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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Christmas Miracle (Book 4 to "My Love is Deep")

    by Barbara Avon
    He had cried at the altar; tears spent fruitlessly. In the far distance, a siren pierced the air. She couldn't hear it. "Tell the boys I love them." Read the electrifying fourth book in the series; the final Chapter to Peter's story, and an epic finale to "My Love is Deep". A Peter Travis Love Story
  • The Snow Clown: Cartwheels on Borders from Alaska to Nebraska

    by Jeff Raz

    The Snow Clown is an engrossing story about taking circus and theater out of its confines and into the frozen tundra and America’s Heartland. This “stranger in a strange land” tale reveals how art can connect us across cultural boundaries and examines the limits of empathy in the face of new and different human experiences. With his characteristic color, detail, humor and poignancy, Raz takes readers on a thought-provoking adventure drawn from his ten tours to Southwest... more

  • To Be to Is to Was

    by Stephen C. Bird

    500 Word Synopsis: Welcome to a collection of worlds that collide, collude, conflict, cooperate or exist in indifferent isolation. When a father abandons his son, the son has no other choice but to inhabit a world of fantasy to deal with the resulting trauma. A young gay male in the late 1970s named Sunnie Deelite, with one foot still in the closet, looks forward to living and loving among the brothers of his gay tribe, in spite of his doubts and inexperience. Isabella Gloucester dreams of fi... more

  • Love Is Never Past Tense...: (Epic Russian Romance Saga)

    by Janna Yeshanova
    A couple's quick romance and hasty marriage is torn apart by family and fate, leaving them to face the collapse of the Soviet Union separately. Years later, old memories are stirred to give their love a second chance. Serge and Janna's chance meeting at a Black Sea beach sparks a passionate romance and a quick marriage. Serge's parents, suspicious of Janna's motives and heritage, force him to break up with her. As the Soviet Union collapses, revealing ethnic and social pressures, each faces ... more
  • Where Love Meets War: The Willow: Book 3

    by Sreejit Poole
    When everyone believes that they are the arbiters of truth, the battle between good and evil is no longer a fairy tale. It is a heartbreaking story about the struggle for the direction of our world. The third installment of Where Love Meets War finds us right in the middle of mystical factions pitted against each other in a world where no one ever knows what is going on. Everyone is sure about their own glimmer of light and ready to destroy anything that seeks to tarnish it. For the first time i... more
  • The Elephant's Euphonium: A Little Tusker's Adventures in Africa (Little Global Adventurers)

    by Bonnie J. Fladung
    Inspired by the true story of Isilo, one of the largest and most famous tuskers in the world, this fantasy tale is told through the eyes of his imaginary son. Khula is a naughty little elephant who just wants to play music and have fun. But when he grows up, his mother takes him on a journey to find out what happened to his father, the "King of Kings." Learn about the last of the big tuskers and discover all kinds of information about southern Africa.
  • Eve of the Pharaoh

    by R.M. Schultz
    MYSTERY, FORBIDDEN LOVE, AND GRAND ADVENTURE. The legendary Hall of Records waits, undiscovered since ancient Egypt… Young Gavin’s afflicted life has never involved deciphering illusions concealed in shadow and light, unearthing the dead, or exhuming sunken tombs in crocodile-infested waters. Yet Gavin often dreams of what could have been—if only a consuming disease didn’t restrict his aspirations. Instead, fear caused him to pursue what others deemed appropriate, and he committed an unforgiva... more

    by Xavier Suhan Rasquinha
    “The Sage With A Secret” is a fictional story about a successful business man narrating his own story of success to his secretary. The conversation between the business man and his secretary in the story reminds the reader of their own nostalgic experiences of life. It teaches the reader the truth and power behind the law of nature that is in the power of “Giving”. It also inspires and enlightens them to find their own real purpose of life.
  • LEADER of The Pack Walking

    by leader ofthepack
    Dogs do not want to stay indoors for long and love to go on walks. Leader of the Pack offer dog walking services Oakville and Burlington for 30 or 40-minute walks and train your dog to walk with a leash
  • Would you say no?

    by Anthony A Roberts
    Would you say no? Hannah Latham, a qualified English nurse needs a new challenge. Her upbringing in the Cheshire County set had been privileged. In social and monetary terms that lifestyle built a desire to keep a distance from lesser mortals, and that at the present includes guys. If truth be told that idealism is beginning to suck. Hannah is having difficulties relaxing in a one to one relationship and has the hots for her flatmate, a girl. The offer of employment is to manage an Island C... more
  • Never Tempt Fate

    by Anthony A Roberts
    A satanic empress skilled in the art of debauchery is never quite the lady. A colourful array of challenges affects our lives. The chameleon blends into these surrounding and his skills are the very devil. This is not be quite a battle of the sexes more a merry go round down the fringes of the darker side. Is this about love or money? Will Nick have his cake and eat it? This story is about responsibility and the fickle hand of fate. If you expect Saints in this storyline there are none. So... more
  • Across the Mekong River

    by Elaine Russell
    In a California courtroom, seventeen-year-old Nou Lee reels with what she is about to do. What she must do to survive. She reflects on the splintered path that led to this moment, beginning twelve years ago in 1978, when her Hmong family escaped from Laos after the Communist takeover. The story follows the Lees from a squalid refugee camp in Thailand to a new life in Minnesota and eventually California. Family members struggle to survive in a strange foreign land, haunted by the scars of war and... more
  • Neither Death nor Life

    by Shel Eugene Cox
    Following the death of her father due to a mysterious illness contracted while serving in Afghanistan, Aubrie, a strong-willed, independent teenager, struggles with the faith of her upbringing. Acting as a pillar for her severely at-risk, pregnant mother, while facing continuous harassment by her liberal high-school humanities teacher, Aubrie wrestles with the voices of faith inside her, while she and her naïve best friend, Chloe, a ministers daughter, try to navigate through a culture of unbeli... more
  • The Tantra Connection: Healing Through Cosmic Interface

    by Monika Müller
    It’s love that can heal us and our planet, not just “making love”. Love comes from the heart and has millions of ways to get expressed – and knowing how to perceive the flow of energy in your own body makes it possible to intertwine it with the energy of your lover. Finding spirit-mind-body unification is the basis for the experience of unity with another. Otherwise, a relationship is prone to be based on the dependency-vulnerability coming from our childhood. Mingling energy with your partner, ... more
  • 978-1-7750209-0-5

    by Nora Ryell
    Distant Hills is the first in a series of historical novels featuring brainy and feisty women. The novel begins in England in 1734. My heroine, Kate Hardy longs for adventure and escape from the small town she lives in. She thinks her life is dull but she is unaware that malign forces are at work to destroy her life.Convicted of a murder she did not commit, she is exiled to the exotic island of Jamaica as a prisoner. She believes her life is over but it is just about to begin. She is rescued fro... more
  • The Era of Lanterns and Bells

    by Ann Tinkham
    In The Era of Lanterns and Bells, a lighthouse is haunted by the memory of lighthouse keepers, a train operator is forever changed by a subway suicide, a journalist befriends a homeless virtuoso, an orca trainer believes she's a whale, an aerialist runs away from the circus, and a Golden Gate Bridge jumper saves lives with fortune cookies. An obese woman is rescued from being a shut-in, a woman discovers that her favorite childhood pond is polluted and cancer-causing, a woman falls in love with ... more