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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Finding Me

    by Judith Keim
    Sheena Sullivan Morelli and her sisters, Darcy and Regan, receive the unexpected news that their Uncle Gavin Sullivan, the black sheep of the family, has left them a hotel on the Gulf coast of Florida. The gift comes with a twist. They must live together for one year at the hotel and prepare the hotel to receive guests within a year. Sheena, eager to escape her role of unappreciated wife and mother, can’t wait for the opportunity to find herself. Dreams of sitting on the beach sipping margaritas... more
  • Beethoven’s String Quartet Opus 74 ‘The Harp’

    by Janet White
    The story traces the history of Beethoven’s Opus 74 String Quartet from its composition in besieged Vienna in 1809 through its concealment in Poland during World War Two, to the present day where it is held hostage in the Jagiellonian Library in Kraków, Poland until adequate war reparations are paid by Germany. Gunther Erdogan, second violinist of the London String Quartet, is pressured by a secret agent of the German government to steal Beethoven’s manuscript from the library during a European... more
  • Irritations from the Colorground of Drawplay

    by Justin Letourneau
    A humorous take on life, people, animals, and everything.
  • Mahabharata: Retold and Illustrated

    by Dr.Ilango Sivaraman
    This story is known to almost every Indian - It is a story of treachery and war between two families closely related to each other. It is believed - this is not a story but it actually happened - in 3100 BC ,that is about 5000 years ago. The story portrays many unique characters -of a particular family of five brothers - The eldest, Yudhisthira (who never tells lies under any circumstances)- Bhima - Strongest of all men, Arjuna-The best in archery . Draupadi- A young princess, by force of cir... more
  • Allie and Gator: A Story About a Girl and Her Gator

    by Geneva Bowers
    Allie and Gator are best friends! Allie is inventive and bright. Gator is lively and rambunctious. They love to explore and play and collect berries around the riverside. One day, Allie plants a berry bush and Gator was curious... Allie & Gator is a story about the beauty of exploration and patience. Written and illustrated by Geneva B, an illustrator with an eye for fantasy elements and diverse characters.
  • A Time to Wean

    by marlene susan
    Follow favorite animals as they grow, discover new things, nurse less and wean. All with the comfort and reassurance that love and hugs from mama never change.
  • Illusions of Happiness

    by Sincere Jones
    Anquan, a man in his twenties, decides to separate from his wife Janessa after two years of marriage. His reason for doing so is simple, he isn’t happy. Can you blame him? It wasn’t what he envisioned for his life. Anquan begins to test the dating market in search for what he believes is an ideal mate: a younger more attractive woman. Children are grounds for automatic disqualification. Armed with his two chauvinistic and womanizer friends he begins his quest, but quickly discovers that finding ... more
  • The Purgatory Elm

    by William Frank
    The Purgatory Elm is a book of poetry full of oh-so-very neighborly characters on your typical journey through the pit of spectacular humanity. For those of us lucky enough to go to Purgatory, where human nature is elemental, unbridled and grotesque, here's the book of the unlucky ones who happen to be with us.
  • Universal Mind Revealed: Genesis Chapter 5

    Universal Mind Revealed: is a kabbalistic rendering of Genesis Chapter 5 of the Bible. It is a book for everyone: contemporary readers, students of Kabbalah and new thought, metaphysicians, and anyone pursuing biblical understanding. Universal Mind Revealed discloses our latent powers endowed to us to help us evolve, to learn to harness universal forces, attune to them, and alter their ultimate effect upon us. Moreover, it teaches us how to arrange the affairs of our life so that we can use the... more
  • Nicu II and Victoria's Incestuous Romance

    by Kenneth Jarrett Singleton
    With love for one another resting within their inseparable hearts, and a secret occupying their active, yet silent souls, seventeen-year-old Prince Nicu II and his sixteen-year-old sister Victoria, First Princess of Exubertis, must make a choice between their incestuous love affair, and the maintaining of stability within their royal family. Prince Nicu II and Princess Victoria's immutable, romantic feelings for one another forces them to engage in extremely risky actions and fabricate various f... more
  • Desta: Roots

    by Getty Ambau
    In this sprawling epic, Desta continues his dual mission to earn a modern education and reunite King Solomon's Coin of Magic and Fortune with its twin shekel that he owns. Heeding the ancient prophecy, he journeys to a remote town to pursue his goals but soon discovers that he is there to learn of his ancestral roots and gain the knowledge and tools needed for his quest. Desta meets Tsadok, his benevolent spirit-guide, who reveals Desta's profound ties from the storied waters and soils of Eth... more
  • Undertakers, Harlots, and Other Odd Bodies: Inspired by True Events and Smothered in Blarney (Odd Body Tales Book 1)

    by Mege Gardner
    In 1895, a trio of undertakers strive to gain the trust of a very un-trustworthy clientele, while avoiding the attention of casually corrupt authorities and the possibility of burying anyone ahead of time. Led by a woman who yearns to claim her own profession, they cater to anyone who will have them, heedless of danger or payment--heedless of danger, anyway. Not everyone in town is pleased with their final arrangements, and enmity grows in the shadows and threatens their livelihood.
  • Once upon a Poodle

    by Chrysa Smith
    When mini-poodle Woody goes on a hunt for a new brother, all sorts of adventures are in store. Feathers fly, gardens are harvested and nuts are cracked as the tenacious fur ball attempts to find a suitable creature to become the latest member of the family.
  • Troubled Waters

    by Joe Peters
    Troubled Waters is a Boston-based tale that follows a veteran transit cop trying to balance the politics of both his city and his job. In the course of trying to locate his missing cousin, he stumbles into the possible murder of a childhood friend and begins to discover a plot to rid the city and its subway system of the homeless who inhabit it.
  • The Inheritance

    by Christine Sleeter
    If you inherit something, do you also inherit responsibility for its history? After tracing the house she inherited from her grandmother to the selling of land stolen from the Utes, Denise must decide whether to stand up for her family or her convictions. This novel, which is based on a true story, explores how someone who benefitted directly from the removal of an American Indian tribe from their lands comes to understand how that happened and what one can do about it. Denise wrestles with guil... more