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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Momentary Illumination of Objects In Motion

    by Jason Arias
    The car is idling on the road between where we’ve been and where we’re going. The door’s open. You coming? This debut collection of short stories will get under your skin and take you for a ride alongside people wrestling with issues of life and death, identity and race, change and resistance to change. These characters behave bravely and awkwardly and unsavory in an attempt to be who they want to be—or can’t help but being. Momentary Illumination of Objects In Motion unflinchingly peers... more
  • Cracked Foundation

    by Ta'She'Ana Banks

    When the ground beneath your feet begins to crumble, do you stand still or attempt to run to solid ground? Talisa is only eleven years old when she finds her mother lying on the kitchen floor fighting for her life. Within a matter of minutes, Talisa’s life changes. As her mother slowly fades into the unknown, the family tries to stay afloat through waves of turmoil. With a distant father, a rebelling older sister, and a younger brother to look after, Talisa’s life becomes com... more

  • Path to the Dream Life

    by Anayo Onwuka
    Path to the Dream Life is about the struggle of Imma, a young man living in Nigeria, West Africa, to rise above his circumstances and make good in the world. The changed lives and faith convictions of the friends he encounters along the way confront him with choices – choices that place him on a collision course with everyone and everything that matter to him. As Imma struggles with those choices, his concept of a dream life and the path thereto are tested. The broken road meanders to The Life,... more
  • Anything is Possible: A Child's Journey to America and Hope

    by barbara stock
    Ten year old Sara packs as much as she can for the long trip to America. She is sure to pack her new doll so she doesn't feel lonely. But she has to leave very important things behind--her best friend, her grandmother, her house. Her family is not safe in Russia in 1909. Russia's leaders encourage soldiers and even some neighbors to attack and exploit Jewish people--and Sara's family is Jewish. Sara, her mother and three younger brothers come to Pittsburgh because her father, her aunts, uncl... more
  • Harp

    by Nidhi Dalmia
    Set in the context of the zeitgeist and idealism of the late sixties, Harp is about love, longing and coming of age. The three main protagonists - a young man travelling in a Europe-less-travelled including the Iron Curtain, a young woman who has a calling to music, and another young woman who has loved and lost once - provide the frame of this narrative about journeys we make across countries, even as we embark on a private quest within to know ourselves better, and to seek what it is we really... more
  • Imagining Violet

    by Mary E. Hughes

    SYNOPSIS – IMAGINING VIOLET In May 1891, a young Anglo-Irish girl arrives in Cassel, Germany to prepare for her audition at the famous Leipzig Conservatory. Sixteen-year old Violet Courtenaye writes to her family about the challenges of language and culture, her demanding instructor and the curious customs of her landlady. In September, she moves to Leipzig where landlady Fräul. Hohmann keeps a sharp eye on her girls. Violet befriends Lily Foster, a fellow music student, and takes ... more

  • Out of the Fog: 30 poetic musings on the world to which I cling

    by Sreejit Poole
    Perspective shapes our truth, our vision, and the way we move throughout this world. Our beliefs are filtered through the experiences that we've had and the weight that we allow these experiences to carry in the shaping of our truth. The world becomes illusion when we realize that every creature sees and understands it from different vantage points. Our world is all about perspective. The one written about here is mine.
  • Gypsy Soup: A Collection of Poetry

    by Sreejit Poole
    Gypsy Soup is collection of poetry that is a reflection of the frailty of human intention, as well as the power of the human spirit.
  • Where Love Meets War: Blur: Book 2 (Volume 2)

    by Sreejit Poole
    Traversing a world based on perspective, with the force of our own illusions propping us up, what would you forsake to know the truth? Two families, separated by continents, are wrapped up in the same timeless struggle - to be more than the sum of their parts. Join them as they seek to solve a mystery that goes beyond the limits of our physical reality. With time never on our side, the question arises: what would you give up for freedom?
  • Where Love Meets War: Of Mind Or Matter: Book 1 (Volume 1)

    by Sreejit Poole
    A modern tale, an ancient mysticism, a universal love. Overcome by the weight of his failure to live up to the world's standards of success, Ballard Davies decides that there is only one solution. He gets in his car and drives. He drives away from everything and everyone that he knows, in an effort to just start over. He doesn't care where he's headed; he just wants another chance to get it right. What he finds is beyond his imagination, as he befriends an eccentric cast of characters. From the ... more
  • The Parsley Thief

    by Ingrid Leopold Blanco

    Eighty-year old Elsa Stehlen is no common crook. She is an elderly woman whose traditional life is upended by her husband's death and by the discovery that the inheritance she had counted on has been stolen by their financial advisor. Driven to desperate measures, this modest and quirky woman must find a way to deal with her situation. Her solution is the basis of a humorous and moving story about how people try to understand and manage their lives. Above all,

  • Anchor Out

    by Barbara Sapienza
    Sixty-year-old Frances Pia lives alone on a thirty-foot sailboat anchored near Sausalito, where she communes with the fog, sea lions, cormorants, and two sailor friends, Otto and Russell. She was a feminist Catholic nun, artist and beloved sister and mother until she fell from grace. Through a series of wacky adventures, Frances opens her heart to forgiveness, and for the first time in years feels free to love and live again.
  • The Christmas Miracle (Book 4 to "My Love is Deep")

    by Barbara Avon
    He had cried at the altar; tears spent fruitlessly. In the far distance, a siren pierced the air. She couldn't hear it. "Tell the boys I love them." Read the electrifying fourth book in the series; the final Chapter to Peter's story, and an epic finale to "My Love is Deep". A Peter Travis Love Story
  • The Snow Clown: Cartwheels on Borders from Alaska to Nebraska

    by Jeff Raz

    The Snow Clown is an engrossing story about taking circus and theater out of its confines and into the frozen tundra and America’s Heartland. This “stranger in a strange land” tale reveals how art can connect us across cultural boundaries and examines the limits of empathy in the face of new and different human experiences. With his characteristic color, detail, humor and poignancy, Raz takes readers on a thought-provoking adventure drawn from his ten tours to Southwest... more

  • To Be to Is to Was

    by Stephen C. Bird

    500 Word Synopsis: Welcome to a collection of worlds that collide, collude, conflict, cooperate or exist in indifferent isolation. When a father abandons his son, the son has no other choice but to inhabit a world of fantasy to deal with the resulting trauma. A young gay male in the late 1970s named Sunnie Deelite, with one foot still in the closet, looks forward to living and loving among the brothers of his gay tribe, in spite of his doubts and inexperience. Isabella Gloucester dreams of fi... more