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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Joey Loves Granny

    by Nidhi Sharma

    Joey Loves Granny is a love song celebrating the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents. It is the tale of a little boy Joey who adores his Granny. They are super close. One day, Joey notices that Granny is sad. At first, he does not understand why, but later he finds out and tries his best to make Granny happy. This deeply moving and inspiring story carefully deals with themes of love, loss, overcoming grief and embracing happiness with ease and simplicity. The story promotes ca... more

  • The Contract - A Novel

    by P.A. Hempel

    Sue is a 28-year-old teacher at a high school in Queens. She is popular, successful, and has a very rich fiancé. Then her kidneys begin to fail, and her fiancé dumps her. After exhausting all the conventional paths, Sue posts an ad on a dating site looking for a kidney donor and offering a year of hot sex in exchange. Josh, a naïve computer programmer, responds to her ad. Although it seems as if this could be a supremely awkward transaction, Sue realizes that this is an opp... more

  • Rose the cat-dog

    by Todd Albert
    Rose is a tiny and timid rescue dog who likes to keep to herself. Her humans even think of her as a cat-dog because of her quiet, quirky feline ways. That is, until Rose decides to act like a "real" dog to love, protect and play with the new baby about to join her family. Rose would soon find out whether that was really the best way to be a good dog for her new little human sister!
  • Gods, Nukes and a Whole Lot of Nonsense

    by Shirani Rajapakse
    A young village boy’s dream of leaving the village becomes a reality when he is mistaken for a Prophet. Bored at being at home after retiring, an administrative officer tries to find ways to regain his lost social status while making a quick earning. A devout old man prays at the Ganges as the world wakes up to a nuclear India. The fortunes of a fake Sadhu changes when someone uses his image on a postcard. A young women meets God in the most unlikely of places, but loses him when she falls aslee... more
  • Poisoned Jungle

    by James Ballard


    n a powerful human saga, Andy teeters on the chasm of survivor's guilt, desperate to find equilibrium in his life. Deep down, he wants to live but doesn't know how. Poisoned Jungle is an intimate glimpse into one veteran's struggle for meaning after experiencing the despair of war.

    Poisoned Jungle speaks to the long psychological tentacles war has on the lives it touches, and the difficulty of breaking free of them. Realizing changes have occurred deep within, Vietna... more


    by Kaye D. Schmitz
    In the final months of World War II, Sam Ryan takes his place as a new soldier in the 89th Infantry Division on the front lines in Europe. He’s trained to kill but struggles with the thought of taking the life of another human being, a contradiction with the way he was raised. How, he wonders, will he ever reconcile the action his head dictates with the way his heart feels about it? On the other side of the war, Gerda Ziegler’s heart aches over the monster her beloved Germany has become. Bu... more
  • The Lone Captain

    by Lewis Crow
    Captain Nemo’s son continues his own tales of adventure in The Lone Captain, a sequel to 2018’s The Nautilus Legacy and the second volume of The Nemo Chronicles. Inspired by the work of Jules Verne and written as a memoir, it will delight readers of the first volume as well as those new to the series. Against a backdrop of Victorian-era political tensions and advances in science and technology, the Nautilus’ crew venture across the world’s oceans to further their twin missions of science and ... more
  • Rising Wind: The Weeping God and The Book of Hope (Book 3 of Series)

    by Diane Olsen
    The Weeping God and the Book of Hope, part three in the Rising Wind series, is actually a prequel to the first two books, so you don't have to read those first. The lead characters, Sage Dalton and L.W. are the parents of the main character in the other Rising Wind books. Although the characters are different and set in an earlier time period, the book's tone is very similar. This time they discover an ancient text in a Mexican desert tomb that leads Sage, L.W., and a group of fellow explorer... more
  • Do You Know Dorothy?

    by Vanda Writer

    Can a group of elderly drag queens save a 1950s nightclub from being taken over by the mob?

    It's 1956 and television is stealing Alice's nightclub audience. Known as Al to everyone in the club scene, she has to try to prevent the mob from taking over her crippled club and turning it into a strip joint.

    Her one solace: Juliana, the woman who haunts her memories and fuels her dreams of a brighter future. But the last time Al saw her was the day Juliana's husband caught t... more

  • Coffee and Condolences

    by Wesley Parker
    Miles Alexander had it all. A loving wife, two beautiful children.But now they’re gone.When his family is killed in a car accident, the settlement leaves him enriched beyond his wildest dreams but crippled by guilt.After trying to commit suicide and failing miserably, he lands in the office of Dr. Sandra Felt, a no nonsense psychiatrist with a knack for helping grieving patients rebuild their lives. It’s here that he’s inspired to fly to New York City and reconnect with his long-estranged step-s... more
  • The Devil's Workshop (ISBN-10: 1732103003

    by Donnally Miller
    Two young lovers are called on to save the world. Tom and Katie have drunk a love potion and were devoted to one another when Tom embarked on the voyage that would make his fortune. But then Deirdre, Queen of the Witches, struck a blow meant to destroy the civilization of the Coast. Now Tom must overcome rebellious slaves, savage Indians and bloodthirsty pirates to be reunited with Katie. And little do the lovers know, but they hold the secret to defeating Deirdre's schemes. Long before, Ka... more
  • From Penguins to Paradise

    by Paddy Hayes
    Is this the funniest book about the ad industry to hit the bookshops this year - whilst being the most informative about what goes on inside agencies in London and around the world? It charts the career of a young agency executive. His insightful and often hilarious experiences range from the pitfalls of trying to make penguins perform for a TV commercial in London, to the trials of opening some of the first Western agencies in Moscow and China. The reader will laugh and learn in equal m... more
  • Empress Theodora: The Last Autumn (The Doctor Alexander Diaries, Part One)

    by John Kies
    When the young Alexander is offered the post of Palace Pharmacist at the Imperial Court of Emperor Justinian 1 and Empress Theodora, it’s the chance of a lifetime. But when Theodora succumbs to infection following surgery for breast cancer, Alexander blames himself. His confidence shattered, he leaves Constantinople and travels the Roman Empire, gaining over the years glimpses into the life of the enigmatic Empress. Finally, in Prusa to care for Sister Proseria, Alexander finds the startling ans... more
  • Alone in a Cabin

    by Leanne W. Smith
    Maggie was alone in the cabin when the snowstorm began, until a half-frozen man appeared on the doorstep. On the eve of Maggie Raines’ fiftieth birthday, her husband announces he has gotten his young receptionist pregnant. Months later, newly-divorced Maggie sees an ad for an 1800s cabin billed as the “perfect writer’s retreat.” For years she has wondered if she has what it takes to be a fiction writer. Maggie rents the cabin for the week between Christmas and New Year’s hoping the old log wa... more
  • What Seems True

    by James Garrison
    When the first black supervisor at a Texas Gulf Coast refinery turns up dead behind an abandoned drive-in theater, attorney Dan Esperson gets drawn into a tangled web of intrigue, deception, and violence after a Texas Ranger comes to investigate. A pretty refinery secretary, Sheila Mills confesses that her husband Zack killed the supervisor, but she’ll never testify against him. Zack is released from jail for lack of evidence, and Dan may be next on his list.
  • Summer Camp March

    by Reverend Peter G. Vu
    This book attempts to address some of the important issues for our children: from Covid-19 pandemic to global warming and climate change, from discrimination and bullying to welcoming and friendship, or from schooling to summer camp. All those issues can be resolved in an open-minded, creative, supportive, trusting, challenging, and fun environment like a summer camp. As someone who had a positive experience in camping with the young, I want to use a camp setting to bring the young together to r... more