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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • In the Time of Leaving

    by Shana Ritter

    "Exile after exile has taught us to love things that are small. Things that can be concealed or carried, and to love words and stories most of all." 

    Spain, 1492, The Reconquest, the journey of Columbus, the Inquisition. Esther and her daughters Chava and Sarah are part of a prominent family with close ties to the royal court. But then the Inquisition gains force, the Edict of Expulsion is made law and Spain’s Jewish ordered to convert or face ... more

  • Waiting for the Messiah

    by Sheldon Greene
    Full of warmth, humor and the celebration of the extraordinary in the ordinary, it appeals to the faithful of all religions and iconoclasts alike. When the Bolton Jewish Community converts a disused retirement home to a boarding school and hires a Russian refugee to direct it and the retirees as staff, the small town of Bolton, Pennsylvania celebrates the change. But when the director admits a Palestinian boy, schedules Palestine National Day and a fundraiser for a Catholic homeless shelter,... more
  • Words That Soar

    by John Alexander
    While on a search for a fresh story to read, I never expected that the encounter with an old book from the bookshop owner would change my world. Join me on this adventure and discover how three special rules help me make sense of the powerful impact of words. Warning: This adventure may lead to a lifelong fascination with books.
  • Perfect iSland

    by Sanjay Perera

    Ben and Toni live in the island state of Singapore where truth is fiction and fiction is truth. Ben is a copywriter, and Toni is a bank officer active with an opposition party that intends to contest the upcoming general elections. But the leaders of The Party that dominates the state are attempting to cling onto power and enact Plan Charlie which calls for the cancellation of the elections. In doing so, they are guided by an influential figure who sits on the board of the global conglomerate... more

  • Journey in the Jungle

    by Augustine Ilechukwu

    "...Johnson was looking out through the window. He noticed spontaneous movement in the bush, and they surfaced. They were heavily armed. Immediately, rounds of shots were rained in the air. Everyone shouted and panicked. The next they all heard was 'Everybody hands up!'" 

    Johnson may not have entered that luxurious bus against his mother’s instruction, just that he couldn’t afford to make his first journey to Lagos not sitting beside that strange girl ... more

  • My Friend Amelia

    by D.M. Sorlie
    A search in the Pacific for Dr. Jane's childhood idol Amelia Earhart, an American aviation pioneer, uncovers a hidden murder from the past now haunting to be solved.
  • The Order

    by Alan Thompson
    Amidst unprecedented chaos on campus – vandalism, rape, even murder – the Chancellor aims to destroy the Order, a mysterious secret society founded at the College 200 years earlier. The Castle, a replica of a Norman fortress where the group conducts its rituals, is slated for demolition, and Harry Monmouth, a one-time member, is enlisted to defend the “knights” and their secrets. His efforts lead him into the past, to the beginning of the Order and events that cast light on the present-day tur... more
  • Two Battles for Gaia Atilia

    by Marie Antonia Parsons
    As rebellion against Rome's rule rises in the western region of ancient Sardinia, Gaia Atilia discovers that her life has been a deception., a lie that has a far-reaching impact. As Gaia attempts to learn the truth, her friends take opposing sides in the revolt.
  • The Invisibles

    by Rachel Dacus

    THE INVISIBLES is the story of two half-sisters who inherit a cottage on the Italian coast, along with its resident ghost, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Longtime rivalry explodes into a fresh new struggle for dominance, but Italy’s magic and local love interests, as well as big house repairs, delay their departure -- until an accident changes everything for the sisters, their friends, and the family ghost.

  • The Outlaws of Maroon

    by John Curl
    My new novel, The Outlaws of Maroon, is about a group of kids rebelling in a New York City public school during the McCarthy era of the 1950s. It's about the world of children and the adult world in conflict, in an atmosphere of political repression and attacks on freedom of thought. Much of the story takes place in the Little Woods, a fenced-off abandoned lot not far from the school. It's a wild wooded area bordering the West Side highway in upper Manhattan, supposedly inaccessible and off l... more
  • The Dog on the Acropolis

    by Mark Tedesco
    A family living in Greece at the time of the construction of the Parthenon and another family, thousands of years later, eking out a living at the base of the Acropolis. The repercussions of the meeting of man and dog would unfold in unforeseen ways that would impact the lives around them. The narrative takes the reader to Greece?s Golden Age, in which one dog, Daria, would scamper up the hill to keep up with Adelino, a stone cutter working on the new temple, and his son Tiro. The lives of Pheid... more
  • Ellie Marches On

    by Audra Notgrass
    Ellie is a normal little kid. She goes to school, plays games, and has a very best friend. Ellie’s friend is Nafia, a new immigrant who is bullied at school because she is different. Ellie learns the importance of friendship and activism when she and her new best friend participate in a march that highlights inclusion, diversity, and love.
  • Ms. Ming's Guide to Civilization

    by Jan Alexander
    Protagonist Ming, born in a bleak outpost of Sichuan province, finds an unexpected glimpse of the world beyond when she meets a talking monkey, the immortal Monkey King, with whom Ming’s destiny is intertwined, Ming makes her way to New York, determined to become a successful writer; however, to make ends meet, she works for a crime ring until she must escape and returns to China, taking along her American friend, Zoe. Together, they travel to the village of Ming’s birth whe... more
  • Breakup problem solution

    by baba sambhu
    You need your Love Breakup problem solution sweetheart or sweetheart to satisfy the desire you need from the area, in the event that you can't meet your darling or sweetheart, you need to meet, at that point I will succeed in getting you Shambhunath Breakup problem solution to meet you. Simply send a photograph of your sweetheart or sweetheart, I will bring your cherished sweetheart back in your life through Tantra Mantra strategy. Your darling will Love problem solution satisfy your ideal wish ... more
  • Ricardo's Extraordinary Journey: A Boy's Mystical Quest for Fame, Fortune and Adventure

    by Rich Bergman
    Join teen adventurer Ricardo Columbo as he leaves his native Spain and embarks on a life-changing quest through fourteenth century Europe, Africa, and Asia. Throughout his journey, he makes lifelong friends, encounters leaders and has a hand in influencing the future course of history. Traveling to Timbuktu, Jerusalem, Septagram, Dadu and other locales along the Silk Road, this natural born healer with a courageous spirit and a big heart finds creative ways to overcome many challenges and obstac... more
  • Destroyer

    by Amo Sulaiman
    Mr, Cougar knows the time of his death. The Timeman can trap and enslave his soul. However, souls are community entities not a metaphysical item the Timeman should control. Due to knowing the time of his imminent demise, Mr. Cougar wants to give his loving family and dearest friends a farewell to remember. Without fear he also tells his precious daughter, who is thrown into a state of bewilderment, caught between love and community reprisal. Since death cannot be commanded, the unknown fore ... more