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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mountain Mysteries

    by James W. Dean
    This book is a collection of short stories. These stories are inspired by my love for the Appalachian Mountains, and by the mysterious legends that can take on a life of their own. So will you come travel the mountain tops, valleys and hollows of the mysterious Appalachian Mountains. Find a witch on the mountain, walk with a phantom mountain lion, look for a raven in the attic, and fly with the eagle on the rock. Follow the ghost to the gold mine, spend two days in the haunted house, or find lov... more
  • Just Another Life

    by Meliha Avdic
    In this book, the plot of the story is secondary to the message of the story. As far as the plot is concerned, this book is written from the future about the present by May. When she was young, May had a photographic memory. However, she starts writing this book in her old age, when she is haunted by the memory of one part of her life. As it happens, that's the part of her life when all the discussions took place. She spoke with her friends about the issues of that day such as economics, rel... more
  • Ripple Effect: Because Of The War

    by Jenny Ferns
    The horrific bombing of London by the Germans at the beginning of WW II destroyed many lives. Veronica adopted her sister's illegitimate daughter Susie; her mother presumed killed by a bomb. Veronica and her husband Richard adopted the child, but never revealed her heritage to her. Postwar, the family attempted to create a normal life but the ripple effect of the wartime losses, shellshock, secrets and rejection almost destroyed the tenuous family bonds.
  • In Verse

    by Tex DeJésus

    Conflicted vanity press editor Vernon Lackey rebels against his money-grubbing employer in an attempt to redeem a poem he can't stomach smothering in volumes of trumped-up milk toast sold back to its authors. The backgrounds and insights of Vern, his best friend Archie, and Maria, the Latina he comes to love, are set on a collision course.

    The ensuing adventure thrown down in this genre-defying, raw human story of love and redemption highlights the way cultural differences and perso... more

  • Fallen Angel

    by December Knight
    A year has passed since Toby went missing and finally it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but when a terrible accident rips everything away Clemit is left scrambling for new clues. At home, James must confront the villain still undefeated finding himself forced to make a decision that could change everything irreconcilably. Unaware of the problems outside his prison. Toby fights against the monster whose grip gets tighter every second, afraid that in the end there migh... more
  • Time Undone

    by AJ Marchant

    Time Undone is a journey through loss and love, through memories and moments, and the lives that continue on regardless. 

    From the very beginning, Quinn and Anna had something different; until Anna left without a word. 
    Having moved on, finally getting her life back to a kind of normal after the loss of her father, Quinn’s world is turned upside down when Anna comes back. 
    From one moment to the next, everything can change. 
    Everything can h... more

  • Postgraduate

    by Ian Shane
    What do you do when you hate your job, your wife just left you, and you’re in the midst of a crushing mid-life crisis? Recreate your college radio station on the Internet, of course. Or at least, that’s what Danny thought. Now he’s finding it’s not so easy to go home again. In addition to the stress of speaking at a beloved professor’s retirement ceremony, he must juggle rivalries and romances from the past, along with modern complications, as he tries desperately to keep the wheels from falling... more
  • Radio Radio

    by Ian Shane
    Erik Randal is a popular night jock at WLAM in Lamasco. His best friend is about to get married, and his career and love life are going nowhere. Erik decides what he needs is to manage the music of a radio station. The trick is to find a station that will let him. When a large corporation buys WLAM, he realizes it won’t happen there. Erik rethinks his priorities when he meets a beautiful local singer/songwriter named Myra. As WLAM’s new owners are turning the station into his worst nightmare, an... more
  • After Anderson

    by Jamila Mikhail
    The day that Anderson brought a gun to school was the day Aly's life changed forever. Her fellow classmates were murdered right before her eyes as her former best friend embarked on the deadliest high school massacre since Columbine. Now, nearly two years later, Aly sets foot in the halls that nearly cost her her life for the first time since the shooting, ready to face her demons. Unanswered questions linger, anxiety abounds and flashbacks are frequent as Aly struggles to understand how Ande... more
  • The Book Sisters

    by Hope Andersen
    The six Book sisters grow up in America between the 1960s and the present day. In this literary novel, each girl is shaped by the events unfolding around her and takes on a particular role in society: the alcoholic, the lesbian, the depressive, the writer, the materialist, and the religious. Kirkus Reviews calls the novel "...a succinct chronicle of American womanhood in the second half of the 20th century. A beautifully composed novel of individuality within sisterhood."
  • From Love Trauma To Fearless Love: 7 Tango Steps For Breaking Free From Narcissists and Predators

    by Jianny Adamo
    In From Love Trauma To Fearless Love, the protagonist Elena leaves her unhappy marriage and established personal and professional life to pursue an adventure. Vulnerable, she heads straight for the arms of Cesar, a psychopath. Their relationship plays out his fantasies while traumatizing Elena. Blindsided and broken, Elena is left to pick up the pieces while also unraveling a mystery from her past. In her darkest hours, Elena discovers the art of dancing the Argentine tango and brilliantly trans... more
  • Dreamtime

    by Barbara Arnett

    Dreamtime is timeless time. A young boy discovers a murdered child on his beach and with her passing she transfers her life force / soul / spirit into the homeless boy. He eventually finds work on a convict transportation vessel in 1830s only to discover himself mysteriously in 1955 rural Australia with the girl who died on his beach long ago. A fellow mariner killed the girl long ago and every time he kills her, he gains another life in the Dreamtime. The boy must stop the man to protect gir... more

  • Igloo High

    by Jacinthe Dessureault
    Senior year was supposed to be fabulous for popular high school girl Ella Briggs—a year filled with dating, shopping and partying, with a kick-ass prom at the end. If only her dad understood this! Instead, when offered the job of a lifetime, he uproots his city-loving daughter and drags her kicking and screaming to an isolated Inuit town near the North Pole—a frozen land of snowmobiles and whale blubber. From the bright lights of her big city to the northern lights of the Great White North, will... more
  • Journey Into Darkness, a story in four parts 2nd edition, color

    by J. Arthur Moore
    As it begins, Journey follows Duane Kinkade, his parents, his dog, and his best friend, Jamie, from his father's departure to the war in the spring of 1861, through a season of uneasy calm sharing time with his friend on the family farm, into a summer of unexpected violence with the death of his mother, toward a winter of loneliness, culminating in the spring of 1862 when Duane sets out in search of his father by running away to the war. The novel goes on through two and a half years of the war,... more
  • Victory

    by Naomi Paasch
    Two stories in one, Victory follows both the author's struggle to write her first story, and the story itself. Fighting against a sense of inadequacy and self-doubt, the author creates a world with two students searching for an answer to the question: What is beauty?
  • When I Grow Up

    by Alex M Clark

    The fun children's book of careers that kids can really picture themselves in (literally)!