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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by AJIT MANI
    ( My book tells the story of a search for a priceless necklace known as The Nawab’s Tears which belonged to two Nawabs of the Deccan who were defeated and beheaded in serially fought engagements, in battles of the Carnatic Wars (1746-1763 CE). The necklace is believed to bring extreme bad fortune to anyone who wears it. A specialist in Medieval Deccan history locates it with the help of certai... more
  • The Point of Light (Historical Fiction Book 1)

    by John Ellsworth
    May 1940 - Paris. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Claire hears the devastating news: the German army has invaded her homeland, and her beloved Paris has fallen. Within months, her life is turned upside-down. She takes in an orphaned Jewish toddler only days before her beloved German-born husband Remy is forcibly conscripted into the Nazi army. In desperation she connects with other young members of the French Resistance, determined to fight back in whatever way she can. Armed only with he... more
  • Keeper of Slaves

    by Dickie Erman
    "Keeper of Slaves" is Book Two of the "Antebellum Struggles" series, and continues the moving drama of plantations and slavery in the Deep South 1850s. The characters' lives unfold as the Underground Railroad and Fugitive Slave Act impact their entire society.
  • The Doctor Decides

    by Robert Underhill
    Dr. Tom Leckrone is a parachutist and while serving in battles overseas his unfaithful wife bears a child. Leckrone learns of his wife's infidelity and adamantly refuses to raise a child not his own. However, he meets Kathie Herrick who is tending the infant, and Kathie convinces him to forgive and forget transgresses of others. Moreover, a child should not be made to suffer for acts committed by parents. Kathie's attractiveness and forgiving nature wins Leckrone, and she accepts his propo... more
  • Keep Your Songs In Your Heart: A Novel of Friendship & Hope During World War II

    by Carolyn Summer Quinn
    Boisterous 11-year-old aspiring singer Ruby Carol Rafferty's happy life in Seattle is turned upside-down after the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Suddenly America is at war, Ruby's longed-for Christmas trip is cancelled, her father wants to join the Army, and her Japanese American best friend is getting shipped away to an internment camp just because of her heritage. A new friend's family fled from the Nazis in Europe and can't find out what happened to the relatives they left be... more
  • Waldwick

    by Kenneth Linde
    Achievement! Everyone wants it, no one knows how to get it. Yet beneath the belly of the dream lie four critical components…opportunity, ability, desire and dedication. Oppression! The curtailment or elimination of opportunity that eradicate dreams and obliterate the chance to achieve. “Waldwick” is the story of oppression and what people are willing to do, simply to be given the opportunity. Imagine sacrificing your values, your morals and your dignity simply for one chance at life. Wha... more
  • Cryptid

    Cryptozoologist Mike Kellogg studies the creatures of folklore and legend: cryptids. Some are well known—Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster—some are simply local myths. Still others are known animals mistaken for unknown creatures of legend. The exhibit Mike and Liz Newcastle are currently involved with for his Chicago museum features melanism--what causes some animals to be born unnaturally black. Sara Williams, orphaned from an auto accident, schemes to get Mike to adopt her so she can remain close... more
  • Piasa

    Do you believe in fate? After suffering separate personal tragedies, Cryptozoologist Mike Kellogg and teen-aged Sara Williams are thrown together in Alton, Illinois when Mike goes to investigate reports of the reappearance of the unproven-to-science creature known as the Piasa. The mural of the Piasa, which according to early Native American residents meant ‘the bird that devoured men, is painted on thebluffs near the town of Alton, Illinois. The dragon-like depiction overlooks what the Ojibw... more
  • The Gates of Eden

    by Nadene LeCheminant


    When Josephine Bell discovers how quickly one can descend from middle-class Victorian comfort to the slums of Liverpool, she makes a fateful decision.

    Seeking escape from desperate poverty, the girl joins a community of kindly strangers and embarks on an epic journey across a treacherous ocean and into the North American wilderness, pulling a two-wheeled handcart over the Rocky Mountains to a remote desert kingdom.

    In he... more

  • This Won't Take Long: 100 Very Short Stories of Dangerous Relationships, Impaired Presidents, Frustrating Jobs and More

    by Matt Pais

    One hundred really short stories you can read on a commute, during a lunch break or in the bathroom, not that anyone ever reads anything there.

    The pieces are divided into seven categories (Relationships, Politics, Family, Pop Culture, Work, Travel and ?) and were each written during a 15-minute bus ride to work.

    Some are funny, some are sweet, some are disturbing. They're all intended to be entertaining, thought-provoking and leave you wanting more. Start from the beginning o... more

  • Andrew Murray: Destined to Wait

    by Olea Nel

    A true story about facing the challenges of Christian leadership in a volatile environment of political intrigue and church secession

  • Andrew Murray: Destined to Wait: A Biographical Novel

    by Olea Nel
    Hankering to go, but needing to stay A true story about facing the challenges of Christian leadership in a volatile environment of political intrigue and church secession against the backdrop of South Africa between 1856 and 1860. Twenty-eight year old Andrew Murray has just married Emma Rutherfoord, the girl of his dreams, and is looking forward to resuming his ministry in Bloemfontein with her at his side. But he is barely back in town, when trouble strikes. The small, land-locked Orang... more
  • How To Have A Habit

    by S. Todd Stolp
    Cabot heads out to go fishing, but calamity strikes when he loses his fishing pole and gets bored. He begins to pick up one crazy habit after another from the other creatures, a victim of all manner of peer pressure. As the story unfolds, readers will ask themselves, “Is there any such thing as a “good habit,” if it is something we do without thinking?” Finally, a withered snake even teaches him to smoke cigarettes! He keeps it up, even after a disgusted frog tries to tell him about the dangers... more
  • Stroll

    by Todd Stolp
    A collection of illustrated whimsical poetry resulting from ruminations during 36 years of fatherhood and patient encounters. Intended for older children, the topics span biology, zoology, medicine, mental health and social commentary, seasoned with a fair amount of humor.
  • The Germ Patrol: All About Shots for Tots...... and Big Kids, Too!

    by Todd Stolp
    When Trudy tries to hide in her tree house to avoid her appointment to get vaccinated, her sprightly Grandmother finds her and explains the importance of vaccines. Then Super Nurse parachutes into her hideout and takes Trudy on a tour to explain how vaccines work inside her body. The immune system is the law enforcement (AKA the Germ Patrol), germs are the bad guys, and the vaccines are wanted-posters that tell the Germ Patrol what the bad guys look like. In the end, the whole town turns out to ... more
  • What's In A Doctor's Bag

    by Todd Stolp
    Take the fear out of going to the doctor. The 9" X 11", 35 page book is full-color & shaped like a doctor's bag with a carrying handle. The story is about a child who is left alone in a doctor's office & who accidentally knocks over the doctor's black bag. The instruments fall on the floor & turn into characters... including Otis the Otoscope, Lubba Dubba, & Ms. Kneeknocker, Woody, Tempo, & Mr. B.P. Cuff. These creatures give away their secrets & demystify medicine. The cold, sterile instruments... more