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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Todd

    by Cynthia Ulmer
  • The Impaler's Wife

    by Autumn Bardot
    A young woman is swept into a life of intrigue, revenge, passion, and betrayal when she falls for the world’s most notorious prince, Vlad Dracula. The year is 1464. King Matthias controls Hungary, his family, and the fate of the world’s most notorious political prisoner, Prince Vlad Dracula. Ilona Szilágy, the king’s cousin, is young and ambitious. Dracula is determined to marry into the family. It is love at first sight, but the king has other plans. The Impaler Prince, however, never ... more
  • Dragon Lady

    by Autumn Bardot
    The triumph of the notorious Zheng Yi Sao is the fierce and unflinching adventure of how a prostitute became the most powerful and successful pirate in the world. Xianggu is sold into slavery to work on a floating brothel, her virginity bought by the highest bidder. Determined to rise above her poverty and lowly status, she learns the business from the madam. But a violent midnight pirate raid destroys her ambitions. Kidnapped by the powerful pirate boss, Xianggu embarks on a journey that d... more
  • The Emperor's Assassin

    by Autumn Bardot
    History claims she is the first female serial killer. Locusta is the daughter of a winemaker in the Roman province of Gaul. She enjoys the indulged childhood of the elite, her concerns only about the day’s amusements. She rides gentle ponies, attends parties, reads Ovid, and learns the herbal arts from her servant. But the day after meeting her betrothed, Locusta discovers the consequences of possessing such dangerous knowledge. Ordered to leave her pastoral life, Locusta is thrust into a... more
  • Rise: An Anthology of Change

    by Amy Rivers
    Rise is collection of prose and poetry exploring the concepts of change, renewal, and rebirth. When things change, we experience a variety of emotions--from anger and fear to courage and hope. There is struggle and strife but also the opportunity to rise from the ashes and create, grow, and love.
  • The Talisman

    by R.L. Kasprzycki
    Deep within the wilderness of British Columbia, John and Marie Eagleton shroud a mysterious gift sculpted from ivory centuries ago. Forsaking her Native American past to fund her sons’ college educations, Marie dares to disclose its existence to an outsider, unleashing a series of fateful events to the family she holds so dear.
  • Jaycee: A Heroine's Journey

    by Robert J. Kowalski

    Contemporary Christian Fiction

    Jaycee: A Heroine's Journey is a tale of a women prophet who is a poet and God sees the need for another teacher to help guide a small town back to the path of compassion and non-judgement. it is told in a light-hearted manner with no guilt, anger or judgement. The book is geared toward young adults.

    Readers can download a free workbook that will make for a great guide for classes, book clubs, and other discussions at

    &n... more

  • The Little White Wolf

    by Lee Allen
    The Little White Wolf is the story of Leesu, born smaller than his siblings and different in color. The wolf pack laughs at him and rejects him. But nature has a place for all of us, and Leesu learns how to use his differences to succeed and help others.
  • The Bat: a coming of age story involving a search after truth, doubt and a bat! (The Red Grouse Tales Book 2)

    by Leslie Garland
    An old and now sceptical Thomas looks back on the events of his last term at school when his class returned to a new beautiful class teacher, a donation of stuffed animals and birds by an eccentric benefactor and the increasingly strange events which followed. Zoological specimens appeared to be not quite as dead as they looked. A bell-jar which had contained a stuffed bat shattered during an exorcism, after which what had been strange events turned to being sinister and frightening. As a the... more
  • Berlin Butterfly- Ensnare

    by Leah Moyes
    Ensnare, the first book in the “Berlin Butterfly” series, is a story of life, love, survival and the struggle of living through the dark early years of the Berlin Wall. Readers will be captivated with Ella’s strength, determination, and vulnerability as she opens her heart amidst a dangerous and terrifying journey.
  • Best Residential Painters in San Antonio

    by albert Davis

    Exterior Residential Painters – Hire Only Which Are Best In Working

    The renovation includes not only extra rooms and new furniture. There are several choices that people can opt to improve their home beauty. One useful way to create a major change in the home is to do an exterior home painting. After this home will get a brand new look. Sometimes people do this job by themselves. The job seems easy but actually, it's not. However, if don't have an idea about the basics of paintings, t... more

    by Ezechias Domexa
    Mrs. Gandalf Campbell and her son, Mitch P. Campbell, die in a car crash on their way home. Mercifully, they wake up in Heaven. Relatives who died years earlier greeted them at the Square — except for Edmund. Mitch is ordered to go look for his little brother and bring him home. A former schoolmate—a school bully—serves as Mitch’s guide in the Heavens. But the things Mitch is discovering about people back on earth, especially his own family, make him question whether he’s in Heaven after all... more
  • Dictator

    by Donald Kozlosky
    DICTATOR is a novel fueled by an autocratic nightmare, one in which a crazed tyrant is destroying America’s democracy. As the Dictator ruthlessly tightens his grip on power, social upheaval results, sparking bloody confrontation in the streets. \tAgainst this backdrop, an unlikely chain of events occurs, bringing together a retired CIA operative, an anthropologist with an unusual specialty, and a rebellious young woman who works in a warehouse—and who may hold the Dictator’s fate in her hand... more
  • Low Hanging Branches

    by Cee McAdams
    You may find that this collection of short stories tend more toward the real than the unimaginable. These stories are meant to entertain as well as stimulate the imagination, but some may give you the feeling that you have been there before or something similar happened to you, or you may have known someone just like that. As you read each story, you may want to stifle a giggle or you may want to laugh out loud, but hopefully one or more of the stories will speak to you and you will know the ver... more
  • Flutterby, the Fantabulous Butterfly

    by Rebecca Marriott Stout

    "Flutterby" is a delightful conversation between a boy and a butterfly about the life cycle of butterflies.  Mispronunciations and misconceptions are corrected in a humorous manner in which listeners and readers are encouraged to interact with the text.  Science ocabulary and concepts are subtly taught.  Themes of self-acceptance, friendship, kindness, the wonder of creation, and acceptance of others' mistakes shine through.  "Flutterby" is perfect ... more

  • Freedom Sex and a Meat Cleaver

    by Sherman Miles
    FREEDOM SEX AND A MEAT CLEAVER is a young man’s quest for personal freedom and self-discovery. It’s the riveting stories of Pierce Colter, a naïve American, seeking adventures in Southeast Asia during the tumultuous period from 1973 to 1978. Inspired by actual events, his adventures extend beyond Thailand to the neighboring country of Laos during the CIA’s secret war with the communist Pathet Lao. From border towns of Cambodia during Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge takeover of Phnom Penh to hidden Chinese... more