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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Not Only in Blood

    by D'Andre Walker
    Life for a fifteen year old known only as “the boy” is just like everyone else’s. He’s old enough to make his own decisions and knows without a doubt what is best for him, or so he thinks. But unlike most fifteen year olds, he is an African American living in Tennessee in 1825. Although he was born free, he still feels shackled by the social norms of the day. After an argument with his father over his future, he decides to run away from the sheltered home he grew up in. Making his way d... more
  • Roadman

    by Colin McGinnis

    Roadmanis a novel in the tradition of Carlos Castaneda, Cormac McCarthy, Kerouac, and Burroughs; filled with landscape, antiquity, and legend little narrated outside of the confines of historical or anthropological texts. It portrays the spread of the Native American Peyote Cult and stories of individuals, minorities struggling with war, assimilation, forced displacement, battling to retain dignity, and fundamental rights under overwhelming pressure and coercion to conform,... more

  • Fever

    by Nick Mancuso
    On the surface, the perfect Connecticut suburban neighborhood of Staniford Drive looks like a paradise; pristine lawns, large McMansions, perfect happy families, and a peaceful decadent life. But beneath the veneer of hospitality and affluence lurks a dark current of distrust, betrayal, and lies, all to keep up appearances. Over the four weeks of one sticky, sweltering August, four neighbors’ lives intersect and collide, laying bare the lies we tell to hide the brutality of suburban affluence... more
  • Carnival of Heaven

    by Ryan Patrick Olson
    For weeks Ryan has been feeling fatigued, dizzy, and confused. The doctors say it’s just the flu, but for some reason, his mom isn’t convinced. It’s hard to blame her; he’s been sleeping so often lately that Awesome Waters, the world of his dreams, has become more real than the one in which he lives. Yet, even Awesome Waters isn’t the cheerful escape it once was. Ominous clouds have taken over the luminous skies of his imaginary theme park, ushering in a masked, sinister ringmaster who’s dead s... more
  • Shelter My Heart (Cheapside Trilogy Book Two)

    by Judy Gerlach
    Newlyweds Timothy and Haven get a sudden jolt of reality when their honeymoon is cut short. While the beast called Cheapside Auction Block continues to thrive on the sale of human beings into slavery, Haven joins her husband, Timothy Locker, as the newest conductor on the Underground Railroad, rescuing runaway slaves. As a great civil war thrusts the young couple into a whirlwind of never-ending family dissension and tragedy, they must brave this bumpy road of the unknown, for better or for wors... more
  • Lola's Fuzzy Snuggly Blanket

    by S. D. Dillard
    Lola's favorite blanket is missing! In this wonderfully illustrated children's book follow Lola on her journey to find her missing blanket. This is a story for all those who have that special fuzzy, warm and snuggly blanket.
  • That's Mine!: Will Cruz ever learn to share?

    by S. D. Dillard
    Cruz just can't stand for his sister Lola to touch his toys. Will he learn that sharing is more fun? Come read along and find out what Cruz decides he will do.
  • The Magic Carpet

    by Jessica Norrie
    Children at a London school are given homework - retell a traditional tale with your family for performance at a storytelling festival. Some families love the challenge; others are confused or uninterested. Over six weeks in autumn 2016 we hear the life stories of three generations in five diverse households, as national and individual events impact on their progress with the original task. The novel explores how the magic of storytelling can protect individuals from despair and bind the communi... more
  • Bahria Town Karachi plots prices

    by Anna Suns

    Looking to buy residential property or want to invest in commercial plots then, confidently choose Bahria Town Karachi for it. It is one of the largest housing projects, with numerous residential and commercial plot categories. Not ending only on land, here you will find the luxurious apartments, villas and constructed house that will cater to your needs.Bahria Town Karachi plots prices are attracting bot... more


    by S. D. Dillard
    Why can't Willy ever get what he wants? With so many delightful things happening each day, he would love to take part in all of them. The strange thing is, no one can understand what he wants .In this story, he will begin to realize the power of communication. Will Willy finally begin to use his words, or will he always be disappointed? Join the adventure as we discover Whaddya Want, Willy!?!
  • The Shearing of Willie McElroy

    by Roy McElroy
    The Shearing of Willie McElroy is a collection of short stories, poems, and anecdotes. An insightful telling about some of the things we find questionable, heartbreaking, uplifting, laughable, and yes – even depressing at times . An easy-to-read selection for those in need of ‘a moment.’
  • East of Lincoln

    by Harlin Hailey

    From award-winning author Harlin Hailey comes this ripped-from-the-headlines tale of desperation, depravity, and murder. The year is 2012. The end of the world is near. Set in Los Angeles in the post-Great Recession Obama years, a motley crew of unemployed characters is brought together by self-loathing, boredom and defeat. Facing hard times and no prospects, they gather in a run-down apartment to change their fates. But a destructive, nihilistic stranger has other ideas. Ideas that will chan... more

  • Goldilocks and the Six Simple Machines (hardcover)

    by Lois Wickstrom
    Goldilocks, the curious explorer, is a homewrecker no more. She has learned to use the six simple machines, and now leaves the three bears' home better than she found it. Some tools are too big. Some tools are too small. Goldilocks find the ones that are just right!
  • My Mommy does weird things

    by Amelie Julien
    Moms do very strange things sometimes, don't you think? A little boy relates the surprising things mothers do on a daily basis. A humorous picture book for young children. This book is bilingual French-English and can be read in either language, shown side by side. review (American English Edition): "Terrific little read and cutely illustrated." review (British English Edition): "I read this book with the children in my nursery. They absolutely loved it! They foun... more
  • The Museum of Bullshit

    by Brad Rau
    In a curio museum on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula, the greatest zoological discovery of the twenty-first century is about to be unveiled. Either that, or it’s all an enormous hoax. The pending exhibition pulls together an unlikely team: a Bigfoot researcher who’s lost her faith; an angry radical who’s running thin on fury; and, a man determined to remake himself no matter the consequences. Together, they will set out on a journey for the truth that will lead them into the very epi... more
  • Rise of the Phoenix (A Tale of Hayara Book 1)

    by T. Isajanyan
    "We are all pawns in the games the gods play" A forsaken prince. A golden era. An infernal fate. The first in a series of works based on an ancient, bronze-age Armenia. When a prophecy brings a priestess to his humble home, Arme must abandon his tranquil existence to become the nation’s only hope, a celestial warrior tasked with protecting an unborn child carrying an even heavier burden than he. Whispers of invaders threaten the safety of all, testing the bonds of love and the limits... more