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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Outlandish and the Ego

    by O. Ryan Hussain

    The Outlandish and the Ego is the first in a new genre of literature: political erotica. This wild and comical satire follows two parallel stories that ultimately converge and blend into a new American reality. One side of The Outlandish and the Ego plays out with the Aide, who relentlessly seeks to maintain his power as he maneuvers his president for reelection. The Aide's ruthless appetite for victory comes to life in the form of wife swapping, partnering with a corporation hungry ... more

  • Body of Knowledge

    by A M Matthews
    After years of working for other biotechnology companies, Susan Glasser has achieved her dream and opened her own research laboratory in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following numerous unsuccessful trials, she has finally gotten a positive result from a new biologic she is testing. But before she can assess her discovery, this brilliant but socially awkward research scientist finds her life upended by a series of unrelated events. Forced to confront and deal with problems well outside her areas o... more
  • Mr. Pizza

    by J. F. Pandolfi
    Most people make at least one really harebrained decision in their life. Tony Piza is no exception. It’s 1973, and Tony decides he needs a carefree year off after college—with pay. To the shock of his tight-knit family and closest friends, he postpones law school and talks his way into a job teaching sixth grade at a Catholic school in Staten Island, N. Y. A paid vacation if ever there was one! Yeah, right. Say hi to the Moby Dick of miscalculations. His pathetic effort is making h... more
  • kerala wedding photography

    by Jonathan Roger
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  • Wedding photography Trivandrum

    by Jonathan Roger

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  • Tools and Dies Manufacturing dubai

    by Albin Benny
    Contraptions and dies the compartment is more essential in each industry. It is basic factor of each affiliation, these days associations is broadening all around requested so the centrality of each gadget and bombs awfully is high. All instruments is obvious as per affiliation gauge and utilizing distinctive mechanical gatherings. The primary perfect position of mechanical gatherings is clear work for each thing. So the time use is less. Nowadays all affiliation or anything has something near o... more
  • Crossed That Bridge

    by Maria Luhrs-Ruban
    Giovanni "Johnny" Baccaro survived a horrible hit and run almost two years ago, and managed to get through his depression and live his life. His large, close-knit family gives him the strength and determination to tackle whatever is in his path. Johnny is a well-rounded individual with a successful career. He possesses a love of lollipops, has an obsession with his Camaro and adores his dog, Charlie. His one major flaw is his heavy smoking habit. When he meets Annie McNeal, roma... more
  • The Earl in Black Armor / 978-0-9967281-8-8

    by Nancy Blanton
    In the years preceding the Great Irish Rebellion of 1641, an Irish clansman goes to Dublin Castle to spy on the English Lord Deputy Thomas Wentworth, who plans to seize clan properties and establish an English-only plantation. A woman at the castle also spies on Wentworth, but for very personal reasons. Together they discover Wentworth’s true plan, more terrible than anyone imagines, involving political and religious intrigue in the service of King Charles I. Their common mission binds them and ... more
  • An Eternity in a Moment

    by Kelly Carothers
    Dr. Erin Pryce is an accomplished ER physician in Boston who must face the painful past she's tried to escape from when her best friend, Jenna Godfrey, is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jenna still lives in New Dublin, Wisconsin, the small town they grew up in--a town Erin vowed she would never return to. But now she has no choice. Jenna needs her. And then everything Erin thought she knew is turned upside down in New Dublin, especially when she crosses paths with Luke Mathis, a detective who h... more
  • Tory Roof

    by Jill C. Baker
    Tory Roof is the first book in the Sutherland Series -- historical fiction with a touch of paranormal. Parallel plots unfold in the course of a year, linking the present day with 1765. This is very much a woman's story that pits logic against longing, unfolding autumn to autumn against a rich New England backdrop. Sarah Sutherland didn’t go looking for the adventure that engulfed her. She was a modern woman -- a mom and real estate agent, who accepted her routine life -- until she encountere... more
  • Profound and Perfect Things

    by Maribel Garcia
  • The Interview

    by Roger Spielmann
    What would you do if you had the chance to hang out with Jesus Christ for twenty-four hours in the present day? What questions would you ask him? The meaning of life? What happens after you die? Did God really write a book? That's the situation the narrator of The Interview found himself in. Christ comes back to earth for twenty-four hours to be interviewed so that he can 'set the record straight' about all the claims and beliefs that have gone on in his name over the past two thousand years... more
  • The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club

    by Holly Tierney-Bedord
  • The Woman America Loves a Latte

    by Holly Tierney-Bedord
  • Sweet Hollow Women

    by Holly Tierney-Bedord
  • Stars Shine: A Magic Journey

    by Ingo Blum
    A fantastic journey in a magic umbrella to find the obscure ingredients of a fabled gloom cake! Jack is nine and he definitely has a gloomy side! On the surface, he seems to have a lot to be happy about. He has many friends, he is good at football, he has a fast bike and he doesn’t have too much trouble with his school work. His parents are successful professionals... Jack has lots of possessions, but his parents work so very hard and have little time to spare for him. Perhaps this is a clue ... more