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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Searching for Van Gogh

    by Donald Lystra
  • Different is not wrong

    by Annapaola Ambrosio
    In a world of red circles, a purple one rolls in. Will it fit in or stand out? "Different is not Wrong" unfolds the journey of a red circle, navigating through the intricacies of relationships and embracing its unique identity amidst a world rich in diversity. This story is an ode to understanding oneself and others, illustrating the beauty that lies in our differences and the enrichment that comes from embracing varied perspectives.
  • Museum of Creativity and Inspiration for Writers (Prolific Writing for Everyone)

    by Warren Brown
    In this collection of stories, poems, articles, writing prompts, and tips on the art and craft of writing, you will discover some unique ways to release your imagination and creativity. Enter the “Museum of Creativity and Inspiration for Writers,” which will take you on a thrilling excursion into finding ideas that work for you and also discovering inspiration in the way the author has used simple ideas to create more complex stories, articles, and poems. The writer has used the most basic idea... more
  • Walk the Earth as Brothers

    by Henry Rozycki
    Two Jewish brothers plan futures full of achievement and maybe fame. But Warsaw in the summer of 1939 is no place for dreamers. Ian is thrown west to Paris. There, he unexpectedly falls in love with a mysterious Frenchwoman named Alicia, but then must leave her and race across France to safety in Casablanca. Daniel is consigned to the Siberian Gulag, where he faces endless blizzards, starvation, and the often-lethal cruelties of guards and fellow prisoners. He too finds someone, an exiled po... more
  • Stella Steals the Moon

    by Luna Burlo
    Ever wonder what might happen if someone stole the moon? Oh, Stella. Poor Stella. So cheeky and bored… When she sees a glowing ball in space, she just has to have it! Stealing the moon isn’t easy! Many things can go wrong, and Stella's Dad is having a hard time convincing her to leave the moon where it belongs. Will Stella still take the moon away or will she decide to let it be? Stella Steals the Moon is a riotous rhyming picture book about looking after what we have. It covers t... more
  • Inujini

    by Angela Yuriko Smith
    Three indigenous Ryukyuan girls are stripped of everything in a war their people will gain nothing from, except loss. As they struggle to survive, they learn the power of resilience lies in connecting with who they were, who they are and who they will be together. Kaori, Yuki and Shigeko are three island girls on the edge of womanhood who find themselves trapped in a fictionalized Battle of Okinawa. Based on true events, the three girls endure hunger, injury, humiliation and gender based viol... more
  • An Unlikely Arrangement: Brides of Biltmore

    by Cindy Patterson
    In 1902, Abigail Dupree is but a breath away from her grand societal failure. To save her family from humiliation and financial ruin, Abigail becomes a bargaining trade in her mother’s eyes. A bargain that will extinguish Abigail’s last hope of a happily-ever-after. If only she could return to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, she might have a chance to reunite with the only man who has the power to save her reputation. Garrett Barringer, arrives in Charlotte, North Carolina to esca... more
  • The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles: The 67% True Story of a 100% Fake Actress

    by A.C. Sloan
    CARLÖTTA BEAUTOX IS ON A MISSION: TO BECOME HOLLYWOOD’SNEXT BIG THING. She ditched Jersey for La La Land, created a sexy new name, and gave herself a year to become famous. The only problem? Carlötta has all the ambition but none of the talent needed to make it. No worries! What she lacks in skill, she makes up for with humor and heart. Together with her goofy, clueless talent manager/landlord Dave, Carlötta’s determined to nab the seemingly impossible--a shiny gold star on the Walk of Fame... more
  • Journey of Souls

    by Rebecca Warner
    When the brutal husband she believed dead returns from the Crusades, the Lady of Mirefoix turns to murder and magic to protect her people. But the spells do not work as intended; instead, they bring souls from distant lands and different centuries, souls with special gifts and diverse points of view. When war comes, the summoned souls flee to pursue their own destinies. They leave the Lady alone to face the invaders—and to question whether she can be redeemed from her sins. This multicultural fa... more
  • Nemesis Rising

    by Adam Golob
    Sam was a middle school history teacher until the day he was framed and arrested for the murder of his fiancée. His sentence: a lifetime in Zynum Prison. The year is 2045, and the criminal justice system has undergone a massive overhaul. The death penalty has been overturned, but in exchange, top-tier criminals serve life sentences in the infamous Zynum Prison. Walled off and domed, the now-dilapidated city has no guards and no cells. Prisoners are dropped in from the dome's top and forgotten as... more
  • Where Is Grandma?

    by Shari Farris
    What happens when a video phone game of hide-and-seek turns into a hilarious search for Grandma? This delightful book is a heartwarming tale that follows the adventurous journey of Milla and her grandma as they play a special game of hide and seek with Daddy. Milla becomes so engrossed in finding the perfect hiding place that she forgets where she has hidden Grandma! She embarks on a delightful quest to locate her beloved grandma, exploring each nook and cranny of their cozy home.

    by Lee Woodman
    Soulscapes, the fifth volume in Lee Woodman’s “scapes” series, is an exploration of the way we reach to understand spirituality and soul in our lives and relations. The poems in this collection express Woodman’s dedication to considering both the scientific fact-based world and the magical, mysterious unknown as elements of an ever-growing faith in the oneness of the universe.
  • A Girl, Stuck

    by Kelly Elizabeth Huston

    She wants in. He needs out.

    Moments from her small but pivotal role in A Very Crowded House, Harriet "Harry" Smith begins her own story where an Ivy League education, her wit, and talented two hands make no promises, least of all the promise of a happily-ever-after.

    A typically tough private investigator and criminology professor, Harry Smith distracts herself from heartbreak by diving headlong into her latest surveillan... more

  • A Very Crowded House

    by Kelly Elizabeth Huston

    A story about love in all its forms and the wonderful, devastating, life-altering things done in its name.

    A catastrophe forces Jocelyn Durand, the author of a decades-old and quite accidental publishing one-hit-wonder, to meet her idol, best-selling suspense writer Asher Cray. Each harbors a literary crush on the other, but if gossip rags are to be believed, Asher is a philandering charmer and more than the naïve Jocelyn could ever hope to handle. Still, while soc... more

  • California Dreaming

    by Noa Silver
    Having grown up on stories of her mother's wild youth in California, Elena Berg relocates from New England to the Bay Area in 2011 for a placement as an English teacher with Teach for America. Once there, she is eager to inspire a love of poetry and literature in her diverse but underprivileged students. Her own grandfather—a Holocaust survivor—was a storyteller and teacher who touched the lives of his students for years to come. Elena’s mother followed in his footsteps, leaving behind the hippi... more
  • The Big Aquarium Adventure; Learn About Frogs, Fish, Turtles, Sharks, and Skates!

    by Nancy Roop
    Early chapter book with amazing art! 5th graders Alex & Jordan, explore Stephen’s visit to The Big Aquarium. Alex questions Stephen about marine life, and how frogs helped him handle a very upsetting event. Jordan creates a nonfiction report with animal’s size, habitat, and life cycles. They write a story. Educational resource for comprehension.