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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Now What?

    by Brenda Faatz
    The book title begs the question and the answers come through obstacles which become opportunities in this comical romp. Curiosity, frustration, imagination, and a unique perspective are at the heart of this tale about Lizzy, the protagonist from the “It’s Just So” book series. Written in lyrical rhyme, we are taken on a little journey through a day that brings personal growth and the meeting of Luna, a new neighbor, who just moved from the Caribbean. Together, they color their way through adven... more
  • Hey Papa Dude! What's Cookin'?

    by PAPA DUDE aka Steven Scaffidi
    Papa Dude loves to cook and he can’t wait to share a great meal with you! Come with Papa Dude and his best friend, Charlie Crab, as they take you on an adventure inside the world of food. You’ll never know how much fun eating can be until you sit down with Papa Dude and Charlie!
  • Hey Papa! What's Out There?

    by PAPA DUDE aka Steven Scaffidi
    Papa Dude and his best friend Charlie Crab are taking off on an adventure that’s out of this world! It’s time to put on your space suit and get ready to blast off into the great unknown. This is one journey that you don’t want to miss, so hang on for the ride of a lifetime as you follow Papa Dude and Charlie into outer space!
  • Hey Papa Dude! Why Do Kids Love Going To The Zoo?

    by PAPA DUDE
    Papa Dude and Charlie Crab are ready to take you on another great adventure. This time, they are going to the zoo, and you can go with them. Come along and meet all of the friendly animals as Papa Dude and Charlie take you to the zoo!
  • Hey Papa Dude! Can We Take A Road Trip

    by PAPA DUDE aka Steven Scaffidi
    It’s time to hit the road with Papa Dude and his best friend Charlie Crab. You'll travel across America, and visit some of the most interesting and fun places you can imagine. So, pack your bags and buckle up for a road trip that you will never forget!
  • Jesus' Silent Years series

    by Vance Shepperson
    All four novels in Jesus’ Silent Years follow the classic path of the hero. Jesus starts in a no-name village, a mudhole in between nowhere and not much else. He goes down, down, and further down. Then, in this final volume, he rises to a far greater plateau—a life of goodness, compassion, and intimate relationship with his Father and followers. It’s all about character, wrapped in a story.
  • Harper's Rescue: A Novel of Redemption in the Civil War - 2nd edition

    by Sean Kevin Gabhann

    Harper’s Rescue consists of three interwoven character-driven plot lines.


    In the first plot-line, James (Jamie) Harper risks the trust and respect of his men, which he earned in the Harper’s Donelson, by giving the appearance of a lazy, profligate, whore-hound, while operating under secret orders to investigate potential espionage in the brothels owned by the Bosleys and Miss Eleanor. He develops an affection for one of the working women, Maggie, who is the... more

  • Texas Quest

    by Betty Willis

    Christian Schulz takes a treachereous voyage from Germany to Texas in 1872 in order to avoid almost certain death in the German military. He meets with many trials and triumphs in this journey to find a new life, friends and love, in the early history of Texas.

  • Lala Rosa Girls

    by Najoua Martin
    Lala Rosa is a lively hair salon in urban Rotterdam. Amidst the chaos of fuming hairdryers, loud music and endless cups of coffee, Souad and Layla expertly wield their scissors. Hatim, the charming owner of the place, comes and goes as he pleases. Other men are not allowed in the salon, except as a topic for gossip. At Lala Rosa, women are able to reveal their true selves and cut loose. One day Hatim introduces the girls to F’dila, their new colleague. She has come to Rotterdam with the same des... more
  • Ellery's Magic Bicycle

    by Maria Monte

    A touching picture book about a remarkable childhood bond between a little girl and her magic bicycle, perfect for children ages 4 to 7 and for fans of The Giving Tree.

    Inspired by the author's own childhood adventures, this heartfelt story will take readers on a whimsical journey through Ellery’s childhood with her magical bicycle in tow. Ellery and her bicycle share many wonderful new experiences together; lonely yet curious Ellery finds adventure, ... more

  • Second Chance Magic

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Parnormal Women's Fiction with Romantic Elements
    ​NYT & USAT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow

    Secrets broke her heart... and have now come back from the grave to haunt her.

    Lorna Addams’ life is not turning out like she expected. After a very public embarrassment, she finds it difficult to trust her judgment when it comes to new friendships and dating. She might be willing to give love a second chance when she meets the attractive Wil... more

  • ACE The Black Stallion

    by Ann Feifel
    For horse lovers of all ages from pre-teens to adults: Ace the Black Stallion, a captivating story about Ace, a beautiful black colt, born with a tragic start in life, and sixteen-year-old Julia, who suffers two devastating losses. They both struggle to overcome their hardships. Julia picks up the pieces of her life, and Ace matures into a stunning stallion. Puzzling events occur when a neighbor’s filly goes missing first, then Ace disappears and searchers come up empty-handed. ***B... more
  • Las Vegas Homes Where dreams meet reality

    by real estate
    For many people, the sight of the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas Strip is enough to drive them to invest in Las Vegas homes for sale. The bright city lights, and the excitement of gambling has attracted many visitors to Las Vegas. It is not surprising at all that so many investors are finding out about the real estate properties that can be found in this prime piece of real estate. The Strip is actually consisting of seven hills, but you can find all sorts of accommodations in the southern pa... more
  • The Blitz Bus

    by Glen Blackwell
    Emmie let out a huge sob – “It’s not a film set”, she cried. She held onto Jack for a moment, then took a step back, closed her eyes and shouted - “WHERE AM I?” When Jack and Emmie suddenly find themselves transported back to London in 1940, they find a world both familiar, yet very different. As they dodge falling bombs and over-zealous policemen, they befriend Jan - a lonely Polish refugee. Together, they must work out if the shadowy figure they keep seeing is a spy and unlock the secret of... more
  • River of Forgiveness

    by K. Lorraine Kiidumae
    “ i fear no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)…” Painted against the backdrop of e.e.cummings poetry, Chopin’s Nocturnes, and the unleashed passions of the times, River of Forgiveness is a coming-of-age story set at the close of the Second World War. Eighteen-year-old Sydney Archumbault’s chance encounter with an older British stranger awakens her longings to the exuberant power of her one true love, forever altering the course of her life. Intrigued by this educated, artistic man, whom she late... more
  • Where hands Go

    by Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs
    Where Hands Go is the brand new book from the Kids Again Foundation designed to teach children when it is all right to be touched, and by who, and when it is wrong. Handsomely illustrated and thoughtfully written, this is a must read for every family with young children.