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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Death and Other Things: Stories

    by Kimberly LaRocca
    Death is final. Death can be painful, not just for those who suffer it, but for the ones who are left behind. The survivors. The ones who maybe didn’t get what they wanted from their relationship or the failed suicide attempt that leaves them clinging to a life no longer wanted. And death can be tragic. In this collection of short stories, Death and Other Things, the many façades of death are examined, occasionally with a wry and backwards glance and occasionally through gut-wrenching horror.... more
  • 1777 - Danbury on Fire!

    by M.H.B. Hughes
    This all-ages thriller concerns April 26, 1777, when the British plan a peaceable mission to confiscate weapons from a Connecticut village. Young Joe Hamilton can't decide who's crazy when his Patriot grandfather tries to jail his pacifist father. Every person in the book is handicapped by being responsible for someone else. What will people give up for others? Maybe it's their own cowardice... Small-town vendettas and moral beliefs sway with the swirling smoke that hides all crimes alike.
  • 1501 - Leonardo and Michelangelo in a Tale of Art, Love, and Betrayal/978-1-5245-6889-4

    by Rod Buntzen
    History tells that an intense dislike existed between Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci during the late Renaissance. But how did their animosity originate and was it always so? In 1501: Leonardo and Michelangelo in a Tale of Art, Love, and Betrayal, I tell what history might have left out; the unrecorded beginnings of the animosity between Leonardo and Michelangelo. Although I began the tale as a novella, the giant personalities of Leonardo, Michelangelo demanded to be released on stage to all... more
  • The Beauty Rules of Flowertown

    by Tamara Pearson
    In Flowertown, every flower is wonderfully different. But when the mayor creates a list of beauty rules for all the flowers, they bleach their petals and remove their leaves in order to be the most beautiful. Will they eventually realise the true meaning of beauty? The Beauty Rules of Flowertown was written to help three- to seven-year-old girls understand that there is no perfect or ideal face or body. It is also an important story for boys who are under pressure to be "masculine" and to ju... more
  • My Teacher Dad

    by Sonya Annita Song

    What can you do when your dad doesn't want to go to school? And he's the teacher! Discover the lengths one boy has to go through with his teacher dad and the lively antics that follow in this rhyming picture book with rib-tickling illustrations and rollicking story told in fluid verses. Recommended for children ages 4 to 8.

    "I don't want to go to school today.
    Pooh," my teacher whined.
    "Oh, not again," I told my dad.
    "I know you're... more

  • The Chalice: Large Print Edition

    by Lawrence Didsbury
    As the Roman Empire persecutes the early Christians, the chalice of Jesus is whisked away and sent to an unknown hiding place in Spain. 1300 years later, the chalice is unearthed and taken in secret to The New World joining the expedition of The Last Conquistador into the New Mexico Territory where it is hidden again. Present day a young man has a mysterious vision which leads him into the wild New Mexico desert, where the chalice is finally revealed. A story of adventure and faith, with monks, ... more
  • Sterling's Way Audio book narration (book by Sarita Leone)

    by Lawrence Didsbury
    Jack Sterling isn't having a good day. A swindler has stolen family property from his elderly grandmother and Jack has taken the law into his own hands to steal it back. Only the stagecoach he intends to rob is under fire, forcing him to rescue the very occupants he'd planned to rob. One glance at the beautiful woman inside nearly has him forgetting why he's there in the first place. Kristen March has fled Boston to avoid an arranged marriage between moneyed families. She'd rather take her ... more
  • Sweet Neighbors Come in All Colors

    by Lisa Blecker
    An illustrious group of friendly fruit from the Farmers' Market, which come in all shapes, sizes and colors, sing a sweet story about what makes neighbors different, the same and very lovable.
  • B07L3BNTXW

    by Tracy Bright
    A sequel to a family wilderness and dog survival story.
  • Widely Scattered Ghosts

    by Malcolm R. Campbell
    A readers’ advisory for this collection of nine stories forecasts widely scattered ghosts with a chance of rain. Caution is urged at the following uncertain places: an abandoned mental hospital, the woods behind a pleasant subdivision, a small fishing village, a mountain lake, a long-closed theater undergoing restoration, a feared bridge over a swampy river, a historic district street at dusk, the bedroom of a girl who waited until the last minute to write her book report from an allegedly dead ... more
  • B07L393FVD

    by Tracy Bright
    This is a brave story of love and courage of a family and their dog surviving alone in one of the last great wildernesses of California.
  • Roads Not Taken

    by Emily Gallo
    Sometimes you need to let go of the wheel and see what happens. A coming-of-age story with a twist: When Malcolm thinks he has found the woman of his dreams, he is forced into reevaluating his beliefs and preconceptions while exploring the meaning of love without gender.
  • Kate & Ruby

    by Emily Gallo
    Kate's retirement plans are put on hold when her old nemesis, Ruby, reappears and both their lives are turned upside down. Two stubborn, independent women discover that the lines between love and hate, and between past and future, are muddled and transitory.
  • The Columbarium

    by Emily Gallo
    Where can you find a cookie jar in the shape of a baseball filled with the ashes of an 84-year-old Chinese woman or a cardboard take-out carton with the remains of a 350-pound, agoraphobic pot-dealer? The Columbarium is the backdrop for peering into the eccentric lives of some of the dead, as well as of the people they left behind. When Jed takes a job fixing up the Columbarium, he is quickly thrust into the lives of strangers, both living and dead, and ultimately comes to terms with his past an... more
  • The Real Education of TJ Crowley

    by Grant Overstake

    What Lessons Did You Learn In the 7th Grade?

    Home-schooled in his whiteness, thirteen-year-old TJ Crowley thinks he knows everything about black people. Not that he’s experienced anything about them firsthand. Everything he knows about them and the ugly names he flings, he learned from his half-crazed mom. She flips out whenever she sees a black person. And lately, she’s been flipping out all the time.

    It’s the summer of 1968. The nation is divided and on edge ov... more

  • State of Love & Trust

    by Grace Ombry
    Diehard Pearl Jam fan Ellie returns from following the band’s 2006 U.S. tour with an unusual souvenir: another fan. Tall and tattooed Saint Wozniak, along with his dog Tremor Christ, soon move in. The snag? Her longtime boyfriend—who owns their home in Corktown—has no patience for Saint, his late-night hookups, or his out-of-control hound that’s on Animal Control’s most-wanted list. As Ellie and Saint bond over their mutual obsession with Pearl Jam, their friendship crosses the line. She find... more