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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • 444 - Seeing God, Holiness Revisited

    by Vic Zarley
    Justin Zachary finds an old radio in an antique store while on vacation in New Hampshire. It only plays testimonies from the Holiness Era. He shares his find with new friends. Scientists from a nearby lab in Massachusetts try to exploit the strange signal. This book is a little difficult to classify as it is a mixture of actual testimonies from centuries ago wrapped in a fictional story.
  • It's Kona Calling

    by Ray Fauteux
    Sam is middle-aged, smokes, drinks, overweight, and is generally unfit and going nowhere in life. In the early 1980's he stumbles onto an ABC telecast of a race called the Ironman Triathlon taking place in Kona, Hawaii. As he watches the race he's enthralled watching people cross the finish line after swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and then running a marathon. He decides he's going to Kona and spends two years getting ready for what was at the time, the most difficult endurance race on th... more
  • Wonders Will Never Cease

    by Judi Moore

    The book is a satirical, campus novel set in the recent past. It concerns the ivory towers of British academia, what it is to be Non-PC in the Eighties, and prodigious quantities of sex and alcohol. It is December, 1985. The year is winding gently towards its close until Dr Fergus Girvan, a Classicist at distance-teaching Ariel University, finds his research has been stolen by the man who is also seeking to steal his daughter. But which man is, actually, the more unscrupulous of the two? And ... more

  • Going Widdershins

    by Sherrye Cohn

    It’s 1958 when Emilena Lamb is brought to Bridgeton Psychiatric Hospital in a catatonic stupor. Sam Atkins, the psychiatrist who admits her, is baffled. Emilena’s husband insists she’s always been the perfect wife and that theirs is a very happy home, which interviews with friends and family seem to support. When Emilena doesn’t improve during her first month in the hospital, she’s transferred to Summerland, a residential facility for “female hysterics” run by the sensuous and eccentric May M... more

  • The Boy in the Well

    by Steve Peek
    The Lightest Side of War Is Still Dark John Ryan never killed anyone, never even fired a gun in Vietnam. He worked in an airconditioned computer building in the safest city in Vietnam. If you had to fight a war, this was the way to do it. Friends, parties, weed and rock & roll filled their nights. Laughter and comradeship were plentiful. They thought they would serve their tour and escape back to the real world without wounds. War leaves no one untouched. No one escapes. All wounds are n... more
  • When I Grow Up I Want To Be Like The Brave Men of Tuskegee

    by LaVon Stennis-Williams
    Brandon Dean the 8 year old character in the book learns about the history of the Tuskegee Airmen from reading time with his Papa. Brandon is inspired to now become a pilot and shares the story of the history of the Tuskegee Airmen in a manner that captures the historical success of this brave group of men, but in a way children will like learning about them. The book also includes information on African Americans prior to the Tuskegee Airmen.
  • Tuesday at Three

    by Kate E. Stephenson
    A transplant to New York via California, Alexa Ross has enthusiastically adopted the no-nonsense sensibilities of the quintessential New York City girl. Although heartbroken following a breakup, she isn’t one to take life sitting down—hence the cross-country move. Suddenly single, Alexa must try to set her life right—or else set it deliciously wrong. She embarks on a series of drunken adventures and romantic missteps in the attempt to find happiness amid the vibrant and hustling New York scen... more
  • Red Clay, Yellow Grass: A Novel of the 1960s

    by Richard Barager

    Evolved Publishing presents a startlingly vivid portrayal of the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of two ill-fated college lovers. The story of their generation spills across some of the era’s most iconic settings: the legendary battleground of Khe Sanh; a Midwestern campus riven by dissent; and Altamont Speedway, scene of the notorious rock festival that ended the Sixties.

    Red clay and yellow grass, a battleground and a rock festival... the senseless slaughter of Vietnam and the f... more

  • No Sleep for Me You See

    by Matthew Harris
  • The Tantra Connection: Healing Through Cosmic Interface

    by Monika Müller
    It’s love that can heal us and our planet, not just “making love”. Love comes from the heart and has millions of ways to get expressed – and knowing how to perceive the flow of energy in your own body makes it possible to intertwine it with the energy of your lover. Finding spirit-mind-body unification is the basis for the experience of unity with another. Otherwise, a relationship is prone to be based on the dependency-vulnerability coming from our childhood. Mingling energy with your partner... more
  • Molly Tanner's Violin

    by Dennis OKeefe
  • The Weight of a Pearl

    by Walker Smith
    A novel of love and war ... so intimate it whispers with feeling .... In 1937, a young trumpet player called Doc leaves Harlem with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade to fight in the Spanish Civil War. Eight hundred miles away, a little girl named Pearl is fighting a child’s war against poverty and paternal abuse in a Chicago tenement. Spain’s defeat leads directly to World War II. For the honor of Spain and self, Doc heads off to fight another war. Meanwhile, Pearl discovers the powe... more
  • Counting Sea Life with the Little Seahorse

    by Sheri Fink
    NEW!!! Dive under the waves with the Little Seahorse as he takes you on a magical underwater adventure while counting the beautiful sea creatures that he encounters. Children will delight in the amazing variety of sea life they can learn about and have fun finding and counting them as more and more appear with each turn of the page. Grown-ups are sure to laugh along with their children at the hilarious illustrations and tongue-twisting wordplay. And wait until you see the special surprise at the... more
  • The Little Seahorse

    by Sheri Fink
    The bashful Little Seahorse discovers a mysterious object during his adventures and has to learn to speak up for himself and ask for help in order to bring his mother this amazing gift. In the process, he increases his self-confidence and makes wonderful new friends. Themes include: Shyness, Giving, Friendship, Tolerance, Generosity
  • The Little Firefly

    by Sheri Fink
    The Little Firefly is an enchanting tale about a late-blooming firefly who can't wait to be all grown up. When all the other fireflies are glowing except for the Little Firefly, she discovers that true friends will love and support her just the way she is. This charming story helps kids learn about love, friendship, and acceptance. The Little Firefly won the Silver Medal in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards and received the Gold Mom's Choice Award. Themes include: Shynes... more
  • "Selling Steve Jobs' Liver: A Story of Startups, Innovation, and Connectivity in the Clouds"

    by Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman
    In 2003, Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. By 2009, the cancer had spread to his liver. Near death, Jobs flew to Tennessee, where he underwent an organ transplant. The fate of the discarded liver remains a mystery, one that is revealed in "Selling Steve Jobs’ Liver: A Story of Startups, Innovation, and Connectivity in the Clouds.  Liver" begins when two serial-failure serial-failure entrepreneurs, Nate Pennington and Ignacio Loehman, ar... more