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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Dear American Brother

    by Joe J. Elder

    In this captivating novel, based on a true story, the Communist Revolution explodes across Russia, and Hans Gerein is rocked by the same reverberations felt around the world. In a Russia rife with danger and treachery, he overcomes starvation, a lengthy sentence to a gulag camp and devastating twists of fate. The gruesome choice he must make to save his daughter's life cannot weaken his resolve to survive the Stalin and Hitler era, no matter the cost to his heart or his humanity... more

  • A Bullied Reunion

    by Chris Ponici
    From the moment Cristiano Leuca stepped onto the gym floor in Grade 8 at Burnaby Central Senior Secondary to the day he graduated, he suffered at the hands of three boys that tormented and terrorized and bullied his every waking moment. But now, at their twenty-year high school reunion, the tables are about to turn: Cristiano—with the help of his best friend, Alex—will exact revenge and serve up a punishment that will fit the crime(s)... Covering each high school year and taking us from pa... more
  • The Alchemy of Noise

    by Lorraine Devon Wilke

    2019 Readers' Favorite Awards Gold Medal Winner in Fiction (Literary)
    2019 Best Book Awards Finalist in Fiction (Literary)
    2019 International Book Awards, Finalist, Fiction (Multicultural)
    2020 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Fiction Silver Medal in Multicultural
    2019 Foreword Indie Finalist in Adult Fiction: Multicultural
    2019 Nautilus Book Awards Silver Winner in Ficti... more

  • Scott and the Runaway Sock: A Heartwarming Story of Friendship

    by Niall Cunniffe
    Scott the sock has never left his drawer. And why would he, when he's got his matching sock, Stitch, to play with? But when Stitch runs away, Scott must choose between the safety of the drawer or following his friend into the big scary world outside. Funny and charming, highlighting the importance of friendship today, Scott and the Runaway Sock is sure to warm the hearts of both children and adults alike.
  • George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley

    by Jewel Hart
    After his parents are killed, George, the Orphan Crow, starts a new life among the lively creatures of Blossom Valley and the enchanting butterflies that live there. But all is not as it seems… an evil ladybird, envious of the butterflies’ beauty lures them to a remote place with a wicked plan in mind. George becomes suspicious and flies out looking for them. But is he too late? Has the wicked ladybird already put her plan into action? This original, intriguing story is mainly told by the colorf... more
  • Ramon Pons: Count of Toulouse

    by Michael Ponzio
    Who was Ramon Pons? He was the Count of Toulouse, who sustained his family’s ancient loyalty to the King of France following the breakup of Charlemagne’s Empire. He was a military leader, governing from horseback to preserve the loyalty of southern France to the king. He was relentlessly vigilant, and defended his domains from Arabs, Hungarians, and rebellions against the French crown. He was a husband and father, married to Garsinda, the daughter of the Viscount of Narbonne. He was pious ... more
  • The Ghosts of Hawthorn, Missouri

    by James Peet
    Eric Redmond and Daniel Wright were two adopted brothers who grew up together, and died a world apart. They met in the middle of an American heartland that seemed perpetually in decline: shambolic trailer parks, a meth epidemic, and indifference between neighbors, but with the refuge of religion. Here, communities of blue-collar workers resigned to a lifetime of beige depression – themselves descendants of two centuries of cultural calamities, armed only with the faint hope of one day living... more
  • Mercy's First Semester

    by W.M. Bunche
    Raised in a deeply religious family, Mercy rebels against all rules. To avoid a destined path of self-destruction, Mercy enlists in the Army. After two combat tours, Mercy returns home battling PTSD. Trying to forget about the lives that he has taken and resume a "normal" life, Mercy enrolls in college and reconnects with a childhood crush. Mercy saved some of his men. Can he save himself?
  • Open Your Heart and Let the Lord Come in

    by Jerrie Blade
    Open Your Heart and Let The Lord Come In is a parable that compares our natural home to our spiritual home the heart. As Jesus is invited in, He would love to take a tour through every room. You will began to take a closer look at your home, the heart, to see what changes need to be made. He's knocking, please allow Him to come in, you'll be glad you did!
  • La Petite Josette En Provence

    by Ashley Davidson-Fisher

    La Petite Josette en Provence is an illustrated, bilingual, French and English language adventure and learning book which takes place in the medieval village of Les Baux-de-Provence. My daughter drew all of the illustrations.

    The story centers around La Petite Josette, her sister Anne-Laure, and their parents as they take a day trip to Les Baux-de-Provence. During the visit they tour a castle, have a picnic lunch of delicious, typical French food, go inside a medieval toy store, and exp... more

  • Burning Down The Country House

    by Carol Williams
    Addie’s passion for life is interrupted by a sequence of disturbing events, too tragic for her young mind to comprehend, yet she holds tight to what she remembers as the truth. Ultimately, she breaks, and only her mother’s songs will keep her safe. "My mother named me, Addie-May Myrtle Rose. I believed she bestowed her name to me out of deep affection. I soon realize the name was a double-edged sword, dipped in venom and surreptitiously designed to pierce the heart of a tyrant. Only it ricoche... more
  • Corruptus

    by Phil Parker
    As his city (Santa Fe) and state burn, journalist Matt White wants honest answers from public servants. Their lies become oppressive. Infuriating! What is propaganda? What is corruption? Matt snaps. For asking questions his newspaper bosses consider uncouth, he is fired. The next day, his furry best friend disappears. When an old acquaintance hires Matt to finally ask important questions, to follow money and hold power accountable, Matt’s story becomes a hellish descent through the state's haunt... more
  • Christmas Best

    by Diana Kizlauskas

    North Pole Mayhem

    Chaos and confusion sweep through Santa’s Workshop at Christmas when five elves walk off their jobs in search of “greatness.” Their misadventure with new holiday careers leads them to learn that they are each special in their own way. As Santa explains, they are already great when they work with love and care, tapping into what is their CHRISTMAS BEST.

    Christmas Best is a colorful, beautifully ... more

  • Lettuce!

    by Diana Kizlauskas

    HELP! There is only so much luck a Rabbit can handle...

    LETTUCE! is a deliciously tall tale about sharing. Good fortune runs amuck as Rabbit watches his crop of lettuce grow and grow and GROW! What will he do with all this leafy goodness? Wacky neighbors help him solve his dilemma.

    LETTUCE! is a colorful, beautifully illustrated picture book for children 3-6 years old. Funny, rhymed text is fun for adult... more

  • Five Ferries

    by William MIchael Ried
    Stephen Kylemore yearns to escape a country and a family torn apart by the Vietnam War. Buoyed by his love of literature and a dream of living an odyssey of his own, he buys a one-way ticket for the journey he will come to call “Europe on No Dollars a Day.” Stephen joins young people from around the world on a road with no clear destination. He hitchhikes, sleeps in the woods, looks for work and trades one paperback novel for another to maintain his alternate reality. He finds instant friend... more
  • Her Good Girl

    by Elaine Stock
    2018 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner in Christian Fiction. 2018 American Fiction Award Winner in the Christian Inspirational category. Sadie Tremont’s will to survive is killing her. Almost 18, she’s battled one mysterious illness after another, which her mom insists she must supervise all treatment. Sadie’s dad’s put his time into underground caving. Unlike her grandmother, Sadie has stopped waiting for miracles. Callie, a café owner, might help but can she be trusted? Then there’s... more