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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Undertakers, Harlots, and Other Odd Bodies: Inspired by True Events and Smothered in Blarney (Odd Body Tales Book 1)

    by Mege Gardner
    In 1895, a trio of undertakers strive to gain the trust of a very un-trustworthy clientele, while avoiding the attention of casually corrupt authorities and the possibility of burying anyone ahead of time. Led by a woman who yearns to claim her own profession, they cater to anyone who will have them, heedless of danger or payment--heedless of danger, anyway. Not everyone in town is pleased with their final arrangements, and enmity grows in the shadows and threatens their livelihood.
  • Once upon a Poodle

    by Chrysa Smith
    When mini-poodle Woody goes on a hunt for a new brother, all sorts of adventures are in store. Feathers fly, gardens are harvested and nuts are cracked as the tenacious fur ball attempts to find a suitable creature to become the latest member of the family.
  • Troubled Waters

    by Joe Peters
    Troubled Waters is a Boston-based tale that follows a veteran transit cop trying to balance the politics of both his city and his job. In the course of trying to locate his missing cousin, he stumbles into the possible murder of a childhood friend and begins to discover a plot to rid the city and its subway system of the homeless who inhabit it.
  • The Inheritance

    by Christine Sleeter
    If you inherit something, do you also inherit responsibility for its history? After tracing the house she inherited from her grandmother to the selling of land stolen from the Utes, Denise must decide whether to stand up for her family or her convictions. This novel, which is based on a true story, explores how someone who benefitted directly from the removal of an American Indian tribe from their lands comes to understand how that happened and what one can do about it. Denise wrestles with guil... more
  • Colloquy

    by Alexandria J. Snowdon
    Colloquy is a book of Affirmations, Stories, Verses, and Wisdom intended to educate, inspire, entertain and enlighten whoever is fortunate to read this prose. The wisdom to be found herein will bring spiritual and emotional fulfillment. These stories were written for those who love and appreciate great literature. A wealth of wisdom and knowledge is to be obtained throughout these golden nuggets of treasures. Whether you are someone seeking joy, laughter, happiness or a purpose in life--th... more

    by J.T. Blossom
    Thirteen-year-old Michael is a sensitive, school-loving student from the suburbs of Milwaukee. He is more interested in getting good grades, acting in school plays and playing tennis than in being a cowboy. He’s never even petted a horse before. When his father dumps him off to work at a riding stables run by wild and unsupervised young men, Michael faces many challenges and has to grow up fast.  Set in the late sixties, the hierarchical and exploitive domination of the horse boys over workers... more
  • Clara at Sixty

    by Yvette Nachmias-Baeu
    What is demonstratively true is that we live in a society where many women over 50, are often omitted from the workforce and from vital areas because of age. Often women become the orphans of our society. Acknowledged when they are young, beautiful and vital, with age and widowhood, women frequently become invisible--not because of background or capacity, but because they have fallen into the "age" zone. But they are often the morally awake eye of civilization whose counsel is sorely needed. ... more
  • The Fourteenth of September

    by Rita Dragonette
    On September 14, 1969, Private First Class Judy Talton celebrates her nineteenth birthday by secretly joining the campus anti-Vietnam War movement. In doing so, she jeopardizes both the army scholarship that will secure her future and her relationship with her military family. But Judy’s doubts have escalated with the travesties of the war. Who is she if she stays in the army? What is she if she leaves? When the first date pulled in the Draft Lottery turns up as her birthday, she realizes that ... more
  • The Fisherman

    by Debbie Shannon
    Set during the Prohibition, The Fisherman is the story of Daniel Constantin. He is the son of a Basque fisherman from the small fishing village of Saint Pierre in the North Atlantic, and he hates the water. His father expects him to be a fisherman like himself, but because of his small frame and his constant seasickness, Daniel is miserable failure as a fisherman. Daniel meets Seamus Flannigan, a salty Irish rum-runner who offers him a job on his contraband-carrying schooner for a promised ... more
  • Mother Of

    by Lauren Coffin
    Following the arrest of her youngest son, caught burying a body in the woods near the home where she raised him, Meredith Mayes moves through the memories of her own life with disbelief. Her sense of loss is familiar: her husband and firstborn son died in a car accident ten years prior. These two events circle one another in her mind, enshrouding her as one grief reawakens the other. The onslaught of a clamoring media is the noisy backdrop to the ferocious crush of her memories. With the arrival... more
  • Treeb and the Secret of the Sacred Forest

    by Ben E. Eld
    Treeb is a working bee who spends his days supplying the hive with nectar to make into honey. For generations, the queen bees cautioned the bees to never fly over a border called the Forbidden Forest. The bees that cross it never return and nobody knows why. Despite the warnings, Treeb decides one day to fly through the Forbidden Forest in search of the Sacred Forest, a beautiful place filled with flowers. When Treeb discovers the land outside of his home is barren, he becomes famished. But e... more
  • Wicked Welcome: Second Edition (Volume 1)

    by Ginger Elinburg
    One phone call was all it took to change her life forever. When Morgan gets the house of her dreams, she never suspected it would become the house from her nightmares. As strange events begin to unfold, she starts to question her own sanity. Morgan couldn’t control the shiver that was coursing through her body, as she remembered how her friend, Maddison, had pulled fists full of her own hair out by the roots. By the time they had gotten her restrained, she had nothing left but a bloody scalp ... more
  • Longing For Dad

    by Loie Chambers
    A coming-of-age story about 13-year-old Cairo Jett Grantfield whose life turns upside down after moving to a new city; learning about his mom's terminal illness and struggling with his inability to connect with his present, but emotionally distant father.
  • Reward: 1000 Francs: (Mille francs de récompense)

    by Ilana Walder-Biesanz
    In Victor Hugo's play 'Reward: 1000 Francs', a family on the brink of financial ruin is threatened with the revelation of dangerous secrets. An unscrupulous banker offers to save them, in exchange for the daughter’s hand in marriage. Their prospects seem grim, but a witty thief decides to become their guardian angel. The play received a French revival by acclaimed director Laurent Pelly in 2010. The performance toured to Korea in 2014, and a Korean translation of the play was published to mark t... more
  • The Beauty Doctor

    by Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard

    In the spring of 1907, Abigail Platford finds herself unexpectedly adrift in New York City. Penniless and full of self-doubt, she has abandoned her dream of someday attending medical school and becoming a doctor like her late father. Instead, she takes a minor position in the office of Dr. Franklin Rome, hoping at least to maintain contact with the world of medicine that fascinates her. She soon learns that the handsome and sophisticated Dr. Rome is one of a rare new breed of so-called beauty... more

  • Shadow Games

    by Jim Lester

    Danny McCall loves basketball more than anything in the world. So why would he risk his basketball scholarship, the love of his life and his entire future to fix the point spread in a series of college basketball games?

    Set in the early 1990s, Shadow Games is an exciting page-turner, filled with fast-paced hoops action. A topical novel for readers of all ages, the book is a powerful portrayal of the loss of youthful innocence.