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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Howdy Joey!

    by Charlene Pulsonetti
    Joey is a puppy who dreams of becoming a sheriff in his old west town. With the guidance of a friend, he learns empathy, responsibility and the importance of community service. Howdy Joey! is an exciting, full color 32 page adventure book that young readers - and adults - will love!
  • The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings (1)

    by Eileen Patra
    Elena Rowan is an accomplished artist and photographer who enjoys spending her free time assisting her best friend and archaeologist, Zak Erdmann on summer field studies. It is a great way to spend the summer. But their most recent adventure has led them into grave danger as they stumble upon one of the most sought-after artifacts of all time, The Ark of the Covenant. But it is not the Ark that is startling, it is the unexpected contents. Inside this sacred tabernacle, they do not find stone ta... more
  • Hermit Girl

    by E. M. Collyer
    Synopsis "Hermit Girl" “Just because I’m shy, just because I’d rather die and be buried in a shallow, unmarked grave than talk to new people, that doesn’t mean I’m easy, or desperate, or even the slightest bit interested in you. Just because my stupid face turns red when you look at me that doesn’t mean I’m not quietly putting a curse on you and your entire future line of inbred offspring. I’m just a raging extrovert stuck in an introvert’s body.” The terminally shy but highly sarc... more
  • Albert's Cookie

    by Kelly Airhart
    Albert baked a cookie. Albert's cookie is a quirky cookie. Albert's cookie can fly! Find out what happens when Albert decides to play with his food, and takes it on a high flying adventure to outer space.
  • Good Will: Shakespeare's Novel Life

    by Art Wiggins

    How did a simple glover’s son with a Stratford grammar school education become the world’s greatest playwright? It wasn’t easy. This book blends personal challenges with documented facts for an entertaining story.

    Easy to read, accessible, and lively, this book provides a wide range of readers a unique opportunity to enjoy his works by visiting the root of his genius. Play-goers, students, book club members or anyone with curiosity about Shakespeare may enjoy this... more

  • Deep Within a Blueberry Sky

    by Jeffrey J. Antonucci
    Sarah, a spunky seven-year-old, thinks she and her family are on their way to visit her grandfather for their typical summer getaway. Sarah soon learns that this year will be different. Sarah’s grandfather, Poppy Tom, will be implementing a plan using the elements of a beautifully penned poem lovingly devised by him and Sarah’s late grandmother, Jennie, that embarks Sarah on an enchanting journey of adventure and discovery—including of her inner-self—that spans decades. As the plan is put int... more
  • Fortuna and the Scapegrace: A Dark Comedy South Seas Adventure

    by Brian Kindall
    In Book 2 of THE EPIC OF DIDIER RAIN, we find our ne’er-do-well rogue-hero penniless and forlorn on the muddy streets of San Francisco. A seductive albino soothsayer launches him onto the next leg of his life’s stormy voyage. In a twist of destiny, he finds himself aboard a clipper ship headed to a South Seas island where love and a new life await. Is this Lady Luck, or the gods having fun with their favorite gullible scalawag?
  • Two Journeys

    by Clemens P. Suter

    A man left alone on earth.

    Alan is visiting Japan on business. After the outbreak of a pandemic, he finds himself to be the single survivor. The viral disease has wiped away his past life: he must fear injury, loneliness and hunger. Yet, Alan decides to travel back to his family in Berlin, straight across Asia. An exciting, thought-provoking book, impossible to put down.

  • Smoking a J With Jesus: 'Chronic' theories about God, religion, the universe and weed that will blow your mind!

    by Toakpin Bluntpuff III
    The book's young protagonist finds himself lost in a lush park setting inhabited by faceless drone-like people and religious figures who take advantage of the faceless hoard. Upon seeing the abuses and questioning his belief in a higher power, the confused teen is confronted by Jesus. Jesus helps him understand the untold secrets of creation and God by way of a jaunt throughout history. Utilizing a special strain of marijuana called Quadruple-H, Jesus reveals debatable, logical, yet downright co... more
  • Tiny Little Brother

    by Leva Khal
    The journey of one big sister and her tiny little brother told through a poetic short story. Dedicated to big sisters, big brothers, little sisters and little brothers everywhere. From the #1 Munn Quay Times bestselling author, Leva Khal.
  • Scott Free

    by Nkosi Ife Bandele
    Scott Free chronicles the life of a near thirty New York City filmmaker, ironically stuck working the concession stand at an upscale movie theater,, trying to negotiate his dead end relationships, too. He hops a “Greyhound $99 Special” en route to Hollywood, but in failing to reach the stars he lands on his knees, down and out in the San Francisco cleaning toilets and realizing that his life West resembles his life East as there’s really no escaping oneself.
  • Hill of the Bear

    by James P. Barber

    Fourteen-year-old Clay Beckley comes of age in the Great American West in the 1890s. He joins an expedition to the San Francisco Peaks of Arizona beginning an adventure that battles nature, disease, and man himself.

    While this is a great read for middle and high school students, the adult audience will also enjoy the story.

  • Shadow Soldier

    by T.L. Davis
    J.D. Wilkes is a young man at the end of the Civil War and forced out into the West to build a new life, but is quickly manipulated by criminals and lawmen alike who use him to further their goals until he learns to fight back.
  • Brandon Goes to Beijing (Bĕijīng北京)

    by Eugenia Chu
    Brandon and his cousins are on a trip to visit their grandparents in Beijing, China! While bonding with family, practicing Chinese, touring historic sites and feasting on local dishes, Brandon thinks he sees a tiny panda. However, every time he gets close, the panda disappears! Is Brandon imagining this small creature, or is it real? Will Brandon find out before he has to fly back home? This multicultural, multigenerational chapter book includes some Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) with Pinyin pro... more
  • Unorthodoxy

    by Joshua A.H. Harris
    You Gotta’ Get Your Hands Dirty When You’re Saving the World The surviving son of a germophobic mother, Cecil Reitmeister embraces all forms of bacteria and formulates an elaborate plan to lead humanity out of the Anthropocene and into a new era of interspecies harmony. His idiosyncratic plan requires years of experimentation and precise manipulation of his microbiome, the totality of microorganisms present in or on the human body. His mad-scientist mission leads to extreme social isolation, ... more
  • The Spirit of Fire

    by Susanne Dunlap
    The eagerly anticipated sequel to Listen to the Wind, “A complex, absorbing, and dramatic start to a planned series.” -Kirkus Reviews Azemar—now a knight and Baron of Montpezat—has rescued his childhood friend, Azalais, from the Castel de Belascon, where she was forced to disguise as a noblewoman and become the wife of the baron. But the captivating trobairitz Jordane de la Moux d’Aniort and her damozel Johana have escaped with them, putting them all in grave peril. Will Jordane’s conflicting... more