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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Shadows of Swayne Field: The Search for the Abraham Lincoln Baseball

    by Ronald R. Harrington
    When the kitchen ceiling caved in, and the contents of his mother’s attic splayed across the floor, Ron, better known as “Punky,” knew he had to help clean up. With the assistance of his son and nephew, he would try to preserve as many of the dirty, mold-covered memories as he could, including a mysterious, old metal box, possibly belonging to his Grandpa Hash. What’s inside it takes him back thirty-two years earlier as he recalls the magical weekend in 1984 spent with his grandfather attending ... more
  • Mansa’s Little Reminders: Scratching the Surface of Financial Literacy by A.D. Williams and Kendal Fordham

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe Reviews
    Mansa’s little Reminders introduces kids to the concepts of earning and managing money. Although the message of this book is universal, it was written to help African American children understand the value and benefits of building wealth from an early age. It highlights the life of an inner-city kid with big dreams but no direction and a strong and loving family with few resources. Mansa’s little Reminders introduces the fundamental strategies that can help bridge the financial literacy gap b... more
  • The Prize-Winning Story

    The Prize-Winning Story is a fiction travelogue--a group of American tourists arrive in the Holy Land on U.S. Presidential Election Day, 2016, and as they tour for twelve days, they compete with each other to win the big prize offered by the tour host, Pastor Vladdy, producer of the weekly radio show, For Zion’s Sake. The challenge--tell the best story and get your trip paid for! Vladdy believes passionately that God calls Christians to stand with Jews and the State of Israel. The best story... more
  • Jack's Gift

    by Dorine Andrews

    When his B-17 bomber mysteriously crashes into a wintry sea near the end of WWII, Jack Jackson's fiery death changed the trajectories of two families, one American and one British. It is up to Amahli, the woman he left behind, independent thinking and determined, to find the strength and means to connect these two disparate families. In the early 1950's, Amahli pursues this quest, surmounts unforeseen obstacles, self-limiting fears and suspect relationships. She searches for answ... more

  • Stand Together

    by Kim Hanzo
    Sometimes, you need your waddle. Join this waddle of five roly-poly penguins as they discover the different ways they need support and the ways they can support others. Afterall, even the tiniest penguins can achieve great things when they stand together! Stand Together is the first book in the ‘World of Difference’ children”s book series that seeks to foster positive character development in and conversation with kids. While the series is written for young children, the messages and beaut... more
  • Lost Love's Return

    by Books Forward Author Publicity
    When Elizabeth, a young English nurse, falls in love with one of her American patients, her whole world changes. When Peter, the American soldier, is suddenly shipped home to the U.S. at the end of WWI, he does his best to alert Elizabeth to what’s happening but fails, leaving her with no idea what’s where he is and no way to contact him — now oceans away. For 27 years, Peter yearns for Elizabeth, regretting the actions that led him into a long-drawn-out loveless marriage. But now, with the ... more
  • Birthday Acts of Kindness: The Gift of Food

    by Elizabeth Harr Pineda
    Birthday Acts of Kindness tells the story of a young boy who celebrates his birthday by asking friends to bring food to donate instead of presents. What a great act of kindness! In the process, he not only gets introduced to the idea around food banks, but also to the importance of community service. He beams with pride once he realizes just how much his one act of kindness help so many people he doesn't even know.
  • Neighborly Acts of Kindness: Visit With Miss Del

    by Elizabeth Harr Pineda
    Neighborly Acts of Kindness tells the heart-warming story of two brothers who pay several visits to their elderly neighbor, not only helping her with chores she can no longer do on her own, but more importantly, forming a deep and lasting friendship. The brothers learn the life-lessons of empathy and service to others.
  • Gender Fraud: A Fiction

    by Peg Tittle

    In a near-future, 'gender recognition' legislation is repealed, and it becomes illegal for males to identify as females and females to identify as males.  However, due in part to the continued conflation of sex and gender and in part to the insistence that gender align with sex, it also becomes illegal for males to be feminine and females to be masculine.  A gender identity dystopia.  

  • Lincoln’s World

    by James Reily
    The chain of events that occurred at Ford’s theater was naturally altered by way of the president was saved from the assassin’s bullet and then went on to become known as the father of freedom. Lincoln’s wisdom encouraged and supported the next few leaders of the white house that followed his eight year term in office. After the civil war he granted the wish of a very special freed slaves to return home with honor and dignity so that his community may go on to build and become a strong nation of... more
  • The Enchanted Rope

    by David Bernstein
    Young Jack’s mother has become an angel. He misses her singing him to sleep, misses her reading him fairy tales and misses her love of wildflowers and dragons. Under the Alaskan sun, in a field of dreams, Jack gathers up one hundred wildflowers and starts to weave an enchanted rope so he can climb up to the world of angels his mother is in. A school of salmon, a clan of wolves, a brown bear, and one bold eagle watch him as he weaves and weaves and finally sends the magic rope far up int... more
  • Alethea's Dreams

    by Daniel B. Martin

    With the full weight and gravity of the world pressing down upon her Alethea, the Greek Goddess of Truth, rests in an uneasy slumber. 

    Alethea’s Dreams become embodied and enlivened through this collection of stories.

    Challenging, insightful, suspenseful and romantic.

    Begging to be uncovered, unearthed and awakened, her concern for humanity manifests in the curiously tragic, romantic and insightful lives of her dream... more

  • Butterfly, Butterfly

    by CarrieAnne
    Follow the butterflies on this colorful, counting adventure. Discover a variety of flowers and butterflies as you count your way from one to ten. Every turn of the pages will reveal beautiful watercolor illustrations of North American butterflies and flowers.
  • The Cardiff Giant

    by Larry Lockridge
    The Cardiff Giant, set in Cooperstown, New York, has up its novelistic sleeve Puck's profound declaration, "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" Jack Thrasher, investigative reporter, arrives on the scene to look into the weird disappearance from the Farmers' Museum of a huge human figure. He had been unearthed in the late nineteenth century near Cardiff, New York. Jack confronts locals and outsiders who all have a theory, including that the giant has been reanimated and is lurching throughout th... more
  • Picnic for Parrots

    by Allison Sojka
    During a jungle picnic with friends, shy parrot Red worries a favorite sweet will not be tasted before they’re all gone, but then an idea comes to mind. A delightful story of friendship, kindness, and discovering the value of knowing when to ask for help.
  • Just Momma

    by Meredith Johnson
    A rainy Saturday turns into something amazing as two little boys take their Momma on a series of exciting adventures using only their imaginations. Ethan and Tyler love to pretend. By putting on their favorite costumes and using their amazing imaginations, they are instantly transported to other places and become different people. One morning, their Momma asks if she can join in. As firefighters, superheroes, Vikings, pirates, and Samurai; Ethan, Tyler, and their Momma find adventure and chal... more