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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • ALIAS: Mitzi & Mack

    by Victoria Landis
    Shirley and Stanley Nowack retired to South Florida expecting to live out their days playing mah-jongg and golf. Cue the worst recession since the 1930's. Their already meager investments take a big hit. Determined not to spend their remaining years sleeping on park benches, they find jobs. Menial ones. They're over 70 and fortunate to have those. But bad luck and deeper troubles soon hit hard, and this rule-following, white-bread, average couple hatches a plan to save their home and ret... more
  • Father's Day

    by Gary Kyriazi

    Pastor Salvatore Satori is the tyrannical leader of La Sangre, an insular and isolated community on the Northern California coast. When Peter Freeman, retired running back for the San Francisco Forty-Niners, unexpectedly arrives in La Sangre, the Pastor and his frightened congregation are forced to either face their individual truths, or hide from them by pursuing theft, deceit, adultery, suicide...and murder.

  • Dominion of Gold

    by Steve Doherty
    Thriller fans will relish in the danger and intrigue as Allied agents uncover a secret Japanese plot to bury the plundered treasure and return to dig it up after the war is concluded. The novel is based, in-part, on the true story and the covert activities of an American Army counterintelligence agent, and his ‘special mission’ team that takes the battle to the Japanese. The Japanese plundered such large quantities of gold from China and Southeast Asian countries that, following the end of t... more
  • Call for Blood

    by Steve Doherty
    “An adventure-packed military thriller with deep trenches between good and bad… A cliffhanger ending will leave readers ready for the next battle.” — Kirkus Review Thriller fans will relish in the danger, as the Allied agents traverse a deadly landscape behind Japanese lines, parachuting into enemy territory, and dodging Japanese patrols and assassins out to stop them. The novel is based, in-part, on the true story and the covert activities of an American Army counterintelligence agent from Co... more
  • Operation King Cobra

    by Steve Doherty
    “Steve Doherty’s Operation King Cobra is a World War II thriller in the vein of Where Eagles Dare and The Guns of Navarone. Action, history, espionage, romance—it’s all there,” says military novelist Robert Gandt, who has published more than a dozen books on aviation and military adventure fiction. Operation King Cobra is based on historical facts and the real life accounts of an American Army intelligence agent. In Operation King Cobra, American covert operative Jonathan Preston and his tea... more
  • The Bad Birthday Surprise

    by H.M Arvind
    Imagine if the cruellest snob in your town didn't invite you to a party because they think you're "tacky" and miles below them. Now imagine you are so angry about it, that you want to get your own back - what would you do? Well, Flick the doll thinks she has an ingenious idea. It involves making a fake cake, a stink rocket and going in disguise as the perfect gentleman. With the help of her housemates Mitch (who hates being called a ladybird, but strangely doesn't like being called a G... more
  • Choose to Rise: The Victory Within

    by M. N. Mekaelian

    Set in a forgotten land in the heart of World War One, Choose to Rise: The Victory Within paints the vividly realistic portrait of one of the most horrific atrocities of the modern world— The Armenian Genocide of 1915.

    Told through eyes of an old Armen Hagopian reliving his youth, you will be immersed in this unbelievable story of survival against the merciless Ottoman Turkish government. Through his journey, Armen and his older brother, Vartan, must discover what it takes to over... more

  • Beirut in Shades of Grey

    by Dana K. Haffar
    Two souls brought together by love are distanced by the challenges of living with conflicting social values during times of extreme political stress. Rasha Halwani, a victim of the Lebanese civil war, and Luke Elliott, a British photojournalist, begin a clandestine romance while on vacation in Paris. However, the tranquility of their previous encounters quickly dissipates when Luke’s unannounced arrival on Rasha’s doorstep in Beirut incites a wrangle over cultural differences and polarized attit... more
  • Arkansas Summer

    by Anne Moose
    Arkansas Summer is a powerful novel about love and racial terror in the Jim Crow South. It's 1955, and Catherine has joined her father in Arkansas after her grandfather's death. She's a California college student, and it's her first visit to her grandparents' farm since the summer she was nine. When she is reunited with Jimmy, whom she'd played with as a child, the two are immediately drawn to one another. They understand the dangers of their interracial attraction, but could never have imagi... more
  • Dream Alibis

    by JoAnn Stevelos
    Dream Alibis is a collection of poems, flash fiction, and a play that assembles fragmented narratives about finding hope in the aftermath of estrangement, lost love, and grief. Ryder Cooley's haunting illustrations bring to each poem a deep sense of what it means to survive loneliness and the experience of violence, abuse, love, and loss.
  • Alice Henderson On Debut (The Alice Henderson Book 1)

    by S R Silcox
    All-rounder Alice Henderson finds herself in the spotlight when she attracts the attention of an elite scout for an all-girls cricket camp. Hungry for a chance to shine and realise her dreams of playing on a competitive cricket team, Alice relishes the opportunity to attend camp and make a name for herself. However, not all is fair in war and cricket, and Alice struggles to find her footing amongst many other talented players, who all share the same hope of being selected. Alice finds herself ... more
  • In Love and War

    by Chris McClelland
    In Love and War is the moving story of two young people in love at the cusp of adulthood and America’s entry into WW II. Inga, a young German woman, and Mack, an American pilot, have fallen in love, but the war threatens to separate them forever. From the tranquil citrus groves of Florida to the shrapnel-filled skies over Europe, Mack only wants to see Inga again. Inga longs for Mack amid the wartime carnage of Germany. One fateful day, the families of both will be changed forever.
  • Molly Bell and the Wishing Well

    by Bridget Geraghty

    Molly Bell is an eleven-year old girl who used to be a whimsical, sporty type of a child with a zest for living. All that has been turned upside down by the untimely death of her cherished mother two years ago. To make matters worse, her father is getting remarried to a high-maintenance beauty that Molly seemingly has nothing in common with, and she comes with an annoying six-year old son, Henry, who finds a way to wreck everything in his path.

    Molly can't find anything about her ne... more

  • The Land of Reverse

    by Dave Manousos
    The Land of Reverse The Land of Reverse A story about nine-year-old Sam who can't get to sleep. He tries everything he can think of from counting sheep to standing on his head. When pretending to sleep plunges him into a world where everything is reverse, bizarre and creatively confusing, he learns pretending is real and sleep is just a matter of letting yourself go...
  • The Boy:The Mastodons

    by James Strauss
    In a time some 25,000 years ago, a small tribe located in a primal valley attempts to survive the many threats from the catastrophes of geological upheavals, where survival is wrested from the elements and life is to endure starvation. The perspective of this sweeping adventure is told from that of a young boy. The hard-learned lessons of life provide a romance of epic proportions in which `The Boy' fights for love and acceptance, while overcoming seemingly insurmountable tribal beliefs. Terrify... more
  • Accursed Women

    by Luciana Cavallaro
    Accursed Women, is a collection of short stories with a unique take on Greek myths The five stories (each with 'curse' in the title), is told from the perspective of five different women.