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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Wolf in Women's Clothing

    by Wendi Bear
    When Asterisk’s young son, Franklin, comes out as transgender, she gains her mother’s full support. However, being Rosie has its drawbacks as friendships crumble and family members show disapproval. After classmates bully her, mother and daughter seek camaraderie through therapy and support groups but Rosie cannot find people she relates to. Asterisk meets Vivian, a punk rock transgender woman, and thinks she has found the perfect mentor for her daughter. Things heat up as Asterisk and Vivian... more
  • The View From Here

    by Christine Schulden

    by Libby Sternberg

    A retelling of JANE EYRE, with a twist.... In 1920s Hollywood, young John Doyle learns the craft of cinematography when a stupid mistake costs him his job. On a tip, he heads to Sloane Hall, the estate of a famous silent screen actress, Pauline Sloane, where he lands a position as chauffeur. Sloane Hall first offers him peace as he enjoys the bounty of the luxurious home, then unrest as its beautiful namesake returns and starts preparing for her first talking picture. Despite his best efforts... more

  • The Girl with the Hazel Eyes

    by Callie Browning
    The beautiful island of Barbados, world-renowned for white sand beaches and tranquil blue seas, became the scene of an international crime in 1967. Forty years after Susan Taylor’s whistle-blowing novel, ‘The Unspeakable Truth’ became the most famous novel by any Caribbean author, she reaches out to a young writer to write her biography. Lia Davis has no idea why Susan would choose her, but there's more to Susan's story than meets the eye. The Girl with the Hazel Eyes will show you just why ther... more
  • The Language of the Heart: A musical, fantastical journey through a land of magic

    by Joel Epstein
    Ziryab, the Blackbird of Baghdad, born in a hovel to Ethiopian slaves, grew to be the greatest musician of the Golden Age of Arabia. On his way to greatness, he does battle with an evil wizard who hates music, vanquishes demons, outsmarts pirates, and uses the magic of music to rescue princesses and whole villages. This book is based on the true story of Ziryab, born Ali Ibn Nafi in Baghdad in the year 789 AD. Few facts are known about his life, but much is known about the Golden Age in which... more
  • The Contract

    by Sheila Grinell
    Joanna Dunhill knows just how difficult it can be working with family, and now that she has an opportunity to finally, in mid-life, achieve professional and financial success, family—and Saudi Arabian culture—stand in the way. Author Sheila Grinell flawlessly depicts female empowerment and cultural dissonance in this story about the difficulties of owning and growing a small business. Her new novel, THE CONTRACT, explores the many “contracts” we enter in our lives, implicitly in marriage and wit... more
  • Paper Hearts

    by Steven L. Hawk
    Max Tivoli has a broken heart, a cold gun, and a compelling desire to end it all. What he doesn’t have is the ability to pull the trigger. At least not yet. In a last ditch effort to save himself, Max sells everything he owns and buys a bicycle. With no plan, no schedule, and no destination, he abandons his home and pedals away from his old life. Paper Hearts is the story of one man’s struggle to escape his past, find redemption, and maybe—just maybe—discover the will to live again.
  • Prairie Madness, Conspiracy at Fort Union

    by Edwina Romero
    April 1881, Fort Union, New Mexico Territory--a drought-filled spring. When the body of Sergeant Sean Flannery is found--strangled, stripped of his uniform and weapons, and lying facedown in the mud--Mary Margaret O'Keenan, Company B Laundress--vows to solve the murder.
  • Ungi's Big Adventure

    by Dori Gronich
    A tiny mushroom named Ungi goes on quite the adventure after being separated from her family during a rainstorm.
  • Post-War Dreams

    by Brenda Whiteside
    World War II has ended and the soldiers are coming home. After years of following her crop worker father, motherless Claire Flanagan is also coming home. If she can keep her father in one place long enough, she plans to follow her dreams to Hollywood. Until she meets Benjamin. Benjamin Russell has been working since he was fifteen to support his mother and siblings. What he most wants in life is to own a construction business and take care of the family his father abandoned. The last thing he e... more
  • Tilting at Paper Windmills

    by Joseph Dorn
    In a beautiful Victorian Mansion lives a middle aged writer with MS. Her nephew comes to help her out for the summer. The two find each other, and find themselves. Through many laughs and some tears they find a great appreciation for each other. He learns that there’s more to life than himself. She learns that some of the limitations that are posed in front of her are self imposed.
  • Mac & Madi's Surprise: A Very Different Twins Birthday!

    by Linda Herron
    Mac and Madi are twins who are identical in so many ways with the same hair, same smile, and the same size. Not only do they look the same, but their birthdays are the same each year. However, this year Mac and Madi have other ideas in mind. They are out to sass things up, to show that they can be individuals too. So, they made some changes to their birthday celebration that made them both happy. In this adventure, they find out that they like being the same, but they also like being diffe... more
  • This Is Me, Not Robert Creeley, Speaking

    by Paul Bussan
    A book of poetry in which the author, in his own way, attempts to capture that “calculated spacing” and “passionate compression” which Dudley Fitts cited as the virtues of Robert Creeley’s first book of poetry For Love, and in which the poetry is not so much found in the poems themselves as in the spirit animating them.
  • Towards A New Piety

    by Paul Bussan

    A book of poems written in the spirit of the haiku

    Not what Christ teaches,
    but releases in me,
    I put my faith in.


  • Honeymoon Alone

    by Nicole Macaulay
    Honeymoon Alone follows Lucy Gray – a 26-year-old do-gooder who spends most of her time taking care of her family as well as twenty-two third-graders. A humiliating public experience spurs Lucy to get away – quite literally – from everything that holds her back and put herself first for once. In search of adventure, Lucy tells a little white lie that creates quite the tangled web. As she explores London and reunites with an old high school friend, Lucy unwittingly gains the attention of internat... more
  • Prudence in Hollywood: And Other Stories

    by Ralph Cissne
    Fourteen short stories explore the matrix of modern American relationships. We follow a quirky cast of characters pursuing love with surprising and often humorous consequences: a long-term romance ends; the love junkie meets his match; an Elvis impersonator crashes his class reunion; a stand-up comedian faces her fears; Hollywood personal training clients realize their dreams; a blended family heals emotional wounds.