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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Lighthouse

    by Rebecca Enright
    With a strong bright light, a young lighthouse learns its true purpose in this heartfelt and charming children's book. Children will learn about lighthouses and what they do in this educational story.
  • Bleed More, Bodymore

    by Ian Kirkpatrick


    Joey, a mechanic, receives a phone call late in the night to pick up her friend's car from the infamous Baltimore body dumping grounds, Leakin Park. She arrives to find the car abandoned and her friend missing entirely. When she brings the car back to the body shop, she then finds a body in the trunk. While the Baltimore Police Department tries to find her friend under for suspected murder, Joey races to find him first and discov... more

  • The Father, the Son & the Slave

    by Christopher Grant

    You know the Passion narrative. This is the story behind it.

    Metlip, Nubian slave to master carpenter Josef of Nazareth, is roused in the night by the carpenter's estranged son, Iesu. Risking arrest and worse by defying his three-year exile, Iesu has returned to ask his father two questions. The first inspires a family pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The answer to the second will determine whether Iesu implements a daring plan to change the world, a world Josef depends on to hide a secret ... more

  • The Rain Drinkers

    by Gerry Finan
    Set on Long Island, NY in the little town of Bay Shore at the beginning of the twentieth century, “The Rain Drinkers” is the story of a young man’s passage to adulthood. Sent to stay with an abusive relative he has never met and the man’s unfortunate young wife, the younger man is forced to learn lessons of life, friendship, love, and loss. The story touches on many different topics such as racism, immigration, and the American experience at the beginning of a new age.
  • So Pipe the Young

    by Jen Watkins
    Accessible literary fiction with a dash of domestic suspense. Annabelle Granger has always made good decisions. That’s why she quit oil painting in college to become a robotics engineer. That’s why she married Dr. Paul Granger, management consultant, her supportive modern mate. Together with their five-year-old son, Heath, they are living the suburban dream. But Annabelle fears her sensible life lacks originality. Will she ever make her mark? Following a violent death at Heath’s school, th... more
  • News of the Day: Adventures of a Wildly Cantankerous Veteran Newsroom Saving Dying Newspapers

    by Peter Kelton
    The infamous one-eyed editor Big Burt commands a wildly cantankerous gang of oddball veteran reporters in a battle to save daily news from oblivion brought on by collapsing newspapers. He leads from behind a black eye-patch. They expound on local news that has been left behind in the digital age. Their sexual lives interfere, but the comically gathered news ranges from routine obituaries to black bears trapped with doughnuts. All sorts of lives matter as the veterans teach reporting to the next... more
  • Wash Your Hands With Me!

    by Sherica Starling Cheek

    TIME TO WASH YOUR HANDS!  This book engages kids ages 2-7 with a step-by-step guide to washing their hands in a fun, rhythmic and entertaining way.   It continues by teaching kids when to wash their hands, reinforces the steps, so they have sparkly CLEAN HANDS!
    This interactive book promotes:

    • good hygiene
    • fine motor skills
    • cognitive development
    • speaking skills
    • first words

  • Breathe & Swim Deep

    by Jenna Marcus

    Perfect for fans of We Are Okay and The Thing about Jellyfish, this witty and achingly beautiful coming of age story will tackle what it means to be alive, loved, and trusting in a world gone mad...


    All 14-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Thomas wants is normalcy. But a global pandemic prevents him from having anything close to a typical teenager's life. When Wolfgang discovers his father dead in bed from the coronavirus, his world is thrust into even m... more

  • Belief

    by Chris Houston
    A new anthology from Canada’s renowned Ricepaper Magazine, this third collection in the Ricepaper Magazine series includes a wide range of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction by writers of Asian descent from across the world. The theme which binds each piece is “belief,” a notion personal to each individual sharing a piece of themselves in their works. The honorable Joy Kogawa shares her lifelong lessons scribbled in her diary, Carmen Chan shares the trauma experienced by the women in her f... more
  • The Jesus Nut

    by John Prather

    When Dr. Haley Berkshire (a reviled “nullifidian” professor of Religious Studies) uncovers the Gospel According to Trevor, she vows to find the unusual relic it describes. Both Jesse (a homeless man convinced he is the Second Coming) and Father Brian William Callum Robert O’Shea (a priest who loves topless bars) read accounts of her research and begin their own holy pilgrimages. The three characters eventually meet when ejected from an evangelical rally at Temple University ... more

  • Stripes - The Friendly Penguin

    by Seth Clay

    A magellanic penguin. A lonely boy. An unusual friendship.Two friends who miss the ones they love.

  • Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

    by Grant Overstake

    As Schools Reopen, a Gritty Sports Heroine Returns to the Classroom on JUNE 1, 2021 in a reprise editon of 'Maggie Vaults Over the Moon'. Recently canonized as one of the great track and field novels of all time by Citius Mag, the saga of a gritty Kansas farm girl’s quest to master the daring sport of pole-vaulting has stirred the hopes and dreams of readers around the world.

    “A fine YA novel about pers... more

  • Incomplete

    by Joel David Levin
    Mild-mannered English teacher Brian Smith has a big secret: he used to be a rock star. Kind of. In the summer of 2000, his one-hit-wonder punk band released a radio-friendly pop song and made it big. Then, just as quickly, it all fell apart. Though he's been living a quiet white-collar life for the last two decades, settled in his static suburban normalcy of treadmills and lesson plans and parenthood, a chance discovery leads to a collision between his old world and his new one. What happens whe... more
  • The Sphere and other stories

    by T. E. Creus
    A nice collection of short stories inspired by recent events. Some of the stories are of the science fiction genre, others are just dark or humorous tales with or without relation to the current moment, but most were written under orders of “quarantine” during the unusual “pandemic” period that started on February 2020 and still continues on March 2021. "The Sphere": Is this society an equalitarian utopia, or a dystopia? “You don't know what real loneliness feels like”: A strange Cold War experi... more
  • The Island of the Righteous

    by Stefanos Livos

    A dying man's last breaths point toward a tantalizing treasure and the answers to a shattered family's past.

    1941, the island of Zante, Greece. Pantelis Kokinis and his family live under the dark cloud of Italian occupation. As the horrors of the war draw nearer, reality for the Kokinis family grows more and more fraught. Long-held secrets, raw emotions, and the fear of what’s coming leave them scrambling to hold their emotions in check and their family together.

    Whe... more

  • Bubba in the Easter Mystery

    by Greg LeFrancis
    It’s the afternoon before Easter and Bubba’s friends have been arguing about who hides the Easter eggs. Yellow Boy thinks it’s the Spring Chicken, Hannah is sure it’s the Easter Bunny, and Bubba thought it was his job! Join them on this all-night adventure to see if they can stay awake long enough to solve this Easter mystery.