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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Harper's Donelson: A Novel of Grant's First Campaign, 2nd edition

    by Sean Kevin Gabhann

    The lives of a deputy U.S. marshal, a Quaker farm boy, and a teenaged farm girl collide in a way that changes the lives of each in western Kentucky during the winter of 1862.

    LIEUTENANT JAMES HARPER, 31, a former US deputy marshal to the Dakota Territory has served with the First Iowa Volunteers since the war began and now seeks to command a company in the battalion.

    KATHERINE (KATIE) MALLOY, 15, a down-state Illinois farm girl works as a saloon-girl, sold into that life by her dr... more

  • There's an Elephant in My Room!

    by Steven Haggard

    What Would You Do If You Had an Elephant for a Friend?

    Nicole is a creative and playful little girl with a big imagination. She loves to play with her toys every day, but she never remembers to put them away. Her mess grows and grows with each adventure. One night, Nicole stumbles upon a colossal surprise… Amid all of that mess, Nicole discovers that there is an elephant in her room! After a fun-packed day full of elephant games, Nicole learns that having an elep... more

  • The Secrets I Keep

    by Mary R Jones
    The secrets I keep is a poetry collection about some of the things we keep to ourselves, through betrayal and heartache, from childhood leading into adulthood. Learning to let go of the bitterness through poetry and learning about yourself through it. Finding calm amidst the chaos, being vulnerable with yourself about hard truths. Sometimes when facing your shadows you learn that you are more than what other people have pushed you to be.
  • The Main Dish

    by Victoria Kimble
    16-year-old Scarlet Williams enjoys the attention that comes with being a violin prodigy. She auditions for a chair in the Summerset Festival Orchestra, the well-attended local event in her hometown. She is the youngest person to ever get a chair in the orchestra, and she is so excited that they are playing John Williams’s American Journey that year. She blasts the news on social media and enjoys the attention that Finn O’Neal gives her about it. Her best friend Jillian is excited for her and pr... more
  • Libertas

    by Danuta Pfeiffer
    Libertas is a love story rising from the despair of slavery. Fredericka is the daughter of a White plantation owner and his Black house slave. Horace is a literate slave-companion to the son of a New York hotel baron. The first book in the Pocket Full of Seeds Trilogy follows their flight for freedom through nineteenth-century America. It was a time when runaway slaves were hunted, steamships sailed around the Horn to San Francisco, horse-tugged boats navigated the Erie Canal, a midnight tsunami... more
  • Twisted Silver Spoons

    by Karen Wicks
    The silver spoon lodged in George's throat was choking the life out of him. The obsessive need for power and control of a global empire overshadows the Leibnitz family. Favored heir George struggles to reconcile the person he could become with the ruthless leader he is expected to be. A new world emerges when he meets the captivating M. On his journey, we find intrigue, betrayal, and mortal danger lurking behind the most unlikely doors. In Twisted Silver Spoons by Karen Wicks, we experienc... more
  • The Adventures of Keva: The Power of the Trees

    by Ebony Zayzay
    The perfect picture book for every explorer and nature lover! ‘The adventures of Keva: The Power of the Trees’ is an energetic story that celebrates nature, adventure, and a deep love of not just one special tree, but all trees. Join Keva as she explores the outdoors and studies “dirt, plants and squirmy things” with her parents. Keva loves the outdoors, especially the trees! One such tree is her favorite tree, Iya, who is said to hold magical powers. When machines arrive and threaten to take I... more
  • On My Way Home

    by Joseph Trencher
    On a day like any other, a young child named Amen is suddenly recruited by an old man to search for buried treasure. Amen’s journey starts in the desert markets, but winds through caves, jungles and mountains. This adventure of a lifetime challenges Amen and forces the child to overcome the most extreme obstacles imaginable. After a while, the main objective shifts from holding on to the treasure and simply becomes getting back home in one piece. On My Way Home is a fictional, fantasy story like... more
  • The Children of Horseshoe Hideout in Family Trees

    by Rebecca Matthews Vorkapich
    Hannah, Wes, and Jamie are back! Life with their new family is everything they dreamed it could be, but never boring. There are adventures aplenty, but they still find time to help a friend in need—especially when his hardships may be the result of their own good fortune.
  • Arrian's Lion

    by AJ Cullen
    Arrian’s Lion is the story of twenty-one year old Jay Holsley, the bastard son to Arrian’s king, who feels that no matter how hard he works to better his social circumstances, he has been doomed to suffer in this life from the moment sin gave it to him. He knows himself and what he desires to be, but he does not know how to survive as himself in a world of predators and prey. He is a man, but he fancies men. Yet the worst part is, his best friend is a man who fancies him. As it turns out, that’s... more
  • The Tale of the Tooth Mouse / ISBN: 978-1-7347769-2-8

    by George H Bentz
    Children everywhere know who the Tooth Fairy is and look forward to visits from this fabled character. But where did the Tooth Fairy come from? The Tale of the Tooth Mouse explores the origin of the Tooth Fairy by examining a series of unforeseen events in the life of a happy, carefree mouse named Timothy J who lived with his close friends, twins Jon and Anna. Readers will discover those life-altering nights that lead this mischievous mouse to an unimaginable transformation which has lived down... more
  • Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear

    by Cathy Burnham Martin
    Set amidst religious intolerance, political instability, and social injustice in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire, the passion of a young Armenian boy grows, the turmoil of a teenaged American girl unfurls, and unthinkable circumstances challenge the resilience of a remarkable mother. Destiny of Dreams: Time Is Dear links past and present with a painfully poignant, true story of an Armenian family struggling to survive extraordinary chaos and violence. While survival remains center sta... more
  • Flip Side High

    by Sarah Nicole
    If you were given the power to prevent every high schooler's worst fear from happening, would you risk everything to stop it? As Sienna (SJ) Johnson and Ashton Blackwood, estranged childhood friends, start their freshman year of high school, they are forced to do just that. Popular SJ is on track to be the top of her class and attend an elite dance school on full scholarship, while simultaneously trying to stop her parents' marriage from falling apart. Ashton is just trying to get through life... more
  • Bea Beluga and the Magic Tutu

    by Carolyn Killian
    Bea Beluga is a young new dancer who puts all her confidence in a new fluffy, sparkly, magic tutu - until it goes missing! With a few encouraging words from her teacher, Bea gathers all of her strength and determination and goes on to perform a dazzling performance. It is then that she realizes that the true magic was actually inside of her the whole time!
  • Prison Sex

    by Jacqueline Gay Walley
    This is a book about longing and how three people have to break free of their prisons, whether literal or metaphoric. David, a man, in actual prison for growing marijuana longs for her and has to deal with being in prison. Peter, her husband, is in the prison of not being loved enough by a wife who is obsessed with freedom. And Mira, the wife, feels that marriage is a prison for her and only being herself will make her free. She creates a situation where they all get to break their binds.
  • Slanted and Disenchanted

    by Lisa Czarina Michaud
    She hates her family. He’s hiding behind his teenage sex life. They form a band as an escape. On tour, can they start over....or will all secrets come out on the open road? Carla Bucchio never cared about things like boyfriends and SATs. If she did, maybe life at 20 would be more exciting than developing photos on Long Island. When she chooses the guitar over a social life, it only makes sense because no one talks to her anyway. Music may be Pete Albrecht’s life but what good is his tal... more