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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Aclaracion

    by Michael Chavez
    Neho, an aimless young man living in New Mexico, is being sexually abused by his stepfather. When he attempts to redress the crime, he's cast as the perpetrator. The backlash becomes almost unbearable and threatens to put him in jail and destroy his relationship with Martin Diaz, the man he deeply loves. When Martin reveals an old Spanish creencia (belief) called the Camino Sagrado, Neho takes hold and his life slowly begins to change. He discovers meaning and a purpose to pursue. Embracing th... more
  • Capricorn Moon: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems

    by V.I. Hutchinson
    Explore a collection of three short stories and seven poems by American writer V. I. Hutchinson. Gathered together in a variety of imagery and tone, each story and poem is arranged by increasing intensity to whimsically portray the subtle brooding phases of a Capricorn Moon. Begin with the melodically lighthearted poem “Dance Floor Love” and the quirky narcissism in the short story “Melpomeny”. Peel away at the layers with a progression through the complications of romance in “Empty Spaces”, “Fr... more
  • She Died Then Showed Me

    by Samar Reine
    She Died Then Showed Me, Book One of The Pioneer Ranch Saga, immerses readers in a world of art, mystery, self-discovery, and the complexities of family rivalries. The story follows Peyton Chase, an unwilling heiress burdened by her father's debts, as she embarks on a journey to unravel the secrets of her illustrious family. Devastated by the revelation that her father secretly sold her mother's renowned paintings, Peyton is determined to salvage her family's estate. To reclaim what was lost ... more
  • A Home Out of Ashes (Sisters of Stella Mare Book 3)

    by Annie M. Ballard
    Rett’s the second Madison sister, the bossy one who always knows what to do. She’s a nurse who helped everyone stay calm and sane last summer when James, the girls’ father, had a health scare that landed him in the hospital in St. Stephen (see Domestic Arts for the whole story). Rett’s husband Harry has been the stay-at-home parent. Eight years ago, he signed on for that duty until Mason went to school, but then the twins were born and so Harry was at home instead of finishing his Ph.D. as pl... more
  • Uglier: A moving YA novel about a teen finding their gender identity (The Art of Being Ugly Book 2)

    by Kelly Vincent
    Oklahoma City. Nic Summers is ready for a fresh start. Entering her first semester at a boarding school far from her narrow-minded hometown, the talented teen artist hopes to continue exploring her gender identity in a safer environment. And after meeting a boy she likes, connecting with another student, and discovering a supportive teacher, she’s relieved things are looking up… until once again she faces a cruel bully. Trying to stay positive, the shy creative focuses on nurturing her fledgling... more
  • Zorro the Boston Terrier: Accidentally Locked Out

    by Shawn P Cooney
    Zorro the Boston Terrier - Accidentally Locked Out is an adorable tale about a brave dog who finds himself locked out on a cold night. He embarks on a journey of finding shelter that leads to multiple encounters with lovable creatures, each offering help in unique ways. Discover how a mishap turns into a night of adventure and how Zorro eventually gets back home. Zorro's story teaches young children the importance of not being afraid to ask for help when in need and persevering through diffic... more
  • Truffle Cat

    by Zack Helminiak
    In Truffle Cat, a learning adventure unfolds as a city cat, Luka, endeavors to learn the trade of his best friend, a heroic Truffle Pig, and become the first Truffle Cat. Luka leads the life of an ordinary city cat. One day his insatiable curiosity is piqued by tourists traveling from all over the world to eat truffles. Despite the warnings of failure from other cats, Luka practices his smells, and studies under his friend the Pig. One day, Luka unexpectedly finds himself on a real truffle... more
  • Secrets & Truths

