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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • forbidden Love

    by Diane Sanchez
  • Not Hear

    by Elizabeth Borae

    Excellence. Fixer. Closer. Winner.

    Sixteen-year-old Anayah Kapur already has a reputation for domination. With a love for science and medicine, she goes after anything she puts her mind to with passion and determination.

    Anayah is burning things up.

    Until she’s with her family, who pours a huge bucket of ice water over her. As the youngest member, Anayah feels she’s treated as a baby, fighting to be seen, heard, and taken seriously. She... more

  • Pipeliner

    by Shawn Hartje
    Falling in love isn't what seventeen-year-old Jason Krabb imagines when he meets Betsy, an alluring girl from a different background. Struggling to distinguish himself from his prominent family, Jason's quest to leave his mark on the 90s grunge scene gets hilariously sidetracked by Betsy and a rag-tag crew of pipeliners who are bringing gas lines through the Idaho desert to keep the lights on in Portland and Seattle. Pipeliner is at once a coming-of-age love story and a comical timestamp of earl... more
  • Neil The Snail Who Left His Shell

    by Carmen Parets Luque

    In this delightful story, children will embark on an adventure with Neil the Snail, a lovable character who sets out on a journey to find a new shell that reflects his unique personality. Along the way, Neil learns valuable lessons about self-acceptance, embracing individuality, and the importance of believing in oneself.

  • Tempest North

    by Rodger Carlyle

    It’s 1820 and the American Revolution is breaking down the old European order and culture. Captain Chad Grittenburg, a wounded veteran of the War of 1812 is driven by duty and chivalry. He fears dishonor more than death. When a duel goes horribly wrong and his fiancé is killed, his world collapses.

    Escape from his troubled mind comes in the form of a journey from Boston to Russian America. The peaceful trading voyage should be a remedy, but his emotional crisis tears at his... more

  • The Dream Collector, Book I

    by R.w. Meek
    In 1885 Julie Forette comes to Paris, determined to work at the infamous Salpêtrière Asylum for women. Drawn to help the seemingly disturbed Sabrine (‘Princess of the Hysterics’), Julie enlists the aid of the young intern Dr. Freud and together pursue the hidden potential of hypnotism and dream interpretation. Julie becomes the ‘Dream Collector’ collecting from Freud and many of the major 19th Century artists, including, Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh their one unforgettable, soul-defining dream.... more
  • Escape from the Czar: A Novella

    by Paula Velho

    "Escape from the Czar" is an intense novella that unfolds against the backdrop of late 19th-century Russia and the tumultuous times that shaped the destiny of Povilas Glamzo. Born to a serf family in Lithuania, Povilas dreams of escaping the drudgery of serfdom. His journey takes him to St. Petersburg, where he embraces the life of a factory worker, only to find disillusionment in the limited opportunities it offers. The narrative follows Povilas through various career choices, marr... more

  • Flat

    by Neal Rabin
    Embark on a swashbuckling adventure, teeming with betrayal, romance, murder, sea battles, and a healthy dose of satirical Renaissance humor. Between the final breath of the Spanish Inquisition, and Magellan's epic voyage, join unintended explorer, Lanning Delaford, plus an eclectic cast of characters including Ignatius Loyola, Ferdinand Magellan, (mostly) evil pirates, a mediocre Portuguese butcher, an alluring, bad-ass courtesan, and a peregrine falcon named Doug, as they traverse southern Euro... more
  • Arrow the Sky Horse The Discovery

    by Melody Huttinger
    The story of a girl, a wild stallion and a magical amulet. The adventure begins when Meadow stumbles upon an undisturbed Native American cliff dwelling filled with priceless artifacts. Among the relics, she discovers the amulet, and a sacred mission is bestowed upon her. Meadow's life will never be the same as she deals treacherous pot hunters, a taste of first love, and learning of a secret family heritage...
  • The Helping Heart

    by Annie M. Ballard
    Helen, nearly forty, returns to Stella Mare after twenty years with secrets. The village reminds her of things she’d rather forget, including her grief from her mother’s death, but she hopes to strengthen connections with her family. Turns out, being with her sisters is impossible. They don’t understand her, and she can’t understand them, though she’s tried. When the bickering becomes too contentious to be ignored, Helen tries to fix it. A hiking trip is Helen’s answer, even when the hike con... more
  • Gingo & Leto's Adventure

    by Luis A. Colon and Brandon Colon
    The story follows the escapades of two unlikely friends, Gingo, a hairless Siamese cat, and Leto, a white bunny rabbit, who dream of breaking free from the confines of their cages in a pet store. When Leto manages to liberate Gingo, they embark on an exciting adventure filled with challenges, new friendships, and heartwarming moments.
  • Fanning Fireflies

    by LS Delorme
    There is something rotten in Harrisville. It’s 1944 and Veronica works tirelessly just so she can afford to eat. Maybe one day she will save enough to own the home her family is living in, but for now, she doesn’t have time for fanciful thoughts, or much else.  She doesn’t have time for the fire whispering to her, the ghosts trying to talk to her and the son of her boss, who can’t stop staring at her.  She definitely doesn’t have time to think about Lazlo, the handsome black soldier that she ... more
  • Elly Robin goes to War

    by PD Quaver
    Having at last cleared her name after nearly two years as a notorious fugitive, 17-year-old piano prodigy Elly Robin learns that her true love, Edwin Friend, has finally realized his dream of flying for the American Escadrille, and she travels to war-torn France to reunite with him. But Edwin's plane has been shot down over Germany, compelling him to undertake a desperate journey through an alien land. While Elly's search for Edwin entangles her in a series of exploits--driving ambulances, fi... more
  • Daisy May Goes Out To Play

    by Britton Taylor
    An insightful children’s story about a lovable dog named Daisy May, who loves all living creatures. She lives with her human on a farm just outside of town, where she laughs and plays with all her farm animal buddies. One beautiful day, she leaves home to visit her good friend, who lives just down the trail from her. Together they meet several new friends and have the time of their lives. The group continues their journey and heads to the park, but along the way, they discover that the world may... more
  • The Light at the Edges

    by Deepti Kolte
    Deepti Kolte's ‘The Light at the Edges’ is a collection of poems that radiates warmth and simplicity yet carries a profound message. With a clear intention to inspire readers, these poems encourage the reader to find hope in their outer as well as inner worlds. The poems are like the looking glass to reveal the magic in the mundane and the uneventful.
  • ESCAPE To Patonga

    by Travis James
    This is a modern Australian tale about living the dream, the vicious cruelty of gossip, and the inescapable pull of temptation. The suspicions of a close-knit sea-side village are aroused when a reclusive and dubious male rents an isolated shack. Riley’s life is falling apart. He’s on the brink of losing his business and marriage. Everyone wants a piece of him. Overwhelmed, he escapes to a childhood haven. But when he isolates himself in a run-down shack on the far side of the creek, the c... more