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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Raise the Wind

    by Sarah Shaw
    1772: Across the globe people struggle for freedom and justice against the stranglehold of entrenched wealth and power. New knowledge and inventions are changing the world at a breathtaking pace, upsetting the old order even as new notions of equality and human rights seize the public conscience. In this world turned upside down young bride Emily McFarland finds herself far from home and safety, living on disputed land in Colonial Georgia while Zoeth Sinclair struggles to keep his fledgling ... more
  • The Easter Bear

    by Michelle Keyes
    Finn was not an ordinary bear. He looked like a bear and growled like a bear, but the things he enjoyed were very unbearlike indeed—eating chocolate, painting, and hiding things, just like the Easter Bunny. And becoming the next Easter Bunny was Finn's dream. But with hops that shake the forest floor and less than pawfect basketweaving skills, he had his work cut out for him. Finn's creativity and determination lead to an egg-traordinary surprise, proving Easter magic comes in all shapes and ... more
  • Dinosaur Discoveries: A Prehistoric Adventure

    by Chris Levine

    Embark on an extraordinary adventure with "Dinosaur Discoveries," an enchanting children's book by the imaginative Chris Levine. Join our young explorer on a seemingly ordinary school field trip that takes a fantastical turn, transporting him from a dig site to a lush, prehistoric jungle where incredible discoveries await.

  • Baxter's Second Chance

    by Scott M. Busby
    Certainly! Here's the revised description for "Baxter's Second Chance": Book Description: "Baxter's Second Chance" is a heartwarming and uplifting tale for children aged 6 to 10, yet its message resonates with readers of all ages. This beautifully illustrated book introduces us to Baxter, a spirited and lovable dog who, after a challenging start in life, finds himself in a shelter, longing for a family and a place to call home. His world changes when he meets a kind-hearted human who rec... more
  • Mrs. Owl's Messy Library

    by Eliana Hidalgo
    Mrs. Owl had many books in her library. Some were funny or sad, others were scary. But her books were hard to find because her library had become so messy, dusty, and disorganized. In fact, because of this no one even came to visit her library anymore. Mrs. Owl had finally had enough when she couldn’t even find her own favorite book in the clutter. She decided something must be done. After weeks of hard work, Mrs. Owl discovered that a tidy library is one that she and all her animal friends can ... more
  • A China Farewell

    by May Hsu

    Born in China during a quiet space between Civil War clashes and the Second Sino-Japanese war, Tsai Zongshi was taught that the love and loyalty of family can overcome any conflict.
    But when the Communist Party finally claims victory and rises to power at the same time that Zongshi reaches adulthood, he finds himself uncertain as to where he belongs in the new world order. 

    Assailed by the Party and distanced from his parents, Zongshi wonders whether he will surviv... more

  • Scorpius

    by Monty Ryan
    In the Roman Empire, where chariot racing reigns as the deadliest and most popular sport, an epic tale unfolds. Tethered to four horses, racing at breakneck speeds in fragile chariots, men risk everything for the hope of fame and glory. Orphaned young slave boys in the Empire like Scorpius have few other options to free themselves from bondage, and through a chance encounter the child enters the lucrative and perilous contests to gamble his life on victory. As he hones his skills, the stakes sky... more
  • The Cardinal and the Crook

    by Sal Tocco

    On a damp, dreary evening a young unwed mother abandons her two infant sons. The twin brothers, James and John, are adopted by a loving and nurturing father. As they grow older, their distinct personalities become more evident and each chooses a divergent path. Despite impassioned pleading from his brother, James makes a fateful choice which results in deadly consequences. John enters the priesthood and years later, upon learning of his elevation to cardinal, reflects—through a series o... more

  • To Unshakable Bliss: A Techie's Adventure

    by Serene Rishi
    We embark on life’s journeys, bursting with dreams and ambitions destined for greatness. With each hard-won peak, the expected bliss proves fleeting. New milestones pass, achievements accumulate, and yet, lasting happiness dangles just out of reach before the next desire hijacks its hope. How does anyone find enduring fulfillment impervious to life's unpredictable turbulences in our fast-paced modern times? This philosophical novel chronicles a Silicon Valley technologist, Qayum, whose tumult... more
  • Pet Rock: Book 7

    by Cindy and Gus Gee
    In the 7th book by Boar and Family Books we find Boar, Hardy and Junior wondering what to get Grandma for a holiday present. Hardy recalls a lesson from school where they learned about a guy who made a pet rock. Our ambitious kids decide that is just what they will do, but how? Do you find one? Or, do you make one? Snuggle-in with your favorite young'un and be charmed by this latest book of our favorite children and discover with them how to make/find a pet rock for a special holiday present. ... more
  • Porgy & Bess in New York - The Sequel

    by Denisha Hardeman, Harold Goldberg, Frada Goldberg
    Our story tells how Porgy, a crippled Black beggar in Charleston's Catfish Row, learns that the love of his life, Bess, has been drugged and taken to New York by Sportin’ Life. Porgy is determined to rescue her, and must overcome immense obstacles to get to New York to find her. In her cocaine haze, Bess yearns for Porgy but feels helplessly dependent on Sportin' Life. From his illegal businesses Sportin’ Life has become a wealthy patron of the artists and writers of the Harlem Renaissance. W... more
  • Searching for Van Gogh

    by Donald Lystra
  • Different is not wrong

    by Annapaola Ambrosio
    In a world of red circles, a purple one rolls in. Will it fit in or stand out? "Different is not Wrong" unfolds the journey of a red circle, navigating through the intricacies of relationships and embracing its unique identity amidst a world rich in diversity. This story is an ode to understanding oneself and others, illustrating the beauty that lies in our differences and the enrichment that comes from embracing varied perspectives.
  • Museum of Creativity and Inspiration for Writers (Prolific Writing for Everyone)

    by Warren Brown
    In this collection of stories, poems, articles, writing prompts, and tips on the art and craft of writing, you will discover some unique ways to release your imagination and creativity. Enter the “Museum of Creativity and Inspiration for Writers,” which will take you on a thrilling excursion into finding ideas that work for you and also discovering inspiration in the way the author has used simple ideas to create more complex stories, articles, and poems. The writer has used the most basic idea... more
  • Walk the Earth as Brothers

    by Henry Rozycki
    Two Jewish brothers plan futures full of achievement and maybe fame. But Warsaw in the summer of 1939 is no place for dreamers. Ian is thrown west to Paris. There, he unexpectedly falls in love with a mysterious Frenchwoman named Alicia, but then must leave her and race across France to safety in Casablanca. Daniel is consigned to the Siberian Gulag, where he faces endless blizzards, starvation, and the often-lethal cruelties of guards and fellow prisoners. He too finds someone, an exiled po... more
  • Stella Steals the Moon

    by Luna Burlo
    Ever wonder what might happen if someone stole the moon? Oh, Stella. Poor Stella. So cheeky and bored… When she sees a glowing ball in space, she just has to have it! Stealing the moon isn’t easy! Many things can go wrong, and Stella's Dad is having a hard time convincing her to leave the moon where it belongs. Will Stella still take the moon away or will she decide to let it be? Stella Steals the Moon is a riotous rhyming picture book about looking after what we have. It covers t... more