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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sentenced to Shakespeare

    by Iris Dorbian

    "Sentenced to Shakespeare" is a contemporary young adult novel set in suburban New Jersey. The story revolves around Leah, a smart and sensitive 15-year-old girl who is pushed too far by a bully and snaps. Arrested for assault and battery, Leah is sentenced to an unusual form of rehabilitation—she must take and complete a Shakespeare workshop or else risk incarceration. Ostracized by her classmates, abandoned by her only friend, Leah finds comfort and solidarity with the other... more

  • ISBN: 978-1-63183-580-3

    by Norma Stone-Walker
    At the age of eight a young girl leaves the cocoon and safety of her family, the close-knit community she has known and embark on life's journey. Throughout her whirlwind journey of joy and sorrow, she watches, learns and grows. She observes the desperation of some women to get married and the lengths they will go to achieve it. The importance of "Roots Drink" in the Jamaican culture.. The role of the "warner woman" and the law and order policeman. This story evokes sadness and sparks joy an... more
  • Now You See Her (First Printing)

    by Mark R. Harris

    Sequel to Fire in the Bones, Mark Harris’s Now You See Her—about nothing less than living with our dreams and the iconoclasm of reality—is an unmitigated joy to read. Once again he enchants readers with a poignant and charming coming-of-age yarn about the power of the stories we tell ourselves.

    Hungry for permanent love and a hope that doesn’t disappoint, the precocious protagonist searches for signs while navigating early 1970s America, culling insights from ser... more

  • The Weekly Man

    by Biff Mitchell

    Bored on your morning coffee break? Need some mind stimulation along with that coffee? Maybe a chance to shed a tear or two? Or laugh, chuckle, chortle (whatever, no one’s asking)? Or be transported to another world far away from the workplace. Wouldn’t we all like that? Or maybe you’d just like some continuity in your morning break. Well, look no further. The Weekly Man will let you eavesdrop on the lives of an extraordinary group of people as they move toward the most amaz... more

  • Candy Man (Midnight Marauder Book 7)

    by Roy Clinton
    Little Charley Ross was abducted in front of his home in Philadelphia. It was the first kidnapping for ransom in the United States. This historical event is central to this Midnight Marauder adventure. John Crudder is once again summoned to Washington DC by the President. He is commissioned as a special agent to the president to find the kidnapped boy. The Midnight Marauder’s help is needed to solve the kidnapping and hopefully recover the boy. This historical novel closely follows the fac... more
  • Bad to the Bone: A Midnight Marauder Adventure

    by Roy Clinton
    An evil band of outlaws move from town to town preying on the helpless. They target elderly people and single women. They have robbed and murdered with impunity. Towns are terrified. No one wants to go up against them. That is just the situation that requires the Midnight Marauder. John Crudder tracks them down in an effort to balance the Scales of Justice. As he realizes he is out gunned, he decides to take them on one-by-one.
  • Love Child: A Midnight Marauder Adventure

    by Roy Clinton
    What would you do if a teenager showed up and said he was your son? Slim Hanson is in for the shock of his life when fifteen-year-old Richie comes calling. His mother, Marie, who was Hanson’s true love after the death of his first wife, has just been murdered. The Midnight Marauder is on the trail of the murderer and faces his greatest challenge and danger yet. Will he survive?
  • Blind Walls

    by Conrad Bishop
    A house of haunted ghosts, inspired in part by the Winchester “Mystery” House. It’s a monstrous maze of a mansion, built by a grief-ridden heiress. A tour guide, about to retire, has given his spiel for so many years that he’s gone blind. On this last tour, he’s slammed with second sight. He sees the ghosts he’s always felt were there: the bedeviled heiress, her servants, and a young carpenter who lands his dream job only to become a lifelong slave to her obsession. The workman’s wife makes it t... more
  • Midnight Marauder and the President of the United States: A Series of Western Novels Featuring the Adventures of John Crudder

    by Roy Clinton

    This book is a historical novel about the Panic of 1873 when was then thought of as The Great Depression.

