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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Hockey Island

    by Darby Hobbs
    Welcome to Hockey Island a place where it snows each and every day and to live there you must bring your imagination. Explore the magic as it unfolds across the icy filled alley ways and beneath the Snow Moon. Meet George, Ella and Maxwell as well as the Island Shaman, the tap dancing full moon, and hear the 'Wind Words' that tickle the Islanders deep down in their hearts. Words of Love, Kindness, Peace and so much more!
  • The Day that Changed Long Island

    by Luciano Sabatini PhD
    A middle-aged couple with three young children are longtime residents and homeowners in the community of Massapequa, New York. When Superstorm Sandy makes landfall on Long Island on the evening of October 29, 2012, their stable, productive and serene lifestyle is suddenly shattered. As the storm surge floods their home, along with the homes of thousands of others living in coastal communities, they struggle to survive and then recover as one crisis seems to follow another. During the many trial... more
  • Tomcats Killers of Innocence

    by Patsy Shook
    Sarah was 17 when she was raped and forced to marry Frank honley, her rapist. She was told, “a child born out of wedlock will forever be called a bastard, and no self respecting boy will ever marry you.” Honley was a member of the Army Security Agency, and handled top secret information. He was a closet spy and psychopath who saw marriage and a child as cover for his actions. Trapped for years in the marriage, Sarah began having nightmares. She dreamed she was in a large multilevel house atte... more
  • What's the Hurry, Helma?: Choppy Rescue Adventures in Italy

    by Verena Zannantoni
    All systems go, dearest reader. It's time to buckle up. Take off with Helma the Rescue Helicopter and her teacher Bernie, the pup. They zip through Northern Italy On their first mission to help friends in need. But Helma is always in a hurry! Will she slow down and succeed?
  • Octo Tales: The Magical World of a Little Octopus Girl

    by Noreen Palmer

    Embark on an enchanting journey with Pearl, a little octopus girl, as she and her friends take on a divine mission to protect and preserve the Earth's oceans. Through their tireless efforts to raise awareness about pollution and climate change, they inspire us to take action and do our part in safeguarding our planet's precious resources. Immerse yourself in an underwater world and discover the wonders of ocean conservation with Palmer's captivating narrative. Join the cause and let's work to... more

  • Lonely Riders

    by Michael D. Dennis
    Embark on a journey of heart-pounding suspense and mind-bending twists with "Lonely Riders," the captivating novel by author Michael D. Dennis. In the sprawling city of Los Angeles, Kyle Whalen's life takes an unexpected turn as he navigates the chaos of love, loss, and a reality-shattering experiment.
  • Finding Foxtale Forest

    by Madeleine Hewitt
    Third grade is about to begin for Dani, Pax, Eva, Kez, and Amy… and finding a happy ending to summer break feels impossible. But when a mysterious Fox appears and asks them for help, the five friends embark on a thrilling, world-hopping journey that will change their perspectives forever. Following the Fox into Foxtale Forest, our five heroines explore wild western deserts, brave magical storms, hunt for a pirate’s treasure– and learn how kindness, courage, and true friendship are the keys to an... more
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    by Health Sympathetic
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  • Shorty Blue

    by R. Lee Walker
    Shorty Blue is an ingenious fictitious story that covers the dynamics of human interactions when a loved-one dies. The story explores the rivalry and conflicts that family members face with issues that may go unresolved for years. I challenge you to enjoy this fascinating journey in human emotions. This story may someday be considered an urban classic. – R. Lee Walker
  • The Three Layers of a Moment, Book 3 of The Pioneer Ranch Saga

    by Samar Reine
    Guided by a profound quote that echoes through the Pioneer Ranch family, “There are three layers to a moment—your experience, your awareness of the experience, and your interpretation of it,” Bryce must reinterpret her past as the family chooses their true legacy. Are they the historic ranch they fought so hard to save or are they the “blood and paint” they’d become? An accomplished showjumper and veterinarian, Bryce is haunted by the loss of her brother, who’d tormented her. She strives to r... more
  • Railroading 978-1-304-88739-9

    by Tom Boon
    As a retired freight train engineer, Tom presents a unique perspective on what it's like to work in the rail industry. The book opens with Tom operating a motorcar and continues to the day he and his conductor rescued a fully loaded Amtrak train that was stuck between snow drifts in the Columbia River Gorge. Railroading puts the reader in the locomotive cab, and in the union hall, as Tom influences railroad policy during his thirty-nine year career.
  • Logos

    by Nicholas Nikita

    After witnessing the brutal death of his parents, a young caveboy is roaming through a barren, parched land with nothing but his newborn brother strapped to his chest.

    Unwilling to accept his loss, the boy sets out on a dangerous path to reach the home of the gods—a mountain looming in the distance—in search of a way to reunite with his parents. But the grief-stricken journey to the mountain is also a violent exile into adulthood, and the mountain holds secrets the gods are ... more

  • Lose Yourself

    by Vince Wetzel
    It’s The Final Game of the Season… All Star Brett Austen has a chance to secure the first .400 batting average for a season in more than 80 years. But increasing pressure and his own hubris threaten the apex of his career. Meanwhile… A sideline reporter wrestles with a choice between career and her mom in crisis. A retiring usher takes in his final game before moving in with his son’s family. A lanky 15-year-old can’t understand his future stepdad while pining for a girl from scho... more
  • The Road to Moresco

    by Mark Jamilkowski

    A poignant family saga from 1900s Italy weaving  a spellbinding tale of resilience.. 

  • Paradise on the Pike

    by Sarah Angleton
    A historical mystery set against the backdrop of the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Paradise on the Pike is the story of German immigrant Max who works as a zookeeper at Hagenbeck's animal concession on the Pike at the fairgrounds where animals roam free, people are on exhibit, and the investigation of a grisly murder threatens the future of the concession, the fair, and the woman he loves.

    by Baltateanu Traian
    This book contains a theory that explains the physical meaning of: relativity, gravity, mass, inertia, the notion of antiparticle and antimatter, gravitational waves, the fine structure constant, the formation and stability of atomic nuclei. The theory provides researchers with the tools to create the structural model for all the nuclei of atoms and their isotopes, to calculate the resonance energy and frequency of nuclear couplings and nuclear reaction potentials. The dipolar properties of nu... more