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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Joe's Odyssey

    by Nick LaTorre
    In the greatest mid-life crisis ever, Joe Kerson steals a boat from a mob boss and sails around the world with a group of college party boys. As he navigates one bonkers situation after another, will he manage to outwit revenge seeking gangsters?
  • The Moon Is Following Me

    by JQ Sirls
    A little boy humorously attempts to convince his family that the moon is following him every night. Known to be a bit worrisome and over-imaginative, each family member laughs and dismisses his theories as make-believe. The catch? This time, he's right.
  • Baxter Meets His Monster

    by Jennifer Hart
    Baxter The Dog is no stranger to fantastic creatures. In his first adventure, “Baxter Goes to Imagination Land,” he met a cast of colorful characters. However, on a dark, stormy night, he is surprised and unsure when something strange and wild shows up at his door. Will Baxter judge a creature by their size, their color and by the shape of their paws, or will he learn that monsters aren’t always monsters after all?
  • The Persistence of Memory and Other Stories

    by Jan Maher
    A dozen stories featuring characters from four to ninety-four, each dealing in some way with how and why our memories shape our current circumstances. Included in the collection: in the days just after World War II, a young girl tries to remember the man being introduced to her as her father; an academic denied tenure remembers how to land on her feet; a couple on their way to divorce think about the things that once drew them together and then drove them apart; an elderly man struggles to recal... more
  • Jasper

    by Michael Easterling
    Hoping to leave behind the horrors of the Great War, a young Welshman travels to the California desert to try his hand at prospecting, only to discover that the riches of California are more than just its gold.
  • The Barnyard Buddies Meet a Newcomer

    by Julie Penshorn
    “The Barnyard Buddies Meet a Newcomer” pulls on the heartstrings of young and old as it reminds of the importance of compassion for others. Kids learn how to participate in creating classrooms and communities that can become safe, welcoming places where all feel they belong. In this story, a forlorn and hungry refugee dog wanders into the barnyard and common real-life concerns about newcomers are played out by barnyard animals. Portland Pig wonders how this dog will be fed, while others wonde... more
  • What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z

    by Tiffani Teachey
    What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z is an inspiring and easy-to-read alphabet picture book that teaches our next generation about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers. This book provides colorful illustrations of six diverse children representing various STEM careers (i.e. astronauts, doctors, scientists, and engineers, etc), helping children (5 to 8 years old) see themselves in one of the STEM careers, and motivates them to shape their future through STEM!
  • The Twin Tooth Fairies

    by Marianne Murphy

    Twins Jameson and Preston were born in the land of tooth fairies. They were both fun and playful. As time went on, each twin chose a different path. Jameson became the Tooth Fairy like his parents, rewarding children for having healthy teeth, while Preston became the Dark Fairy who lost his wings and his crown and brings cavities to kids who don’t brush their teeth. It's a magical story and educational book that will encourage children to take care of their teeth in a fun way&hellip... more

  • Madame Fiocca

    by Suzy Henderson
  • The Beauty Shop

    by Suzy Henderson

    War changes everyone, inside and out. The remarkable true story of the Guinea Pig Club.

    England, 1942. After three years of WWII, Britain is showing the scars. But in this darkest of days, three lives intertwine, changing their destinies and those of many more.

    Dr Archibald McIndoe, a New Zealand plastic surgeon with unorthodox methods, is on a mission to treat and rehabilitate badly burned airmen – their bodies and souls. With the camaraderie and support of the Gu... more

  • Healing Star

    by Ian Blake Newhem
    “Everywhere the drum goes, so goes the gun…” Aric Hatch is a 16-year-old drummer for the British Army, and newly orphaned, at the edges of a battlefield during the bloodiest year of the American Revolution. Wandering among the dead, wondering what to do, he encounters another boy—“Orion.” Who seems to manifest out of nothing. Is he a boy at all? The two of them, alone together, then with Akt’adia, the young woman who’s become chief of a local Native American tribe, embark on a dangerous ad... more
  • I Hate My Teacher

    by Laura Simpson
    Fifth-grader DILLON LONDON is the only boy in Mrs. JACKSON’S homeroom class who dares to rebel under her strict teaching style. He even declares war on her. Resentful, he renames her “The GENERAL”, since she taught the class to march in the hallways, like army soldiers, always stepping out on their left foot first. He defies her by using his right foot first, which gives a “flat tire” to the shoe of whomever is in front of him in line. He delights in playing tricks on her, although she rare... more
  • Rocket's Red Glare: A WW II Era Alternate History Novel

    by Cy Stein

    - a heart-pounding political satire that eerily parallels Washington, DC today

    Rocket’s Red Glare is an alternative history novel set in New York City, 1941. FDR is dead and the US is fascist. Charles Lindbergh is president and Joseph P. Kennedy is Treasury Secretary. Fred Trump is Mayor of New York. Oligarchs and plutocrats have the presidential ear. German American Bundists are rioting while police look away. As WW II officially begins, the British are defeated.

    FBI agent ... more

  • 20/20

    by B. Shawn Clark
    A man living in a future world beset by environmental challenges tells the story, set in the past, of what life was like for him as a boy who, along with his mom and little sister, struggles to survive, with the help of a mysterious hermit, an Amazon Princess Warrior, and the remnants of a lost tribe of indigenous peoples, in what was then, in the 2020s, a changing world beset by violent storms, economic collapse and families being torn apart at the seams.
  • 978-1-9772-1062-3

    by E.E. Tressler

    Tom Cooper, a sociology teacher from Colorado, suffers a midlife crisis.  To repair himself, he takes a ride through Nevada to visit his sister in California during his summer vacation.  On the way, he gets stranded in the tiny community of Chaufant.  He is befriended by Andy Caldwell and other residents who seem especially kind to him but he learns that some of the people are practicing cannibalism. On the surface they seem normal and friendly, but underneath they are complex ... more

  • Son of the Sea, Daughter of the Sun

    by Marc Graham
    A shipwrecked prince on a foreign shore and a young princess coming into her powers battle dark forces that would destroy her kingdom and their love. Nine hundred years before Columbus, a sailor with a mystical map and a vision of a glorious destiny is shipwrecked on the far side of the world. A prince of Visigothic Spain, Iudila finds his match in Chakin, daughter of a Mayan king. Can love span the gulf between them, or will they be cast apart by their different gods—or by the dark shaman who ... more