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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Immediacy: Our Ways of Coping in Everyday Life

    by Fred Emil Katz
    From our birth to our last breath, we must cope with the immediate world around us. Our survival and happiness depend on it. This book shows how the coping works.
  • Bottomless Cups

    by Joel Bresler
    Teddy Greenwald and Ray Starck have known one another since the Truman Administration. What began as a mutual interest in sneak-reading comic books in class evolved into a friendship which has outlasted a great many Presidents and a whole lot more, besides. Teddy and Ray, along with two other boys, formed the core of a group of kids who did everything together. As teenagers, they discovered that restaurants gave free coffee refills even if you didn't order anything else, leading to a lifetime's... more
  • Reunion: Abuse has no limits . . . but neither does love.

    by P. W. Walters
    In this riveting coming-of-age story, one man turns abuse into power--and hate into love. From the moment he's born, Owen Crowley knows nothing but neglect and cruelty until he's finally rescued by a loving couple. But when tragedy strikes, he's left once again at the mercy of a violent, sexually abusive adult--and a long-buried secret that changes everything he thought he knew about his adoptive family and himself. Only one thing pulls Owen through the darkest times: books. As his extraor... more
  • web design and development company

    by Albin Benny
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  • I Can

    by Jennifer Miller-Joseph
    The book tells the story of a little girl and the challenges/fears she faces and how with the influence of her grandmother she conquers them.
  • A Healthy Mind is Hard to Find

    by M.D. Snyder
    A Healthy Mind is hard to find by M.D. SNYDER Dedications To my mother; thank you for making me who I am today. To my sisters, Megahn & Teresa; little sisters may grow tall, but still look up to their big sisters most of all. Even if we don’t show it To my cousin Tierney; with a family as large as ours, you made me feel seen. Thank you To Ted; thank you for believing in me. Thank you for everything. To my family who helped me accomplish this goal, thank you. Your support and love ... more
  • I'll Lend You My Daddy: A Deployment Book for Kids Ages 4-8

    by Becky King
    A heartwarming story of love, courage, and comfort during deployment for military families with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. In I’ll Lend You My Daddy, young boys and girls find ways to manage their feelings about deployment (from goodbyes, to the first night, to missed birthdays) as they eagerly await their fathers’ return. Through the support of family and friends, care packages, and calls, these children grow strong with the knowledge of what it means to serve, generating pride ... more
  • SHE: A Message for those who Belittle Girls!

    by Dr Sarika Jain
    ‘She’ is not just a word. It is a voice that says – “Stop Hurting Me Every Day.” She wore her scars like wings. She remembered who she was and the game changed. She is different and is not afraid of flying. She is ready to shatter the ridiculous cage that people attempt to build around her. She knows how to convert her pains into smiles because her SMILE is her strongest weapon. She looks into a fire and smiles and tells to herself – “I am mine before I am ever anyone else’s.” She has come to co... more

    by Rose Siva
    The young hero, Josh, travels to Antarctica with his father to join a scientific party attempting to retrieve dinosaur bones recently discovered in a melting glacial cave. His previously adventure in outback Queensland hunting for dinosaur bones (told in Dinosaurs and Dragons), and his involvement with a dinosaur dig makes him a useful addition to the team. Antarctic storms and an accident on the ice compounds their problems as they attempt the recovery. However a Russian recovery vessels coming... more
  • Which Shoes Do You Choose?

    by Aaron Shepard
    Katie is tired of her same old shoes, so she goes to the store to buy new ones. But with so many wondrous choices, how can she ever decide? In this fun story told in lively verse, a young girl gets a peek at the many possibilities open to her in life and embraces them with joy. For ages 2 to 8.
  • The Chocolatier

    by Jan Moran

    A young widow. A husband she thought she knew. On the picturesque Italian coast of Amalfi lies a chocolatier’s destiny... 

    "A solid pick for fans of historical romances combined with a heartbreaking mystery.” – Library Journal

    San Francisco, 1953: Heartbroken over the mysterious death of her husband, Celina Savoia, a second-generation chocolatière, resolves to take their young son to Italy’s shimmering Amalfi coast to intro... more

  • The Jolt Felt Around the World

    by Susanna Shetley
    Mother Earth becomes so heavy with trash that one day, with a great jolt, she starts falling from the sky. Leaders around the world frantically begin developing plans for Earthlings to evacuate and flee to other planets, only to find their requests denied. The other planets don't want anything to do with the Earthling inhabitants! What will they do? Where can they go? The Earthlings must figure out how to save their dying planet before it's too late.
  • Miscreants, Murderers, & Thieves: a collection of short stories about devious behavior

    by Samuel W. Reed
    A diverse collection of crime(ish) short stories by thirteen emergent authors from across the United States.
  • The Dung Beetles of Liberia: A Novel Based on True Events

    by Daniel V. Meier, Jr.
    Ken Verrier is not happy; nor is he at peace. His sudden decision to drop out of college and deal with his demons shocks his family and friends. His destination: Liberia; the richest country in Africa. both in monetary wealth and in natural resources. Nothing could have prepared him for the experiences he was about to live through. He quickly realizes that he is in a place where he understands very little and where the dignity of life has little meaning. Even his clean-cut appearance sets h... more
  • All the Danger

    by David Vigoda
    Caught in war’s crossfire are two orphan girls, three tramps, an army major, an itinerant preacher—and an obsessed undercover operative. When modern America emerges after the Civil War, another war erupts—a war of ideas. The original hope of liberty and equality through self-employment and ownership is challenged by a large new industrial class of impoverished renters.
  • Mostly True: Short Stories

    by Arlene N. Cohen
    In this potpourri of humorous, sometimes outrageous episodes involving actors, travelers, storytellers, madmen, hikers, hippies, flappers, boyfriends, cookies, castles, and credit cards, good intentions backfire. In The Livin' Doll, a dramatic senior lady joyfully entertains and engages a young girl, reliving her years as an actress, until she has a coiffure malfunction. Sixth grade boys believe they are too old for stories until the Storyteller turns into a witch with a fearsome cackle. Hippi... more