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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Adventures of Logan & Lilly and the Lost Treasure

    by Candace Valek
    When Logan finds his dad's old watch in the attic, all it does is flash orange and blue. Orange and blue. He thinks it's broken until all his toys come to life! His pirate doll, Captain Orangebeard, explains it's because the watch has chosen Logan to help rescue a toy who's been kangaroo-napped by the evil, Pinky Pirate. Logan may be just a boy, but he's about to go on the adventure of a lifetime. (Thankfully, he has his best friend, Lilly, by his side.) Join Logan and Lilly, as they sail t... more
  • The Marching Ant

    by Allyson Chapa
    Bound by her father’s gambling debts, Antonia “Annie” has spent her youth picking cotton in Big Spring, Texas. When a worksite welfare check takes the workers by surprise, the truth of Annie’s repression is unveiled and changes her perspective forever. In her desperation to experience a free life and create a foundation for her future children, Annie fiercely sets her eyes on dreaming big and daring to learn. With hopes to one day become a writer, Annie’s journey is nothing short of extraordin... more
  • The Last Line of Their Lives

    by Andrew D. Doan
    A small town makes a big deal out of the last few burial plots in a local cemetery.
  • Feetspeak

    by EAShields
    All children are born into an ancestral heritage, rich with tragedy, joy, and a touch of magic. No two stories are alike, yet encouraging an appreciation for cultural diversity, creative problem solving, and ecological respect as well as protecting the timely development of the contemporary child are daily readers challenges faced by parents and educators. And these concerns, among others, are what inspired the author to write her stories. Different people react to trauma differently. Even the ... more
  • Prophecy of Love

    by T Satterfield
    Good guy Gabe Mendes is certainly passionate. He thinks love will make his life worth living. So he’s made a deal. In exchange for access to the universe of love he agrees to slay the black ram. But soon he learns, being unlucky in love isn’t his only problem. Turns out—love isn’t what he thinks it is. By the time Gabe stumbles across the website of the alluring, though mature, Pythia—mystic and high priestess—he’s already failed miserably in love yet again. Raised by a hardworking single mom... more
  • The Reluctant Queen: The Story of Esther

    by Lin Wilder
    I’m called Esther—a Persian name, and yet I’m a Hebrew. Had I been able to do so, one of the questions I would have asked my mother and father when I grew older was, “Why did you give me this name?” But now, of course, I know why. The story of the orphaned Jewish girl who saves the Jewish nation from extinction is the stuff of fantasy and legend. Did such a person exist? Could an anonymous girl have been selected to be wife of the ancient Persian king of kings? “Esther, soldiers will soon b... more
  • I'll Go Rhythm

    by Justin Webb
    Journey down the rabbit hole of the internet through the eyes of Charlie, a creative kid who loves to play drums and hang out with friends. Charlie meets AL, an algorithm who can promise Charlie everything and anything, but at what cost? Follow Charlie on a path of self-discovery and the realization that the online world isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be….
  • Masked Intent: A Modern-Day Morality Play

    by Kimberly Greer

    From being denied by her birth parents to marrying the wrong man, Alexa Winston has learned to cope with disappointment and heartache by masking her true self from the world. Divorced and finally living on her own terms, she shrouds herself in half-truths and bravado, content to live her quiet, predictable life – until she finds the job and the man of her dreams. As she falls deeper into both, and into a world ruled by powerful players jockeying for influence and dominance at all costs,... more

  • The Nymphetamine Girls

    by Vanessa Morris
    The Secrets here in Verdant Glen are expected, they come along with the deeds. Lisette and Natalia are perfect. What all the other girls want to be. Beautiful and famous as their alter egos online, they revel in the joy of sexual exploration, and exhibitionism online. The views, the likes, the followers. It's addictive. Almost as addictive as the forbidden fruit of their new teacher, John May. With a dark past of his own, he sees Lisette for exactly what she is. Both tempting, and troubled... more
  • The Last Days of Dom Sebastian

    by Greg Barron
    How can I rest until this story is told? Can I let such a tale slip unnoticed into history? Or allow men to take liberties, inventing lies about that which is precious to me? I, Luis Pereira, Dom Sebastian’s friend and confessor, can alone let the truth stand for posterity… Dom Sebastian, the deposed king of Portugal, after losing the battle of Alcácer Quibir in Morocco, flees to the East on board the Nossa Senhora dos Anjos. After months on the ocean, her crew ravaged by disease and starvat... more
  • Oh Daddy Chronicles

    by Barry Robbins

    Can’t stand Trump? Love making fun of him? Well, this is the book for you.

    ***Gold Medal award winner for Fiction - Humor/Comedy in Readers' Favorite 2021 International Book Awards***

    Democrats, liberals, progressives, independents, even many Republicans – combine your feelings about Trump with the “Oh Daddy Chronicles” unique brand of humor for a side-splitting ride through the Trump White House. If you’re a fan of satire, especially when it’s aimed dir... more

  • Please Don't Tell Cooper That Jack Is a Rabbit

    by Michelle Lander Feinberg
    A kind-hearted dog and rabbit who are best friends learn that differences are what make us special. Cooper the affable and friendly dog is back, and he’s looking to make a buddy. In this second title in the award-winning Cooper the Dog series, Please Don’t Tell Cooper That Jack is a Rabbit, Cooper and his best friend rejoice in silly escapades together and learn that having differences is the best part of friendship. When Uncle Stephen takes Cooper out in the yard, the winsome hound bounds a... more
  • Out of Dreams Comes...The Artistic Edge: An Anthology of Original Poems, Thoughts, and Musings

    by JoAnne Ciscely Nanton
    She feels deeply with the pervading problems that exist in today’s society, nation and world: poverty, homelessness, ill health, injustice, and decline in moral values. Many dream for better days to come; others live in their own little dream world as a way of escape. But all feel trapped and yearn to break loose. That’s why in “Out of Dreams Comes…The Artistic Edge”, poet-author JoAnne Ciscely Nanton plumbs the depths of varied experiences with different poetic styles. This anthology of orig... more
  • Brilliant White Peaks

    by Teng Rong
    Summer was bountiful. Winter was harsh and threatened to tear my family apart. When the danger came at night, Ma, Pa, my sister White-Ears and I fled from the safe place. It was supposed to be an adventure. Ma told me about the ocean and promised there would be lots of food. We would be a happy family again. But danger is never too far away. It was a cold and dark night when the strangers attacked. Snarling. Glowing green eyes and big teeth. The scent of blood everywhere. Ma and Pa held them ... more
  • Santa's Magic Stocking

    by Jakki Cope
    Santa's Magic Stocking is a story about a Christmas tradition. It began from a mother's love of her children and the magic of Santa Claus. In this story, three sisters happen upon a little red stocking and learn from their Grandparents that it is not an ordinary stocking. When they discover the magic it holds, the girls cannot wait to experience it for themselves. A young reader will enjoy sharing in the best kept secret of Christmas!
  • Hop-About

    by Colin Krainin
    Three stuffed animals—Mr. Rabbit, Benny the Bunny, and Custerd the Cat—embark on an epic journey to find a long-lost friend. Their quest takes them all the way from their home in New York City to the heart of the Australian outback.