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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Legacy of Tallow Manor

    by Terence Goodchild
    One fateful day, the second meeting of Benjamin and Elizabeth , was to change their lives forever. As teenagers, they could not know how their friendship could dictate the course of both their lives. We follow the lives of Elizabeth, of Tallow Manor, and Benjamin, a farrier's son, as the twists and turns of fate and the meddling of family pull and push them through life. Will they ever meet again? This epic tale will take you to Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Greece and home to England.
  • Ladies of Gothic Horror (A Collection of Classic Stories)

    by Mitzi Szereto
    Classic gothic horror stories from the literary mistresses of the past! Many of gothic horror’s spookiest tales have come from the pens of women. Yet a substantial number of these women were overshadowed by their male contemporaries, especially with regard to the classics. Ladies of Gothic Horror (A Collection of Classic Stories) redresses this imbalance by bringing together a selection of gothic stories from the past written exclusively by women. Carefully edited and compiled by author and a... more

    by Brett Sody
  • A Vulture Came to Town

    by Bdice
    When Vulture arrives in town, the feathers start flying... and not just because he's molting. The other animals think he's weird. He thinks they're even weirder. Claws are unfurled. Teeth are bared. Then their anger at Vulture turns toward each other. Suddenly everyone is mad that Wolf eats meat, Donkey is loud, and that Duck makes a muck. If only a brave voice in the crowd could turn this zoo back into a village and help them to see the beauty in being different.
  • Until The Darkness Goes

    by Renee Ebert
    Molly Morris is a 42-year-old, headstrong Jewish New Yorker who has had it with her family's conventional middle-class values. She flees to Long Beach, California to begin a vibrant new life far from her critical mother. There, she finds love with Javier, an attractive Mexican auto mechanic who invites her into his life, his culture and his close-knit family. Life is good...very good...until tragedy strikes and Molly's grief and self-recrimination plunge her into depression and drug addiction. B... more
  • On Chocorua: Book 1 of the Trailblazer Series

    by Robin Reardon
    A mountain. A blizzard. A young man new to hiking and to love, making mistakes in both. First year of college is a great time to re-invent yourself. Nathan Bartlett takes the opportunity very seriously—maybe a little too seriously. And he makes mistakes. His mistakes? Falling for a straight guy who reminds him of his beloved older brother. Getting too invested in the substance abuse disorders of two other students. And climbing a mountain in a snowstorm for all the wrong reasons. But ... more
  • The Summer Between

    by Amanda Linton

    Naïve, seventeen year old CLEO PORTER lives in a small town in Mississippi in 2004. She attends a private Baptist high school and is a member of a mega-church, even though she’s not entirely sure she believes what’s being preached. She takes a Polaroid camera with her everywhere she goes. Cleo’s mother FAYNE is emotionally abusive toward her daughter, and even slaps her once in the heat of an argument. Cleo can never seem to please Fayne, a point that shapes Cleo’... more


    by Marilyn Morningstar
    The Last Snapshot is the first book in my series entitled "The Age of Force & Neon" - a new novel series that begins in Berlin with Rena Steiner and ends in Las Vegas during the 1970’s where her hidden diary exposes the secrets of her past. Professionally edited by the renown editor John Paine of New York fame and reviewed by hundreds of readers, this story will bind your heart with such a grip that you may become in many ways, the hero, finding heartache, despair, happiness and joy in the ... more
  • Different

    by Datta Groover
    A couple at odds, a family in danger, and a boy who doesn’t speak. Frank MacBride’s intention to keep his family safe is complicated by relationship challenges with his wife Sofia, and by their young son Sam's increasingly unusual and unsafe behavior. No one can figure out why Sam doesn't speak, or why he appears to be aware of things he should have no way of knowing. He seems to think he can heal people, and has his own determined agenda to make that happen. All contributing to his parent’s ... more
  • The Chalice

    by Lawrence Didsbury
    As the Roman Empire persecutes the early Christians, the chalice of Jesus is whisked away and sent to an unknown hiding place in Spain. 1300 years later, the chalice is unearthed and taken in secret to The New World joining the expedition of The Last Conquistador into the New Mexico Territory where it is hidden again. Present day a young man has a mysterious vision which leads him into the wild New Mexico desert, where the chalice is finally revealed. A story of adventure and faith, with monks, ... more
  • Invisible by Day

    by Teri Fink
    A Downton Abbey setting A beautiful and ambitious woman The horrors of war The redemption of love Born into the Scottish working class, Kate McLaren is a servant in a noble household in the early 1900’s until she falls in love with a man who changes everything. But change has many faces, and their complicated relationship leads her to the mansions of London where she encounters different kinds of love, the horrors of war, and ultimately, confrontation with the enemy himself.
  • Felony

    by Norma A. Wyman
    Laura McKenzie later nowness Laura Mitchell escapes from her brother-in- laws house with her infant niece to save her from a questionable adoption. She reminds in hiding until she completes her education. When she tries to start a normal life for herself and the child she introduces to the world as her daughter, she suddenly realizes someone knows her secrets, and the unthinkable happens.
  • In the Promised Land

    by Angela Joseph
    This third book in the Egypt trilogy wraps up the lives of the characters in a neat and satisfying way, according to some readers. Like the rest of the series, the story is set in the beautiful twin- island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The two main characters, Marva and June, have come out of an abusive childhood (Egypt) and are now adults. Marva is a nun at a home for delinquent girls. Marva is known for being strict and well disciplined, but when her adoptive father is killed in a Muslim cou... more
  • The Orthography of Madness and Misgivings

    by Michaël Wertenberg
    A literary journey spanning 3 years and 5 European countries, during which, through short fiction, a writer of dubious mental composition explores many mysteries of the psyche: vegetable mutilation, pumpkin seed semiotics, horizontal vertigo, boy-eating monsters, jellyfish hoarding, canipomorphism, and suicide by cello, to name but a few.
  • QWERTYUIOP Spells DANGER (historical novel, set in Chicago, 1907-1917

    by Barry Kritzberg
    It is 1908, and Karin Wheeler, 18, has a job waiting for her (as a typewriter instructor) and a safe place to live in a women's residence in Chicago, near where the 1893 World's Fair took place. (What could go wrong? She thought of everything.) She finds herself, through close association with other girls in her club, gradually drawn in to more and more radical adventures.