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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Everest-Six Feet Under

    by Alex T. Wolf
    In the City of Twin Falls Idaho five best friends drinking at a bar, as one friend drinks too much and gets intoxicated. He bets with each of his friends, to put $20,000 on the table betting that they can't climb MT. Everest within one and a half months. So the five friends Henry, Glendale, Shane, Jose, and Cleveland each bet that they could make it up to MT. Everest. Things did get rough though, with little experience the five friends suffered for the two weeks in the ice-cold environment. Only... more
  • Rise of Resistance

    by Alex T. Wolf
    All of his life, Lewis Smith knew only peace. He was smart, brave, and always knew what the right thing to do. Lewis was only fourteen years old when he saw his Father leave in a hurry one early morning. Not knowing where his Father is heading, Lewis follows him into town not knowing what was about to occur. Nothing could prepare Lewis for what he encounters. Within the first twenty-four hours, his life was forever changed, by the realities of war.
  • AntonTon

    by Irena Stanic Rasin
    AntonTon is a unique guy who does everything his own way. He may be a bit unusual, but he proves that it’s okay to be different. People like AntonTon make the world an interesting place. Every bit of progress in science, culture, sports, etc., has happened because some AntonTon did something outside the box. Enjoy the iconic Croatian poem by Grigor Vitez, the father of modern Croatian children's literature, in this first English translation combined with award-winning illustrations.
  • Wheel of the Fates: Book Two of the Carolingian Chronicles

    by J. Boyce Gleason
    It is 742. The throne is empty; the pagan states are in rebellion; Charles Martel's widow and youngest son have been imprisoned and the trust between Carloman and Pippin - the two brothers who remain in power is broken. Based on a true story, Wheel of the Fates picks up where the award-winning Anvil of God leaves off - chronicling the lives of Charles Martel's children as they vie for power in what's left of the kingdom..and their family.
  • Anvil of God: Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles

    by J. Boyce Gleason
    It's 741. After conquering a continent for the Merovingian kings, only one thing stands between Charles Martel and the throne - he's dying. Despite his best efforts, the only thing to reign after Charles' death is chaos. Based on a true story, Anvil of God is a whirlwind of love, honor, betrayal, and sacrifice that follows a bereaved family's relentless quest for power and destiny.
  • One Punk Summer

    by Skip Rhudy
    Years before SXSW and ACL Fest became world renowned music events Austin Texas had a vibrant punk subculture that directly influenced the expansion of the Austin music scene to what it is today. One Punk Summer captures the feel of those early and seminal years. The characters have a blast in a still undeveloped Austin discovering punk, partying, leaving home, and scratching out a living with all kinds of comical odd jobs. They create their own world and manage to put a band together, but the... more
  • The Bama Bayou Bullfrog Band

    by Regina Doi Kollegger
    An original children's alliterative verse with 14 colorfully rich paintings inspired by the frogs of the bogs in Lower Alabama. Enjoy the bama bayou bullfrog band sound and frame the beautiful frog paintings for your children's walls!
  • Treasure: a Mira & Jax adventure, Mound Builder Series Book III

    by K. R. Hofhiens
    Mira wants to know why she is called ‘mixed race’ and Jax wants to know why he is blond. Their genetic research uncovers hidden strengths, and possible talents, but will those talents be enough to help Mira face her first day of High School alone? Challenged by Captain Moroni, Adsilha fights the Matriarch for new laws, and mercy above all. While she fights to preserve the Law and save the honor and dignity of the men of Salandha, what will become of her dream to be a healer?
  • Heroes & Rebels: a Mira & Jax adventure, Mound Builder Series Book II

    by K. R. Hofhiens
    One of the first to try the Polio IV vaccine, Mira is on the news again - this time with her father, Ethan Jones. Reunited with their friends, Mira and Jax search for the truth about the Mound Builders. They find that truth, obscured by prejudice, is difficult to uncover! Adsilha is apprenticed to the village healer. Queen Lashemki sends her to the battlefield to relieve warriors – Galkala warriors! Adsilha finds herself on the wrong side of the rebellion…
  • Arrowheads: a Mira & Jax adventure, Mound Builder Series Book 1

    by K. R. Hofhiens
    Mira & Jax are sent to an Ohio farm to keep them safe from the Polio IV pandemic. While playing in the garden, they find a Mound Builder platform pipe! A museum curator dates the pipe to 100 BCE. The problem is - there is writing on the pipe and it's Hebrew! Adsilha is a Mound Builder girl living in 74 BC North America. On her way to the summer gathering, she is kidnapped by rebels who want to overthrow the government. Adsilha will need to make alliances to escape...
  • Neko Taro: The Boy Who Painted Cats (Illustrated): Children's Stories from around the World

    by Regina Doi Kollegger
    A Japanese Folktale retold with 39 Original Water Color and Ink Illustrations vividly depicting old Japan. Follow a boy and his mentor to a small Japanese village where they find shelter in a haunted temple. Not understanding the terror that lurks there, the boy comforts himself by painting his favorite animal, the cat. The boy paints cats everywhere in the temple. Once night falls, the curse awakens to a cat-like surprise! Written in free verse, The Boy Who Painted Cats: Neko Taro the Cat Boy i... more
  • The Bedtime Knight

    by Katie L. Carroll
    When the lights turn off at bedtime, a young mouse’s imagination runs wild. Daddy Knight charges in to the rescue and sheds light on what the shadows really are. Then he empowers his daughter to turn the scary shadows into fun imaginings.
  • And the Stars Kept Watch

    by Peter Friedrichs
    Can a couple's marriage survive a life-changing loss when one of them is responsible for the tragedy? AND THE STARS KEPT WATCH is the story of Catherine and Nathan Osgood, a young couple who has everything they desire. Nathan is married to the woman of his dreams and has a great career to match. Catherine, with her two young boys, has the family and the life she's yearned for. With a momentary lapse of judgment, Nathan causes an accident that will alter the course of their lives forever. How do ... more
  • The Calling Buds Remix

    by B. Coyne Davies

    Ray is struggling. He lost two fingers in Iraq, and maybe he’s lost something more. Or has he just forgotten himself? Perhaps an undemanding job at the local medical marijuana start-up will be just what he needs. But the brave new world of legal dispensaries is fraught with soaring expectations, culture clashes and one snag after another. There’s an odd bunch of people working there too, like Caldwell who’s maniacally bent on revolutionizing the whole industry. Or Damian, th... more

  • The Cry of our Children: Poems by Ruth Andrews Garnes

    by Ruth Garnes
    When life touches you deeply and you wish to tell the world that is the writings of Ruth Garnes "The Cry of Our Children" is a series of poems of love and perseverance in the face of struggles. It promotes love as the answer to social issues. As a minority woman Ruth looks behind the racism and indifference she has experience to the heart of the issues.
  • 9781642280364

    by Izzard Ink
    There's no such thing as normal. Sarah has always been a hard-working student, even if she has felt her grades don't reflect her efforts. She is a good friend, a kind daughter, and she loves being creative. But lately she is struggling with school and friendships, and nothing brings her much joy. Her family doesn't seem to understand what's happening, and neither does Sarah. Everyone keeps telling her to do better, and Sarah is trying her hardest, but when her first year of middle school begi... more