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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Lacking Evidence to the Contrary: A Lowbrow Novel of Questionable Necessity

    by Mark A. Henry
    In the thin slice of time between the present day and the dystopian future we've been reading so much about, Chris Dawkins, a young man of uncertain everything, finds himself in the FBI's crosshairs when he accidentally signs the online Terms and Conditions to join an Islamic extremist group. (And I suppose YOU read all the fine print?) With the help of his billionaire boss Jasper Wiles and badass attorney Biz Byner, Chris must thread a narrow path to freedom, squeezing through the colliding wor... more
  • Decode: The Sun Project

    by Alessandro Boccaletti


    When God delivered his message to an Aramaic nomad named Aram, the key to understanding the origin of mankind was revealed in ancient times.The few elected to see God’s message grouped in the Constantine Order, which pledges in eternity to preserve the universal knowledge of the secrets.The privileged knowledge of the mysteries, in the centuries, were passed to the Roman Emperors and to some charismatic Knights across Europe, until Leonardo da Vinci mastered the comprehensi... more

  • 978-0-578-76474-0

    by Diane Kessler
    When you make a mid-life U-turn, whiplash is one of the risks. Boston lobbyist Claire Petersen has lost her biggest client. In desperation, she agrees to help a seedy developer who covets farmland also sought by environmentalists. That decision pits her against Richard, a grieving widower whose clients want the land for a wildlife sanctuary. But that's not all Richard wants. Claire is wary. She has been disappointed by too many men, starting with her father. Nevertheless, Claire risks a r... more
  • The Game of Satori: The Awakening

    by Amy Jacquemard
    The Game of Satori, a virtual reality escape game that hacks your mind—delving deeply into your subconscious, pulling memories, thoughts and beliefs to the surface that have long been suppressed. All in the name of Satori – sudden enlightenment. The winner will claim one million dollars and the promise of a new life. Do you have the guts to see what’s hidden there? It’s just a game… isn’t it?
  • Friends to the End, and Here's the End

    by Bobby Miller
    A girl named Cathleen has to deal with disgusting rumors that an ex-friend of hers is spreading. She faces everything with a strong heart, some quirky friends, and plenty of laughs along the way!
  • VERITAS The Pharmacological Endgame: The End of the Obesity Epidemic

    by Alessandro Boccaletti
    ZEUS is an international organization dedicated to the eradication of certain scientific advancements to keep its members part of the global elite. The group targets any researchers or whistleblowers that may topple its position at the top of the pharmaceutical industry. The members’ influence extends all the way to the top of the major world governments. One man holds the key to stopping them. Dr. Alex Bauman joined the Molecular Fat Studies Department at Queens University in Brisbane bec... more
  • We Are Akan, Our People and Our Kingdom in the Rainforest - Ghana, 1807 -

    by Dorothy Brown Soper
    Synopsis We Are Akan, Our People and Our Kingdom in the Rainforest - Ghana, 1807 by Dorothy Brown Soper In a richly illustrated story set in the Asante Kingdom of 1807, Kwame, Kwaku, and Baako strive to become leaders in the Akan culture. They farm, learn spear throwing, take part in ceremonies and dances, and listen to stories while gaining an understanding of the rainforest and its animals. In the capital city to see the king and the Golden Stool and take part in the yam festival, th... more
  • Vicarious Vacations

    by Michael Wojciechowski
    Like so many millennials, Paige Reynolds yearns for social media stardom. Vicarious Vacations, an organization that manufactures fake vacations to increase one’s social media influence, promises users their services can guarantee ascension to social media royalty. True to their word, Vicarious Vacations elevates Paige’s online presence, but now that she’s amassed a respectable following, what will she pay to regain her privacy?
  • Gopher Golf: A Wordless Picture Book

    by Karl Beckstrand
    Two gophers feel the joy and challenges of golfing. Find the animals and cement vocabulary with this colorful sports book for kids ages 2 – 6.
  • Six Word Story

    by Doug Weller

    Six Word Story is a collection of stories, jokes, memoirs, and poems, all written in only six words.

    Find horror, romance, thriller, hilarity, and tragedy all bundled in a few tiny words.

    This collection of micro-fiction gives readers a chance to get an instant dose of story.

    Six Word Story by Doug Weller includes the winner of the 2020 Six Word Wonder Contest, with over 1000 stories were entered. As well as publication, the winner receives a $50 prize as the Six Word Wonder... more

  • Utah! A Novel

    by Levi Rogers
    Fleeing from ever present wildfires and the threat of the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupting, Lee, Becca, and their daughter Analise embark on a road-trip through the state of Utah to a wedding in Zion National Park. Set in the not-too-distant-future, Utah! is a novel about climate change and the intricacies of relationships—between family, partners, religious structures, nature, and the American West. Featuring a litany of intriguing Utah residents including ex and current Mormons, doomsday prep... more
  • Pandemic

    by Wesson Renick
    This novel takes place during the spring of 2020, a period in which toilet paper was in short supply, restaurants and bars shut their doors, and a great many tactile experiences were abruptly deemed unsafe. Not content to stay home and binge-watch television, one wealthy man saw the shutdown as an opportunity to party, and the means that he went to see his plan through would have a disastrous effect on countless lives.
  • As the Road Narrows

    by James Anhalt

    In 1979 an ambitious state attorney-general contrives a plot to unseat an indiscreet governor. A somewhat innocent banker ensnarled in a midlife crisis, is caught in the crosshairs. As the Road Narrows portrays one poor decision and the media hysteria that drastically changed innocent lives. It is humorous, yet insightful. Filled with the conflicts that plagued America in the 1970s, shifting views on morality, social responsibility, political shenanigans, and clashing viewpoi... more

  • Untouched

    by Jayme Bean
    Dr. Julia Morrow and her graduate students, David and Marisol, embark on a research trip to explore a remote section of the Amazon rainforest. When their trails seem to change direction at will and they find themselves lost and without communication, the trio worry they may be in for more than just the latest scientific discovery. Banding together, they’re left deciding which is more important - finding out how to escape the unexpected horrors lurking within the rainforest or getting back home i... more
  • Gold of Pleasure: A Novel of Christina of Markyate

    by Ruth Mohrman
    Christina of Markyate was a gifted twelfth-century English woman, whose visions brought her local fame and who once owned the renowned St Albans Psalter. As a young girl she refused the sexual advances of the Bishop of Durham and ran away from home rather than consummate a forced marriage. Christina was hidden for years by rural hermits, developed a passionate attachment for one of her rescuers, and finally achieved the religious life she had always wanted, as a Prioress. The Abbot of St Albans ... more
  • The Last White Flag

    by Bob Cartmill
    In 1787 the British government commenced a program of shipping their convicts to an unexplored wilderness on the other side of the globe. When two brothers are wrongly convicted of a crime, they find themselves shipped away as members of a mass of exiles consigned to building a new colony. Their very different personalities and outlooks will take them on two different paths as they and their families seek to cope with both societal oppression and physical survival. The convicts endure mistreat... more