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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Weapons of Mass Disablement

    by Ionah Arbuthnott
    Israel is facing an imminent attack by hundreds of thousands of missiles sited in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, under the control of Iran and its proxy armies and intended to destroy Israel and exterminate her people. Israel has a new weapon, a microwave gun, which can be deployed by a moving ground vehicle to disable all missiles within range. However, Iran has discovered the existence of this new weapon and is going all out to prevent it being brought into enemy territory by Israel. Israel needs a... more
  • Weapons of Mass Disablement

    by Ionah Arbuthnott
    Israel faces an imminent attack by hundreds of thousands of missiles poised for launching from Lebanon, Syria and Gaza under orders from Iran. Israel has developed a new weapon, a microwave gun which can disable missiles from a moving ground vehicle. Then they realise they are unable to deploy it because Iran has discovered that this weapon might exist and is going all out to prevent it entering the enemy territories from Israel. Israel needs a miracle to prevent a catastrophic war and the geno... more
  • Peripheral Visions and Other Stories

    by Nancy Christie
    What do you do when the hand that life deals you isn’t the one you wanted? In PERIPHERAL VISIONS AND OTHER STORIES, the characters choose to play the best game they can with the cards they’ve received. For some, it’s making the most of the circumstances in which they find themselves, even if it’s not the life they planned. For others, it’s following an unconventional path–not the easiest course or the one that others would take, but the one that’s right for them. From humorous to ser... more
  • Strings-The Story of Hope

    About “Strings – The Story of Hope Traumatic events linger -- like strings tightly binding one’s soul. While many settlers are fighting the British for their freedom, the O’Connor family is settled peacefully in northeast Tennessee’s new frontier. That is, until July 1776 when Dragging Canoe and his warriors attack their small settlement and militia forces retaliate by destroying a nearby Cherokee village. Simmering with rage, 17-year-old Maska escapes his burning village on f... more
  • Chasing the Best Days

    by Philip Wyeth

    Greg is a divorced dad who spends most of his time out on the golf course. He and his playing partners at Corona Vista Country Club get drunk and gamble every day after work. But Greg's foreign girlfriend Karla—who happens to be half his age—also demands plenty of attention. Frustrated with his job and still haunted by the ghosts of his divorce, Greg is desperate for something new. He and his pals Dan and Walt hope the new startup they're scheming over happy hour pitchers ... more

  • wildchilds

    by eugenia melian
    The loss of innocence, the death of beauty, and the price of success; Wildchilds takes you into the closed world of the fashion industry where the beautiful people do ugly things.
  • A New Chance

    by Kevin E. Ready

    A general fiction novel that crosses boundaries of genre. A young woman must deal with a miraculous change in identity and find her destiny after a new chance at life. Two lives are joined in a karmic event that a young woman must try to understand. It is a story of discovery of self, love, romance and bravery. Set in modern day California, the novel also takes the heroine to wartorn Afghanistan as an Army nurse. The story discloses curious links between the many lives the young woman meets o... more

  • The Noble Brute

    by Martin Tessmer

    ROME, 325 BCE. Young Quintus is the despair of his revered patrician family. He fights in the pankration ring, drinks with the commoners, and wanders the dark Italia forests. Unkempt, unshorn, and totally incorruptible, the man nicknamed ‘Rullianus’ (the Brute) is content to live out a wild life of leisure. 

    Then the dread Samnites descend from the mountains, intent on destroying Rome. Rullianus joins the war as an officer, but he soon finds himself fighting his command... more

  • A Peculiar Peace

    by Lori Hart Beninger
    Boston, 1856. Northern abolitionists demand an end to slavery as the South vows to protect its "peculiar institution." Immigrants rage against the prejudices of established citizens. Demands for equal treatment of women grow ever stronger. With discord raging, two people find themselves embroiled in the chaos of a rapidly changing world.
  • Scipio Rising

    by Martin Tessmer
    Three men, three vows. One promises to preserve Rome, another to destroy it, a third to defeat the both of them. Set in 200 BCE, Scipio Rising is the story of the bookish boy who became a peerless military strategist and innovator, a general whom historians have called “greater than Napoleon.” Spurred by a blood vow to his father, young Scipio forsakes his sheltered background to join Rome’s legions in the fight against the Hannibal the Great, the Carthaginian general who has promised to c... more
  • Caitlin's Buddy

    by Katie Lang-Slattery
    First-time campers can be a lot of trouble! Caitlin agrees to be the buddy of a new camper who doesn’t know how to do anything. Misha trips over tent stakes, cries herself to sleep, and hides food in her backpack. But she has lots of good ideas. Then, after a campfire, Misha runs off into the dark night and Caitlin follows to stop her. Will Caitlin be able to forgive Misha for getting them lost? Will the two girls only be temporary tentmates or friends forever?
  • Tagalong Caitlin

    by Katie Lang-Slattery
    Caitlin loves summer camp. She has spent every summer she can remember at camp with her mom, who is a counselor. This summer, Caitlin wants to join the difficult, three-day hike with the older girls. But Caitlin's mom says she's not old enough yet. Caitlin is determined to change her mom's mind and prove she is strong enough for the hike. Will Caitlin be allowed to go on the overnight hike? And if so, will she be able to do the full three days?
  • Immigrant Soldier: The Story of a Ritchie Boy (Second Anniversary)

    by K. Lang-Slattery
    Immigrant Soldier, The Story of a Ritchie Boy, based on the true experiences of a refugee from Nazi Germany, combines a coming-of-age story with an immigrant tale and a World War II adventure. On a cold November morning in 1938, Herman watches in horror as his cousin is arrested. As a Jew, he realizes it is past time to flee Germany, a decision that catapults him from one adventure to another, his life changed forever by the gathering storm of world events. Gradually, Herman evolves from a f... more
  • Virginia Loves Dogs

    by Barbara Leary
    A spirited little girl learns doggie manners the hard way. Virginia just wants to make ALL the dogs happy. She loves fluffy dogs and scruffy dogs, squeaky clean dogs and doggone dirty dogs. She loves dogs so much she'll do whatever she can to make them happy. Her good intentions don't always go over so well with the grownups in her life, but no amount of scolding dims the sheer joy she feels in the company of canines--until the day she meets a dog who doesn't love her and learns an importan... more
  • Solid, Broken, Changing

    by Elizabeth Ellsworth
    Kally, aka the human antenna, sensed it coming. Planet Earth was shifting under her feet. So was her family. But she never imagined their tipping points would let go this soon–or this fast. Now, she and her father are sheltering in place with strangers on an island off of Maine. As each new wave of planetary change sweeps the tiny enclave, she fears that she will never get the chance to realize her dreams. In her urgent search for bearings, Kally discovers a surprising ally in Stuart, a champ... more
  • The Climbing Tree

    by Barbara Leary
    A story about appreciating the natural world around us, finding our place in it, and sharing it with others. Eleanor learns that climbing a tree is not as easy as a squirrel makes it look. But her curiosity is stronger than her frustration, and when she persists, she finds a fascinating new world to explore. When her family moves away, Eleanor's heart aches for her beloved tree, and she wonders if it misses her too. Returning for one last visit, Eleanor shows a small boy how to climb the tree... more