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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Blood of the Cutlass

    by Steve Hill

    Hidden treasure! An impenetrable island! One boy’s destiny!

    John the cabin boy dreams of fortune and glory! Instead, he’s polishing purple boots on the worst pirate ship to ever sail at least a couple of the Seven Seas.

    When a palm reader declares that John will find the lost treasure of Captain Kidd, he is at last given his chance to shine. But will his sudden notoriety also bring death?

    With a bloodthirsty pirate following in his wake and a ... more

  • Mulch Toad Hits The Road

    by Mikaeli Coleman
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your whole world turned upside down? Our toad hero knows all too well when one day, his comfy mulch pile home starts shaking and moving to a place unknown. What comes next is a journey full of surprises, new sights, and the chance to make his very first friend. This beautifully illustrated book will captivate children with its story of resilience, the joys of newfound friendship, and the beauty of finding comfort in change. Perfect for young reade... more
  • The Faeries of Fable Island

    by Alicia Cahalane Lewis
    Truth and storytelling collide in this modern-day adventure when sixteen-year-old Megan Elida Fay, the great-great-granddaughter of Wendy Darling, must learn to embrace the possibility that forgotten Fable Island exists and that Peter Pan and the Faerie Queen are real. But Meg, living in the attic of her aunt’s weather-beaten house on the Maine coast, alongside the nursery toys and memories of her ancestors’ past, is haunted by her mother’s death and her father’s sudden disappearance. Will... more
  • Adam Driver and the Million Dollar Haircut

    by R.M. Usatinsky

    R.M. Usatinsky's debut novel, "Adam Driver and the Million Dollar Haircut" takes readers on a whimsical journey into the world of one man's improbable dream. Meet our protagonist, Charlie, a charming yet eccentric barber, who sets out on a daring quest to pen a Broadway musical that will serve as the ultimate bait for his favorite actor. As the tale unfolds, the author seamlessly weaves semi-biographical and fictional threads, blurring the lines between... more

  • The Music of What Happens

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Irish Americans in turbulent times In The Music of What Happens, author Charles Fanning relates what it felt like to be a member of an Irish working-class community in a dynamic, expanding American city in the late nineteenth century. Irish immigrants John and Eileen O’Malley Farrell live in the Chicago South-Side neighborhood of Bridgeport with their three children: Jimmy, twelve, Mary, ten, and Margaret, five. Their family experiences turmoil and tragedy and responds with unrelenting enduranc... more
  • The Believer within You

    by Tyrone Burnett

    Over 10 million children across the nation teeter on the brink of homelessness or unjust eviction due to wrongful foreclosures, even before they can call newly constructed homes their own amid a global financial and housing crisis. Enter Brenda Sue Bellamy, an ordinary 12-year-old with her trusty notebook by her side. She uncovers alarming information, sparking a daunting realization: “This could happen to my family.” Driven by her invigorated spirit, she delves deep, documenting ... more

  • A Beautiful Noise

    by Sam Collins

    In the Quietest Village in England, where sound is a weapon and truth is silenced, who will have the courage to show that it’s not what you hear it’s how you listen that really counts?

    Accidental Earl, Matthew Wolstenholme, is used to keeping things quiet. His bankruptcy, his hearing loss, his unopened post down the back of the furniture. All he needs now to save his home and heritage is to quietly stage a music festival.

    Super-hearing sound ... more

  • The First Lights of Eventide: A Mystical Journey Through Time

    by Jaye Burke

    Can an old Southern legend be discovered without mystical intervention?

    Enter the enchanted world of the ‘mystical eventide,’ where an esteemed historian will prove that fiction can become fact and will confirm something theoretically impossible.

    Alabama 2016

    For Dr. Neely Shaw, countryside outings just might pay off one day—not monetarily, but historically. As the senior project reviewer for the Alabama Commission of Majo... more

  • Why Ruin Another Life

    by Anthony Weathers

    Anthony Weathers was told a story years ago. Upon hearing it, he felt compelled to write a novel based on the true events. This novel delves into themes of domestic abuse and violence, shedding light on the social taboos and inequalities of the time. Step into the haunting world of Why Ruin Another Life, a riveting tale that transports you to 1950s Black Mississippi. 

    Brace yourself for a captivating generational odyssey where a single event had the power to reshape destinies. Witn... more

  • 1-2-3, A Deep Breath for Me

    by Hillary Harper
    Meet Mack, the pup with emotions as big as his paws! At times, Mack finds himself overwhelmed by his feelings. His stomach is filled with butterflies, his legs grow wobbly, and he feels short of breath. Thankfully, Mack has his trusty sidekick, Gertie, to guide him through the tough times. Together, they explore ways to manage and overcome these powerful emotions. Through Mack's journey, children can learn breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and other self-regulation activities that ... more
  • In the Day of Trouble

    by Taj Magruder
    On the night of March 17, 1934, in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, a man crept to a window and shot a woman through her heart. Her name was Susan Mummey, but she was better known as the Witch of Ringtown Valley. The shocking true story of her life and murder has never been told…until now. The cold-blooded shooting of a woman in her home would have been news on its own. But the victim who lay on her sitting room floor wasn’t just any woman. For years, the people of Schuylkill County whispe... more
  • Berkley the Dog in A Noseful of Trouble

    by David HIllman
    Berkley has a huge nose and is always sticking it where it doesn't belong, always getting into trouble. Can Berkley ever find a way to put his super sniffer to good use? This is a fun and funny story of how being a little bit different can be an asset, not a disadvantage.
  • All I Gained

    by Dale Maiella and Kara Shade

    Two Friends. Countless Adventures. One Incredible Gift.

    A sweet bond between two unlikely grade school friends grows into an epic friendship spanning decades. Through their adventures and laughter, courage and heartbreak, Riley and Emma show us what it looks like to walk the path of life together faithfully, no matter what lies ahead.

  • Celia's Room

    by Kevin Booth
    When the freedom of the night turns to deadly obsession ... 1990. Two young artists in Barcelona – one gay, the other straight, both addicted to a nightlife that thwarts their ambitions to create – fall under the aura of the enigmatic Celia. The games they are learning to play, against the backdrop of a city that is also rehearsing a new identity, draw all three into conflict, leading them inexorably towards the truth of Celia’s Room. “successfully captures the Barcelona zeitgeist”
  • Shadows Fade

    by J. Bella M.
    Seventeen-year-old Ruby arrives home to find that her father has fallen down a flight of stairs. After he dies, Ruby tries to hold the pieces of her life together, while her mother Cristina recalls her marriage and compares it to her mother Lina’s. \tJ. Bella M. explores the impact of intergenerational trauma on this family, revealing a web of disfunction and violence. Shadows Fade is a bittersweet tale which gives voice to three women and their life choices as defined by cultural demands, ... more
  • No Stranger Christmas

    by Roger Leslie PH.D
    While trying to save Christmas for his financially struggling family, 14-year-old Frankie Lincoln finds the courage to explore his artistry, stand up to gay discrimination, and pursue first love.