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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Gone to the Dogs

    by Matt McAvoy

    Gone to the Dogs ran for five series between 1973 and 1977. At its peak, the 1975 Christmas Special drew an incredible twenty-one million viewers, a number unheard of in today’s multi-media age. It spawned a plethora of much-loved catchphrases and characters, which still resonate, with those of a certain age at least, to this very day. Join the cast and writers as they take you on a journey into the real story of this most beloved of shows, through the loves, the tragedies, ... more

  • The Medal of Purity

    by Matt McAvoy

    The harrowing account of a Nazi family in World War Two. 

    Karl Borch is a senior SS officer, promoted to commandant of Pullhausen concentration camp.  Karl’s brief, as a eugenics physician, is to create an Aryan master race, eradicating genetic defects from society and physically enhancing humans through experimentation and surgical procedure, while maintaining a holiday camp atmosphere for Nazi party propaganda.

    As the war progresses, and his son and daughter lear... more

  • The Mirrored Box

    by MJV Literary

    Angelique thinks she has the perfect life. She is young, beautiful, lives with her wealthy family in a natural paradise, in the South of France and is engaged to the man she loves. But then tragedy strikes. Cast off by her fiancee and rejected by her family, Angelique has no choice but to flee. On her journey she meets Nina, a mysterious and beautiful woman for whom money, sex and power have no limits. Angelique is given the sense of control she craves, as her eyes are opened up t... more

  • Radio-Sun

    by Connor Charlton
    Radio-Sun paints a season in the lives of an ensemble cast of American teenagers. Meaning is explored. Romance and desire are kindled and/or lost. Alienation haunts. Violence happens. And the human heart endures.

  • Dvorah: Prophetess, Judge, Warrior

    by M. J. Lalli
    The story opens with a “hundred moons” old Dvorah learning how to identify wool, wash, comb, and spin it. Once mastered, she moves on to making bricks, selecting the best soil, flax, and water to make them durable. Dvorah meets two animals who will help her throughout her travels: Zenja, a semi-retired war mare, and Nousha, a peregrine falcon. Dvorah is riding Zenja when she gets a Jeremiah-like calling and is told she is chosen for a special work. She is not given details. Three years pass ... more
  • The Adventure of Harwood Squirrel

    by Dorothy Wyatt
    Harwood is a baby squirrel who lives with his brother Garwood and the other squirrels in a small woods. Their life is easy because a little lady who lives in a small house near the woods feeds seeds and nuts to the birds and to the squirrels. But one day the little lady moves out of her house. What happened to Harwood when he went looking for the seeds and nuts and found a big yellow truck and a big brown dog is the start of his adventure. What is the adventure? Will his life ever be easy again?... more
  • The Circle of the Earth: A Hymn of Kingdom (Hymns of Kingdom)

    by William Tickel
    The Mexican Revolution is reaching a boiling point, and the minority Anglo population of Texas is concerned that it will extend north of the Rio Grande, and into South Texas, itself. Thomas Asher is an aging Texas Ranger: tired, infirm, unprepared for retirement, and addicted to laudanum. But the Rangers have made a ghastly mistake, and Asher now finds himself being put to the test at every possible turn, in every possible way: contending with those he loves, those he respects, and, most diff... more
  • The Means That Make Us Strangers

    by Christine Kindberg
    Home is where your people are. But who are your people? Adelaide has lived her whole life in rural Ethiopia as the white American daughter of an anthropologist. Then her family moves to South Carolina, in 1964. Adelaide vows to find her way back to Ethiopia, marry Maicaah, and become part of the village for real. But until she turns eighteen, Adelaide must adjust to this strange, white place that everyone tells her is home. Then Adelaide becomes friends with Wendy and the four other Afric... more
  • Lemon Lavender Is Not Fine

    by Elle Pallmore
    Lemon Lavender has an unforgettable name, so she’s learned how to become (mostly) invisible. But when she falls for the boy everyone wants, it catapults her directly into the crosshairs of a vicious gossip vlog. Rumors spread like wildfire; lies about her become truth overnight. With mean girls on the prowl and a romance that's slowly slipping away, Lemon has to find her voice to reclaim her identity—if she's willing to be her true self.
  • American Dishonor

    by B.A. Brittingham
    The sultry summer of 1982 begins on a carefree enough note, but when Big Business, the FBI, and history come together it ignites. The result turns autumn into something vastly different from anything any of those involved expected.
  • No Woman's Land: a Holocaust novel

    by Ellie Midwood
    “It was very dangerous for him, and he knew it. But his love for me was stronger than fear.” - Ilse Stein This novel is based on the inspiring and moving love story of Ilse Stein, a German Jew, and Willy Schultz, a Luftwaffe Captain in the Minsk ghetto, who risked his life to save the one he loved the most. When the last of the Jews’ rights are stripped in 1941, Ilse’s family is deported to a Minsk ghetto. Confined to a Sonderghetto and unable to speak the locals’ language, Ilse struggles ... more
  • The Chocolate Shop

    by J. J. Spring

    Laura Beckman’s comfortable suburban life would be perfect but for her daughter. Four years earlier, Brooke abandoned her husband and her own young daughter to run off with a musician. Now back home with her tail between her legs, Brooke’s self-loathing boils over in the face of her mother’s unrelenting condemnation.

    Laura’s world is turned upside down after witnessing the long, painful death of her husband. In the search for a better version of herself, she crea... more

  • Leaving the Beach

    by Mary Rowen
    Erin Reardon gets her first kiss from Jim Morrison and loses her virginity to David Bowie. When she flunks out of college, Bruce Springsteen comforts her, and Elvis Costello breaks her heart in Europe. So what happens when she finally meets a rock star in the flesh? A lonely misfit with an eating disorder and a wild imagination, Erin believes she was born to save—and love—at least one tortured musician. And she's willing to risk almost everything to fulfill that destiny.
  • Princess to Prioress

    by Kathleen Fair
    In an era when most women were powerless, Countess Adele of Blois was a player and not a pawn. In twelfth century France she had to deal with complicated political and religious situations to keep her lands and her family safe. The daughter, sister, and mother to kings, she negotiated with princes and prelates to get achieve her goals. She was an extraordinary ruler who has been overlooked by the traditional histories of the time.
  • One Amazing Adventure for a Little Downspout

    by Jen E. Lis
    One night a little downspout gets knocked down in a storm. He worries he may be headed to the trash, but then a clever lady picks him up and helps him transform into something new. A fun read for kids and families with beautifully illustrated pages.