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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Relic The Copper Ax: The Tragic Story of Otzi the Iceman

    by Bill Copeland
    The story is set in central Europe 5300 years ago from the northern alps of Italy to the eastern lands along the Danube River to Vinca, the earliest European Bronze Age civilization. Otzi is the chieftain of a south Tyrollean late stone age tribe scrounging for a living in the high mountains. To support his village he travels by foot to trade with the people on the north side of the mountains. He returns after a long trip to his family and village with a big backpack full of goods, his wife Mara... more
  • Viral Stories

    by Cameron Dusting

    Have you ever dreamed of going viral? How far would you go for a million Instagram followers? Alan is a humble poet with scarred lips; Mark is a flamboyant and successful singer in a rock band; Luke is a depressed comedian who refuses to perform. Viral is the exhilarating story of three young men hell-bent on getting famous. But when COVID-19 hits, everything goes haywire. Who will make their dreams come true?

    Included in this book are four more short stories by ... more

  • A Thousand Valleys

    by Ken Fulmer
    Something malevolent lurks under the surface in 1977. Sara Taylor works the graveyard shift at the county hospital, leaving her son across the street overnight with a trusted friend. A growing depression first surfaced last year, when Jimmy almost died from the Swine Flu, a virus Sara brought home from the hospital. Unable to get over her guilt and shame, Sara allows the voices in her head to gain a foothold. When her secret teenage crush dies suddenly, the entire world weeps. For a time, Sa... more
  • The Polar Bear and the Dragon, Dream Jumper

    by Debbie Watson
    In Book Two of The Polar Bear and the Dragon series, Whitney and Edward, two teenagers with extraordinary talents, must risk their lives to protect a young dragon destined to become the ruler of Yagdi. The small world teeters on the brink of war as it battles a new and powerful enemy. The teens and their formidable alliance have been weakened just as they must find a way to keep Yagdi from falling into the hands of this dangerous enemy. They need to find a powerful and elusive wizard known as a ... more
  • The Polar Bear and the Dragon: Dawn of an Alliance

    by Debbie Watson
    Whitney, her mom, and their unique cat live high on a sandy bluff overlooking Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Whitney has spent her entire life unaware of the unique gifts lying dormant deep inside her. But the summer of her thirteenth birthday changes everything! Plagued with terrifying nightmares and confused by strange new abilities, her life is spiraling out of control. Joining forces with a mysterious and powerful ally may be her only solution.
  • A Portable Chaos: Revised Edition

    by E.M. Schorb

    A Portable Chaos is an historical novel that brings to life the transformation of the United States from the con­forming Fifties to the volcanic social eruptions of the “swinging Sixties”—from the private chaos of Jimmy Whistler's childhood to the public chaos of his youth, the former shaping himself, the latter shaping all Ameri­cans.



  • Teddy Talks

    by Vanessa Messenger
    Sit, stay, and come along as Teddy Talks about the paws-itive daily habits he and his human Emily make to fuel their fun adventures! This fetching tale about two best friends sheds an optimistic light on Type 1 Diabetes while engaging readers through Teddy's playful puppy antics and popping illustrations.
  • ZERO

    by Al Schnupp
    How does an egotistical buffoon with no talent become the darling political celebrity of his country? A bawdy satire of tabloid politics, exposing how a simpleton is elected leader of a fictitious country. Maxie convinces her husband, Zero, to commit a bizarre crime that showers him with riches, making it possible for him to campaign for leader of their country. With Horace as Campaign Manager, the trio embarks on a whirlwind of fundraising, cover-ups, debates, makeovers and scams. Meanwhile... more

    by Sebastian Lopez
    Synopsis of Cosmic Swan The COSMIC SWAN, based on the science-fiction novel of the same name, can be a stand-alone epic film or part of a film series in the tradition of action-packed science fiction stories of the future such as Star Wars and Star Trek. In the story, an intrepid geologist investigating earthquakes in the Himalayas discovers devotees of a cult led by a gorgeous priestess who says the earthquakes are caused by the birth of a great being. As a scientist and he insists they a... more
  • Goods & Effects

    by Al Schnupp
    What happens when a free-thinking widow, raised in a deeply religious environment, is forced to create a new life? A widow reimagines her life, takes on new challenges and develops a network of unconventional, unforgettable friends. Devastated by the death of her husband and sons, Hannah, a Mennonite, sells the family farm and creates a store and living quarters in a delivery truck. She travels several circuits, selling her wares. Hannah becomes the heart of a network of interlinking lives t... more
  • Lying and Making A Living

    by William Dunlap
    Lying and Making a Living, the title from a Barry Hannah quote picks up where Short Mean Fiction leaves off. It contains more of the irreverent, hard-hitting, exhilarating, ironic, and emblematic prose we’ve come to expect from the writer and painter William Dunlap. His stories, some as short as a single page, leave the reader gasping for breath and wanting more. Whereas Short Mean Fiction, his first gathering of stories promised words and pictures, Lying and Making a Living delivers fiction wit... more
  • Always the New Girl

    by Kelly Vincent

    Sarah Redmond has moved all over the country with her flighty mom, always the new girl, never the popular one. Until Sierra Vista, where she's finally on the verge of a social breakthrough. But when everything goes horribly wrong, she and her new friends find a way to use knitting to exact sweet revenge. But that is only the beginning of her new life in Arizona, where she has run-ins with some drug-runners and her deadbeat father before meeting Alex, who helps her see who she really is an... more

  • The Christmas Time Travelers 1

    by Laurence Haynes

    ON A BEAUTIFUL AND SNOWY Christmas Eve, PROFESSOR MCDOUGAL— a brilliant inventor in his early 60s— sits at home with his three dogs. McDougal has two Puggles— LILY and BENJI— and one Golden Retriever named KARAT. The three furry friends and McDougal are as close as family and spend all their time together. THIS CHRISTMAS EVE is a very special one. It is the first time that McDougal will test his greatest invention: The time machine. FLASHBACK to McDougal twenty years e... more

  • The Porch

    by Janet Crandell Burtt

    A compelling story about an English family that immigrates to Charleston, South Carolina in the late 1790's to establish an office of their family business. The story chronicles their journey from the inception of the idea of coming to America, their journey across the Atlantic Ocean and their arrival in Charleston to find a different climate and a new culture. Their greatest joy is in building a summer house outside the city fronting on a large creek to escape the intense heat in the city in... more

  • Now What?

    by Brenda Faatz
    The book title begs the question and the answers come through obstacles which become opportunities in this comical romp. Curiosity, frustration, imagination, and a unique perspective are at the heart of this tale about Lizzy, the protagonist from the “It’s Just So” book series. Written in lyrical rhyme, we are taken on a little journey through a day that brings personal growth and the meeting of Luna, a new neighbor, who just moved from the Caribbean. Together, they color their way through adven... more
  • Hey Papa Dude! What's Cookin'?

    by PAPA DUDE aka Steven Scaffidi
    Papa Dude loves to cook and he can’t wait to share a great meal with you! Come with Papa Dude and his best friend, Charlie Crab, as they take you on an adventure inside the world of food. You’ll never know how much fun eating can be until you sit down with Papa Dude and Charlie!