    by Marlene Cheng
    She saved a hockey hero’s career. When their doctor-patient relationship crosses the line, will off-the-ice chemistry burn up their worlds? Vancouver, BC. Geneva Olsson believes family comes first. Deeply loyal to her twin, the sisters' connection includes looking down their noses at the inflated masculinity of professional athletes. So when a player for the local NHL club is wheeled into her ER like royalty, the reserved physician is completely unprepared for how his boyish charm makes her ... more
  • Pheemie's War: Coming of Age in WWII

    by Kate Reynolds


    Set in the turbulent backdrop of Phoenix, Arizona during the early years of World War II, Pheemie's War is the wry and bittersweet coming-of-age story of upper-crust Pheemie Longworth and the Mexican boy she loves. Sixteen-year-old Pheemie is shy and introspective, but her twin sister never met a dare—or a soldier‑she didn't absotively posilutely adore.  

    With all the passion and ginger of youth, the girls throw themselves into the War Effor... more

  • A Song that Never Ends (Hamilton Place, Book I)

    by Mark Gibson
    Home. For over three hundred years, that’s what the Hamilton family has called a shrinking swath of farmland in the Appalachian foothills of South Carolina. Home. That’s the failing tobacco farm where Walter and Maggie Hamilton choose to raise their three children. Walter has big plans to make the farm more profitable, but his plans are interrupted by World War II and family heartbreak. Walter returns from the war a changed man and finds Maggie, too, has changed, neither of them for the bet... more
  • Time Passed

    by Robert Barlow Jr
    Experience the heart-wrenching stories of three soldiers whose harrowing struggles in the Vietnam War left them forever changed. Despite being nothing more than statistical casualties in the eyes of Washington politicians, the stories of Daniel Gardner, Phillip Russ, and Benjamin Simms will grip readers' hearts with the physical and mental battles that haunted them for decades. Time Passed is not your typical Vietnam War story. Instead, it takes readers on a journey of loss and longing, offer... more
  • Mothers Vol. 1

    by Ben Burgess Jr
    In 1995, tragedy struck when Maurice Wilson returned home from the grocery store and was killed by a stray bullet, leaving his wife, Juanita, a widowed single mother of two. Having no life insurance and barely any savings, Juanita is forced to sell what few valuable items she has to give her husband a decent burial. With her husband no longer around as the primary breadwinner and without his salary, Juanita struggled to financially keep her and her children's heads above water, but she managed t... more
  • Shnimp Chimp

    by James Baxter
    When an escaped chimp from the Skyhigh City Zoo, a loner college kid named Paul, and a chemistry professor's hairless lab mouse cross paths, an unlikely alliance develops. With a strange potion stolen from his professor's lab, Paul grants the animals supernatural abilities and the power of human language, inadvertently forcing them to find their place in a society that's entirely foreign and daunting. We follow Shnimp Chimp as he explores the worlds of freeganism, veganism, vigilantism, and vand... more
  • Surveys and Scams

    by Kirk Douglas Andersen
    A book of short stories about the everyday lives of people affected by the political climate of the day.
  • Ria and Vik's Explorations The Sounds of Nature (TOBschool Books)

    by Neeti Agarwal
    "Ria and Vik's Exploration: The Sounds of Nature" is the second book in the exciting children's series about two best friends, Ria and Vik. In this adventure, Ria and Vik embark on a magical journey after hearing a captivating sound while on a picnic in the park. Guided by their curiosity, they follow the sound and discover a grove of tall trees swaying in the wind. Captivated by the rustling leaves and mesmerizing sounds, Ria and Vik decide to share their experience with their teacher, Mrs. Jo... more
  • Ria and Vik's Seasonal Adventures (TOBSchool Books)

    by Neeti Agarwal

    "Ria and Vik's Seasonal Adventures"  A Fun and Educational Children's Book follows the story of Ria and Vik, two best friends who love exploring and learning new things. When they become curious about why the weather changes, their teacher, Mrs. Johnson, explains the concept of seasons to them. Excited to learn more, Ria and Vik embark on a fun project with Mrs. Johnson, using jars filled with water and food coloring to understand how temperature affects the enviro... more