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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Diana Stevan
    Based on a true story, Lilacs in the Dust Bowl is an inspirational family saga about love and heartache during the Great Depression. In 1929, when Lukia Mazurets, a widow and Ukrainian peasant farmer, immigrates to Canada with her four children, she has no idea the stock market is about to crash and throw the world into a deep depression. Falling grain prices, the ravages of nature, and unexpected family conflicts threaten to smash her dreams of family unity in a strange land. And when love... more
  • The Ballroom: A Novella

    by Simon Sobo
    Set in the mid-19th century, The Ballroom tells a beauty-and-the-beast love story of a rich but tightfisted businessman and a poor, lovely ingénue. Vincent Van Doren is “a hard-headed, cussing, tobacco chewing man.” He quit school in the third grade because he was unable to take on his teacher who took pleasure in humiliating him. His father’s repeated foolishness kept the family poor and reduced the family’s name to a joke. Fortunately, Vincent was big and strong enough to put an end to whateve... more
  • The Book Beetles: Who's Been Eating Our Books

    by Bob Richardson
    The Book Beetles show how much they love books and try to protect them from anything that could hurt them. They also encourage the reader to go to the library and check out books to read or buy them if they want to. They show how exciting and fun reading can be, when you let your imagination picture what the words portray.
  • Never Among Equals: A WWI Novel

    by Fazle Chowdhury

    Author Fazle Chowdhury's epic novel, set in London during the beginning of World War I explores the world of an Oxford-educated foreigner of Indian descent. With his life in tatters even before the beginning of the Great War pandemonium, Firoze Hazari struggles between the life he wants but cannot have ― a story of expectations filled with failures that results in this historical thriller that follows early 20th century events with an immediacy that turns historical settings into lively s... more

  • 979-8622986871

    by Alyssa Jean
    In A Time to Remember, a mother and daughter talk about their family and country of origin Haiti. This bedtime conversation mixed with both English and Haitian Creole is an excellent way to expose children to the language as well as learn important vocabulary.
  • In a Grove of Maples

    by Jenny Knipfer
    In 1897 newly married Beryl and Edward Massart travel more than one thousand miles from Quebec to farm a plot of land in Wisconsin that they bought sight-unseen. An almost magical grove of maples on their property inspires them to dream of a real home built within the grove, not the tiny log cabin they’ve come to live in. But will Beryl and Edward walk into the future together to build their house of dreams in the grove of maples, or will their plans topple like a house of sticks when the winds ... more
  • Things Sasha Learned From Her Dog Winston During The Pandemic by Marian L Thomas

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe
    Things Sasha Learned From Her Dog Winston During The Pandemic by Marian L Thomas. Sasha is a beautiful brown-eyed young girl with an amazing dog named Winston. By watching him over the years, Sasha discovers that there is so much that she can learn from Winston, including how to overcome the fear of wearing a mask, how to have fun with friends using the Internet, and the importance of washing her hands and staying healthy. Sasha finds out that her best friend is full of valuable lessons! Perf... more
  • Stronghold

    by Kesha Bakunin
    No one knows where it came from. Or why, for that matter. Maybe the Stronghold has always been there. Silent. Foreboding. Expectant. Generations came and went. Wars raged. Kingdoms rose and fell. But the Stronghold stood and observed the history as it was written before it in blood, fire, and tears. Not a single soul has ever made it inside the Stronghold. But some sure tried... A parable of despotism and religious oppression, "Stronghold" was banned in its country of origin. It took Kesha Ba... more
  • Odysseus

    by Carl Hare
    Odysseus begins where Homer’s Odyssey leaves off and recounts the Greek hero’s final quest to settle his debt with the god Poseidon. He must travel to many cities carrying a wooden oar, find a land that knows no salt, and offer a sacrifice to the god on the site where a stranger asks the purpose of the oar. During his perilous journey he becomes involved in the intrigues swirling among the great Trojan War veterans and their heirs and must also protect his own family and kingdom. Written in a po... more
  • The Prodigals

    by Milton Cantellay
    Iran and North Korea detonate three nuclear missiles above coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. The civilian infrastructure of the United States collapses. While American engages the enemy overseas, an ugly enemy rises from the chaos. As the government struggles to protect its sovereignty, cities are left to fend for themselves. Local governments and law enforcement begin to crumble. Soon the mass deaths, shortages, and secondary terrorist attacks are overwhelming. R... more
  • Into the Heartland

    by Jack Casey
    The dream of opening a waterway west into America’s heartland had long been deemed impossible, but in 1810, New York mayor DeWitt Clinton vows to construct a 350-mile canal through the wilderness. Facing formidable opposition from power-hungry young Martin Van Buren, Clinton needs support from the powerful echelons of society – and he knows the only woman who can help him. Eleanora Van Rensselaer rules a vast estate, but her wealth will vanish if a dark secret is revealed. In pursuit of t... more
  • Swept Away

    by Arnold Johnston
    Writer Dennis McCutcheon is facing the loss of his job at a small Pennsylvania university while coping with the aftereffects of a bitter divorce. But when his alma mater Wayne State University offers to produce one of his plays, Swept Away, the news seems like the solution to all his problems. From there, Dennis falls almost immediately into a love affair with a beautiful married woman, only to suddenly find himself mugged on a Detroit street, then suspected of killing his lover's husband. H... more
  • Eve's Ducklings

    by Maria Monte
    Join Eve and her Grandpa on their daily walks to the lake, where Eve tries to make friends with two shy ducklings. Will Eve's antics win over the ducklings and their protective mother duck? This sweet story, beautifully illustrated with watercolours and ink, will inspire young readers to be kind to animals. Please visit to watch a cute book trailer!
  • Boy at the Crossroads

    by Mary Ford
    At only 13 years old—arrested for being part of the Mercury Gang because the boys only stole Mercury sedans—Conley Ford, on a whim, decides to run out on probation, skip school, and put his thumb out instead. The 15th of 16 children, Conley discovered early on what it takes to survive. Having learned how to peddle products door-to-door–from tomatoes to soap to hot tamales and more– he’ll take his ingenuity and survival-savvy on the road to find where he belongs away from his overbearing father a... more
  • Long Walk Up

    by Denise Turney

    Long Walk Up's inspiring orphan story happened around the time that Africa celebrated the swearing in of its first woman president. Mirroring the makings of historic women leaders, women like Barbara Jordan, Harriet Tubman, Jacinda Ardern and Maria Tallchief, amazing women leaders who refused to give up, incredible women who chose to live life without limits - Long Walk Up showcases the power of destiny, courage and tenacity. 

    This poignant, inspirational story takes you i... more

  • Rosetta: The Talent Show Queen

    by Denise Turney
    Rosetta is a ten-year-old pigtailed girl whose heart is full of courage, laughter and confidence. She's in the fifth grade at Harriet Tubman School. This spunky kid's mind is full of clever ideas, the very ideas that are sure to find Rosetta center stage. More than anything, Rosetta wants to finally outperform Jennifer, her arc nemesis and the school's brainy academic show off. Thanks to Rosetta's brilliant Talent Show ideas, she has her chance to do just that! But, not all goes as planned!