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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Who Do You Think You Are? COVID-19 in Psychotherapy

    by Natan P.F. Kellermann
    To save the world from the corona pandemic, a psychologist accepted the virus as a patient. This enabled him to get inside the mind of the virus and find out what he was actually up to. But he was faced with an impossible task: while he tried to cure his patient, he also wanted to stop the pandemic.
  • No Names to Be Given

    by Julia Brewer Daily
    It is 1966. Three young unwed women meet in a maternity home in New Orleans to relinquish their babies for adoption and return home as if nothing transpired. Twenty-five years later, they are brought together again with a blackmailer threatening to expose their secrets...all the way to the White House.
  • Rupert and his Unusually Useful Briefcase

    by Daniel H. Lee
    Rupert is definitely not your ordinary boy: he only wears a suit, talks differently, and...always carries a briefcase. No one knows where he got this briefcase--not even his parents! But this is no ordinary briefcase; it is unusually useful. Find out how useful as Rupert travels with his class on an adventure-filled ski trip! With exciting illustrations and powerful themes of friendship, courage and problem-solving, Rupert and his Unusually Useful Briefcase will be a wonderful adventure for all!
  • The Bastard of Colonia

    by T.J.S. Hayes
    The Bastard of Colonia is the first volume in the anticipated historical fiction series, The Song of the Francs. Set at the end of the seventh century, the novel recounts the early years of the life of Charles Martel, son of Pepin of Herstal and grandfather of Charlemagne.
  • Love & Loss in the Time of Covid

    by Phil Dourado
    “A moving and funny memoir of love & loss in a time of turmoil.” Love & Loss is the first novel set during the time of Covid to be written and published in real time, as the events described in it were happening in the real world. Part grief memoir, part Covid chronicle, it tries to make sense, through the experiences of one family, of the world turned upside down that we have all lived through, and are still living through. Love & Loss starts with three sudden losses for the central character i... more
  • Buffalo Hunting: and other remblings

    by Lee Wiech
    RACISM...pits one Christian community against another, rips a family apart, drives to young lovers to find happiness. The story starts with a boy, Marcus, wanting to be his own person and meets a girl, Quanah (Qua-nah) about the same age. Marcus, a second generation German immigrant and Quanah, a Comanche, their friendship blooms into love. This tail demonstrates how the practice of Christianity is different from one community to another. One community embraces all people while the other defi... more
  • The Shopping Flip

    by Kristin Wegner
    Brody the Lion is an Award Winning Children's Book Series to teach behavior strategies to little humans experiencing big emotions. Brody the Lion is a children’s book series that aims to entertain, educate, and empower children and families while spreading awareness and acceptance of different abilities. Each book in the series portrays how Brody and his Buddies face the challenges of autism and other special needs with the help of his family, friends, and community. The books are written by... more
  • 18

    My novel, 18, takes place in the near future. A talented psychiatrist, Dr. Theodore Parker’s life changes irrevocably the day he meets James Grady, a billionaire known for his robotics and supercomputer technology. Grady was impressed by Dr. Parker’s idea to radically change the healthcare sector: under certain insurance plans, patients would be able to opt out of any medically necessary operations and instead receive the cash equivalent of eighteen percent of the would-be medical costs; they ca... more
  • Gallant: The Call of The Trail

    by Claire Eckard
    Gallant and Gracie have a special bond, rarely seen between human and horse. Separated by a bad accident when Gallant is five, each gets a second chance of happiness pursuing the long-distance sport of endurance riding, neither knowing they are leading parallel lives. Gallant's arch-nemesis, The Almighty Flash, threatens to destroy all that Gallant has worked for. His misguided ambition and greed, developed at the hands of an abusive owner, have created a darkness in his soul that turns to blind... more
  • Coming of Age in Sulawesi: A Tale of Tolerance and Friendship

    by Karin Jensen
    On the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, life is all about community. Subaeda’s Grandpa Mohimbi died 3 years earlier, and only now has her family saved enough money for an elaborate ceremony to send him back to the stars from where he came. Subaeda’s world begins to crumble when her beloved servant girl and best friend Rakyat moves away to work in a hotel in the city. Her elder brother is attacked by thugs from the mining company and subsequently loses his job, and with it, his income. The gr... more
  • Turn Of The Silver Wheel

    by Shawn Keller Cooper
    Suspicion, deception, and fear are chasing Penelope Prince from her picture-perfect life. As the dark energy escalates, she realizes her sanctuary is a trap she willingly walked into decades ago to escape the paralyzing pain of a college nightmare. Stalked by secrets from her past, Penn is discovering her greatest battle may be with herself. The pursuit to reclaim the free-spirited artist she once was quickly deteriorates into a desperate and dangerous fight to save her life. Two years after Dr... more
  • 50 States

    by Richard R Becker

    An Idaho farmer who aches for absolution after a tragedy is given one more chance at redemption. Two runaways cross paths in a Tennessee bus station with only one ticket between them. A family sees looters racing toward their home as they escape an Oregon wildfire. A young couple takes a reckless turn off a state highway in Utah and find themselves in a nightmarish government biohazard area.

    These and 46 more shorts make up an anthology that will surprise readers with each new thou... more

  • The Covid Chronicles

    by Stu Whitney
    As coronavirus rages through South Dakota, a newspaper editor blasts the Republican governor’s hands-off approach while forming an ethically dubious alliance with a Democratic mayor. When the editor’s son joins a potential state champion football team and militia members attack the mayor’s policies, the editor is caught in the crossfire, exploring how far he can go before his own freedom is in doubt.
  • A House in the Wild Berry Tundra: A Story of an Iranian Woman Emigrating to Alaska

    by Akram Didari

    This heartwarming novella celebrates one woman’s emotional journey to joy, with the story of a journalist who flees her home in war-torn Iran to emigrate to the United States. Starting her new life in a small town in Bush Alaska, she takes on a Native newborn baby found abandoned during a blizzard by their mother. Now she must explore what it means to be an immigrant in Alaska, navigate cultural differences, and come to terms with the memories of her own violent past, to find home and h... more

  • Crazy Free

    by Tori Starling
    There have always been glaring holes in Emily Sharp’s family history. Her mother, Pam, a high-strung attorney, rarely speaks of the father she despises or of the mother she never knew. But when Emily, a journalist for a local magazine, receives an assignment to investigate the sale of an old mental institution in a nearby town, Pam reluctantly opens up and shares that her mother, Kora, was a patient there and died shortly after she was committed. As Emily digs deeper into the tarnished asylum’s ... more
  • A Gathering of Broken Mirrors: Memories of New York Survivors

    by Anthony E. Shaw

    “I search for answers to questions that, I suspect, are as old as human time itself.”

    This collection presents memories, from a variety of New Yorkers, in different places and times. These are the lessons of life in the city:

    · Can people whose lives are filled with wicked acts also be loving and kind?

    · Why do only some people suffer cruel and unexplained tragic events?

    · Who will help when someone is slipping blindly into harm?

    ... more