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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Frances Finkel and the Passenger Pigeon

    by D.M. Mahoney
    Seventeen-year-old Frances Finkel works as a mechanic in her father’s maintenance shop at Seal Rock Airport, Oregon. The aviation business in the 1940s is booming, and Fran is eager to go out into the world to prove herself as a pilot. When she's flying across the skies, she knows it's where she belongs. But her mother left after Fran's twin brother died, so she's held back by the additional responsibilities of running the household and caring for her younger brother. Frustrated with her situ... more
  • The Listener

    by frances gaudiano
    Set in late 19th century rural Ireland, a girl and her dog are thrust from her home after the murder of her grandmother. As a listener, Fiona is able to hear animals and uses her skills to survive and help the animals that come into her care. Along the way she meets a young man that also requires her healing skills. As their relationship evolves, it angers his relatives, leading Fiona into danger and her faithful dog into acts of retribution. In the end, Fiona must make a sacrifice in order to p... more
  • The Devil's Calling

    by Michael Kelley
    Dive into the second entry in Mike Kelley’s spellbinding trilogy, with freethinking literature professor Sean Byron McQueen returning for another high-stakes adventure. It’s been nine years since Sean Byron McQueen and quantum physics professor Emily Edens—aka M—discovered his murdered best friend’s Theory of Everything. Now, Sean and M live a near idyllic life on the campus of a college they’ve established for young women. M’s teaching of the new paradigm-shifting theory of constant creatio... more
  • Lights Out

    by Darius Anania
    This gripping book takes you screaming around the track of Formula 1 racing in a brand new novel for longtime race fans and those with no knowledge of the sport. Here we meet Kiara, a scrappy driver who faces an underperforming car and a lackluster race season as she fights for a place as a woman in a male-dominated field. Kiara meets an unlikely competitor who pushes her to perform in a series of enthralling head-to-head competitions under circumstances that test not only her own grit, but her ... more
  • Symphony of Stories

    by Norman Weeks
    Symphony of Stories: “Word Music for the Literature Lover” 5-stars review rating from! Here are twenty literary melodies in a Symphony of Stories. The word-music of the stories is arranged in the form and framework of a classical symphony. There are four symphonic movements: First comes the Andante, a going-along in a sequence of events, a narrative, a story. Next is an Adagio, the slowing down on the path of sorrow; these stories are tragic. A contrast is provided by ... more
  • The Earth's Daughter

    by Riya Mangal
    Sita in Exile is a feminist Ramayana retelling for fans of Circe, Spinning Silver and Keikeyi. Budding scientist Sita wants to save her kingdom by isolating goodness in a lab, but she also wants a family all her own. When she marries into Prince Rama’s growing empire, her hands are full convincing him to let her have a seat on the court. After they are exiled to the forest, Rama seems won over by Sita’s ease in the eerie atmosphere – it seems as though exile is just what Sita needed. That is,... more
  • Tapestry

    by Sophia Alexander
    If your stepmother were a sociopath, how would you know? And who would you turn to? Life is not as ordinary as it seems for Gaynelle and Vivian, who only understand that the woman they now call ‘Mama’ is complicated and difficult to please. Is the romantic love that Gaynelle finds at a too-tender age going to last? And will Vivian uncover the truth about her parentage while recovering from a strange illness? Rural South Carolina meets the Roaring 20’s in this tale of two sisters who face sepa... more
  • Elijah Goes to Cleveland

    by Mark Darden
    Elijah is in Cleveland visiting his grandparents when he finds out that his favorite music band is having a concert at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band is giving out free tickets but the catch is that you have to find the band members at various landmarks throughout Cleveland.
  • Far Away Islands of Paradise

    by LeCain Smith
    Second in the series : The Amazing Adventures of the Sea Cat Chowder \tAfter almost two years coastal cruising down the west coast of the Americas to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Chowder finds herself on the verge of venturing out on long ocean crossings through the South Pacific. With these crossings sometimes lasting over two weeks between landfalls at remote tropical islands, like the enchanted Easter Island, Chowder learns what it’s really like be an able-bodied ocean sailing sea ca... more
  • Silk: Caroline's Story

    by Sophia Alexander
    It's 1899, and Caroline Corbett is ready for the twentieth century. She's excited to find work and meet new people—but gets more than expected when a rough-hewn Lowcountry farmer and a small-town doctor both engage her affections. The broad-shouldered, genial farmer is clear about his desires, and he's there for her. The doctor is sophisticated, educated, and obviously the right choice—but sees no reason to dwell on certain realities. In trying to decide between them, Caroline fails to con... more
  • Badgie & Ming and the Angry Tent

    by Julia Inserro
    Badgie is angry! He is so angry he wants to build a tent where he can go and feel super angry. His friend, Ming, wants to play. Badgie is too angry to play. Ming helps Badgie build his angry tent and then waits for him to calm down. Sometimes our feelings feel really big. Sometimes we need to let those feelings get smaller. Having a safe place to feel our feelings is as important as having a friend who will wait with us while we do it. It’s okay to have emotions, big and small. The Badgi... more
  • The League of dance

    by Victoria James
    This book follows The Water Dancer; Zulaya will be introduced to a new environment and new friends. She will finally step into her powers and gain some powerful allies that share similar abilities. New enemies will be introduced, and old ones will surface back up. Will she also find a love that she wasn't expecting?
  • The Water Dancer

    by Victoria James
    The Water dancer follows main character Zulaya, a hip-hop dancer who has the unique abilities to control water through dance. She will learn to master her powers with a little help from her friends. She will also discover new enemies as she tries to navigate through growing up with normal teenage problems and becoming a superhero.
  • Anything But Pink

    by J.C. Benthin
    Zinnia is the only pink person in a very gold world. After being told that pink stinks by a golden bully, she goes on a quest to get rid of her pink for good. Along the way, Zinnia learns a valuable lesson. Will she embrace her unique pink, or will she change to be just like everyone else?
  • Catapult

    by J.C. Benthin

    To become a hero, all he needed was a chance… Twenty-year-old Kingston Rais is desperate to impress his demanding dad. And the part-time security guard gets an opportunity when he single-handedly thwarts an explosives heist in the Port of Oakland. But though his father remains critical, Kingston’s stunt captivates a billionaire entrepreneur, who recruits him into a private black-ops unit. Initially pleased to join such an elite force, he quickly discovers he must prove himself ag... more

  • Pauper Auction

    by Mary Kronenwetter
    A gorgeous and meticulously-researched historical fiction examining a young woman’s struggle to escape unexpected poverty and find autonomy and purpose in early New England. "Mankind are always seeking after happiness in some way or another." ~ Leavitt’s Farmer’s Almanac, 1805 The fall from beloved wife of the town blacksmith to widowed pauper was swift. Margery Turner sits in the Thorneboro, New Hampshire Meetinghouse on the second Tuesday of March, 1805. She and the other indigent town r... more