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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • In Light of December: A Story of Japanese Internment

    by Andrew Hayes Williams
    “America is under attack.” With those words, life would change forever. Before December 1941, Yoshi Yamaguchi thought nothing could be lousier than being seventeen. He hated high school, his crush didn’t notice him, and his only future was working at his family’s grocery store. But after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States entered World War II, the Yamaguchis were told they would be forced to “relocate.” What would the Manzanar internment camp be like? What awaited them behind the ... more
  • Grace: Stories and a Novella

    by Dan Burns
    "We're all flawed and confronted daily with sometimes slight but often apparently insurmountable challenges. But if we dig deep, what we unearth from the depths of our souls, if we're lucky, can allow us to overcome and carry on to live another day with an untortured heart." This is the sentiment Dan Burns explores in his exciting new collection. Five stories and a novella highlight Burns's range as a storyteller and his ability to see life and all its emotions through a unique lens. This col... more
  • Touch the Sky

    by Alison Blasdell
    Touch the Sky intertwines the past with the present as it tells the story of two women--one a priestess in Britain's Bronze Age and one a contemporary American woman who, after striking her head, sees life through the eyes of the young Bronze Age priestess. Rich in historic detail, this novel blends mystery, fantasy, and romance. The possible connection between two women seperated by three thousand years; the purpose of Britain and Europe's stone megaliths; the powerful pull of the sky thoughout... more
  • The Biographies of Ordinary People: Volume 2: 2004-2016

    by Nicole Dieker
    The Gruber sisters grow up in this second volume of The Biographies of Ordinary People, navigating jobs, friendships, and relationships in a constantly changing world.
  • Driven by Conscience

    by Rachel Goss
    The story begins in 1942 Berlin. Uwe Johannes was slated for a brilliant career as a physicist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. As the illustrious Werner Heisenberg’s graduate student, Uwe would have remained in the inner circle if not for his family’s humanitarian work. The Third Reich intervenes and Uwe ends up fighting on the front line in Tunisia. Before Uwe leaves, Heisenberg shares classified documents detailing their work towards constructing an atom bomb, which Uwe carries out of the cou... more
  • While Mommy Was Fast Asleep

    by Lisa Cole
    Worldwide, an estimated 1.3 billion people live with vision impairment. Roughly 36 million of those are completely sightless. Little sister is one of them. Tonight, she doesn’t feel well so her big sister steps up to care for her all night while they believe mom is sleeping.
  • Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk: Picture Book about a Spunky Vehicle for Children age 2 - 6 (Stories from Sri Lanka)

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion
    *** Includes a JIGSAW PUZZLE for you to print and play*** There are hundreds of books about cars, trains, trucks and various construction vehicles in the market. So, what makes this vehicle book unique? 1) It is the ONLY tuk tuk children's book with a talking vehicle 2) It is set in Sri Lanka (which is designated the best place to visit in 2019 by Loney Planet) Whether you wish to introduce cultural diversity to your kids, encourage them to travel or explore exotic places through a boo... more
  • The Dogs of Lenin

    by Linda Freeny
    The DOGS OF LENIN involves the story of the doomed love affair of Lisa Danton and Grant Chandler. From the moment they met they knew that each would follow a different path but tried to keep it together because their love was real and obsessive. They spoiled themselves to ever love anyone again. Lisa wanted to be a journalist, net work TV her goal. Grant, an activist, hated the media and its biases and the fact that they were unwittingly helping the Russians take America without a shot or a mi... more

    by Eilidh McGinness
  • Drawing with Whitman

    by Kristin McGlothlin
    Catalynd Jewett Hamilton has always lived a peaceful life with her family on their old farmstead at the top of Sourland Mountain in New Jersey. But after she and her mother get in a bad car accident, Cat ends up in a wheelchair with two broken legs and her mom begins to suffer from depression. With her older brother leaving for college, Cat has to take charge and guide her family back to happiness. Luckily for Cat, a new friend named Benton Whitman arrives just in time to help. Benton is a pa... more
  • FREAKING OUT the Novel

    by helmut schonwalder
    Roxi, at age 65, looking still 40isch, returns home to a 60-day notice to vacate on her apartment door. Having lived at the same place for over 25 years, the idea of being forced to move comes as a shocking experience. Roxi an experienced waitress, is working 4 gigs to make ends meet in a 2020 Central California. Facing the facts that her options are limited to sleeping in her 1980s Volkswagen Bus, living in a tent or on the street, is not at all what she had planned for..., ....accompany her ... more
  • Sunshower

    by Arlene Holland
    Sunshower is a fictional story about a family dealing with drugs, divorce and struggling to keep a moral compass.
  • A Garden of Vietnamese Lyrics & Verse, Volume 1

    by Vuong Thanh

    The Vietnamese people love poetry and romantic music. This book is a collection of Vietnamese song lyrics and verse, translated by a bilingual poet with over three decades of writing poetry. The book also include some poems written in English and translated back to Vietnamese. There are over 130 song lyrics and poems, written by many authors, covering various themes: love, homeland, memories, dreams, patriotism, Zen enlightenment, etc. Most of the selections are Vietnamese poetry and song cla... more

  • The Princess of the Bottom of the World: Complete Series

    by Dan Linehan

    Provocative, edgy, humorous, racy, avant-garde, thought-provoking, and full of wonder describe The Princess of the Bottom of the World, a multimedia serial novel that tackles climate change by giving sugar with the medicine. Though fiction, it is based on the author’s true adventures (such as encountering shipwrecks, infiltrating an international seaport, and living through a deadly storm), travels to Antarctica and the surrounds, time living in Argentina, work with science, and longtim... more

  • Intoxicated Witch

    by Crystal Elizabeth Westman
    Following the guiding principles of 11:11, Flora Blume takes a long intoxicated walk through Toronto's gritty eastside. Even though the road to recovery may be long...every step counts.
  • Lightweight Hiking Bags For Hikers

    by Alpinebear Pakistan
    Having a good hiking backpack is essential for a good trip. A good lightweight backpack that you can keep on your back during long walks can help you prevent problems like back pain and see more, make it more comfortable and carry more for your journey. A good hiking backpack is the basis of your hiking equipment. You will always need to bring a good amount of equipment when you plan to go hiking and camping. For a full day or even a day trip, you may need to keep a good amount of rations and e... more