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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Rocket's Red Glare: A WW II Era Alternate History Novel

    by Cy Stein

    - a heart-pounding political satire that eerily parallels Washington, DC today

    Rocket’s Red Glare is an alternative history novel set in New York City, 1941. FDR is dead and the US is fascist. Charles Lindbergh is president and Joseph P. Kennedy is Treasury Secretary. Fred Trump is Mayor of New York. Oligarchs and plutocrats have the presidential ear. German American Bundists are rioting while police look away. As WW II officially begins, the British are defeated.

    FBI agent ... more

  • 20/20

    by B. Shawn Clark
    A man living in a future world beset by environmental challenges tells the story, set in the past, of what life was like for him as a boy who, along with his mom and little sister, struggles to survive, with the help of a mysterious hermit, an Amazon Princess Warrior, and the remnants of a lost tribe of indigenous peoples, in what was then, in the 2020s, a changing world beset by violent storms, economic collapse and families being torn apart at the seams.
  • 978-1-9772-1062-3

    by E.E. Tressler

    Tom Cooper, a sociology teacher from Colorado, suffers a midlife crisis.  To repair himself, he takes a ride through Nevada to visit his sister in California during his summer vacation.  On the way, he gets stranded in the tiny community of Chaufant.  He is befriended by Andy Caldwell and other residents who seem especially kind to him but he learns that some of the people are practicing cannibalism. On the surface they seem normal and friendly, but underneath they are complex ... more

  • Son of the Sea, Daughter of the Sun

    by Marc Graham
    A shipwrecked prince on a foreign shore and a young princess coming into her powers battle dark forces that would destroy her kingdom and their love. Nine hundred years before Columbus, a sailor with a mystical map and a vision of a glorious destiny is shipwrecked on the far side of the world. A prince of Visigothic Spain, Iudila finds his match in Chakin, daughter of a Mayan king. Can love span the gulf between them, or will they be cast apart by their different gods—or by the dark shaman who ... more
  • Wallace the Balloon Boy

    by Paul Blackman
    When Wallace Watkins is mucking around in Grandad's shed a chance encounter with a friendly sparrow leads to an amazing adventure with Sparrow saving the day. Wallace Watkins knew he shouldn't be in Grandad's shed and it could have had a very bad ending except for a brave Sparrow who becomes Wallace's trusted secret friend. Together they have an adventure which you will never guess. It begins the start of many other Watkin Watkins adventures with Sparrow always at his side.
  • Lanie and the Shark

    by Emily Fairhall
    Lanie and her friends are having a wonderful time together when an unexpected stranger arrives. Potential new friendships, helping others in need, and overturning stereotypes.
  • Prostranstvo Sluchajnostej (Пространство случайностей)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    The book includes stories about love, creativity and inspiration such as Love and Silence, The space of Fortuities, Morning by the Poet and Meetings with an Angel. (В книгу вошли рассказы о любви, творчестве и вдохновении, такие как Любовь и Тишина, Пространство случайностей, Утро поэта и Встречи с ангелом. Истории полны юмора и эмоций. Книга также содержит иллюстрации)

  • Vstrechi s Angelom (Встречи с Ангелом)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    This book is a fantasy and a reality at the same time. There is something special in our life that shows the existence of other worlds. This book describes a story of the meetings with an angel. It happened with a usual man and his cat. As a result a man received answers to many questions. The story is full of humor and emotions. The book also contains illustrations. ( Эта книга – фантазия и реальность одновременно. Многие когда-нибудь ощущали прикосновение вечности, высших сил, невидим... more

  • Prozrachniy Mir (Прозрачный Мир)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    This book includes stories that were written in the 90s in St. Petersburg, Russia. Reflections about creativity and life stories. ( В книгу вошли рассказы, написанные в 90-х годах в Санкт- Петербурге. Размышления о творчестве, о влиянии зависти на творчество, о поэзии и просто короткие истории из жизни. Рассказы сопровождаются иллюстрациями).

  • Innocence Waxing Part 1

    by Chezdon Mitchell
    This is the much-anticipated follow-up to Innocence Waning. Follow Jayden McKenzie's journey as he not only explores his sexuality but also deals with his dysfunctional family and attempts to live his dream to perform on X-Factor Australia. Like in Innocence Waning, Jayden learns that the choices that he makes affect not only his life but his family and his friends. This is the second part of the three-part series that commenced with Innocence Waning.
  • The Windless Echo: A Short Story Collection

    by Oliver Kaufman

    A collection of 18 fiction stories written with sincerity, flow, feeling, and depth. These stories delve into the conflicts and dilemmas that we as humans experience, in a variety of facets. Confronts dilemmas regarding action and inaction, the nature of home and freedom, overcoming fear, how to live with abundance, moving on from grief and loss, finding direction, and more. While each story is completely unique, each approaches their topic in an individual way, taking the reader on a journey... more

  • Virtues in Valor

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    Eight serialized novellas, each inspired by real people and actual events, reveal the incredible story of amazing heroes and heroines facing the ultimate test of bravery. In 1941 Great Britain a special war department assembles an experimental and exclusively female cohort of combat operatives consisting of four willing spies, a wireless radio operator, an ingenious code breaker, and a fearless pilot. Dubbed the Virtues, each woman is hand-picked, recruited, and trained to initiate a daring miss... more
  • Valor's Vigil

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    LEOPOLD SCHäFER, the only child of Major Charlene Radden and former spy, Karl Schäfer has trained his enter life for this moment in time. An American spy undercover in a Nazi uniform operating under the codename VALOR, he receives a promotion to Oberleutnant and a new duty assignment in charge of the prisoners in Occupied France’s Valeurville prison. In the wake of Marie Perrin, codename Temperance’s arrest, Leo must handle the situation with the utmost caution. On one hand, every instinct in... more
  • Flight of Faith

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    HELEN MULBERRY, the youngest child and only daughter of a wealthy Texas oil tycoon, has always had her every wish granted immediately. When the Germans march into France, no one denies her request to fly her plane to England and help free up a male pilot for combat. Her father’s influence opens doors, and 19 year old Helen joins the Virtues team. Now under the code-name FAITH, she flies between Britain and France, transporting passengers, supplies, or performing reconnaissance. The Nazis guar... more
  • A Mission of Mercy

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    Doctor BETTY GRIMES, miraculously survives the Nazi bombing of her hospital but suffers the loss of her fiancé in the raid. She goes to the countryside to grieve and recuperate and there meets the leader of the Virtues team who recruits the brilliant surgeon. After months of training, Betty, code-named MERCY, now works in Occupied France as a nurse, where she garners information from patients and passes it to the Allies. Secretly, she tends to injured Resistance operatives, treating gunshots an... more
  • Grace's Ground War

    by Hallee Bridgeman
    RUTH AUBERTIN’s father, a highly decorated veteran of the Great War, moves his family from British Palestine to the wild of Great Britain after the Hebron masacre in 1929. He has always known the Germans would return to France, and trained his children from the time they could walk, turning them into finely tuned weapons with multiple skills ranging in weapons training to hand-to-hand combat. When the Germans roll into France, Ruth and her brothers volunteer with the British Special Services ... more