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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Discovering Twins

    by Stella ter Hart
    My mother carried secrets and covered them with lies. She didn't mean to. They were thrust upon her. But little by little, her secrets gradually unravelled and become part of my existence. She was terrified that her secrets would be discovered, and this terror dominated her life. My first glimpse came in 1978 when I travelled with my mother to Holland, the country of her birth and my ancestors. I was introduced to relatives I never knew existed, on both sides of the family. Picking up on clues, ... more
  • The Findlings: A novel based on a real event

    by Joanne Wilshin
    Four young siblings destined for talented lives become separated in horrid drowning incident. One sibling, Anna, takes it upon herself to reunite the other three once they're adults by leading them to their birthmother. While Delilah and Victor search to no avail, Bibi, the radio-head sibling most capable of finding their birthmother, refuses to do so based on myriad logical reasons. But Anna pins her hopes on Bibi, providing esoteric clues Bibi can't ignore, which culminates in her opening a ... more
  • By the Light of Fireflies

    by Jenni L. Walsh
    Sybil Ludington believes the legends that fireflies appear when you need them most. But it’s not until her family is thrust into the dangers of the Revolutionary War and into George Washington’s spy ring that Sybil experiences their magic for herself, helping Sybil figure out who she’s supposed to be and how strong she really is. BY THE LIGHT OF FIREFLIES is the captivating tale of a young girl’s journey as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a spy, and eventually a war hero, completing a midnight r... more
  • Lord Ormande's Daughter

    by Deena Walker Williams
    In a dystopian world where nothing is as it seems, a young woman struggles to save her future and reclaim a forgotten past. Gillian Ellingsworth was born into a life of title and privilege, but it hasn't saved her from the savagery of the Conformity Church nor its cruel mistress, Deacon Devon. After an attack on the House of Lords forces Gillian to step into her Father's shoes, she uncovers the truth about the Church, and the lies they have told to maintain their control over the land. With the ... more
  • Heavenly

    by Thomas Duffy
    HEAVENLY is Thomas Duffy's ninth book. It is the story of second chances, love, hope and faith. When a middle-aged man named John is killed, he is given a second chance at life through the birth of a new male named Peter. Peter struggles to find his way, discover love, and understand the meaning of his existence as he does the best he can to learn the true purpose of his life.
  • A Heart To Survive: first Novel in the Collingwood Series

    by George Fillis
    A gripping tale of hardships, resilience, and passion, A Heart To Survive not only explores the depth of human emotions but drives home the bitter realities of racism in 1950s Canada. It tells the story of fourteen-year-old Tao Wen Shun, the upstanding son of an educated Chinese family, forced to leave his home country for Canada to escape the terrors of Mao’s regime. As a foreigner in a country whose people, language, and culture he doesn’t know or understand, Wen Shun must decide how he wil... more
  • The Journey To Be A Nurse

    by Amanda Mehlhaff
    The book was created to be a graduation gift for nursing students. The idea is envisioned for the book to be written in and personalized for fellow students, friends, and family to give to a nursing student on their graduation day. The short story focuses on the struggles of getting through nursing school with light humor that nurses will relate to. All in all, the book highlights the perseverance, achievement, and close social connection that one endures through their nursing education.
  • The Epistles of Jesus

    by Bayard Hollingsworth
    For nearly two millennia, religious leaders across the globe have sought The Epistles of Jesus, but not for the benefit of their adherents. Churches want to suppress them, fearful that these writings would ever see the light of day. Governments have joined in the competition to possess them, desperate for a way to gain power over these same entities that for centuries have influenced the minds and hearts of their communities. These efforts have been deflected by a Council founded by Aulus Septim... more
  • Ezra's Invisible Backpack

    by Hannah Cohen
    To the world, Ezra seems like a typical, happy fourth grader, yet making friends and joining groups can be overwhelming for him. His teacher introduces the idea that everyone has an “invisible” backpack with bricks which others cannot see. These bricks represent obstacles, emotions, and worries that people carry with them each day. From this, Ezra begins to realize that a smile on the outside doesn’t always reflect what's happening on the inside. Ezra’s Invisible Backpack is a picture book th... more
  • Tales of Wonder Woods

    by Carol Smith
    Val is a young boy living with his mother; his father is gone. In the woods near his home, he meets a giant spruce tree. Spruce, the giant Sitka spruce tree is steadfast; his roots are planted deep in the earth just as his values are planted deep in his spirit. Their friendship matures and endures until the time of Spruce’s death. The story combines real life intertwining with the fantasy world that takes place in Wonder Woods. In the fantasy world, a near-fatal rafting trip happens when Va... more

    by Daniel Mendel-Black
    I like to believe there are an infinite number of presents, shaded slightly differently; infinite “me”s; infinite “you"s; infinite different versions of past outcomes and future possibilities; all duplicated ad infinitum; where all the conceivable possibilities of nothing exist alongside all the possible predictions of something. Sometimes I wonder if a part of me doesn’t also exist in all these other near versions of the present, in all the other simulation tracks running concurrently through o... more
  • Someone Like Me

    by Marian Thomas
    Since her mother’s death, Mýa Day has been no stranger to loss. But with a budding new singing career on the horizon and help from Jack and Mary Tanner, a couple that understands from experience how a troubled past can prevent someone from having a better life, Mýa finally gets a fresh start. A new romance with Michael Davis, a handsome real estate agent, also has Mýa doing eighty miles per hour down Love Lane. That is, until a painful memory throws up a roadblock and causes the couple’s joyr... more
  • Enemy Combatant

    by David Dario Winner
    ENEMY COMBATANT is a hyper-charged misadventure driven by a young American’s rage against his government. After stumbling on evidence of CIA secret prisons in Armenia and Georgia, Peter recruits an old friend to help free a dark-ops detainee -- an impossibly reckless prison-break mission, with no skills and no resources, no connection to the captured soldiers and no solid plan for getting home -- fueled by too much alcohol, a pressure-cooker marriage and the recent death of a parent. Set during ... more
  • The Boy Who Weaves the World

    by Marci Renée
    Travel with Pierre on a fun and colorful global adventure. With every new taste, smell, sight, and sound, mysterious and colorful threads appear in his pocket. What are these threads for? What is Pierre supposed to do with them? At the end of the journey, a magical surprise awaits Pierre and his readers. This informational picture book brings engaging content to young readers as they travel the world with Pierre. Fun, playful, and colorful illustrations invite children to fall in love with t... more
  • Ladies Who Lunch

    by Josef Woodard
    In this satirical journey through the chic lunch spots in L.A., newly divorced Danielle Wiffard navigates a maze of romantic, sexual, and musical encounters with celebrities and socialites, from a symphony maestro to a big-hatted country crooner, from a self-obsessed TV talk show host to a has-been teen idol, and a series of fleeting ecstasies and personal and natural disasters. Her lunchtime liaisons and a gaggle of gossips keep an eye on her and an eye on the garçon’s hindquarters as together ... more
  • Messing with Men

    by Christopher Brookhouse
    Retirees on a Florida island try to save an historic house, settle old scores, and pleasure new lovers but risk unearthing long-buried secrets in the bargain.