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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Freed: Into the Slavery of My Mind

    by Jim Ward
    A powerful American legend rises from the doorstep of emancipation to find himself on a journey through love and hate, bravery and cowardice, wisdom and ignorance, where he discovers a bondage more powerful than the white man’s chains— his mind. Standing with his heels on the threshold of slavery, David must look over his shoulder, into the epiphanies of his brutal past, to realize nothing has changed. Freedom doesn’t come with the declaration. With the white man’s bondage stronger than ever,... more
  • Billy the Rescue Dog

    by Susan Joyce
    The true story of Billy, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, and his adventures and challenges as he embarks on his new life in his “forever home” on Maggie’s Farm in Rhode Island.
  • Masha

    by Hayden Kopser
    In Hayden Kopser's debut Novella, the relationships of two neighboring couples come to separate heads on a winter night, thanks in part to voyeuristic intrusions from both sides of the wall that separates their apartments. The members of each couple search their souls and lessons learned throughout life for the answers to moral dilemmas that have placed them into states of arrested development.
  • Real Estate

    by Kathryn Holzman
    She’s the girl next door. He’s the next big thing. The death of President Kennedy brings them together. Will Silicon Valley tear them apart?
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  • Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion

    by Somendra Singh
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  • Sea of Storms and Other Stories

    by C. K. Yap

    A collection of short stories covering multiple genres, poignant, stirring, poetic tales of speculative literary fiction that wrap up in just 3 to 4 pages, for busy readers looking for that daily fix of “0h yeah…” Direct and unmeandering, laced with symbolism and every time a punchline at the end. P.S. If you can't access Smashwords, peruse the PDF below.

  • Deacon Blues

    by Karl G. Trautman
    Jolted by an arrested adolescence, Manfred Schmidt is a lonely teenager who craves for belonging and respect. His unconscious rage and forming identity are fused together at a time when a new leader is offering hope to a troubled, post-Watergate nation. He takes on Jimmy Carter as his hero, offering hope to his evolving self. Set in the suburbs of Washington DC, Ireland, Boston and New Hampshire, the story is about Manfred’s foibles as he journeys through high school, a semester at college and a... more
  • A Color Named Love

    by M. Ellery

    A Color Named Love is the first children's book with a polyamorous family represented. In this story, meet this little girl called Anna and her 4 parents in this book embraces love in all its forms and celebrates the beauty found in all kinds of families. It doesn't matter where you came from or how your family is constituted. If there is love, then you have everything.

  • Whiskey and Old Stogies

    by Lisa Angle

    In 1920s North Carolina young Rufus leaves his family knowing nobody will miss him. He carries haunting secrets buried deep in his memory. When he falls in with the O’Haras he believes he found a home. He learns to make white lightening and prospers in selling it. Running moonshine leads him to dark places where he encounters rough culprits. A scheme gone wrong lands him in prison where he confronts the demons in his past.

    After her mother’s killed in a feud, fifteen year-ol... more

  • Some Help For Word Jumble Games

    by Sally Lask

    How The Word Jumble Solver Will Help you Solve Word Jumbles If you are an avid gamer of word games, anagrams, and text jumbles, then our word jumble is likely to be of excellent curiosity. Put simply the Jumble Solver enables you to enter in a wide variety of letters, which may include things like wild cards and blank tiles, and will figure out a wide range of words that could be made from all of them to allow you to progress within your game. To enter a wild card you just need to make use of... more

  • A Tale of Two Stories: Bully-ve in Yourself (Believe in Yourself)

    by Julie Fragnito

    ABOUT THE BOOK: Bully-ve In Yourself (Believe in Yourself): This book features the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) principle: friendships and managing relationships. Flip through Lexi's side of the story to hear about her day at school with her best friend Melissa. Then, flip through Melissa's side of the story and watch her come to the realization that...

  • Appaloosa Sky

    by K. Blanton Brenner
    At only eleven years old, Ginny Spangler is left orphaned after a horse theft gone bad. As Ginny grows from a self-reliant young girl to the fiery matriarch of a sprawling Texas ranch family, she passes on her resiliency and bold spirit to her nieces, Scottie, Rory, and Georgie O’Brien – sisters that are growing up with a distant mother and a fun-loving but troubled father. Even as little girls, the O’Brien sisters know they must solve their own problems and take charge of their own lives. Witho... more
  • Zoochini: The spectacular zoo with animal and food mashups

    by Zach Zeis
    When the animals at the local zoo become picky about their food, the zoo's staff becomes concerned there will be terrible consequences. Will the staff be able to turn things around in time, or will the animals continue to reject their meals and insist on eating only their favorite treats? If the animals win this battle of wills, they may learn the true meaning of the saying, "You are what you eat"... Zoochini is a rhyming story that includes some taxonomic terms along with a glossary with simpl... more
  • Gilding An Age

    by Kurt Burke
    In this sequel to Kurt Burke’s acclaimed novel, Sailor Story: John Carlile returns from hiding in British North America, determined to make his fortune following the end of the Civil War. Finding employment with the trans-continental railroad, he soon discovers that the industrialist elites in control of post-war America are determined to continue collecting the government revenue that they enjoyed while equipping the Army of the Republic. \tCalling attention to the felonious business and a... more
  • Adventures of Pierre the Munchkin

    by Dr. Kat
    My children’s book follows the secret outdoor life of Pierre, a Scottish fold munchkin cat, and the wildlife he encounters during his solo walks through the neighborhood. Each animal he meets along the way teaches Pierre a new skill or a life lesson. On one such adventure, having strayed too far, Pierre accidentally gets adopted by a family of wolf cubs, who mistake him for one of their own. In the interactive portion of this rhyming picture book, the author asks little readers to help Pierre n... more