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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • We, but Me

    by Kenny Lee
    Whether fraternal, identical, or just two peas in a pod, twins share an unmistakable bond for life. We, but Me recognizes what a certain set of twins have in common, but also the traits that make each sibling unique.
  • Point Zero

    by Simon J.B.
    A fabulous feel-good read in a delightfully written novel that not only entertains and enthrals, but also solves the lifelong mystery of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Some youthful professors befriend bohemian types, and challenge the very existence of dark energy and the big bang theory, while taking you on a light-hearted excursion into their world of gaiety and mayhem. *The world as you know it could be all about to change* The story of an infinite universe dispels the big bang... more
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    by Idesign Passion
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  • Solntse po talonam (Солнце по талонам)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    The author describes various amazing spaces, unexpectedly mixes the past and the future, fantastic and real. A girl who knows how to pass through the door of time; the basket of dreams that a husband brought to his wife; a second chance in another space; the life of shadows and much more in this book. All the stories are filled with hope and love. The book also contains illustrations. (Девушка, умеющая проходить через дверь времени; корзинка снов, которую принес муж жене; второй шанс, получае... more

  • Broken Toys

    by Brian Schreiber
    Brian Schreiber tells the story of a man whose childhood was so chaotic that only years later, with the help of therapy, was he able to confront it. Once he did that, he began to write about it, and so we travel with him through that childhood into a rudderless adolescence and eventually an adulthood of turbulent relationships. Throughout, it’s the writer’s self-awareness and honesty – at least with the reader – that keep this book from being the tawdry narrative that it could have devolved into... more
  • The Great Social Security Heist

    by Larry Enright
    It’s 1972. Think Nixon, Vietnam, VW Beetles, and bell-bottoms. Danny Maxwell is fresh out of college and ready to take on the world. He’s got a great job and a bright future. All he needs is a place to live. When he answers an ad in the local newspaper for a room to rent, he finds out too late that it comes with one unexpected amenity. His housemates are four old soldiers on a crazy mission to get back what belongs to them. Hilarity ensues when they drag Danny kicking and screaming into their mi... more
  • Terms and Conditions

    by Helen J. Darling
    After ten lackluster years in a dead-end job, Jane Desmond can’t wait to pursue her enduring ambition of a career in the glittering NYC literary scene. But the city starts throwing her curveballs the moment she arrives and what’s worse, her nervous mother, petrified for Jane’s safety, won’t stop texting her. Determined to reclaim her sanity, Jane posts a selfie challenge to prove to her mom she’s living the dream. As she struggles to find an apartment and blows critical interviews, her onlin... more
  • God is a liberal

    by Dan Newman
    God is not pleased. For millennia He has held firm to His policy of non-intervention when it comes to planet Earth and the beings that reside there. But this is a crisis. He can’t stand idly by and watch this. The idiots have elected a moron to lead the free world. Something has to be done.
  • A Soldier's Conscience

    by Charles.G. Fournel
    When a soldier has trouble to accept the acts of the regime he serves, how much can his conscience take? What should he do? Could he betray his comrades? These are the questions that faced a young Wehrmacht soldier, after being posted to a top secret base in France. After helping the civilian French resistance, the Maquis, by rescuing a prominent member from the depths of an execution camp, the young former soldier must reinvent himself and join the Italian partisans. If these resistance member'... more
  • I Am Awesome!

    by Ryan K. Maule
    Do your children know how awesome they are? As kids grow up, they face many decisions and challenges that can have different outcomes based upon how they view their own self worth. In this book, follow along as two robots named Grace and Zeal learn that self-confidence is not only a good thing, it’s what God intended! God believes in all of us and He planted awesome inside of each and every person at birth! So no matter how old you are or whether you realize it or not, you have everything you ... more
  • Chasing Eve

    by Sharon Heath

    Everyone expected big things from Ariel Thompkins. Wasn’t she the girl who’d roped her friends into one madcap adventure after another, who’d met the challenge of losing both parents before turning eighteen, who’d gone on to graduate summa cum laude from UCLA? So how did this livewire end up delivering the day’s mail for the U.S. Postal Service, hunkering down each night with her half-blind cat in front of the TV, ruminating over the width of her thighs? It looke... more

  • Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures

    by Leon Stevens
    Lines by Leon is a selection of poems, prose, and short stories that address the subjects of loss, struggle, and reflection. Inside these thoughtful contemplations are original observations about ego, behavior, human relations, places, and the environment. Many of the pieces feature a lighthearted and even humorous take on a subject, and the author invites his readers to laugh, think, cry, and meditate on the wide variety of thoughts. Scattered throughout the book are sketches of various subjec... more
  • Korea: Forgotten Sacrifice

    by Frank Amoroso
    Korea Forgotten Sacrifice tracks the experiences of Junior, a young American combat photographer turned lethal assassin and Kim Il Sung, the Korean dictator who led the invasion into the Republic of Korea in June, 1950. Assigned to General MacArthur’s staff, Junior has an uncanny ability to survive behind enemy lines and acquire valuable intelligence. Wild Bill Donovan selects Junior for Operation Solar Eclipse, MacArthur’s plan to kill enemy leaders bearing code names of the planets. Fear... more
  • In This Delicious Garden; Or, Les Enfants du Paradis

    by Seth Thomas Pietras
    The mysterious monkeys of Mont Blanc? Hot on their trail, an aspiring athlete seeks closure to an almost forgotten trauma. Instead, he is found-by a dark secret that forces the villagers of Chamonix to examine their own tragic past. An elderly mushroom forager confronts her conscience. An eco-terrorist pornographer craves redemption. A child refugee awakens the mayor to the true identity of the Chamoniard people. Told across four seasons, this surreal tale brings to light what is enchanting and ... more
  • This Cat Is Mine!

    by Daniel Georges

    Johnny and Elvis are brothers who don’t like to share ANYTHING. Absolutely NOTHING! One day they will get a mysterious box and in it an unusual cat. One cat for two brothers? A sharing puzzle to solve. But this is not ANY cat...

    A magical story with Edward Gorey-inspired illustrations addressing selfishness between siblings and encouraging the shift into sharing and teamwork.

    What makes MY CRAZY STORIES series quite special is that it focuses on&nb... more

  • What You Gonna Do With All That Belly?

    by Daniel Georges

    Ronnie loves being lazy and eating candy. When a hungry giant jelly bear threatens to devour all his town, his bad habits will need to change. Ronnie has to jump, run and outsmart the giant bear. Will he save his town?

    With candylicious illustrations, this picture book will surely become a favorite bedtime story. It will encourage kids to join their friends in active social playtime, quit bad eating habits and help others do that too!

    What makes MY CRAZY STORIES serie... more