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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Last Words

    by Shari J. Ryan
    Last Words, where Non-Fiction meets Fiction, and the lines in between are blurred by forbidden love. Amelia - 1942: The inside of my closet held the last bit of my freedom before I was torn from my home and shoved onto a dark train. Our destination was even darker. “Women and children to the right. Men to the left,” they shouted at us. Everything was taken from me, leaving only the smoke filled air, piercing screams, and soul-burning cries. I was slowly starved and weakened to... more
  • Marketing Dissertation Australia | Best Dissertation Helps

    by Sandy Smith
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  • The Sorceress: Book One: The Prophecy

    by John Sinisi
    Ruthless Lord Soren strives to reunite warring feudal mini-states into a mighty kingdom. His most powerful weapon is the Bezrielite necromancer, William, the mightiest sorcerer in modern times. William has rejected Bezriel’s sacred mystical traditions sacred mystical traditions, instead using sorcery for dominion over men and nature. Opposing Soren and William is the ragtag liberation army, Free Bezriel, and its powerful young sorcerers. Ariadne. Despite having been taught to use her powers on... more
  • High Desert High

    by Steven Schindler
    Undercover cop Paul Santo chased drug dealers and junkies through the worst parts of New York City during the worst of times. He did his job well and was decorated for it. But times have changed and so has Santo. After decades on the job he was fed up with the pressures from bosses and the street. He snapped one boozy night, retired the next day, and after a family tragedy, drove cross-country with his estranged daughter to begin a new life in the mysterious California high desert. Just as the J... more
  • His Lips Forgot The Taste Of Truth

    by Richard Sullivan
    Millionaire murderer politician Fingy Conners rules the Democratic Party of NY State and the entire city of Buffalo at the turn of the 20th Century. His goal is the White House.
  • Hogarth's Return

    by James Delaney
    Hogarth's Return is the fourth book in a series called The Hogarth Saga. The series starts out with Hogarth's Reign of Terror, in which 12-year old Hogarth builds a guillotine and begins dispatching first the cats, the the dogs, and so on in his neighborhood. It continues with Hogarth's Trial, where Hogarth is put on trial for his crimes. In the third installment, Hogarth's Exile, Hogarth is sent away to a school for wayward boys, where he's psychoanalyzed by a benighted doctor and given electro... more
  • Stories Untold: A Novel

    by Leslie Wolfe


    Can a psychologist, still grieving the loss of her husband, save a traumatized war veteran who is planning his own death? Stories Untold explores the devastation of loss, the struggle to find meaning in life, and the enduring power of love that transcends boundaries between past and future.

    They’re both strong and fearless, determined, relentless. 
    He’s a decorated wa... more

  • Edmund the Excitable Elephant

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Edmund, a very excitable elephant with lots of energy, exercises constantly. This makes all the other elephants very edgy because they are in danger of getting accidently hurt by Edmund. The situation needs to be resolved if all the elephants are ever going to feel safe and happy. What can be done?
  • Jack's Temper Tantrums

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Jack is a happy little boy. He has a lovely family that gives Jack lots of attention. Jack's brother and sister play games with Jack and make him laugh. Jack's Mummy and Daddy spend time teaching Jack and playing with him. There is just one problem. Jack has temper tantrums. This is a big problem because it makes life difficult for everyone. Can Jack change?
  • Neville the Nibalong Is Scared of the Night

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Neville and his neighbour Nathan are friendly fairy-tale creatures called Nibalongs. Nibalongs sleep all day and wake up at night. But Neville and Nathan are scared of the night, so they make a plan to wake up when it is light. But will daytime be all that they hope for?
  • Penelope the Purple Pig Finds a Pal

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    None of the pink pigs in Farmer Pickles's field wants to play with Penelope the Purple Pig just because she is different. Penelope is sad and lonely, so she goes looking for a pal to play with among Farmer Pickles's other animals. Will Penelope find an animal who wants to be her pal?
  • Idris, the Invisible Imp

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    When the invisible imp, Idris, feels ill, she burps loudly. Idris decides to travel the world to look for a cure, but because she is invisible, people who hear her blame each other. Idris eventually gives up and returns home to Ireland, but does she find a cure for her burping?
  • Titan the Time-Traveling Tiger

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Titan, a handsome adult tiger, lives in a country called Tibet. Titan can time travel backwards or forwards to any period of his life. He just touches his toes and twitches his tail, and he is there.
  • Anthony Comes to the Rescue

    by Gloria Eveleigh
    Anthony is an ambulance man in Andover. He attends Alice when she chokes on some apple and has an asthma attack. When he arrives, Alice has almost recovered but is still distressed, so Anthony takes her on an adventure in his ambulance to cheer her up.
  • Kamyla Chung and the Creepy Crawlies

    by Ellwyn Autumn
    Kamyla Chung has a big problem. Every night after her parents turn off her bedroom light, a giant creepy crawly appears on her wall. When she asks her parents for help, they buy her a nightlight, but that only makes things worse. Will the exterminator be able to help or will the creepy crawlies scare her away?
  • Indifference

    by Kevin Berg
    Nobody gives a shit anymore. We are all selfish, greedy, impatient, uncaring, and ruthless - but maybe we can take a moment for a story. With modern technology and the ease of interaction, we have become more confident and less concerned with anyone or anything that does not directly impact us. We have also become cruel. Desensitized to sex, violence, and death as a result, and stepping over any bodies that fall in our paths on the way to the end of another boring day. An old man tri... more