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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sergeant Arson

    by Sam Cottle

    The year is nineteen ninety-six. It's Frank Arson's forty-seventh birthday, he feels he wants to finally give up his years of corrupt dealings on the streets of Swindon, and head off somewhere hot and sunny for his retirement. He's found a new love; the mysterious Charisse. The only question is whether or not Arson can stitch-up his boss, evade his criminal connections, and leave Swindon with Charisse forever before his birthday's over.

  • Love On Someone Different Than You

    by S. Renée Mack

    Love is an action verb! When was the last time you sought out the opportunity to show love, to someone, who was different than you? What makes us different also makes us special and unique. It is common to see a difference in someone and not embrace it. Worse, hurting ones feelings, teasing or bullying because we misunderstand the greatness in being different. Or the extreme hating and distancing yourself and encouraging others to do the same from the one who is different.

  • Little Mona Meets A Pup

    by S. Renée Mack

    A chilly, rainy day brings an unexpected surprise. An adventurous little Mona heads out to splash in puddles when she meets a lost little Dottie. Misfortune for one turns into a long-lasting friendship. Little Mona Meets A Pup is a story of compassion and love.

    Little Mona Meets A Pup is also a sing-a-long book.

  • BugHouse: Book One (Book Trade)

    by Steve Lafler
    Tenor saxophone maestro Jimmy Watts leads his talented band of bugs from the swing era into the uncharted maelstrom of Bebop. As he and his band mates claw their way to the top of the jazz world, they must fight the temptation to be consumed by addiction to a substance known as "Bug Juice.” Inspired by the postwar explosion of Bohemian cultural stylings from artists as diverse as jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and Beat avatar William Burroughs, cartoonist Steve Lafler delivers his indigo-tinged mas... more
  • Das Herz: Buch Eins

    by Sayda Hope
    Untoten… Undead Eber Soldat, a soldier named Soldier. A heartless man who was thought a monster of war, until the day he truly became one. Returning from the dead, he and his men, Captain Mikhail Koza, Lieutenant Johan Thayer, and Lieutenant Adolpho Ermanno, embark on the next assignment, guarding Ambrozij Kasimir, the head of the church, a man whose power rivals even that of King Berin’s. Wanting to keep their new existence a secret to protect themselves, Eber seeks the aid of an old ally,... more
  • In The Mirror

    by Fabian E. Ferguson
    This lyrical children’s book is full of encouragements every young person deserves to hear. “In The Mirror” is the perfect storybook for showing children everyday examples of self-love, kindness, and positivity. Through fun, colorful, and relatable scenes, this book will lay the foundation for using positive self-talk and inner strength to navigate the ups and downs of life.
  • Jackie Wins Them All

    by Fabian E. Ferguson
    Jackie Wins Them All is a children’s coming-of-age picture book written by Fabian Ferguson and illustrated by Alisa Aryutova. Jackie J. Spade is a gifted sixth grader. She’s won every contest she's ever entered. Whether it’s academics or athletics, Jackie seems to have inexhaustible talent, skills, and strengths. She’s won science fairs and spelling bees, and is a top contender at just about every sport she’s ever tried. But can she win this race? Everybody in her middle school is excited and ta... more
  • She Named Me Wolf

    by Tenkara Smart
    Living in constant fear of his unpredictable, alcoholic father, a boy named Wolf must eventually make the decision of a lifetime, and only a ghost from his past life, his imaginary friends, and his martial arts teacher can help him make the right choice.
  • The Summer of 1957

    by Judith E. Powell

    .In the summer of 1957, eight-year-old Penelope Evans was sexually molested. Two months later, the man who molested her was found dead in his car from a gunshot wound to the head. It was ruled a suicide. Now thirty-six years later, Elizabeth Scott, the granddaughter of the dead man and a police investigator, wonders why her beloved grandfather would commit suicide. She is intent on finding out if it really was suicide or if he was actually murdered. Unaware of Penelope's experience in 1957, E... more

  • Bronson Beaver Builds a Robot

    by Teko Bernard
    Bronson Beaver is a 13-year old master builder and aspiring inventor who has been rigidly groomed since birth to work hard and someday take over his family’s historic wilderness resort lodge. But for the first time in his life, Bronson attempts to ditch hard work. He decides to secretly build a robot to do his chores before his family’s annual pancake festival event. So he can instead play in a high-stakes video game tournament with his fellow-inventor friends Myron Mink and Franny Fox. With the... more
  • Canterberry Tales

    by mickey mikkelson
    Pull up your knee socks and buckle your pinchy shoes, your childhood is calling. Celia Canterberry, a precocious seven-year-old, hell bent on saving earthworms, is about to drag you down memory lane and remind you what it was like to look at a careworn world with wide-eyed bemusement. Now take a deep breath. Smell that? Nostalgia. Celia flits through the streets of Happy Valley to her Nan’s chagrin, causing havoc wherever she goes. She’s so infamous, she’s got her own comic strip in the local... more
  • The Diary of Anne Monroe

    by Heidi Andrews
    Margaret an adopted 13 year old moves into her birth mothers childhood home and finds her diary underneath a floorboard and after reading the diary she realizes that it belongs to her birth mother and later goes in search of her against her parents wishes.
  • I Am Nuclear Fusion!

    by Muriel Fitzpatrick

    Rita is a seven-year-old little girl who has two talented best friends, Emma and Lily, but feels that she doesn’t have any special talent—she isn’t a star like they are. Though she loves her friends, she wishes she could be the very best at something.


    Rita begins writing her own story, describing Emma and Lily and their gifts. As she goes through her tale in four different variations, she includes commentary in between, explaining what her teacher is ... more

  • A Kidnapping Revival

    by L. H. McIntosh

    A kidnapping fueled by hate in the stealth of night threatens to derail the faith of the victim’s husband, a preacher, who has his own demons to fight.  Add to this other crimes and bizarre ransom demands.  The husband’s life skids out of control while the fate of the wife is unknown.  Will she survive?  Will she be allowed to return to her husband and child?  Will he survive?   Will their faith endure to the end?  Detectives, led by the hus... more

  • Butterflies in the System

    by Jane Powell

    Butterflies in the System is a story about love, incarceration, and perseverance. Inspired by true events, it follows a year in the life of five teenagers as they struggle through the youth protection system in Montreal. Through the halls of a group home, into lockdown within a youth detention centre, and onto the streets, Sam and her peers navigate through a world kept hidden from the public eye. Their future in the hands of judges, social workers, and childcare workers, the teens learn the ... more

  • The Initiation of Lady de Winter

    by Crystal McKinnis Allen

    How did a nice lady like Ann Audley become Lady de Winter, palace spy and arch-villainess of The Three Musketeers? Was she always a dangerous woman? Where did she come from and what is her story? The year is 1623. Europe quakes with dangerous ideas emerging from the halls of science and an unending holy war directed from the citadels of power. Lady Ann avoids political intrigue by living with her husband and toddler in the English countryside. But when a Vatican agent arrives on her... more