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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

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    by Immigration Solicitors

    Although many changes have been made to the immigration rules, it is sometimes called a complete code. However, in the vast field of UK immigration we often encounter cases in which the rules don't provide a solution. If the circumstances justify granting limited leave to remain in such instances, the Secretary may grant a discretionary leave. You should consult our specialist immigration solicitor if you feel that you should or should have been granted leave beyond the rules. Based on th... more

  • The Butcherbird Tree

    by Steven Richard Harris
    Set in 1994, The Butcherbird Tree tells the story of Simon Webb, an eighteen year-old fighting an internal battle of guilt and self-harm, and his conversations with his psychologist. Secret desires, self-effacing feelings, personal and professional doubts and gruesome nightmares all reveal themselves in the emotional meetings between client and therapist, until the true meaning of Simon´s dreams become astonishingly clear.
  • Servicenow Asset management Training

    by Harini Gupta

    Servicenow Asset Management Training incorporates key achievements: arranging a structure, characterizing arrangements, distinguishing the data required and how that data can be acquired, what the product resource procedures ought to resemble, and how innovation can bolster these things. Best SAM programs include an assortment of individuals and offices, including IT, account, buying, administrations, and end clients. Contributing time and cautious thought to work out the SAM practice deliver... more

  • The Last Golden Light

    by Bryan (B.L.) Smith
    Samara’s life on Kriti seemed destined to be the tedious life of a palace administrator, so when a volcano erupts and throws everything into chaos, she can’t help but feel a little excited. All of a sudden, her dreams have come true – there’s finally some action on her island that previously followed the same safe traditions year after year, generation after generation. But Samara’s excitement doesn’t last long; as a cloud of ash plunges the island into darkness and fires being to rage in the ea... more
  • Why Do You Cry, Sad Ghost?

    by Celia Jones

    A Halloween picture book for art lovers. In clever rhyme, Sad Ghost visits the rooms of his home, always with a tear in his eye. Hauntingly drawn, Why Do You Cry, Sad Ghost? displays Celia Jones' gift for whimsy and detail.

    Inspired by the author-illustrator’s love for all things Halloween – and by a treasured family Halloween figurine – this artfully drawn picture book is full of details to delight children and the adults who read with them.

    With a mouse hid... more

  • 2028: Trump at Guantanamo

    by N. L. Brisson
    This book is the second in a series of books intended to project into the future and show what it might have been like if Trump won in 2020 or if he wins in 2024. In 2028: The Rebellion, Trump has driven America too far from the founder's vision and citizens rebel. In 2028: Trump at Guantanamo, the Trump family arrives at Guantanamo Bay to be imprisoned in a special compound and stuff ensues. This is intended as social commentary. Since it takes place in the future who is to say that this Trump ... more
  • Seeds of New LIfe

    by Nona Babcock
    Seeds of New Life, circa 1862: An 88,100 word young-adult, historical fiction novel featuring Inga Johansson, 16, her parents Olaf and Helga, siblings Sophia, 11, and Karl, 2, who emigrate to America and settle in Danville, Minnesota. Inga begs her parents to allow her stay in Norway and marry her fiancé Erik Norskaag, but is denied. Their final farewell ends with consummation of their love and his promise to join her later. Arriving in America, Inga realizes she’s with child. He is born prem... more
  • The Fabulous Freaks of Monsieur Beaumont

    by Kelli Stuart
    It was the whistle that drew them all in – that magical sound that cut through the dusty air and told the surrounding world that the circus had come to town. Only this wasn’t just any circus. This was Monsieur Beaumont’s Big Top, and people flocked from miles around to see the talented, unique freaks that made up Beaumont’s side show. From The World’s Tallest Man playing the harmonica while dancing a jig, to The Fat Lady who brought the audience to tears with her recitation of Shakespeare, and e... more
  • What's That?

    by Karen Chan
    Jax loves the food his family cooks. But when his grandmother packs his favorite Chinese dishes for his first day of school, Jax discovers his lunch looks very different from what the rest of his classmates are eating. Embarrassed to eat his food, Jax finds himself sitting alone. When Meena sits next to him, the two strike an unexpected friendship over their lunches, sharing a mutual joy of time spent in the kitchen and the delicious meals they eat with their families. What’s That? is a heartwar... more
  • Falling Off A Cliff

    by Rose Senehi
    Two women, a generation apart and from two different worlds, are driven by a passion to heal. Will one have her innocence shattered and the other be forever haunted by an unanswered mystery? Time, like a pendulum, swings the reader between two women born to make a difference with their healing hands no matter what dangers they have to face. In the 1920s, Lula Mae clings to a doctor woman as they gallop horseback all over the steep, harsh Blue Ridge Mountains where fierce pride and guarded s... more
  • Dottie's Day

    by Gregory B. White
    EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY! Dottie's Day tells the tale of a normal day in the four-legged life of Dottie the French Bulldog. Children will learn that animals enjoy playing, going to the park, seeing their friends, eating snacks, and sometimes will get themselves into sticky situations. But when those sticky situations happen, there will always be someone there to tell you everything will be okay. This book will teach children that our furry friends aren't too different from ourselves. Come along and... more
  • Found and Lost

    by Desiree Gullan

    Found and Lost

    When the Great Earthquake devastates China, LUCY LEWIS, just seven months old, daughter of a prominent billionaire, becomes trapped in a cave. She is cared for by a renowned scientist and Buddhist monk, FATHER ROSHI. When Lucy is found thirteen years later by SIX NINE, an ex-SEAL and explosives expert, she is adept in the mystical arts and has developed many Siddhis (powers). Lucy is quickly taken into custody by the Chinese government. Six fears... more

  • Shifting to Freedom

    by Marlene Cheng
    In the literary, auto fiction about contemporary women, Shifting to Freedom, Tess, a medical doctor, to escape from fear, pain, horrendous manic depressive mood swings, and hallucinations, dissociates, crossing invisible barriers to become ‘alter’nate personalities. Her life, heartrending in sadness, constantly threatens to become unraveled. Her tenuous hope for recovery is as fragile as her emotions. “Shattering” is her constant fear. We hear her cry from the darkness, tears we canno... more
  • For Thee

    by Claire Johnson
    For Thee is Pauline Pfeiffer’s story of her marriage to Ernest Hemingway. A devout Catholic when she meets Ernest, Pauline rejects the moral tenets of her childhood and faith for a man who ten years later will edit her out of his life with the same casual disdain as he would have for a badly written sentence. We see Pauline and Ernest evolve from editor and writer, to lover and lover, to husband and wife, and finally to bitter ex-lovers whose previous passion for each other is only superseded by... more
  • Birdwild

    by Bobbi Simmons
    Birdwild is a heartwarming story about the true meaning of family and togetherness. What the main character and protagonist Bree uncovers is that in her own family, skeletal enigmas from the past run deeper than the roots of the tall pine trees that stand along the side of the pastured fields of the Breeze farm and that all will be unveiled.
  • Pep the Galapagos Tortoise, HC ISBN : 978-1-952106-89-7, PB ISBN: 978-1-952106-93-4

    by Ellen Griffiths and Jose Simbana
    Pep is a young and shy tortoise living on a tiny island within the beautiful Galapagos. When a ship arrives with bad men who remove tortoises from the island, Pep knows he must find a way to rescue his tortoise friends and family. Expertly written by husband and wife team Jose Simbaña and Ellen Griffiths, Pep the Galapagos Tortoise shows young readers the power of working together to make a difference. Lifelong educators and world travelers Griffiths and Simbaña masterfully combine educationa... more