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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Last Days of Dom Sebastian

    by Greg Barron
    How can I rest until this story is told? Can I let such a tale slip unnoticed into history? Or allow men to take liberties, inventing lies about that which is precious to me? I, Luis Pereira, Dom Sebastian’s friend and confessor, can alone let the truth stand for posterity… Dom Sebastian, the deposed king of Portugal, after losing the battle of Alcácer Quibir in Morocco, flees to the East on board the Nossa Senhora dos Anjos. After months on the ocean, her crew ravaged by disease and starvat... more
  • Oh Daddy Chronicles

    by Barry Robbins

    Can’t stand Trump? Love making fun of him? Well, this is the book for you.

    ***Gold Medal award winner for Fiction - Humor/Comedy in Readers' Favorite 2021 International Book Awards***

    Democrats, liberals, progressives, independents, even many Republicans – combine your feelings about Trump with the “Oh Daddy Chronicles” unique brand of humor for a side-splitting ride through the Trump White House. If you’re a fan of satire, especially when it’s aimed dir... more

  • Please Don't Tell Cooper That Jack Is a Rabbit

    by Michelle Lander Feinberg
    A kind-hearted dog and rabbit who are best friends learn that differences are what make us special. Cooper the affable and friendly dog is back, and he’s looking to make a buddy. In this second title in the award-winning Cooper the Dog series, Please Don’t Tell Cooper That Jack is a Rabbit, Cooper and his best friend rejoice in silly escapades together and learn that having differences is the best part of friendship. When Uncle Stephen takes Cooper out in the yard, the winsome hound bounds a... more
  • Out of Dreams Comes...The Artistic Edge: An Anthology of Original Poems, Thoughts, and Musings

    by JoAnne Ciscely Nanton
    She feels deeply with the pervading problems that exist in today’s society, nation and world: poverty, homelessness, ill health, injustice, and decline in moral values. Many dream for better days to come; others live in their own little dream world as a way of escape. But all feel trapped and yearn to break loose. That’s why in “Out of Dreams Comes…The Artistic Edge”, poet-author JoAnne Ciscely Nanton plumbs the depths of varied experiences with different poetic styles. This anthology of orig... more
  • Brilliant White Peaks

    by Teng Rong
    Summer was bountiful. Winter was harsh and threatened to tear my family apart. When the danger came at night, Ma, Pa, my sister White-Ears and I fled from the safe place. It was supposed to be an adventure. Ma told me about the ocean and promised there would be lots of food. We would be a happy family again. But danger is never too far away. It was a cold and dark night when the strangers attacked. Snarling. Glowing green eyes and big teeth. The scent of blood everywhere. Ma and Pa held them ... more
  • Santa's Magic Stocking

    by Jakki Cope
    Santa's Magic Stocking is a story about a Christmas tradition. It began from a mother's love of her children and the magic of Santa Claus. In this story, three sisters happen upon a little red stocking and learn from their Grandparents that it is not an ordinary stocking. When they discover the magic it holds, the girls cannot wait to experience it for themselves. A young reader will enjoy sharing in the best kept secret of Christmas!
  • Hop-About

    by Colin Krainin
    Three stuffed animals—Mr. Rabbit, Benny the Bunny, and Custerd the Cat—embark on an epic journey to find a long-lost friend. Their quest takes them all the way from their home in New York City to the heart of the Australian outback.
  • A Gilded Death

    by Cecelia Tichi
    A formal dinner in palatial, Gilded Age Newport stuns Val DeVere when her closest friend whispers a terrifying rumor. The friend’s ultra-rich auntie’s fatal heart attack at Mrs. Astor’s annual ball last winter was murder. When the aunt’s reclusive daughter—and heir—succumbs to “heart failure,” Val and husband Roddy probe the deaths to shield their dear friend who is next in line to inherit the family fortune—and sudden death. Society’s “odd couple,” Val and Roddy, a.k.a. Valentine and Rode... more

    by Eugene Kelly(E. Aly)
    This is a story of people finding out life can change quickly from their own mistakes or others attempting to take advantage of societal norms. How these changes are reacted to and resolved is the essence of the story.
  • Red Bishop

    by Robin T.W. Yuan
    RED BISHOP is a sweeping historical novel based on the extraordinary life of Robin Chen, the last Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in China. The book begins with his final, futile trip to a Shanghai hospital during the Cultural Revolution, lying in a wooden cart as blood seeps through his lips from gastric bleeding. The story flashes back to his consecration as an assistant bishop in the Western-dominated church and Japanese-occupied country poised to wrest themselves from foreign, especi... more
  • More Wise Words to Ponder: A Selection of Great Thoughts Through Quotes and Verses

    by Eric Wei

    “This is a great reference and entertainment book that will give readers a chance to uncover some of the world’s best and most beloved quotes and verses. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your own copy of this fantastic read!”

    --- Pacific Book Review

    “Wei’s sequel delivers a comprehensive range of quotes that possess the power to shape one’s thought and life. Recommended.”

    --- The US Review of... more

  • The Clean Green Dragon

    by Rebecca Bielawski
    So, there was this dragon. Yeah, he was mighty, with all the power of the sun and the earth at his wingtips but he was also a little lazy. One day, an annoying problem washed up on his doorstep. Well no, it was more than annoying, it was downright disgusting. The question is would he get off his scaly butt and do something about it. A fun tale that tells us to look over our shoulder every once in a while to check if we are leaving this planet better or worse than we found it. From the... more
  • Under a Poacher's Moon

    by W. Aaron Vandiver
    Anna Whitney travels to Mzansi, a remote safari lodge located deep in the wilds of South Africa, hoping to get as far away from home and her troubled life as possible. The perilous beauty of the land captures her imagination, but when she hears the haunting late-night cries of an injured rhino, her escapist fantasies collide with a brutal reality. She and Chris, a safari guide wrestling with his own secret demons, find themselves embroiled in a war on Africa's wildlife. They are pulled into... more
  • BLOODLINES (A Dying Truth Exposed, Book One)

    by Marcus Abston
    A grandfather confronted with the fact that his family is woefully ignorant about their own lineage and legacy is determined to educate them. So begins the tale of his great-great-grandmother, Annabelle. Annabelle was a slave born on a cotton plantation in Mississippi and raised as a house servant thanks to the plantation master's daughters having a fondness for her. The youngest daughter protects her as best she can from the wrath of the cruel master and his wife, but then marries and leaves... more
  • Embrace of the Wild-Inspired by equestrian explorer Isabella Bird

    by Linda Ballou
    At the age of forty, Isabella Bird pushed all social convention aside, ignored failed remedies of the doctors and embarked on a world voyage in 1873 that changed her forever. A six month detour in the lush Hawaiian Islands gave her new strength and stamina. A tenacious horsewoman she rode with Hawaiian natives up the flank of Kilauea to the fiery home of the Goddess Pele’s and into the depths of Waipio Valley where the gods come close. From there, she determined to explore the wonders of Colo... more
  • Hallelujah!

    by Paul Brad Logan
    In a small desert town during the year 1936, Harold Felch finds himself in a predicament. Harold needs money. Quite a bit of it too. In an attempt to strike it rich, Harold lost everything. To cover his losses, he borrowed money from E.Z., the town’s ruthless loan shark, but that quickly exacerbated his predicament. To make matters worse, Harold is stricken with a curse: doubt. Doubt in himself, doubt in his family and doubt in the prophetic ten-year-old preacher at his church, the one called... more