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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Barry Bear's Very Best, Learning to Say No to Negative Influences

    by Florenza Lee
    Barry is a very kind and considerate bear. He is known at home, school, and in his neighborhood as being helpful and thoughtful. New bears move in who are neither kind nor considerate; they bully Barry but Barry continues to do his very best. It is only when the bears attempt to pressure Barry to take drugs and drink alcohol does Barry involve his mom. Barry combines an anti-bullying message with DARE's just say no campaign and gives children usable tools they may use to continue to be their ver... more
  • The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog, A Children's Book on Mindfulness

    by Florenza Lee
    The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog, A Children's Book on Mindfulness is a book about a little puppy named Max. Max's tail is oftentimes hurt, no matter what he does, something happens to cause him pain. This pain is due to no fault of his own. However, believing his tail to be the source of his pain, he sets out to catch it and tie it in a knot. It is only when Max is asked why he runs in circles in the first place that he takes ownership of his actions and calls it a habit. Max's habit of running... more
  • Oh My Goodness, Look at this Big Mess

    by Florenza Lee
    “Oh My Goodness, Look at this Big Mess!” A Book on Obedience Based on Matthew 21: 28 - 32 This wonderful book, illustrated by Ray Johnson is based on The Parable of the Two Sons, found in Matthew 21: 28-32. It features twin brothers, Will and Willis. The brothers look, walk, and talk alike. They do everything together except, one always does as he says and the other does not. When asked to complete certain tasks, one brother states he will and the other states he will not; only one is bein... more
  • O'Kapi

    by Florenza Lee
    It is said, if you follow a rainbow to its very end, you will arrive in a magical place known as O'Kapi. In O'Kapi, majestic horses run and play all day long. Everyone gets along well except for one horse named Oya. Oya is not very kind and keeps to herself. She is different than the other horses; rather than celebrate her uniqueness, she hides away and is distant from the others. It is only when three sisters: Nevaeh, Nylah, and Naomi befriend her that she learns something amazing about her... more
  • Acornsville, Land of the Secret Seed Keepers

    by Florenza Lee
    Acornsville, Land of the Secret Seeds Keeper is currently being illustrated by Sofania Artisan. It is the first of several books written based on parables found in the Bible. The intent of these books is to teach the application of the stories. The book is set in a little forest called Acornsville. All the citizens are kind, helpful, generous, and live in peace and harmony; everyone that is, except Roscoe Rabbit. He is neither kind nor considerate. Roscoe doesn't assist his neighbors and ever... more
  • Two Thirds is a Whole

    by Florenza Lee
    This wonderfully unique book, illustrated by Sofania Artisan delicately addresses a very serious subject that far too many children are experiencing: Domestic Violence. At the beginning of the book, Eric lives with his mom and dad in their large, beautiful house. As time goes on, their once happy house becomes very dark and sad. It is then that Eric's mom informs him they must move; it is no longer safe for them to remain in the large house. Eric understands the need to move but is still ve... more
  • When Life Gives Us Wind

    by Florenza Lee
    When Life Gives Us Wind Hi, I am..." Book Series ® This is the 2nd book in the "Hi, I am..." Book Series ®. This book series highlights the joys, sorrows, challenges, and amazingly awesome adventures of being a military family. When Life Gives Us Wind, beautifully illustrated by LaTay Harris is about a little girl named Xiamara whose mom is in the military. Mars, as her mom calls her loves being a military child. She loves moving to new places, learning new languages, and ea... more
  • Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four

    by Maria Ashworth
    A young girl's world is turned upside-down when her mother decides to remarry. Along with the ring comes a few more, Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four. The girl will do whatever it takes to keep them out of her life. She eventually realizes there are some benefits to her step-siblings. This lighthearted story will reassure children that in spite of change, the outcome is worth the transition. It delights in the possibilities of having a growing blended family. Nominated in 2012 as a fi... more
  • My Big Tree

    by Maria Ashworth
    One blue bird has found the best place to nest. Soon other animals think it's the ideal place to be, too. The blue bird decides it's no longer the "best tree to nest in." She finds a new home but something is missing. In the end, the little blue bird realizes there is one thing more valuable than nesting in her favorite tree. The story focuses on counting, colors, animal sounds, word recognition, word repetition while stressing the importance of sharing, community and friendship.
  • Sushi Kitty

    by Maria Ashworth
    Kitty, a young woman, in Japan during the 17th century, desires to change traditions and the thinking of those around her. For hundreds of years, sushi has been considered an art, crafted and dominated only by men. Kitty's aspirations tempt her into a quandary that could affect her and her entire family forever. Sushi Kitty brings the reader on a journey of how one's determination can influence their dream into a reality. Fans of A Single Shard and the movie Brave will be taken in by her restric... more
  • A Caterpillar Forever

    by Maria Ashworth
    Do you ever wish you didn't have to grow up? Zee loves being a caterpillar and wants to stay that way forever despite his friends telling him how beautiful change can be. Can Zee stop Mother Nature from the circle of life?
  • Iggy Loo

    by Maria Ashworth
    Iggy Loo has spent a lifetime in his snow globe being admired by the little redhead. But more than anything, he envies the world that surrounds him and craves to experience life outside his globe. Through one shattering event he gets his wish. See if Iggy Loo will learn that life's simple pleasures are what make living in a snow globe so extraordinary. You can't help but fall in love with Iggy Loo.
  • Real Giraffes Wear-High Heel Shoes

    by Maria Ashworth
    Some boys like to wear pink and some girls like to play with trucks. So why can’t a giraffe wear high heel shoes? Sami, the giraffe loves to do everything in high heel shoes. The herd cannot accept Sami’s refusal to not stand in bare hooves. One day the giraffes encounter a terrible dilemma. See if Sami’s diversity can change the minds of some stubborn giraffes.
  • Tommy James The Littlest Cowboy In Reckon

    by Maria Ashworth
    Tommy James may be little but he knows how to wrangle in a bully like Bo Jones. Tommy James may be the littlest cowboy in Reckon' but he has the heart and determination of a giant. Bullied by Bo Jones, he quickly figures out how to get around this local cowboy. This award winner is the first in the series. A cowboy’s story about wit and determination.
  • Smelly Cat

    by Maria Ashworth
    Lily, an adopted pup, has won the hearts of her parents. She's their world until they adopt one more. Lily sees her new arrival, Smelly Cat, as a nuisance and wants it gone. Can this pup see the advantages of having a Smelly Cat around?
  • William, The What-If Wonder, On His First Day of School

    by Carol Wulff, LSW

    It's the first day of school and William is sure it will be a disaster.  What if the bus passes by his street?  What if he can't find his desk?  What if he gets lost?  These pestering what-if thoughts make him feel nervous and scared.  But wait!  What if the day turns out to be amazing?  Discover what William learns that turns his day around.

    Brimming with color illustrations and rhyming text, this story will help children recognize the di... more