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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Boom Boom
    When mischievous Sarabi overhears her mother discussing with a friend, their move to the United States for her Dad’s new job– the clock starts tickin’. With time running out, Sarabi can count up to ten reasons why she loves her homeland, as she enlists the help of her special friends along her journey. Will her family make it to the airport in time, or will the tricks up Sarabi's sleeves successfully cancel all plans and risk her dad's new position?
  • Tricksters

    by N.L. McLaughlin
    For generations, the Tricksters have inhabited the mountains of west Texas. Preying off unwitting travelers, the pack's existence remains a well-kept secret. On a road trip, Ash and her friends make the fateful decision to stop in the dusty little town of Sierra Diablo where they meet a handsome and charismatic local named Caleb and his peculiar group of friends. Later that night, a frightened young girl stumbles into their campsite, begging for help. What follows is a night of terror a... more
  • Ernie's Bleachers

    by Tim Pareti
    Eddy Pareti lives under the shadow of his older brother and sister, straight A students who are the apple of their parent’s eye. He’s the black sheep of the family who dodges duties at his family’s tavern, Ernie’s Bleachers (now Murphy’s Bleachers), ditches school and fails seventh grade. The Cubs in 1945 are heading to the World Series, and Eddy sneaks into games and brushes up against baseball legends, including stars of the Negro League. But he runs into trouble with a bookie who wants him... more
  • Becoming Buddha

    by Corey Croft
    Most self-help books will describe remedies and issue lessons to escape the perverted spiral of depression and anxiety. They will aim at improving the quality of one's life and inform choices and states of mind that nurture a healthy and productive psyche. Not this book. Things can always get worse, and baby, they probably will. My life was, is and will probably always be painfully average. I am the glistening standard of what it means to be normal. My grades, my looks, my jobs, my partner... more
  • Scumbag Rehab

    by Corey Croft
    You hear all kinds of stories in a bar. All kinds of characters with all kinds of experiences. Booze is a mighty fuel. It brings out the best in some and the worst in every one else. If you post up on a barstool long enough, you might hear someone’s entire life story, whether you asked for it or not. If that barstool happens to be plugged into the wood at the Knowlton Tavern, then the story you would be hearing might belong to James ‘Feb’ February. Only at a dive bar full of the most desperat... more
  • Mette Hansdatter

    by Phyllis Florin

    This book is a fictionalization of my great-grandmother, Mette Hansdatter set in Sogn, Norway, with some real and some imagined characters.  The Norwegian landscape is strong and almost serves as a character: harsh and beautiful, exerting a life-long gravitational pull against the allure of immigration. When those who stay behind come to the shore to wave off those who will depart, the homesickness is palpable: "Another one gone."  The heart of the book is about this unsol... more

  • Bedtime on the Farm

    by Natalie Inwood
    Curl up and count down from ten to zero. A hypnotic, rhyming book with baby farm animals all drifting off to sleep. Help your little one calm down and drift away, just like the animals in the story!
  • A Mercy of Widows

    by Marcy Lane
    Her heartbreak is real but lack of a wedding ring has left her defenseless. Will grappling with MAID legislation destroy her or bring her peace? Heddie Wright worries she’s failing her beloved. Struggling to resurface from grief after caring for her boyfriend as cancer tore him apart, the forty-something almost-widow is discovering how hard it is to fulfill her promise to move on. And her tentative steps toward healing become entwined with a tense mercy-killing trial when she’s assigned to th... more
  • Her Own War

    by Debra BORCHERT
    As Napoleon rises from the ashes of the French Revolution, one woman dares to spy against him. Imprisoned for the crime of impersonating a man, Geneviève LaGarde fears giving birth in an asylum could be certain death for her and her unborn child. Desperate for her release, her husband, Louis, trades his freedom for hers and must join Bonaparte’s army in Egypt. As Geneviève wages her own war against the tyrannical general, she not only risks her own life but also those of her children and t... more
  • A Mirror for The Blind: Reflections of a Digital Seoul

    by Mu Jeong
    Kim Youngbaek, a fifth-year assistant manager at Company P, barely manages to stop the closing elevator and squeezes into the last available space. As he leaves the company building, he takes off the employee ID card hanging around his neck and joins his colleagues, who are all bowing their heads to their phones on their way home. He also barely finds a spot on the bus. Enjoying the view of the Han River from the bus, with just enough space to use his phone, Youngbaek logs onto 'SCR33N', an anon... more
  • Beneath the Swaying Willow

    by Amily D'Nas
    A young man and woman are torn apart when he is drafted into the United States Army and deployed to serve in Vietnam. She grows anxious as the anti-war movement heats up and and a second wave of feminism washes over the nation. Fate fills the void between them with new experiences, forever changing who they are. Once reunited, she does her best to help his readjust back to civilian life and leave the horrors of war behind him. Neither one realizes the extend to which the other is scarred and whe... more
  • Sammy Skunk Gets an Invitiation

    by Eula May Foote
    Sammy Skunk doesn’t get an invitation to Maureen Mole’s party because he’s smelly and different, so he decides to make himself smell very nice and he gets given an invite. But when the smell wears off will the other animals accept him as he is? Children will learn from this book how to accept and understand children who are different from them.
  • Conjecture

    by May Clarke
    Lia, an average writer living an average life had found a thrilling motive to forge ahead. In the quiet hours of the evening, unnoticed, she retrieved letters from a stranger’s grave. Letters that were penned by a man to his dead wife. The sudden uncanny tone of the letters alerted her of a forthcoming disaster that led her to kill a man. 17th century: Three hundred years from now, a girl will kill the immortal warlock. Being part of an unforgivable crime, submerged in relentless guilt, Li... more
  • The Diving God

    by Brian Ray Brewer
    The Diving God follows the misadventures of Bob Banks, who leaves his stultifying job, his broken marriage and New York City for a disastrous vacation in Mexico where he becomes stranded and where he eventually finds romance while teaching a single mother’s son the basics of platform diving. This romantic comedy speaks of urban angst, of self-discovery and of building family from the wreckage of past relationships.
  • Strange Tales and Shadowy Beings from Beyond the Bible

    by Edward Brown
    This book contains nine stories, written in an entertaining style for the average person – but based upon sound theological, historical, and scientific principles – drama, adventure, and inspiration all rolled into one. It is not just fantasy or pure fiction. As such, it provides a fresh perspective on understanding the human psyche – filling in gaps where people can stumble or fall. Most stories have a Christian perspective, although there is no denominational focus. The setti... more
  • The Four Queens

    by Christopher Walker
    A rumour has spread around the kingdom of the four beautiful girls who live in a little house at the end of a long lane... And the King is looking for a wife. Join Alexandra, Belle, Celine, and Darla - with their older sister Zygmunda - on their adventures at the castle, dealing with a man whose selfishness and arrogance are as famous as their own beauty...