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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Journey Through Hell Almost to Heaven

    by Mel King
    A young doctor in the Union Army's Medical Corps experiences the horrors of the Civil War with mass casualties resulting from improvements in weaponry, the emergence of modern warfare, and the entry of modern medicine. He observes countrymen fighting countrymen, relatives versus relatives, inspired by hatred generated by a minority of Southerners who desire to preserve the abominable institution of slavery. He witnesses a Confederate military "hero" ordering thousands of his troops on a suici... more
  • Rideshares, Wrecks, and Sex: Confessions of a Convicted Uber Driver

    by Joe F. N. Schmo
    As most Uber drivers do, I began sharing rides with the audacious hope to one day escape the legal and financial road blocks stalling my merger onto the freeway of creative success. But when a typical shift U-turns into a series of detours involving Android ordered lovers, herpes ridden riders, sexy sorority sisters, a botched bachelor party, and blundering bank robbers, I arrive (at gunpoint) miles from my desired destination. "Rideshares, Wrecks, and Sex: Confessions of a Convicted Uber Driver... more
  • Siam Storm - A Thailand Adventure

    by Robert A Webster

    Giggling like naughty schoolboys each time they talk about their upcoming holiday to Thailand; Spock and Stu hope it entails plenty of booze, parties, raunchy sex with acorn coloured skin beauties, and balmy day’s chillaxing while drinking cocktails on warm sandy beaches.

    Boy, are they in for a shock!

    After a golden box containing the dental remains of the Buddha is stolen and its guardian monks murdered, the Elders send the surviving Warrior monk to retrieve the holy relic ... more

  • i am Elephant, i am Butterfly

    by Leslie Tall Manning
    When sixteen-year-old Simone Wheeler is accepted into the elite Camp Kamama--a place of self-discovery for the morbidly obese--she instantly despises the food rations, obstacle course, and powwows, where each girl must stand in front of her peers to expose her darkest secrets. But the Appalachian Mountains are shrouded in mystery, and Camp Kamama's rules will soon be the least of Simone's worries. While meditating beneath an old tree in the woods, Simone unearths a secret diary belonging to a be... more
  • The Kitchen Brigade

    by Laurie Boris

    If an army marches on its stomach, can a cook win the war? A dystopian story about food, friendship, loyalty, courage…and what unites us as the world tries to tear us apart.

    It’s 2049, in a Russian-occupied America ravaged by civil war. Valerie Kipplander—daughter of the assassinated secretary of state—is thrown in jail. When the regime discovers this daughter of privilege is also a talented culinary student, she’s forced into service in the kitchen of a R... more

  • Edating the Old School Way: A Comedic Guide to Online Dating

    by Maura Stone

    The underground manifesto of advice for online daters from over a decade ago. The author re-published eDating the Old School Way for all to enjoy the simpler days when the web didn't destroy lives. Still relevant, eDating the Old School Way is just as funny and refreshing today.

  • Five-Star Fleecing

    by Maura Stone

    Best Comedy of 2011 and Top Breakthrough Novels (amazon & Penguin Books) as well as the darling of literary critics.


    Five-Star FLEECING lampoons the high-end hospitality industry in Manhattan. Doesn't sound funny? Read the reviews!!

  • The Last Coming

    by Andrew Grey





    Andrew B Grey Born in Jamaica where he was raised in a small town named Green Hill. Andrew Grey is a writer who has a passion for music, traveling and sports. He is a single father with two children who has struggled for a major part of his life. It was during this struggle that he found out what a great writer he was and started to explore his gifted talent

  • Spice

    by Robert A Webster

    After almost forty years of searching, Ravuth at last feels hopeful. Gazing out of the window he thinks about the last time he saw his parents and mischievous younger brother. He grimaces when he recalls watching the Khmer Rouge herd them off like animals along with the rest of his villagers. Letting out a deep sigh, Ravuth wonders, ‘Are they all still alive? What will they look like now? Will they remember me? I can only imagine what they’ve been through.’ With his thoughts... more

  • Many Shades of Parenting: Parenting Short Stories: A Soulfulme Collection

    by Nirmala Venkataramani
    Parenting is the most important task and also the most difficult one as well. Parents of today shape the world of tomorrow. The true report card of the parenting style we follow is available years later and often the results are unchangeable. This is probably one of those few jobs in the world, that doesn't have any manuals. Despite all these daunting, tall order job descriptions, we aren't doomed. We can learn from others, their successes and mistakes. We can also learn from our own. The only p... more
  • by Stephanie Barko
    As WW II breaks out, a father finds himself in the U.S. while his wife and sons are home in occupied Norway. Based on the son’s true life journals from 1935-1945, this is the story of a family separated by war and uncertainty, hoping to reunite in America.
  • Nobody I Know

    by John J. Gaynard
    The Franco-American psychiatrist Professor J. O’Neill is still proud of the work he did with a couple of Mormon colleagues developing enhanced interrogation techniques for the CIA in places like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and black sites all over the world. But after publication of the U.S. Senate’s report into CIA torture he became a pariah among fellow psychologists in North America and had to move back to France. In exchange for his unorthodox methods of reintegrating into French society viol... more
  • Tenochtitlan Must Fall

    by Gabriel Hugo
    The fall of the Aztec empire was an inside job. Meet Ali, the only Aztec eyewitness whose story contradicts the official record of the conquest of Mexico, and whose version of events the Spanish Crown, the Vatican, and the Tlaxcalteca Axis powers suppressed for hundreds of years...until now.
  • The Great Wall Bernard Sees

    by Connie Du
    “The Great Wall is like an ancient dragon, winding gracefully across the high mountain ridges. The beautiful dragon is so powerful and so long that the little boy can’t see the beginning or the end of it. He stands so tall and high above the world, feeling the amazing dragon flying beneath his feet. The wind blows and gently touches his face, sending him warm greetings from the ancient time…” As a symbol of China, the Great Wall has stood for more than two thousand years to protect the ancien... more
  • I, Claudia A Novel of the Ancient World

    by Lin Wilder

    "They were the faces of my dreams..."


    Claudia Procula--wife of one of the most controversial figures in ancient history--comes alive to twenty-first-century readers in a groundbreaking new novel by the award-winning author of the Lindsey McCall medical mystery series.

    For decades, the daughter of the last Oracle at Delphi has suppressed the secrets of her birth, extensive education, and marriage to the notorious Fifth Prelate of Judea--Ponti... more

  • Before We Were Perfect

    by S.D. Moore

    Before We Were Perfect has been adapted into an award winning screenplay titled Perfectly Normal in Flagstaff. The screenplay won Best Feature Script in the 2018 Top Indie Film Awards and a 2018 Silver Screen award in the Nevada International Film Festival.

    About the Book
    Inspired by true events; Before We Were Perfect is a dramatic comedy about the Havreaux family and their ragin' Cajun uncle. Julz Havreaux is a beautiful young woman with imperfections who meets an imperfect h... more