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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by S. D. Dillard
    Why can't Willy ever get what he wants? With so many delightful things happening each day, he would love to take part in all of them. The strange thing is, no one can understand what he wants .In this story, he will begin to realize the power of communication. Will Willy finally begin to use his words, or will he always be disappointed? Join the adventure as we discover Whaddya Want, Willy!?!
  • The Shearing of Willie McElroy

    by Roy McElroy
    The Shearing of Willie McElroy is a collection of short stories, poems, and anecdotes. An insightful telling about some of the things we find questionable, heartbreaking, uplifting, laughable, and yes – even depressing at times . An easy-to-read selection for those in need of ‘a moment.’
  • East of Lincoln

    by Harlin Hailey

    From award-winning author Harlin Hailey comes this ripped-from-the-headlines tale of desperation, depravity, and murder. The year is 2012. The end of the world is near. Set in Los Angeles in the post-Great Recession Obama years, a motley crew of unemployed characters is brought together by self-loathing, boredom and defeat. Facing hard times and no prospects, they gather in a run-down apartment to change their fates. But a destructive, nihilistic stranger has other ideas. Ideas that will chan... more

  • Goldilocks and the Six Simple Machines (hardcover)

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Goldilocks, the curious explorer, is a homewrecker no more. She has learned to use the six simple machines, and now leaves the three bears' home better than she found it. Some tools are too big. Some tools are too small. Goldilocks find the ones that are just right!
  • My Mommy does weird things

    by Amelie Julien
    Moms do very strange things sometimes, don't you think? A little boy relates the surprising things mothers do on a daily basis. A humorous picture book for young children. This book is bilingual French-English and can be read in either language, shown side by side. review (American English Edition): "Terrific little read and cutely illustrated." review (British English Edition): "I read this book with the children in my nursery. They absolutely loved it! They foun... more
  • The Museum of Bullshit

    by Brad Rau
    In a curio museum on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula, the greatest zoological discovery of the twenty-first century is about to be unveiled. Either that, or it’s all an enormous hoax. The pending exhibition pulls together an unlikely team: a Bigfoot researcher who’s lost her faith; an angry radical who’s running thin on fury; and, a man determined to remake himself no matter the consequences. Together, they will set out on a journey for the truth that will lead them into the very epi... more
  • Rise of the Phoenix (A Tale of Hayara Book 1)

    by T. Isajanyan
    "We are all pawns in the games the gods play" A forsaken prince. A golden era. An infernal fate. The first in a series of works based on an ancient, bronze-age Armenia. When a prophecy brings a priestess to his humble home, Arme must abandon his tranquil existence to become the nation’s only hope, a celestial warrior tasked with protecting an unborn child carrying an even heavier burden than he. Whispers of invaders threaten the safety of all, testing the bonds of love and the limits... more
  • The California Immigrant

    by Barbara Anne King
    An enthralling historical fiction novel chronicling the events of World War II as experienced in one American small town. Seeking a better life, young Martin Petrovich immigrates from Yugoslavia to San Francisco at the turn of the twentieth century. In just two years, he is on the verge of achieving his American Dream when disaster strikes, forcing him to flee and start over again. Martin rebuilds his life in a small farming community set on the Monterey Bay, populated with characters as ... more
  • Ten Things My Husband Hated: a Saffron Sweeting novel

    by Pauline Wiles

    Maggie Moone is happily divorced.

    And with her talent for fixing things, she’s perfectly content with her mundane life in the sleepy English village of Saffron Sweeting. That is, until one humiliating March evening when she learns everyone else assumes she’d love to mend her broken marriage.

    Determined to prove them wrong, Maggie and her friends concoct a list of ten ways to assert her independence and live large. But her mission to move on leads to u... more

  • Jane Under Pressure: The Life of a Korean American Schoolgirl

    by Sun Min
    Jane is ten years old but doesn't do things most children her age do. Instead of playing with friends and having fun, Jane spends most of her time studying. In her book, Jane under Pressure: The Life of a Korean American Schoolgirl, author Sun Min shares Jane's dilemma. She feels the stress of school and the pressure to get stellar grades. Outside school, Jane takes cello, taekwondo and extra math lessons. For her, it is more than simply wanting to do well. She wants--needs--to do well to mak... more
  • Scary the Scared Iguana

    by Marin Resnick
    Scary the Iguana is one scary looking fellow. But despite his fearsome facade, he is scared of everything. One day, his turtle friend, Tommy, finds himself in trouble. Will Scary be able to find his courage and save his friend? Take an adventure to the Florida Keys and learn about the animals and ecology of these unique islands through this brightly illustrated adventure staring Scary and his friends, Annie the Alligator, Penny the Pelican and Tommy the Turtle.
  • Sprinkles

    by Kate Stempel
    Sky, a young baker extraordinaire, is selling her famous cupcakes to raise money for the local animal shelter where she found her beloved dog, Cocoa. Everyone is crazy about Sky’s cupcakes. Everyone, that is, except Mr. Conway. Can Sky and Cocoa help a lonely elderly man find a reason to smile again? Join Sky and Cocoa as they explore how the smallest gestures in life can sometimes have the greatest impact and how friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. Mini cupcakes, mini trees, and mini m... more
  • Nuts!: A Fable

    by Robert M. Lebovitz
  • Opal's Story

    by Phyllis Moore
    Opal Evans has lived a long life, but faces a terminal illness. She wants forgiveness for her actions in a traumatic event during the 1940s, a family murder/suicide. Opal's brothers have supported her, respecting her silence on the incident, and kept their remaining family close. They're not sure Opal's search for redemption is justified or necessary. When, Opal's niece, Joy, discovers there's a family secret, she pushes Opal to tell her the details. The revelation creates new family dynamics an... more
  • The Mozart Conspiracy

    by Susanne Dunlap
    A murder. A disappearing body. And someone wants to make sure Mozart’s opera never sees the light of day. Theresa Schurman leads a double life, as a sweet, young Viennese girl from a respectable family, and as a the professional violinist Thomas Weissbrot, who performs in pickup orchestras throughout the Vienna of Haydn and Mozart. When she stumbles on a murder on her way home from one of her gigs in disguise, she becomes involved in a complex conspiracy that rocks the musical world. With th... more
  • Mr. Misunderstood: A Tale of Trust (From Alone to A Home Collection)

    by Lisa Spaulding
    When a stray cat is picked up off the streets and brought to the local animal shelter, he is forced to rely on humans... something he is not comfortable doing. The shelter staff find him feisty and angry and unwilling to cooperate. One member of the staff becomes determined to befriend him. Will she is ever gain the trust of this scared stray cat?