    What if the President of the United States personally asked for your help? That is the situation John Crudder faced. But the President not only wants the services of Crudder but also of the Midnight Marauder. John's mission takes him to his boyhood home of New York City and then into the Executive Mansion in Washington D.C. Crudder learns the President wants him to find the peop... more

  • Lost

    by Roy Clinton
    Lost follows Clint Hazard, a modern day cowboy who believes he was born 150 years too late. He loses his truck, his marriage, his son, his friends, and faces the loss of job and a term in prison. He struggles with habits that threaten to derail his life. His journey is aided by watching the change that takes place in his best friend who took the same journey about a year before him. For a man with seemingly unlimited potential, Clint succeeds in making an absolute mess of his life. But he ... more
  • GUARDIANS" BETRAYAL ISBN 978-1-54390-931-9

    by johanna van zanten
    Seven years after adoption, 17-year old Shayla gets a Facebook message from her long-forgotten sister from another father that turns her world upside down and sets off a chain of events. Just as Shayla, about to graduate, met a great guy, Eric, her life turns into a disaster, when Tom, her adoptive father, leaves her adoptive mom, Bernice. During the eight months of this family crisis, Shayla, Tom, and Bernice see the events in completely different ways, and each acts according to their own trut... more
  • Lonely Hearts Cry

    by Anji Nolan
    Raising teenagers is hard enough. But when a single dad has to deal with a bi-polar daughter, it can be a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, the cosmos has a way of evening things out, and introduces a lonely young widow into their lives. Set in rural Maine, Lonely Hearts Cry is the parallel love story of one such father and his headstrong daughter. “Told with compassion and skill, Lonely Hearts Cry is both a romance and a story of overcoming loss and starting over, when moving on seems to be... more
  • The Naturalists A Historical Novel of the Hayman Family Vol. 3

    by Clark Haberman
    His great-grandfather, John Hayman, came to this gently rolling grassland, filled with marshes and teeming with life, in 1855. Now Chance Hayman, the lone heir to the Hayman acres, deals with the vanishing marshes that his parents and grandparents lovingly tended. The entire area has succumbed to the plow, earth-moving machines, irrigation, and natural disasters such as fowl cholera. Since farms such as his are not protected as federal wetlands, there is a fear that they could fall into th... more
  • The Natrualists A Historical Novel of the Hayman Family Vol. 2

    by Clark Haberman
    Gripped by a spiritual call, John Hayman found the land of his dreams. The land tested him, but he learned to live with it and survived to foster a land ethic. In the second volume of The Naturalists, the new era of John’s three sons unfolds, and they are as diverse as the land. The youngest, Henry, focuses on what his father dreamed about: a peaceful land covered with grass and marshes. As more people settle the area, Henry faces changing land use that gives little thought to the effects. ... more
  • The Naturalists A Historical Novel of the Hayman Family Vol. 1

    by Clark Haberman
    It all begins with Abner Hayman, a man of the cloth. His intellect and drive start the Hayman legacy. But periods in Abner’s life happen where he doubts his God, his wife, and his children. The man becomes torn in a land that demands so much from him and his family. Then he drives away his only son, John. John reaches out to a calling, a spiritual feeling, that he must move to a place he can call his own. Along roads filled with pleasant and sad moments, John Hayman finally arrives at the la... more

    by Ken Farmer
    Pinkerton detective, Silke Justice, teams up with Texas Ranger Riley Boston and Chickasaw Lighthorse Red Wolf to go after a gang of murderous train robbers. The leader of the gang was one of the men who murdered her mother and father. Silke is made a Hatchet Woman in the Chickasaw Warrior Clan…She is also given a new weapon from the future by Bone and Loraine...a Smith & Wesson .50 caliber handgun. Do they catch the gang? Does her sweatlodge vision come true that one of her friends will die? ... more