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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Coconut Crab

    by Peter W. Fong
    The Coconut Crab is set in a chain of tropical islands and charts the intertwining friendships of a crab, a goat, a bird, and a gecko. Sort of a cross between Charlotte's Web and Finding Nemo, but with less focus on death or sharks.
  • Charlie the City Chicken Learns to Dance

    by Helen McKeon
    Charlie the chicken lives in a big city full of music. But Charlie the chicken can't dance! Spend a fun day with Charlie as he travels across the city and meets up with all his animal friends. They'll each try to teach Charlie their best moves, but will this City Chicken ever learn to dance?
  • Starring... John Dillinger

    by Bill Walker & Brian Anthony
    Everyone’s out to get him. When he hits it big on the silver screen, will it make him immortal… or a bigger target? Chicago, 1934. John Dillinger is weary of life as an outlaw. So when the FBI surrounds him at the Biograph Theater, the notorious thief surprises everyone and surrenders. And desperate to prove to the world he’s gone straight, he makes a film from prison encouraging youngsters not to choose crime. John Dillinger in front of a camera proves as deadly as a Thompson submachine gun. H... more
  • What's in the Pocket?

    by Barbara Menzel
    An interactive story between the reader and audience. Each page gives the reader clues about What's in the Pocket? Children move their way through the book by laughing, tickling, touching, turning, waving and hugging the many pockets.
  • The Ring

    by Florence Osmund
    Two women, strangers, from culturally different neighborhoods struggle with their fathers’ deaths, each coping in her own way. Fate brings them together, and when certain disturbing truths are unveiled, they discover they have something in common that is inconceivable and shocking. And it all started with “the ring.”
  • Common Kindred

    by Isaac M. Lawton

    Following a rash, life-changing decision, Joe concludes that he has hit rock bottom. Although he has escaped a torturous existence, he finds himself alone and without purpose. Wandering aimlessly, he happens upon an entrancing, jubilant setting. Uncertain about whether to encroach, a beautiful, majestic woman lures him in.

    It is exactly the refuge he needed. The peculiar assortment of personalities he encounters helps him to perceive his potential as a friend, a partner, and a person. H... more

  • In the Aftermath

    by Jane Ward
    When David Herron—overwhelmed and despairing, his family’s business and finances in ruin due to the bursting lending bubble of 2008—takes his own life one chilly spring morning, he has no idea the ripple effect his decision will set into motion. Two years later, his widow, Jules, is now an employee of the bakery she and David used to own—and still full of bitterness over David’s lies, perceived cowardice, and ultimate abandonment of her and their now-teenage daughter, Rennie. Rennie, meanwhil... more
  • House of Fragile Dreams

    by Anne Moose
    Still recovering from a divorce and the death of her parents, Rachel is living in the large house she grew up in. Upon meeting an African American veteran and his five-year-old son, she begins to hope for a new life. But when her estranged brother shows up demanding to move in to her back cottage, he threatens to ruin everything. He is disturbed, gun-obsessed, and, as Rachel discovers, involved with people who threaten much more than her dream of a happy home. Addressing themes of love, hate, so... more
  • Fourteen Ghost Stories

    by Nicholas Foster
    A variety of ghost stories for the curious. Stories more thoughtful than violent but where the Past can meet the Present in a short sharp shock. Ghosts harmless and ghosts malign, ghosts of the road not taken. From Tibet to the Sudan and from the Baltics to medieval Cyprus, from University towns to small villages. Hauntings where the worst may often happen in bright sunlight. Ghost stories with a dose of crime and of History. Stories as puzzles and stories with an after-life.
  • Twisted Cross: Adventure to the New World

    by Anita Perez Ferguson
    In 1795, eighteen-year-old Salvador Tenorio and his best friend, Blas, embark upon the most adventurous journey of their lives, leaving their impoverished families and painful memories behind in Imperial Spain. On a quest to find adventure, the clever young Spaniard battles the demons of his past and religious uncertainty on an epic expedition to the New World. Determined to make the best out of their challenging circumstances, they aspire to claw their way out of poverty. Sal and Blas discover... more
  • The Garbage Can Gang: Home at Last

    by Dewitt Zachary Smith
    A modern fable about three lost dogs living on the streets of Tucson AZ. learning about life and looking for a new home.
  • 9781663213297

    by Thomas E Sipp Sr.
    The Other Side of the Shamans, an adult-oriented novel, is divided into two parts: the first, set at the begnning of the eighteeeenth century, follows the historically-based life of Walking Horse,a young spiritual Native American in the Ho-Chunk tribe. A prodigy with remarkable physical and mental powers, Walking Horse encounters ecstatic love and abject evil, with varying degrees of success. The second part, set in the late twentieth century, chronicles the lives of two very different cleric... more
  • Beyond Poetry

    by Nathan Jarelle

    A Black teenager grieves through poetry after his younger brother is killed in a crossfire between rival gang members. 

  • American Faust

    by Rick Brown

    American Faust follows the lives of three Americans from different time periods who make a deal with the devil and end up together on a country estate frozen in time.

  • Sheltered: When a Boy Becomes a Legend by Jacob Paul Patchen

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe
    With America under attack from within, twelve-year-old James must fight his way to freedom while trying to hold onto his values and virtue. “We are all given a space in life to fill, a roaring emptiness in time… and it’s how you choose to fill that void, that will determine the difference in becoming a man or a legend.” That’s what my father said to me a few years ago before he walked out on Mom, Emily, and me. If I would have had any sense back then, I would have asked him exactly what th... more
  • Chasing Fireflies

    by Chloe Fowler

    Everything happens for a reason

    Rainey Collins has heard this a thousand times, but when it comes to her sister Maverick, who was born with a serious heart defect, the reason has always been a mystery. The idea of a future without her sister terrifies Rainey so much, she hasn’t even thought about life after high school. However, on the first day of senior year, Rainey winds up sitting next to Liam Hayes, a rumored delinquent with a dangerously dysfunctiona... more