the traditional song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." She loves bones, cookies, snakes and more. While having fun, children learn numbers and sequences. The repetitive verses make it a great tool for reading. Though it is forty-two pages long, it will go by quickly. Be prepared to sing your way to the end over and over again.
  • A Place of Safety

    by Kyle Michel Sullivan

    A Place of Safety is the story of Brendan Kinsella, a simple lad in Northern Ireland who just wants to live his life...but history keeps interfering.


    Northern Ireland, 1966

    Partitioned from the main part of Ireland since 1921 and dominated by the Protestant majority, the Catholic minority has grown weary of the discrimination against it so has begun to push for equal rights. One-man-one-vote. Decent housing. Good jobs. The most basic of requests. Yet thes... more

  • Duties and Dreams (Second Chance Book 3)

    by John A. Heldt
    A family of time travelers faces challenges at home and abroad in the final year of World War I.
  • From Infamy to Hope

    by Stephen Lewis
    Told in the compelling voice of Rachel Moore, a housemaid in 17th century Puritan Boston and featuring that colony’s two most powerful figures in Governor John Winthrop and his courageous opponent Anne Hutchinson, From Infamy to Hope is the story of the religious persecution of a servant girl made pregnant by rape. Convicted of fornication, she is sentenced to wear a black W for “whore” on her gown. Over the opposition of Hutchinson, the colony heads into war with the Pequot Indians. Rachel masq... more
  • Up There

    by Sherry Roberts
    Born with the gift of flight, Ariel Lee speaks to the wind and it speaks to her. She secretly rides the Minnesota skies until her relationship with Up There (as she calls the wind and sky) causes trouble. She turns away from her gift and Up There. But then her old life calls her back and she must discover who she is again to save herself and the man she loves.
  • Medea: Princess, Priestess, Witch

    by JJ Taylor
    This is not the story of the woman you think you know. You know only the tales of men through the ages. No, this is the story of a dangerous woman fighting for her freedom in a world dominated by cruel gods and ego driven men… In the house of King Aeetes on the shores of the Black Sea, Medea plays with gods in the forest as visions of a dark future haunt her. Descendant of Helios and daughter of sea nymph Idyia, Medea holds the kind of power meant for the heroes of the epics, the heroes who h... more
  • A Kite for Melia

    by Samuel Narh and Freda Narh
    There is beauty in determination and ingenuity. These attributes are evident in Melia, whose friendship and connection with Ginger transcends time. A Kite for Melia delicately deals with the idea of loss and acceptance, using soft words woven with meaning that can be understood by everyone. Melia’s story is a universal one that will bring joy to readers of all ages.
  • Milko

    by Samuel Narh and Freda Narh
    Milko misses his mother. She has been living in Ethiopia for a year. Each turn of the season reminds him of his mother. Walk into Milko’s world and see how this story unfolds from the hills in Bolivia to the Mountains in Ethiopia. Milko is a story that every family can relate to, because it is a story about all of us.
  • FRACKED: How long would you bury your past to protect your future?

    by Morris Denton
    Abandoned as a child at the front gate of The Ranch, a school for troubled boys in the Texas Panhandle, Rand Holub was an outsider among outsiders. Back then they didn’t call it autism, they just said he was slow. But he was a mechanical genius. From a roughneck in the oil fields of Texas and Oklahoma, 30 years later Rand has climbed to the top of the heap by building his own energy company. But when a decades-old murderous secret bubbles to the surface and forces him and his wife to reconcil... more
  • Lovey Dovey, Do You Love Me?

    by Michelle Urra
    As the story of two charming doves unfolds against the backdrop of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, young readers will learn about the power of love and the beauty of natures cycle. With its delightful prose and captivating artwork, this story takes children on a journey that highlights the importance of love that lasts through every season of life.