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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Tale of Two Stories: Bully-ve in Yourself (Believe in Yourself)

    by Julie Fragnito

    ABOUT THE BOOK: Bully-ve In Yourself (Believe in Yourself): This book features the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) principle: friendships and managing relationships. Flip through Lexi's side of the story to hear about her day at school with her best friend Melissa. Then, flip through Melissa's side of the story and watch her come to the realization that...

  • Appaloosa Sky

    by K. Blanton Brenner
    At only eleven years old, Ginny Spangler is left orphaned after a horse theft gone bad. As Ginny grows from a self-reliant young girl to the fiery matriarch of a sprawling Texas ranch family, she passes on her resiliency and bold spirit to her nieces, Scottie, Rory, and Georgie O’Brien – sisters that are growing up with a distant mother and a fun-loving but troubled father. Even as little girls, the O’Brien sisters know they must solve their own problems and take charge of their own lives. Witho... more
  • Zoochini: The spectacular zoo with animal and food mashups

    by Zach Zeis
    When the animals at the local zoo become picky about their food, the zoo's staff becomes concerned there will be terrible consequences. Will the staff be able to turn things around in time, or will the animals continue to reject their meals and insist on eating only their favorite treats? If the animals win this battle of wills, they may learn the true meaning of the saying, "You are what you eat"... Zoochini is a rhyming story that includes some taxonomic terms along with a glossary with simpl... more
  • Gilding An Age

    by Kurt Burke
    In this sequel to Kurt Burke’s acclaimed novel, Sailor Story: John Carlile returns from hiding in British North America, determined to make his fortune following the end of the Civil War. Finding employment with the trans-continental railroad, he soon discovers that the industrialist elites in control of post-war America are determined to continue collecting the government revenue that they enjoyed while equipping the Army of the Republic. \tCalling attention to the felonious business and a... more
  • Adventures of Pierre the Munchkin

    by Dr. Kat
    My children’s book follows the secret outdoor life of Pierre, a Scottish fold munchkin cat, and the wildlife he encounters during his solo walks through the neighborhood. Each animal he meets along the way teaches Pierre a new skill or a life lesson. On one such adventure, having strayed too far, Pierre accidentally gets adopted by a family of wolf cubs, who mistake him for one of their own. In the interactive portion of this rhyming picture book, the author asks little readers to help Pierre n... more
  • The Book of Skulls

    by David Hutchison
    A Victorian tale of gender-bending, hidden identity, obsession and gruesome murder, set in Edinburgh's Old Town. 1875. Liz Moliette; a poor orphan of unknown heritage, and Amulya Patel; from a wealthy Indian family, are the only female students at the Edinburgh Medical School, where a hostile attitude towards women is driven by Professor Atticus. However Liz and Amulya have allies in fellow student Campbell Preeble, The Reekie reporter Hector Findlay and the charming Dr Paul Love. In dire ... more
  • Give Nothing Back

    by Heather Garvin
    After everything Paige went through, she's left feeling discontent with her normal life. She and Fredrick try to navigate the rocky waters of their new relationship, while Paige struggles with balancing her friends and the pirates. Trouble shows up with the arrival of Fredrick's father and the group has to decide how far they're willing to go before it's too late to turn back.
  • Take What You Can

    by Heather Garvin
    Paige Lawson has just finished her junior year of high school and is looking forward to a quiet summer of reading and enjoying Florida's sunshine. That is until she meets the alluring Fredrick Pryce, a far from ordinary guy with a dark secret. Paige can't help feeling intrigued when she senses Fredrick may be hiding something, and warnings from her best friend only fuel her desire to know more. When Paige inevitably learns the truth, her safety is compromised. Now, with the help of Fredrick a... more
  • Me and Eli

    by Jim Morgan
    Me And Eli is a story about two boys, Zach, a lonely Amish boy and the other, Eli, a forest boy. They discover each other one June evening in 1952 in the woods surrounding Zach's parent's farm and together they share a summer of carefree fun doing the things boys love to do, swimming, climbing trees, just being boys. But, things are not what they appear to be in Varnsfeld and there is a tragic incident which changes everything for Zach and Eli.
  • Anything For Bananas!

    by Nora Hakim
    Follow Benjie on his ocean cruise journey to Brazil and learn about the magical things that happen when he and his family arrive in Rio de Janeiro and explore the famous Sugarloaf Mountain by cable car. His curiosity goes wild when he discovers some exotic feathered friends and can’t wait to get one! Will Benjie get his fondest wish?
  • Mt. Moriah's Wake

    by Melissa Carro
    JoAnna Wilson was raised by her eccentric aunt in the bucolic southern community of Mt. Moriah. Now a twenty-six-year-old would-be writer, JoAnna faces several crossroads—in her marriage, in her career, and in her faith. She left home for Chicago immediately following the murder of her best friend, Grace. When she comes back to Mt. Moriah for the first time in four years, she must confront both the profound sorrow she feels over Grace’s death and the mysterious guilt she carries. A hauntingl... more
  • Quillan Creek and the Little War

    by Ian Hunter

    Jessie Mason lives with her nose in the pages of history. But she is about to discover that the past is a dangerous place where she doesn't belong, and knowledge alone is not going to save her.

    In Jessie’s troubled life, ridiculed or shunned at school and children’s home, her aunt is the only constant and comfort she has. But when she inexplicably disappears, and Jessie uncovers her mother's Time Stone, life turns unreal and terrifying.

    She is ... more

  • A Very Hungry Tale


    "A Very Hungry Tale" follows an amusing look into how the body sends us messages when we’re hungry. It’s a delightful story about Anna, a little girl fast asleep and her body trying to wake her up so as not to miss eating. In this STEM-oriented picture book, budding minds will learn about insulin and other hunger-related hormones. A glossary and pronunciation guide are included to further their learning. 

  • Polly Attends The World Most Famous Circus

    by Marcia Miles

    The World Most Famous Circus is coming to town and Polly certainly is not missing the fun. Join Polly and others as they enjoy the most fabulous and spectacular event that Shady Grove will ever see.

  • The Redemption of the Damned

    by Jonathan Arnowitz Taylor
    Jamie Goldberg, hoping desperately to avoid dealing with his sexual abuse in early childhood, is quick to pin any symptoms of trauma on any convenient issue of the day. Newly out of the closet in 1980 Detroit, he thinks coming out would solve his problems. Yet, allusive darker traumatic secrets seem to linger. He discovers human sexuality is more complex than merely declaring one’s sexuality. He also learns the struggles of suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, and sexual acceptance only fester w... more
  • Santa's Boots

    by Teresa Yost
    When a little gal discovers her daddy is wearing the same boots Santa wore, she realizes he had dressed as Santa and coaxes him to reply to her question, "Is Santa real?" His answer is perfect! Santa's Boots "keeps the magic of Santa alive." - Linda Vican, retired elementary school teacher. With repetitive, predictable text and complementary, engaging art, this timeless holiday story invites early readers to read aloud with you.