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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Knife-Edge Path

    by Patrick T Leahy
    Marooned by destitution in war-torn Berlin a beguiling woman, once a secret agent for the Axis in Cairo, comes out of retirement to spy on a man with whom she falls in love for the very reasons why she has been called upon to betray him.
  • Red, White & Blues: Book Two

    by L.V. Sage
    Picking up just two years later, Red, White & Blues: Book Two continues to celebrate lasting friendships through diverse characters both old and new. As the seventies come to a close, friends, families and lovers face new challenges in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and social changes of the 1960s. In San Francisco, Louise Booth and Maura Weston manage Moonstone Books and their personal lives as the AIDS crisis develops around them. Down in Monterey, the Souls of Liberty MC deals with external... more
  • Red, White & Blues: Book One

    by L.V. Sage
    Diverse characters & events intertwine to make up the fabric that is Red, White & Blues: Book One. America & the Vietnam War, free love & drug use, and the brotherhood of an outlaw motorcycle club all lead to everlasting bonds. Mike & Lucas Blackhorse, Ojibwa brothers from Wisconsin, take radically different paths only to end up together. Morgan Stewart & John Clark step from the fields of Vietnam into the Souls of Liberty Motorcycle Club where their need for a brotherhood lifestyle is met. S... more
  • Flight of the Wren

    by Winter Fox
    The year is 1002 AD. A young shaman's apprentice from a remote village in Lapland begins an impossible quest to recover her kidnapped tribe. Her journey puts her on a collision course with the end of the Viking Age. Weaving history with magic, battles, intrigue and romance, Flight of the Wren is a big book, in heart, scope, and ambition. Pulling together threads from the wide tapestry of Scandinavian history, we discover what happened to the dominance of the Vikings and how a tiny woman from ... more
  • Grace Coffin and the Ghostwriter

    by Winter Fox
    With her band on hiatus, Grace goes to work for an upscale catering company and gets way too close a look at the secretive celebrity culture on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Meanwhile, Cormac is strapped for cash. He though the bills would taper off after death, but, hey, die and learn... His new venture, 'Spirited Ghostwriting' nets him a new customer and the story is dynamite. Starlet Isabelle Cake is writing her memoirs, which will ignite a powder keg of Hollywood secrets, but the actress is... more
  • Grace Coffin and the Undertakers

    by Winter Fox
    Grace and her friends start as Goth Rock band, and their music attracts unwanted attention from the Christian right as well as the Undead left. Meanwhile, the revenant Cormac journeys to Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor to reclaim his late wife's remains and finds much more than he bargained for. He must endure a grueling gauntlet of trials before returning home in time to help his young friends survive the Maine Monster Mash, a Halloween battle of Goth Rock bands. In this second Grace Coff... more
  • The Portolan

    by Lauren Hall Ruddell
    In the mid-1500s, the ‘witch craze’ was beginning to sweep across Europe. Hundreds of trials had already been conducted and hundreds of people executed for witchcraft in Germany, England, and Scotland. Would Ireland soon succumb? Gale Butler begins her life journey as the pampered and well-educated daughter of a prosperous Galway merchant. She is a budding cartographer and seafarer, joined in her early sailing adventures by her best friend, the future pirate queen Granuaile (Grace/Grainne) O’... more
  • Potty Professional: A highly effective and motivational tale for boys and girls ready to potty train. (The Secret Skills of Marg

    by Melissa Sue Walker
    The perfect potty book for parents struggling to motivate a reluctant child. When Margo Pargo hears her mother insist that she is too little to use the potty, she aims to set the record straight. Now, with a belly full of fishy crackers and a sippy full of water, she will show her family just how big she really is. Follow this feisty youngster on her potty adventure and then watch your little one show you their secret skills.
  • Neptune's Chalice by M.J. Feinauer

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion
    It is the mid-twenty first century. The world is recovering from what scholars will refer to as the “Jihad War.” Nations of the world united to bring a permanent end to radical terrorism. The unification of the nations has also given birth to the popular concept of a governing “World Union,” in which the United States intends to be a major player. The timing could not be any better. A presidential election year is on the horizon and a faceless rouge element is committed to having one of their... more
  • Eddy and Julia

    by William Zink
    A young American with a faulty heart, tired of endless operations, travels to Belgium to live out the last few months of his life. At peace with his fate, his plans are derailed when he meets Julia, a student from Italy. They fall in love, forcing him to reevaluate his decision, but he soon discovers a dark secret she's been keeping, crushing their budding romance. Ultimately, a cycling race through the Ardennes Forest will determine not only their fate, but that of Julia's mother.
  • The Bones of Who We Are

    by CL Walters
    Gabe Daniels always figured his DNA is flawed. One only has to look to his past to see it, and it's why he’s tried to hide it in new layers of his life: his new home, his adoptive parents, Seth, Abby. But darkness is always at his heels. With the impending death of his former best friend - a death for which he feels responsible - the depression, the broken relationships, the day-to-day struggle, and the monster trying to break out of him have left a debris field in his wake. Gabe decides the br... more
  • The Ugly Truth

    by CL Walters
    If faced with perpetuating the perfect lie or confessing the ugly truth, which would you choose? Seth Peters has been angry for a long time. Living with an abusive, alcoholic father has that effect. When he wakes up in a hospital - outside of his body - due to an accident that he doesn’t remember, Seth is no longer angry; he’s terrified. As his memories begin to return, he is confronted with a legacy of lies he’s constructed to survive the pain of his own life. Realizing he’s no different ... more
  • Swimming Sideways

    by CL Walters
    What do you do when your world has fallen apart, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to put it back together? Abby Kaiāulu (Kaw ee aw oo loo) gets the chance to start over when her family relocates from Hawaii to a small town on the Oregon coast. But she’s hiding a secret. Leaving the past and the cultural lessons of her Hawaiian grandfather behind, Abby redefines who she is to hide it. There’s Good Abby - she makes and follows the rules - and there’s Bad Abby - she always questions ... more
  • No Neutral Ground

    by Terri Wangard
    Germany rejected him. His father betrayed him. Now Rafe returns, at war with the Fatherland and the father who turned his back.
  • Friends & Enemies

    by Terri Wangard
    Aiding downed enemy airmen is punishable by death in Nazi Germany, but he’s an old friend. How much will she risk to help him?
  • Imagine-Encounters with Jesus

    by Isaac Jengwa

    Imagine-Encounters with Jesus is a collection of eight short stories from the perspective of witnesses who have met Jesus both during the time of His incarnation, and also from the perspective of modern day witnesses. It is a means of engaging the imagination so as to get familiar with the world of Jesus through the account of witnesses, and also a means of self reflection into the ways His power keeps being reflected in our everyday life.