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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Anything For Bananas!

    by Nora Hakim
    Follow Benjie on his ocean cruise journey to Brazil and learn about the magical things that happen when he and his family arrive in Rio de Janeiro and explore the famous Sugarloaf Mountain by cable car. His curiosity goes wild when he discovers some exotic feathered friends and can’t wait to get one! Will Benjie get his fondest wish?
  • Mt. Moriah's Wake

    by Melissa Carro
    JoAnna Wilson was raised by her eccentric aunt in the bucolic southern community of Mt. Moriah. Now a twenty-six-year-old would-be writer, JoAnna faces several crossroads—in her marriage, in her career, and in her faith. She left home for Chicago immediately following the murder of her best friend, Grace. When she comes back to Mt. Moriah for the first time in four years, she must confront both the profound sorrow she feels over Grace’s death and the mysterious guilt she carries. A hauntingl... more
  • Quillan Creek and the Little War

    by Ian Hunter

    Jessie Mason lives with her nose in the pages of history. But she is about to discover that the past is a dangerous place where she doesn't belong, and knowledge alone is not going to save her.

    In Jessie’s troubled life, ridiculed or shunned at school and children’s home, her aunt is the only constant and comfort she has. But when she inexplicably disappears, and Jessie uncovers her mother's Time Stone, life turns unreal and terrifying.

    She is ... more

  • A Very Hungry Tale


    "A Very Hungry Tale" follows an amusing look into how the body sends us messages when we’re hungry. It’s a delightful story about Anna, a little girl fast asleep and her body trying to wake her up so as not to miss eating. In this STEM-oriented picture book, budding minds will learn about insulin and other hunger-related hormones. A glossary and pronunciation guide are included to further their learning. 

  • Polly Attends The World Most Famous Circus

    by Marcia Miles

    The World Most Famous Circus is coming to town and Polly certainly is not missing the fun. Join Polly and others as they enjoy the most fabulous and spectacular event that Shady Grove will ever see.

  • The Redemption of the Damned

    by Jonathan Arnowitz Taylor
    Jamie Goldberg, hoping desperately to avoid dealing with his sexual abuse in early childhood, is quick to pin any symptoms of trauma on any convenient issue of the day. Newly out of the closet in 1980 Detroit, he thinks coming out would solve his problems. Yet, allusive darker traumatic secrets seem to linger. He discovers human sexuality is more complex than merely declaring one’s sexuality. He also learns the struggles of suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, and sexual acceptance only fester w... more
  • Santa's Boots

    by Teresa Yost
    When a little gal discovers her daddy is wearing the same boots Santa wore, she realizes he had dressed as Santa and coaxes him to reply to her question, "Is Santa real?" His answer is perfect! Santa's Boots "keeps the magic of Santa alive." - Linda Vican, retired elementary school teacher. With repetitive, predictable text and complementary, engaging art, this timeless holiday story invites early readers to read aloud with you.
  • Under The Hero's Thumb

    by Craig Wells
    Phinn as a fourteen year old lives by the beach in Southern California. His best friends are Frosty Jack, a surfer extraordinaire, Chuck, a retired tile layer, and Sue, a sculptor of unusual designs. They sell their beach cottages and journey off. Jack to surf all over the world. Chuck to meet the home run legend, and his brother-in-law, Henry Aaron. Sue to sculpt figures from The Simpsons for La Maison Du Chocolat in Paris. Phinn feels lost and abandoned. He is left with two friends—an obnoxiou... more
  • A Farm Animals' Christmas

    by Stephanie Matolyak Deborah Bailey
    Fun! Magical! Entertaining! Rescued farm animals come to life in a magical celebration of Christmas. It all starts with the first Thanksgiving feast on the farm. The fun time continues when the farm animals go to a Christmas party. After making snow wings and decorating the barn for the holidays, it's time for the farm animals to go to bed while magical things begin to happen... not only reindeer can fly at this magical time of the year.
  • The Centipedes

    by Piyush Srivastava
    The Centipedes is a port-truth fiction, narrated by Ramayan Prasad, a journalist, in India. Ramayan is professionally an insecure journalist, who is instinctively honest personally and otherwise. The protagonist has been asked to do follow up stories of a crime of gang-rape and murder that takes place in New Delhi. The victim’s family lives there. They travel to their ancestral village in Uttar Pradesh to perform certain last rites of the brutalized and departed soul. There is massive protest... more
  • Exhale

    by Q. Imagine

    Discover this gripping tale that surrounds the life of Jane Mackenzie, as she grows up in New York City and encounters a setback that changes her life forever. This novel has been called an absolute page turner and was given a 3 out of 4 by the Online Book Club.
    The plot will leave you hanging for the next one as you may see yourself within the life of Jane Mackenzie. 

  • Tied With Twine

    by Pamela Records

    The south side of Chicago during the early days of Prohibition is a dangerous place for Halina, a young Polish-American woman who has been saving her poker winnings for a train ticket east and a chance to study nursing. Her plans are interrupted when whiskey men come to town, hiding their bootleg liquor in the cellar of an abandoned house down the street.  
    Suddenly, the small immigrant community is the backdrop for schemes and violence as rival bootleggers take ... more

  • Sex.Drugs.DJ

    by Blake Sheridan

    Blake was an ordinary kid, with an ordinary family and grew up in an ordinary neighborhood in Chicago. That is, except for illness as a child, which followed him into adulthood and left an emptiness inside, combined with a desire to know why he was cursed with so much pain. He sought and found release in music and drugs, which ultimately led him into the arms of the rave scene. As he dove deeper into that lifestyle, his skills as a DJ become apparent and that sets off a path to greatness. Ove... more

  • Global Position

    by Sandy Mason

                Sandy Mason brings back his favorite sleuth, Johnny Donohue, to help find the cause of a fatal boat accident that took place off of the West Coast of Florida.


                Johnny and his crew are returning from a weekend at the famous Key West October Fest only to find themselves first responders to the deadly accident.

         ... more

  • Gummy Worms for Fishing

    by Chan Blue

    An age appropriate book about earth science. The sophomore book from Mac and Roni Read has them spending time with their favorite person; Grandpa Willie. As the Mac and Roni prepare for their first fishing trip Mac has this idea he may just use his candy gummy worms as bait for the fish but he's not quite sure if he can. The twins do some research and learn some information pertaining to fishing but they stop short of finding out are gummy worms for fishing. However in the end Grandp... more

  • Maisie Mae From Sunnyside Street

    by Stephanie Jane Markham
    Join Maisie Mae and her friends from Sunnyside Street as they dream up new adventures! Maisie Mae imagines herself all the way to Mars, slides down rainbows and even sails a pirate ship! Her best friend Duncan and his unicorn, Letty Lou, take Maisie for a magical ride around the town. They drop in on the zoo and meet up with their good friends Simon, Sabrina and the twins, Ann & Emma. Kids will love the lush color illustrations in this 8x8 storybook. Coming Soon! The next book in the Maisie... more