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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Jacob's Ladder

    by Louis Flint Ceci

    Last year, Mally Jacobs was the weird kid in school, but that was before he spent a summer in New York, witnessed the Stonewall Riots, and kissed his first boyfriend. Now he's back in Oklahoma, calling himself "Jake," and using his new-found basketball skills to impress his friends and earn a name for himself. But the small town of Croy is a far cry from the freedom and daring he tasted in New York. Can he find a place for himself while holding on to a secret?

  • Not a Fox

    by Arthur Strangekin

    Fox is planning the chicken heist of the century! 

    But will the farmer see through Fox’s clever disguises & hilariously "spot-on" impressions before it's too late?

    Will Fox go undercover as an alien, magician or scientist in his latest caper? 

    Find out! And maybe stay for dinner...

  • Who?: Who Can Help the Warming Arctic?

    by Sophie Weider

    Who? follows the journey of a Snowy owl, Ukpik, in search of a new home, after his own is left uninhabitable by the impacts of climate change. This inspiring and informative Arctic tale is a wonderful story for teachers and parents to share with younger children and start discussions about climate change and environmental stewardship.

    Who? was inspired by first-hand learnings from scientists and Inuit on the 2019 Students on Ice Arctic Expedition. It is thanks to a Stu... more

  • A Rule of Life

    by Patricia Brandon
    - 1919 - Could a local murder, an attempted kidnapping, and a strange and macabre ritual, brought to Appalachia from Europe, have anything to do with missing youth? The Great War and the Spanish Flu pandemic have just ended, soon to give way to Prohibition, the riots of Red Summer, the culmination of Women's Suffrage. A new camp for girls has just begun in the mountains of western North Carolina. Camp counselor Tricia Grimball seeks both adventure and escape from her predictable life back hom... more
  • Waves of You: Love Poems

    by Michelle G. Stradford
    Waves of You: Love Poems is an inspirational expression of profound and passionate love language that you can make your own. Meant to be read out loud to the one you love, it is brimming with blooming romance, enduring love, and alchemical connection.
  • Entitled: Life isn't easy when you're a book

    by Cookie Boyle
    Life isn't easy when you're a book. This humorous, debut novel captures the extraordinary adventures of an extraordinary book. Entitled takes us on the journey of a book seeking to find a home as it is passed from one Reader to another. Along the way, our book tells its own story, “The Serendipity of Snow” in which a determined young woman strives to make her own choices amid social convention. Sitting in a store in San Francisco, our book wants nothing more than to live out its life n... more

    by William Jack Sibley
    Larry McMurtry meets A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is Sibley’s best yet — a rollicking screwball comedy with a heart as big as Texas. — Steven L. Davis, Author, Past President, Texas Institute of Letters “A rousing success! Writing about an entire village and the surrounding ranches – and doing both extremely well. I figured this would be “funny” going into it but was honestly surprised about how damn hilarious it was. A sparkling comedic romp. Writing about South Texas, especially in the ra... more
  • Clean Sweep A Novel

    by E. B. Lee

    Clean Sweep is contemporary fiction that personalizes the lives of New York City street homeless and exposes the strength and vulnerabilities of compassion and human connection. When a retired advertising executive finds the dead body of a homeless woman on a Manhattan sidewalk, she is compelled to bring others off the street. Working on an Outreach team, she faces her own painful past, erratic behavior of her new Outreach partner, and many invisible barriers silently chaining homeless lives ... more

  • Foxhide: From Hillcountry Farm

    by John C Hill

    This whimsical and bizarre tale takes readers into the heart of nature where we meet many animal characters. Pawz, being the narrator, introduces his family and friends humorously. Their offbeat names and quirky characters make the read engaging. The subtle anthropomorphism employed by John C. Hill enhances the humor, granting us several laugh-out-loud moments throughout the book. The foxes are clever and mischievous yet good-hearted, attributes that define a unique “foxiness.&r... more

  • The MisAdventures of George and the Talking Butt: The Beginning

    by J.L. Frankel
    Meet George Smith. George is a good kid; he really is. He listens to his parents and tries his best to pay attention in school. He enjoys spending time with his friends and his family. Overall, George is just an ordinary ten-year old boy. Well, almost ordinary. You see, George just heard from someone he never thought he would hear from... his butt. George just discovered his butt can talk. With his new sidekick behind him, George's life just became a little more complicated and a whole lot ... more
  • The Tokyoites

    by Christopher T. Connor
    Kevin Connolly is an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan. He has lived in Tokyo for 5 years and he has just split with his beautiful Japanese girlfriend. He moved to Japan after a bad breakup with the love of his life. He is a heavy drinker and a fish out of water in Tokyo but has an appreciation of the Japanese people and culture. He travels throughout the city taking in the interesting sites, neon lights, red-light districts and izakaya’s (bars).
  • The Serpent Bearer

    by Kara Ford

    Breathe. Just breathe. Sometimes that’s all it takes to wipe away the bad memories. Other times, the swallowing darkness lurches Dani awake in a cold sweat, the bloodcurdling screams still echoing in her ears…

    But this year will be different—it has to be. This year Dani will lead her college lacrosse team to a championship and get into med school—and what’s wrong with having a little fun to keep her grounded?

    Except it’s not so simple when the ... more

  • War of the Sparrows

    by Matt Strempel
    War of the Sparrows is an historical fiction book set ten years after the Siege of Tobruk during World War Two. Veteran Frank Miller grapples with civilian life; being a caring husband, a business owner, and present father after the trauma of war is a daily struggle. Guilt stemming from his actions—and inaction—during the war have left him guilt-ridden and an emotional wreck. While doing his best to carry on as though nothing is wrong, Frank seeks the man responsible for the historical abductio... more
  • A Season in Lights: A Novel in Three Acts

    by Gregory Erich Phillips

    Passion, ambition and escape, in the colorful artistic underworld off-Broadway.

    Cammie, a dancer in her mid-thirties, has just landed her first part in a show since coming to New York City. Yet the tug of familial obligation and the guilt of what she sacrificed to be there weigh down her dancing feet. Her lover, Tom, an older piano player, came to the city as a young man in the 1980s with a story eerily in tune with Cammie's own. Through their triumphs and failures, both learn the f... more

  • AntonTon

    by Irena Stanic Rasin
    AntonTon is a unique guy who does everything his own way. He may be a bit unusual, but he proves that it’s okay to be different. People like AntonTon make the world an interesting place. Every bit of progress in science, culture, sports, etc., has happened because some AntonTon did something outside the box. Enjoy the iconic Croatian poem by Grigor Vitez, the father of modern Croatian children's literature, in this first English translation combined with award-winning illustrations.
  • Wheel of the Fates: Book Two of the Carolingian Chronicles

    by J. Boyce Gleason
    It is 742. The throne is empty; the pagan states are in rebellion; Charles Martel's widow and youngest son have been imprisoned and the trust between Carloman and Pippin - the two brothers who remain in power is broken. Based on a true story, Wheel of the Fates picks up where the award-winning Anvil of God leaves off - chronicling the lives of Charles Martel's children as they vie for power in what's left of the kingdom..and their family.